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Gabe sat staring at the TV screen. "Come on…" he muttered to himself. The school closings flashed across the screen during the morning news.

"What are you doing, Gabe?" Diana asked, walking into the room.

"Waiting for school closings! SHHH!"

She shrugged and joined him on the couch. "How bad is it out there?"

"It's really bad…"

Suddenly the name 'Hemingway High School' flashed across the bottom of the screen.

"YES!" Gabe cheered, shutting the TV off to go back to bed.

"Aren't you gonna tell your sister?" Diana interjected.

He groaned and rolled his eyes. He ran up to Natalie's room when a sly grin made its way across his face. Oh, he was gonna tell her, all right.


He snickered as he watched his sister rush out of her room, half-asleep. She looked at the clock and swore under her breath. She ran into the bathroom and emerged again a minute later, completely dressed. She grabbed her coat and her keys and headed out to her car. Gabe burst out laughing as the door was slammed shut.

"Did anyone tell her that it's a snow day?" Diana asked, trying her hardest not to giggle.

"She'll figure it out…." he replied, running back upstairs to go to sleep.

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