A Life- changing Decision

I walked into the sitting room of 221b Baker Street after a very trying day. As I moved to sit down I noticed the still form of Holmes with a tourniquet on his left arm. I gently removed the tourniquet and gasped because his arm was cold as ice. Hurriedly I took his pulse and there was nothing; no pulse at all. As I sank to my knees it dawned on me that Holmes was dead – killed by the very thing he used for stimulus – the cocaine.

I must have sat there for quite awhile because Mrs. Hudson came in with our dinner. She saw me on my knees and asked me what was wrong. I quietly said, " Holmes is dead."….

I quickly sat up in my bed, the sweat rolling off my skin. I could hear Holmes playing the violin, so I knew that it was just a dream; Holmes was not dead. I pulled on my dressing gown and headed to the sitting room where Holmes was.

"You look troubled," he said as I entered.

"I had a really bad dream," I replied as I sat down at the table.

" What was it about?" he asked me.

"It was about you – and that infernal cocaine. You die of a cocaine overdose – and I wasn't here to help you."

"How would I die of an overdose when my dose is not that strong?"

he asked me.

" I don't know, but that is my dream. I do not want that dream to come true."

A/n : This will be my first multi-chapter story but it might be awhile before I update again because of my rigorous college schedule. Please read and review and I will try to update as fast as I can