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Alice looked down at her gym clothes and grimaced; she absolutely hated them with a passion. They were far to large for her small frame, the shorts had been rolled up twice so they were less baggy and the shirt had to be tied off in the back with a rubber band so it fit her somewhat. The cotton was also rough and scratchy on her granite skin.

"You look beautiful Alice," Jasper whispered as his lips passed her ear, then he skimmed his nose along the skin below her ear breathing in to replace the air he had lost.

Alice turned her head towards him, giving him a look that said 'Don't start with me.'

Jasper smiled as he bit back a laugh. "That look aint really helpin' your cause darlin'," he whispered so quietly only she could hear.

Alice could feel the smile tugging at her lips, it was unfair that Jasper was using his accent against her. She rolled her eyes as she turned back to look at the front of the class, folding her arms over her chest. "Stop trying to make me feel better," she said as she desperately tried to hang on to her shred of annoyance, finding it easier when her eyes landed on the teacher. He was the whole reason she was in the clothing to begin with.

She had begged him to let her go buy her own gym clothes, insisting that the ones from the school would drown her small frame, all it had gotten her was a lecture on equality. He had droned on and on for what felt like hours about how it would not be fair to the others if she had nicer gym clothes than them. In a desperate attempt to get out of the things he was calling clothing, she had insisted she would buy everyone new gym clothes. This had only gotten her another lecture on how just because she was rich she wasn't going to get everything she wanted.

She then felt Jasper's hand settle on the small of her back, followed by a wave of calm. "Sorry," she whispered to him, knowing her annoyance was affecting him.

"They're just clothes Alice," Edward said with a smirk.

"Don't call them that!" Alice hissed lowly, she refused to call them clothes.

Edward and Jasper both chuckled, causing Alice to huff in annoyance as she glared at the teacher, that was making her life a living hell.