Please forgive me if this is a little out of character, I'm doing my best, but in my defense, I think Kate has been learning to let her guard down a lot more, so hopefully, this isn't too bad. At some point, she may sound like a love sick teenager, but most of the people I know (regardless of their age) have an occasional habit of doing the same thing, especially when just talking to their best friend.

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She had always hated text messages. They were so impersonal. You couldn't hear the emotion in somebody's voice. You can take as long as you want to reply. The most important thing about text messages? She can say what she wants without the excitement in her voice betraying her seemingly cool attitude.

'Guess what,' she typed idly on her phone. She selected Lanie's name from the top of her 'most used' list and hit send.

Kate sighed contently and flopped onto her bed. Less then ten hours ago Richard Castle had asked her on a date disguised as a 'non-date, and she couldn't have been happier.

It only took thirty seconds for her reply. 'Kate, how old are you, thirteen?...and what?'

Kate rolled her eyes. Fine, she could be immature. 'I said you have to guess!' she couldn't stop the giant grin spreading on her face. She wasn't sure of the cause, it was either her bickering with her best friend (which always put her in a good mood) or the prospect of spending an evening with the Castle clan. Whatever the cause, she wasn't going to dwell on it, her mind was already imagining scenarios for Friday night. Many of them were much too sweet and unrealistic for her to admit...but nobody needed to know that.

Her phone vibrated again, the sudden noise pulling her out of her revery.

'god, castle's wearing of on you,'

Kate stared affronted at her cell phone, refusing to believe her eyes.

'are you going to guess or not?'

In a matter of seconds, Kate's ring tone was blaring throughout the otherwise silent apartment. "Hey—"

"I'm sorry, but texting takes too long."

Kate laughed. "and I'm supposedly the impatient one,"

"No, you defiantly are."

Kate rolled her eyes. "So, are you going to guess, or am I going to have to take my secret to the grave?"

Lanie laughed. "Sounds juicy...You finally asked Castle out on a date?" she asked sarcastically. That had been her guess for about a year now.

Little does she know..., Kate thought. "Close, very close."

Kate laughed when she heard a massive bang on the other end—Lanie had dropped her cell phone.

"How close!?"

"Very." Kate knew she was enjoying this much more then she should, that was half the fun of it.

"Do you and writer boy have a date?"

"Technically?" How was she supposed to answer that?

"Kate, seriously?"

The red head sighed, running her fingers through her hair. "I am being serious, it's a date, but not."

"Explain, or I'll call him and ask."

"Okay! Okay!" Kate said in a rush. "Long story short—"

"—and to the point—"

"—he asked me to go see Gypsy with him and Alexis, and I asked if this was a date in disguise—"

"—Real subtle Kate,"

"This is Rick we're talking about."

"Excuse me!?"

Shit, "I meant Castle. Come on Lanie, you never know with him."

"Good point, but does this mean he's calling you Katie now?"

"Do you want to hear the story or not?"

"Kate, who else would you tell, other then me? Ryan and Esposito?"

Kate laughed. She decided she should mock her best friend, get early revenge, rather then after she told Lanie. "Speaking of Esposito..."

"Uh-uh, don't go there Katie, besides you're getting off topic!"

Kate smirked to herself. "You know, you never did smack him for that comment he made when you were in a tree...I think you should make it up to him."

"Kate. You're avoiding the topic."

"I am not." she disagreed calmly.

"Are to! Now, back to the story.

Kate sighed. "Where was I?"

"You asked if it was a date in disguise."

"Right, well, he acted all shocked, and said, and I quote 'Of course not! Just a night where, you, me and my daughter are going to see a show and then to dinner with my mother to celebrate, a night where I'll flirt with you shamelessly, and you'll threaten to shoot me when I give you a complement, which honestly confuses the hell out of me...'

" do realize that you just quoted Castle...not his books, but him..."

"Lanie, focus!"

"I am, I am," she laughed. "You have a date with Castle."

Kate couldn't stop the smile spreading across her face. "So, it's not just me?"


"I have a date with Rick Castle?"


"And I'm excited about it." Kate's eyes widened as she became conscious of the fact that she had said it as a statement, not a question.

"Sure as hell sounds like it."

"Oh shit...I have a date with Castle..."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

"No Lanie, it is a good thing, that's the bad thing."

"I'm so confused."

"Welcome to my life."