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If you have always wondered what Jasper and Alice were up to when they went to visit Alice's family for Christmas, here's your chance to fins out...

Stephenie Meyer owns them all, we just play with them like we did with the toys Santa used to bring us on Christmas morning...

The plane touched down on the runway, and I instantly felt the excitement and anticipation bubbling in my chest. I knew that just on the other side of the terminal my love awaited me. It had been three weeks since I'd seen him, and I was ready to pirouette right into his open arms.

The elderly woman who occupied the seat next to me must have noticed me bouncing in my seat, because she looked at me pointedly and said, "Boyfriend, right?"

I nodded, with a cheesy smile wide across my face, not even attempting to hide my exuberance.

"Yes ma'am," I responded, already feeling my Southern-bred manners creeping back up after so many years of trying to repress them. "Actually, I'm from here originally, and he's finally getting to meet my folks. It's our first Christmas together."

"He must be a good one to have you flailing about in your seat like that," she commented.

"You have no idea just how good he is." I said grinning ear-to-ear just thinking about what exactly he was good at…

I made my way quickly out of the plane, grateful for once that my minute size allowed me to maneuver through the crowd with very little difficulty. I rounded the corner near the baggage claim and spotted his blonde head, tall above the throng of people, and sprinted to him, my heels clicking away against the floor.

"Jazz, baby, I missed you!" I shouted, as I leapt into his arms. He lifted me up easily so I could reach him for a kiss, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him tightly, and squeaked with happiness.

"Sweetie, I missed you too, but you're choking me," Jasper laughed, as I loosened my grip on him. He set me down gently and we laced our fingers together and started across the terminal.

"Ok, before we get going I just want to thank you again. I know I've told you this a million times but my family is really old fashioned. To say I'm the black sheep would be an understatement, even if they didn't know it. Since Daddy has his shotgun out and is making this wedding happen he is going to be in rare form. I think all of the stories I've told you about them will really make sense when you meet them. You're giving up Christmas with your family just so you can be here. I hope you know how much that means to me."

"There is not a single place I would want to be if it meant I couldn't be with you, especially for Christmas. Besides, they can't be that bad….right?"

I tried to stop the eye roll, but he saw it anyway and chuckled at me. He'd just have to see to believe.

We finally retrieved all of my luggage and made our way to the rental car desk. As we approached a perky blond with a cheerleader-like bouncy ponytail gave Jasper the once over. I'm not a crazy psycho bitch, but there is something to be said to checking a guy out discreetly. By the third time she glanced at his crotch I felt that I was well within my girlfriend's rights to stake a little claim.

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him down towards me, causing him to stop in his tracks and my luggage to fall to the ground. Jasper never missed a beat though, and as soon as my lips were against his he gathered me closer in his now empty hands pulling me firmly against his chest. As my lips parted and I kissed him deeper I could taste the distinct flavor of cinnamon that always let me know he was nervous. Jasper had taken to chewing on cinnamon flavored toothpicks on one of his trips to Virginia, but he only did it when he was worried or nervous about something.

Poor baby…..he must be scared about meeting Daddy! You should make sure he is good and relaxed before you step into the scene from the Beverly Hillbillies.

I broke the kiss first, causing Jasper to shake his head at me as I made my way up to the desk.

"Alice Brandon, you are going to be the fucking death of me," I heard him mutter under his breath as I did my best ass shake and made my way to the blond bitch that now had her jaw lying on the counter.

"Reservation for Brandon, please."

"Uh, sure, I'm sorry," she fumbled with her keyboard making sure not to look me directly in my eyes as Jasper gathered up the luggage again and came to rest up against the counter.

"I see you are a Quick-Silver preferred member and have a complimentary upgrade here. I have a cute yellow sports car available."

"Honey, we're in the South, give me an SUV. Don't you know everything's bigger in South?" I asked winking at Jasper.

Once everything was packed away in the shiny black Tahoe, Jasper opened the passenger door and waited.

"What are you doing? You should let me drive since I'm from here."

"Oh Ali, come on you know you're at your best when you're telling me what to do," Jasper laughed as he swatted me on my ass.

"You have a point."

Jasper maneuvered the large vehicle with ease and confidence, much like everything else he seemed to do. Soon we had made our way onto the I-10 and quickly headed towards my childhood home…a little too quickly than I was ready for, actually.

I slowly crossed my legs in my seat, pretending to check my makeup in the mirror on the visor. I watched Jasper from the corner of my eye and saw his gaze trained on my legs, following every movement I made. I readjusted my skirt, but really just hiked it up a few more inches and then proceeded to "stretch my back."

"Alice," he whispered in an almost pained voice, "stop teasing me."

"I'm not teasing you baby," I purred in his ear as I leaned across the center console and began stroking from his knee to his thigh.

"You wouldn't happen to know any shortcuts to your house, would you Ali? Preferably one that includes a lot of secluded back roads?"

Fifteen minutes later I'd navigated us onto a long dirt road that was encased by dense magnolia trees lining each side. There was no need for words, our eyes said everything. The next couple of weeks were going to be difficult since we weren't used to curbing our healthy appetites and our need for one another was palpable.

Jasper grabbed my side and lifted me over to straddle his lap. I fumbled with the seat controls on the side of the door to push his seat all the way back, as my lips found their mate's in an almost urgent kiss. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I groaned thinking of how talented he was with that part of his body. I opened my mouth to him eagerly and pressed my body against him, feeling how hard he was through his pants.

"Jasper, dear, I can't promise you any sex for the next couple of weeks…but what I can promise is that you will remember this for a while," I purred into his ear as I licked at his lobe and began rubbing his growing hard-on through his jeans.

Our clothes were quickly discarded and thrown around the vehicle. As we continued to kiss and grope, Jasper's hands grabbed my ass, raising my bare breasts to his mouth.

I think it goes without saying, my man loves the T and the A.

His tongue lapped at my nipples, swirling and biting at the sensitive skin as his hands continued to work from my back to my inner thighs. His fingers would slightly graze between my legs with each pass, adding to how wet I already was.

I was pressed so close to his body I could feel him pulsing against me, and couldn't wait any longer. I needed to have him inside me. I untangled my hands from his hair and grabbed his hard dick and positioned it between my legs.

"Well, hello, General," I drawled against his lips as I rubbed the head of his steely shaft between us, spreading my wetness over him. Jasper groaned and lifted his hips, and in a swift movement, filled me completely. I whimpered when he brought his hips back down to the seat, and he gripped my hips to pull me back down to him.

"Fuck, yes…" I moaned as I sank down on him, allowing my head to fall back slightly, and committed the sensation to memory just as I did every time he was inside me. I began to ride him slowly at first using his shoulders to move myself up and down. He soon tired of my slow pace, and met me with his own thrusts as his arms wrapped around my back pulling me impossibly closer to him. Soon we were both grunting and cursing as the sounds of our bodies rubbing against each other and the leather seats filled the air.

"Oh, God," I whimpered against his shoulder as my body contracted around him, pulling him into bliss along with me.

We sat there in one another's arms for a while before Jasper glanced at the clock on the dashboard. "Holy fuck! Alice, we were supposed to be at your house nearly an hour ago."

I looked into his panicked eyes and couldn't help but laugh as he placed me back in my seat and started retrieving his clothes.

"You're right, Daddy and the sheriff go way back. They even belong to the same hunt club." I glanced at him as his eyes widened, unaware that I was picking on him. Daddy and the sheriff were friends, but I was sure that there was so much going on in that house right now that being an hour late wouldn't be a concern.

"I'm just kidding, baby," I said soothingly, placing a hand on Jasper's face. "I love you and they'll love you," I smiled and kissed him on the cheek, "eventually."

We dressed quickly and started making our way to the house. There was bound to be a shit storm of activity, between the last minute details of the wedding, and the Christmas holiday. My family was huge, and between the two vastly different sides, things had a tendency to become loud, raucous, and occasionally heated. I had no idea what the days ahead would turn out to be like, but I wanted Jasper to be totally prepared.

"Ok, so just a quick little debriefing of things you already know, but would hate for you to forget. My family is very traditional and conservative, so that means no potty mouth, no PDA, and absolutely no alluding to the fact that we've had sex. My dad will hang you in the back yard by your bits and pieces if he so much as sees you ogling my tits." I made my face into a mask of seriousness, stifling the giggles that were threatening to escape. "As far as they're concerned, I am a God-fearing daughter of devout Christian parents. I go to church every Sunday, and I'm waiting for marriage before I allow myself to be deflowered."

He nodded his understanding and I heard him chuckle under his breath, "waiting for marriage."

"Hey, my parents believe what I let them believe, and what they don't know won't hurt them. How would you feel if you were a parent and your daughter was involved in the kind of things we've done? Hmm? Would you want to know?" He didn't answer for a second, so I ran my hand up his thigh and purred "The reunion? The models' dressing room before the show? VIP lounge? Need I go on?"

He laughed loudly and shook his head. "No, I wouldn't want to know. I see your point."

"I know it seems silly for a grown woman to lie to her parents, not to mention make her boyfriend lie too. They're all really nice people, my parents especially. You may actually have some fun. They might be conservative, but things can get a little wild when you mix up both sides of the family. One of Daddy's brothers is a walking redneck stereotype. You sure you're okay with all of this?" I asked.

"So basically, don't touch, don't stand too close to you, and mind my P's and Q's? Awesome, sounds like fun," he teased. "Am I sleeping in the barn too?"

"No, smartass, we don't have a barn. You'll be sleeping in the guest house with a couple of my cousins who are in town. They're a little younger than us, but they're really nice guys."

His face fell as the reality of having to sleep in another bed, and not snuggled up with me, for the duration of our trip really settled in.

"Sweetie, come on, don't pout. I have lots of ideas of how we can get 'alone time', okay? I was a teenager once, remember? I had ways to sneak around my parents, and I bet all of them still work."

His face brightened slightly. "Really? You were sneaking off in the middle of the night to get it on with some horny teenage redneck?" he teased, as his hand wandered up my leg. He sounded like he was joking, but I could sense the underlying curiosity, and a slight hint of adorable possessiveness.

"What I did as a kid is hardly relevant, unless the knowledge I gained could help us out now, don't you think? Like how to sneak out, and how to remain absolutely silent in the throes of a delicious 'O'…" I teased him, hoping to steer the conversation away from my adventurous adolescence, and instead draw his attention back to the two of us, in the here and now.

"Ali, don't worry, I'd really rather not know. I had my own youthful exploits, so I get the idea…but I was thinking more along the lines of how fun it would be to pretend we were horny teenagers who can't keep our hands off of each other."

"Aren't we pretty much already like horny teenagers who can't keep their hands off of each other? Were you not just in the car with me twenty minutes ago? Maybe a few days of no nookie is what we need to regain our focus," I suggested with a straight face.

"What?! A few days? No way. You'd never last, I guarantee it."

"Okay, okay! I admit it, I couldn't do it," I cried, as his fingers traveled just far enough North to make me lose my focus. "I am just as irritated and…frustrated as you at the situation, but I promise, I'll make time for us. We just have to play it cool for a little while. This is the Bible Belt honey. It's not like you don't know exactly how Southern families are; put all of your research to use. I am the baby, and still Daddy's little girl. If he knew you and I have been sleeping together, and since the first night we met no less, there could be more than one shotgun wedding this weekend."

"Who ever said somebody would have to make me marry you?" He asked sweetly, before his face became serious. "That's just an expression, right? Does your dad actually have a shotgun lying around?"

"Yes, he does, so please behave," I joked.

We drove in happy silence for the rest of the trip, his hand resting comfortably on my thigh, and my mind going over the plans of the next two weeks.

We pulled into the long driveway, and I heard Jasper gasp loudly when the large house came into view. It seemed obvious by his reaction that I had perhaps overdone it when I played down my family's wealth, but it was something I didn't really feel was necessary to share in daily conversation. Jasper had never pressed for more details, so I never divulged any. His jaw on the floorboard of the car indicated that it might have been better if I'd warned him. "Ali, this looks like old money if I didn't know better. I guess you were the belle-of-the-ball debutante type," he said lovingly.

"Sweetie, I wouldn't exactly say I was your typical debutante. I wasn't your typical anything really…my mom likes to tell people she has one gray hair for every time I went against the grain, and she spends a lot of time at the salon dying her hair, so there you go."

He pulled to the end of the driveway, and parked the car near the standalone garage. The instant we opened the door I smelled the air and all the tension left my body. I may not fit into the traditional Southern mold for what a good girl is, but I was home, and there was truly nothing like it.

A loud squeal erupted from behind me, and I saw my older sister Ashley, with her baby bump just barely beginning to show, running up the walk to us, arms outstretched.

"You're home! Oh my goodness, I missed you so much!" she screeched, squeezing me tightly.

"Yeah, I missed you too! Ashley, this is my boyfriend Jasper. Jasper this is my knocked-up sister Ashley," I teased, as I placed my hand on her barely noticeable tummy.

She slapped my hand away playfully, "Yeah like you're one to talk Ms. 'please don't tell mom and dad I'm in Cabo instead of summer camp'."

Jasper snorted behind me, clearly appreciating the humor, but letting us have our moment. "Well come on inside you two. Mama and Daddy have been in a tizzy waiting for the two of you! Jasper, my father is just dying to meet you."

I laced my fingers into his and he gulped heavily. He may have been a grown man, but he obviously hadn't outgrown the tendency to be nervous around elder males that may or may not try to sterilize him at the mere mention of sex.

We decided to wait to bring our bags in, and followed behind Ashley into the house. I stifled a laugh when Jasper jerked his hand away from mine quickly, when he spotted a tall dark haired man walking quickly towards us.

"Don't worry, that's just my uncle Louis," I whispered. "He's harmless. My dad is shorter and rounder around the middle."

He grimaced, and exhaled deeply, but still seemed slightly on edge.

We could hear raised voices coming from the back of the house where the family room was located, and the scent of my mother's favorite cinnamon candles mixed with fresh Christmas tree wafted down the hall. I pulled Jasper along, excited for him to finally meet my parents.

We stepped through the doorway and were greeted with loud cheers and a cacophony of "hellos".

I made my way directly to the large club chair where my father had risen to hug me.

"Baby girl, you are a sight for sore eyes. I have missed you," my dad said as he hugged me.

"I missed you too Daddy. There's someone I want you to meet," I pulled out of the hug and turned towards Jasper.

"So this is your gentleman? The one you've been raving about on the phone?" he asked, as he gave Jazz the once over.

"Yes it is. Daddy, this is Jasper, Jasper this is my father Royce Allen Brandon."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir." Jasper extended his hand to my father, while my father still eyed him warily.

"Are you employed, son?"

"Yes, Sir, I am gainfully employed."

"Criminal record?"

"No, Sir, I've never had any trouble with the law."

"Do you love my daughter?"

I stared at Jasper's face as he answered. I smiled brightly at him, and he returned the smile.

"I do indeed, Sir. I love her very much."

"Have you been intimate with her?"

I tried not to choke at the question, and my eyes went wide as I waited for Jasper's response. I shook my head as subtly as possible, because at the moment all eyes in the room were on this particular exchange.

"N-no, Sir, we haven't been…um…intimate? We live in different states, so we actually don't get too much time together. We've been maintaining a close relationship through other means."

I couldn't contain the cough this time, because the statement that I'm sure Jasper meant as being totally innocent, made my mind immediately go to the many Skype and phone conversations we'd had that had eventually deteriorated into phone sex.

"What I mean to say is we, um…" Jasper tried to save. "We exchange emails, and we speak frequently on the phone."

My father didn't look too convinced. "Emails and phone calls seem a little impersonal to me, but what do I know. You say you love her, and I know how lovable she is, so I don't doubt you."

My father clapped him on the back, the serious mask falling from his face, and Jasper looked so relieved I had to laugh at him. My father and my uncle resumed a seemingly heated conversation as they made their way into the kitchen where Momma was finishing up dinner.

"I know you warned me about the third degree, but that was brutal," Jasper whispered in my ear before placing a soft kiss just below my earlobe.

"Baby girl," I heard my mom squeal as she pulled the biscuits out of the oven. She wiped her hand on her pristine apron and grabbed me in a tight hug. Instantly, I felt like a little girl again when I took a deep breath of her scent. She always smelled sweet, like apples.

"Oh look at you," she gushed as she pulled me back and looked me over. "You are as pretty as a sunset, sweetie. I made you your favorite for dinner, stewed tomatoes and biscuits."

"You look amazing too. Obviously, it isn't hard to see where I get my style and grace from is it, Jasper?"

I looked over my shoulder and grabbed his hand to pull him over to my mother. "Jasper Cullen, it is my great honor to introduce you to my momma Annabelle Brandon."

Jasper started to extend his hand to her, but before he could, Momma had him enveloped in a hug and kissed his cheek. "Oh, son, I've heard so much about you. I am so glad you decided to spend your holiday with us."

Jasper was quiet for a beat as they ended their hug. He turned back to me and grabbed my hand, "Mrs. Brandon, I can honestly say there isn't another place on earth I'd rather be than here in your home with you and your amazing daughter."

My mother and I both swooned a little, and I could now see why he never had to pay for a meal when he was out at speaking engagements. He just charmed the old ladies right out of a home cooked meal.

"Momma? I'm going to show Jasper out to the guest house, okay?" I called, having been struck with the desire and motivation to sneak off for a few minutes.

"Of course baby girl. I put some fresh linens on his bed and baked some cookies and put them in his room too," she called after us as she winked at Jasper.

"Okay!" I answered. "You, come with me," I purred at Jazz as I grabbed his hand and led him back to the car.

We retrieved our bags quickly, and walked to the rear of the main house, where the small guest house was situated. Calling it small was probably an understatement, since it was easily three times larger than the apartment Bella and I shared in Miami, but sitting next to the main house, it looked pretty tiny.

I pushed the door open, and once again Jasper's mouth dropped open. It was elegantly furnished, all in deep rich colors and dark antique wood.

"Is anyone here?" I shouted, making sure the coast was clear. I assumed it was empty, since everyone was inside getting ready for dinner, but I had to make sure there were no stragglers. After a moment when no response came, I pulled Jasper in and slammed the door.

I attacked him, and he responded eagerly, pawing me through my clothes. He lifted me up again, allowing me to easily wrap my legs around his waist and reach his mouth better. I kissed him deeply, knowing that we might not have many more opportunities for affection over the coming days.

He turned slightly and pinned me between his body and the wall, and hummed with pleasure as I ground my hips into him.

"See what I was saying about 'alone time', baby," I panted as my hands went to his belt buckle.

At that moment I heard a door slam down the hallway, and Jazz practically dropped me in fear.

"Hello?" I yelled down the hallway. "Who's there?"

"Baby Ali, is that you?" came the response, and I recognized the voice immediately.

"Yeah, Tommy, it's me," I answered.

"Awesome! I'll be out in a minute; I just got out of the shower." My cousin called and I heard another door slam.

Jasper sighed heavily beside me, and tried to discreetly adjust himself so it wasn't blatantly obvious that we'd been fooling around. We both exchanged frustrated looks before separating from one another completely. I could already tell my plans of sneaking around might be a little more difficult than I had originally thought.

I showed Jasper to his room, and pointed out where his bathroom would be before we headed back into the house to sit down for dinner. Since the wedding and Christmas were so close together, most of the family was already here.

With over thirty people in the house, you would have thought that Jasper would have gone a bit more unnoticed, but not so much with my family.

With so many people eating dinner, the "kids" had been put at another table, that is, all the kids except Jasper and I. Everyone was very curious about Jasper, though I wasn't sure if it was because he was my boyfriend or a northerner.

Whenever anyone would ask him a question, he always answered with 'Ma'am' and 'Sir'. I noticed the looks my aunts and uncles were giving one another across the table, they liked him. Once he really started getting into the specifics of his job and they saw how much knowledge he had about Southern history, they were positively beaming. Well, everyone except for Daddy.

It wasn't as if Daddy was being rude, but I could tell he hadn't joined the "Jasper Cullen Fan Club" just yet. I knew it had more to do with me than Jasper really; I was the baby of the family and his last unmarried daughter. Even though my parents knew how independent I was, and had my own business, I think there was always a part of them that had hoped I would move back to Mississippi and live near them like the rest of the family had. I think Daddy could see how much I loved Jasper and knew that once I was married and settled, there was about a snowball's chance in Hell I'd move back.

"I love you, Daddy," I smiled and kissed his cheek, taking him by surprise.

"I love you too, Baby Girl," he replied wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me in next to him. We sat like that for the rest of the meal while the rest of my family got to know the other most important man in my life.

After dinner we all cleared the table. Jasper insisted on helping us clean up; again awarding him swoons from the rest of the ladies. We went over the plans for the next few days as we dried and put away dishes. Tomorrow I would start the fitting process for my sister and her bridesmaids, as well as some other minute details for which I had taken responsibility. At the end of the week we'd have the bachelor and bachelorette parties, followed by a few chaotic days filled with final fittings before we'd all get up on Christmas Eve and have us a good ol' fashioned shotgun wedding. Only, for this shotgun wedding the bride would wear a couture wedding gown, an Alice original of course. After all the hoopla of the wedding on Christmas Eve, Momma had promised to make it a low key Christmas - just the rest of the family left over from the wedding and a small meal, but I knew that she would never be able to keep herself from making the turkey, honeyed ham, cornbread dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and about ten different kinds of dessert. I warned Jasper to start making some room in that belly of his for all the eating he was going to be doing the next couple of days.

I offered to let him to join me with all the fittings and errands I had to run during the next week, but he said that my uncle had told him that he would be able to find old news articles that would help with the book he was researching at the library. I hated that he would spend days all alone in a library looking through old books and records, but I knew how much he loved things like that so my guilt eased a little.

That night I was actually thankful for the long day and how incredibly tired I was. I knew it was going to kill me not to sleep in the same bed with Jasper, but hoped that my exhaustion would help out just a little.

"You look sad, baby. What's the matter?" Jasper pulled me against his chest and placed a soft kiss into my hair.

"No, not sad, just exhausted and well…I am not looking forward to sleeping alone."

Jasper groaned above me and the sound immediately brought back all the wonderful sounds he'd made earlier in the car. I pushed away from him quickly because I was two seconds from humping his leg, and we both laughed at our situation.

I walked Jasper through the living room, so he could say good night to everyone before walking him to the front door. I noticed Daddy had followed us into the foyer, so I refrained from anything racier than a good night hug. After I'd shut the door, I noticed Daddy had walked over and made a huge production of re-locking the dead bolt. I shook my head at him and kissed his cheek before heading up the stairs to my lonely bed.

The next week went about as I'd expected. The fittings were torture, Ashley would cry because she said that white made her look fat, and I tried to remind her that she wasn't fat - she was pregnant, and then my mother would start to cry. Most of her bridesmaids were sorority sisters from Tulane and I was sure I was going to strangle them all with my bare hands by the end of the week. After making all of the adjustments to the garments I had brought from the Fall line, and watching the sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma consume about six bottles of champagne in their mimosas, I was ready to throw Ashley and her groom-to-be, Jonathan, in the car and head to Vegas to save them from this hell.

On my way over to the caterer, on Friday, I texted Jasper just to make sure he was ok and that he'd had lunch. After chewing the caterer out for trying to pass imitation crab off as the real thing in the crab dip, I headed over to the florist to make sure they weren't ripping off Momma and Daddy and shoving some carnations or baby's breath anywhere in there as filler. Then I had one more stop I needed to make before I could go home and round up the sloppy drunk Kappa Kappa Gamma girls and one very sullen bride for her "last night of freedom".

When I realized the cake shop was just two blocks from the library I made a quick u-turn, enjoying the way Momma's new Mercedes handled. I pulled into the parking lot of the large brick building and laughed to myself at all the times I had used this exact location as my alibi when I was really sneaking off somewhere else.

I checked my makeup, hopped out of the car, and headed inside. I started toward the back of the library, pretty sure that he'd be in the archive room since that's where they kept all of the old news articles and any historical documents.

"Alice…Alice Brandon, is that you?" I heard an annoying voice drawl out behind me.

Jennifer Peterson. Oh. Fuck. No!

I took a deep breath and forced a smile on my face as my hands involuntarily balled up at my sides.

"Jennifer, how are you?" I asked turning around.

"Well, considering there is one hot piece of ass back in the archive room right now, I'd say I was doing very well," she said to me as she wiggled her eyebrows at the end of her statement.

Are there video cameras in libraries? What if I shove her in the book return slot? Is that a federal offense since it's in a library?

"Really, I might have to pop over there and see then," I said, playing with her like the little mouse she was.

"No offense sweetie, but he didn't even look at my boobs even though they were clearly out for him to see. I don't think you'd have much of a chance with him if he wasn't all over me. I kept asking him if he needed any help and he just said he was here for some research. I am going to wait till he's done and then bring out the big guns. I'm getting that man's number by the end of the day."

"So, what you're saying is you think you can get his number before I could?" I asked feeling the anger begin to boil up in me.

"Yeah, essentially, I guess I am." Jennifer smiled at me and I could see the red lipstick on the front of her teeth.

"Care to make it interesting, say a hundred bucks?" I challenged.

"Deal," she responded and we shook on it.

I sauntered towards the back, past the many shelves of books and stopped right at the threshold of the room. Jasper's eyes looked up from the huge book in front of him and as soon as he saw me standing there a huge smile broke out across his face. I could see he was about to stand up to greet me, but I discreetly held up a finger to him so he'd stay put. He looked at me questioningly, but didn't move from his seat.

I walked towards the large table that had books and papers scattered all over it and glanced at the large window behind Jasper's head, ensuring Jennifer was spying in the room. I didn't lean down to kiss him or even hug him once I got there, but just asked him about his day and everything that he'd found. He got very animated as he told me about all of the amazing things he'd discovered for his book.

After we'd talked for about five minutes I leaned down and hugged him telling him how much I had missed him. He reciprocated immediately and within a second his mouth was on mine. We had both missed each other so much and I could feel the urgency in his kisses and I allowed my hands to weave into his soft hair. I broke our kiss, causing Jasper to pull me back to him and whine into my shoulder.

"Just one second, I want to lower the shade over on the window and shut the door."

With the prospect of some additional privacy he quickly released me and I walked to the window. I grabbed the white roll down shade with both hands and looked Jennifer directly in the eye. I smiled an angelic smile and watched her face twist up in pure hatred as I lowered the shade blocking her view. I quickly shut the door as well, and returned to Jasper.

"I heard you resisted temptation today." I purred into his ear as I straddled his lap.

"Baby, nothing is tempting if it's not you."

"Jasper, you are too good to be true. I think you deserve a little reward." I kissed my way down his neck, and continued until I slid from his lap and my face rested on his knees. He eyed the door warily and I shook my head for him not to worry.

I knew that Jennifer had always considered herself a ten, even though she was a seven and a half at best, and her pride would have been way too bruised to ever think of coming in here. I worked Jasper's pants down just enough so I could pull his hard cock out his boxers.

Five minutes and a thoroughly rewarded Jasper later, I was gathering all of his research up for him while he gave me a lazy grin.

"When you said we'd find time to be alone, I never thought you meant in a library. That was hot…even for us."

I grabbed Jasper's hand and pulled him up to his feet and guided us out towards the front door. Jennifer wouldn't even meet my eyes when I stopped at the front desk and I rang the bell sitting on the counter.

"You can keep your money sugar; I've got the best reward right here." I smiled sweetly as I turned on my heel.

As we walked out into the brisk December afternoon Jasper looked at me for a moment before laughing, "Do I even want to know?"

"Nope," I answered kissing him on the nose. "Just leave the rental here we'll take Momma's car. Now come on we have some cake to eat."

The rest of the day sped by and soon Jasper and I were both back at my parents' house getting ready for an evening out "partying". I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been jealous of Jasper. I knew my evening would be disastrous with Ashley's airhead friends. I gladly would have endured whatever awful strip club the boys were going to so I could get out of it.

As I'd expected, the whore-triplets were smashed before we'd even finished dinner and Ashley moped into her ginger ale. By the time we'd finished I could see that she was miserable and suggested we cut the night short. The rest of the girls whined so I told them to go on their own, I was taking my pregnant sister home.

We were both quiet in the beginning of the car ride, Ashley fiddled with the radio.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked looking at her from the corner of my eye.

"Sure." She sat back in her seat, looking far more serious than I'd expected.

"Is this what you want…like really want to be doing?"

She was quiet for a beat before putting her hands on her stomach and looking at the window. "Yes, it is what I want. It isn't exactly the way I would have planned it, but I love Jonathan and always knew we were going to end up married."

I nodded my head looking at the road, satisfied with her answer.

"What about you baby sister? Are you happy?"

I thought about her question for a minute trying to find a way to really articulate just how happy I was.

"More than I can even say," I replied, feeling lacking but hoping she understood.

"Well that must be a lot, God knows you can run that mouth of yours." She laughed and grabbed my hand across the console.

Once I got us home I found some of Momma's leftover biscuits and some of her strawberry preserves and made us a quick snack. I finally persuaded Ashley to get in bed, even though she protested that she was wide awake. I had to continue to remind her that she was carrying my niece, and needed her rest.

After I had the bride-to-be tucked into bed I went out to the guest house, sure the guys hadn't gotten back yet, and slipped into Jasper's room. I laid down on the bed for a minute snuggling into his pillow, then I grabbed the notepad next to his bed and jotted a quick note.

You make me happier than I could ever explain.

I love you,

Alice XOXO

I reluctantly left his bed, knowing Daddy would surely string him up if he found us sleeping together. Just the thought of everything we had to do tomorrow already had me exhausted, so after checking on the final dress alterations I needed to make in the morning, I was in bed and asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next few days passed in a blur of last minute errands. Before I knew it Christmas Eve had arrived and I hadn't been able to find any alone time with Jasper since the library tête-à-tête. Between the chaos of flowers, tulle, and tears, I hadn't even had the pleasure of a hasty hello, so the first time I had even gotten to see Jasper was when I was walking down the aisle. I knew I should have been looking straight ahead, but the way his warm eyes stared at me as I walked past him caused my heart to do somersaults. All I could think about was him standing at the other end of the aisle watching me walk towards him in a white dress.

By the time we finally made it to the reception I was positively aching to touch him. After the band had announced all of our names and the first dances had finished, I left my seat to seek out Jasper.

I found him discussing the benefits of island forts opposed to inland forts during the Civil War with my uncle and I stood back to watch for a moment before I interrupted.

"Sorry, Uncle Bill, I need to steal my boyfriend," I sang as I grabbed Jasper's elbow pulling him towards the bar.

"I missed you," I pouted into his ear as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"God, I've missed you too. Watching you all day long has been complete fucking torture." He ground out pulling me closer to him to show me exactly what he meant.

"Down boy," I chided, "we still have dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and some bouquet catching to get through."

"Make sure to throw some elbows, baby, I want to see you holding those flowers." Jasper winked down at me before breaking our hug.

Before we could sneak off to a supply closet, Jasper stepped back from me and his body stiffened slightly. I knew even without looking that Daddy had to be standing behind me.

"Would you care to dance?" He asked, his voice low and kind.

"I'd love to." I smiled at Jasper and took my father's outstretched hand. We moved along the dance floor just as we had at all of our Daddy Daughter dances from so many years ago. My chest tightened slightly knowing I'd be leaving again in a few days. As happy as I was to have gotten out of this small town and do what I loved, I missed my family so much sometimes it made me ache. As if being able to read my mind Daddy whispered in my ear, "Do you know how much I love you?" I sniffed back a tear that was now threatening to spill over as I waited for the answer to this all too familiar question. "A bushel, and a peck, and a hug around the neck," he continued, hugging me closely to him and kissing my temple.

We finished our dance and Daddy walked me over to Jasper. "I haven't seen the two of you out there yet," he boomed, slapping Jasper on the back. I smiled at my father, knowing what he was really saying. He accepted Jasper, and this was his way of telling me how much he liked him without actually saying it.

Jasper and I drank and danced the rest of the night away. For a shotgun wedding it had really turned out to be a beautiful affair, even though Jonathan had insisted on giving beer coozies as one of the wedding favors. True to my word, when Ashley threw the bouquet I was front and center with elbows at the ready, though I didn't even need them because she threw it directly at me. I jumped up and down and couldn't help but laugh as her friends gave me the stink eye.

I ran back to Jasper and jumped in his arms waving my victory around. I noticed Momma and Daddy watching us smiling, and for the first time since I'd been home I thought it might be safe to give Jasper a kiss in front of them…a chaste kiss of course.

Soon we were all outside with our sparklers lit as the Bride and Groom made their way out of the building, promising to be at Christmas dinner tomorrow before leaving on their honeymoon. All the anxiety and nerves I had seen on Ashley's face the night before had been replaced with a genuine smile that made me so happy for my big sister.

After helping with a few of the loose ends, Jasper and I both excused ourselves as the rest of the family was still drinking and talking. Jasper and I quickly made it back to my parents' house and we unloaded the presents and the top tier of my sister's wedding cake.

Once the presents and cake had been put away, I led Jasper into Daddy's study so we could break into his good bourbon. I quickly poured us two generous glasses of Evan Williams on the rocks and brought the drink over to Jasper. He was leaning against the doorframe of the study, and as I handed him the glass he motioned for me to look above us. Hanging right above our heads was mistletoe.

"Well, we all know what a traditional girl I am," I teased leaning closer to his face. Jasper closed the distance and I felt his soft lips molding to mine and my body responded immediately. His tongue was in my mouth causing me to moan as he turned my head, deepening our kiss even further. My free hand wove into his hair and I bit his lip gently. His free hand grabbed my thigh and wrapped it around his. He ground into my body as we licked and sucked at each other's mouths, whimpering and moaning at the sensations coursing through us.

Right as Jasper's hand touched the edge of my lace underwear I heard the undeniable rumble of my cousin's F-150 outside.

"God damnit, mother fucking cock sucking son of a bitch," I seethed as I rested my head on Jasper's chest, trying to ease my rapid breathing.

"Oh you sweet talker," Jasper teased as he took a step back and started to make his way back to the kitchen, waiting for me to follow.

Soon the entire family had returned to the house, and Momma requested that we all gather around the Christmas tree so we could open one present, as was tradition in our home. Everyone received red and green gingham flannel pajamas, even Jasper, and as usual we were instructed to have them on when we came down to open presents in the morning.

Jasper and I both said good night wishing each other a Merry Christmas since it was now almost one o'clock in the morning. I quickly discarded my maid of honor dress and slipped into the new pajamas Momma had given us. I set my alarm for six a.m., knowing that everyone would still be too tired from this evening's events to getup too early.

When my cell phone alarm went off I practically jumped out of bed. I was so excited to give Jasper his Christmas present I couldn't wait another second. I grabbed the large wrapped box from my closet that contained a leather bound book I'd been dying to share with him for nearly a month. I wiggled into my jacket and grabbed a blanket to take with me.

I stopped in the kitchen making a thermos of hot chocolate and grabbed some of Momma's biscuits and apple butter, too. I slipped out of the house as quietly as I could and made my way to the guest house. I knew it would look bad if anyone caught me, but this was mine and Jazz's first Christmas together, and they could go fuck themselves if they thought I didn't want to spend some time alone with him.

I made it into his room, managing not to wake anyone else along the way, and nearly "awwwed" out loud when my eyes fell on his bed. He was green and red clad just as I was, but his shirt was twisted all around and one pant leg was up past his calf. He was gripping the pillow to his chest and had the most adorable pout to his full lips.

Gingerly, I sat down on the bed, not wanting to startle him. He had told me a lot of stories about how he and Edward used to torment each other with pranks as kids, and I could only imagine he would be on high alert sharing a house with a bunch of guys these past few days. I stroked his hair gently whispering his name. He started to rub his face back and forth into the pillow, and I whispered his name a little louder. One eye opened and as he tried to figure out what was going on. As soon as he saw me his face broke out in a huge smile and he grabbed me around the waist pulling me down against him.

"Merry Christmas," I cooed while he spooned in behind me, nuzzling his face into the back of my neck.

"Muhery Chiztmes," he mumbled.

We laid there for a few minutes and I knew if I didn't get us up soon, we'd fall asleep and probably have Daddy find us cozied up in Jasper's bed.

"Come on sleepy head, I want to give you your gift."

"No," he whined gripping me tighter, "I already have my gift right here."

"As sweet as that is baby, if Daddy finds us like this he might not be so easily impressed."

Without any more arguing Jasper sat up and was soon in his suitcase retrieving a wrapped box. I told him to grab a coat since I was going to lead us outside towards the back of the property.

As soon as I saw it, all the sunny afternoons came rushing back. The large weeping willow tree with the iron bench that overlooked the large pond still looked exactly like it had when I was growing up. I had spent so many hours here sketching outfits, daydreaming….making out.

"It's right out of a movie," Jasper breathed as we both marveled at the early morning sun filtering through the long branches of the tree.

I sat down on the bench and motioned for him to join me. I covered us with the blanket and unwrapped the little picnic I had brought along as well. We ate in silence enjoying the sunrise and each other's company. Jasper's hand stroked my hair the entire time and I knew instinctively this was the best Christmas I had ever had. It didn't matter what kind of gifts I received, they would never hold a candle to this moment.

"So would you like your gift?" I asked, being the first to break the silence.

"I told you, I already got it."

I rolled my eyes at him before handing him the wrapped box. He tested the weight in his hand and shook it lightly as he tried to figure out what was inside.

"Oh geez, just open it," I said pretending to have lost my patience.

He slowly unwrapped the gift and pulled the large album out of the box. He ran his hands over the worn leather, appreciating the detailed work. He slowly opened the first page and I heard him gasp. My stomach clenched, worried it had been a stupid idea, but then I saw his eyes and knew I had made the right choice.

"This is amazing, baby," he nearly whispered as he turned the pages slowly looking at the pictures on each page.

After Thanksgiving I had asked one of the photographers we use for some of our advertising if he would feel comfortable doing some boudoir type photos of me. Jasper would always comment on how women's beauty was viewed differently through the years. It had given me an idea to take some of the different eras and do a photo shoot for him.

The first few photos were of the late 1800's and I had made a simple white corset that laced up the front and white modest underwear. It was by far one of the tamest things I had ever worn to the bedroom, but Jasper looked at the pictures as if they were the sexiest things he had ever seen.

The next were of me in a soft linen teddy that had light pink silk straps at the top. The material was sheer, and you could see the outline of my body and breasts, but it was as if there was a light blur across my body. As I had done research about all of the clothing, it had struck me just how sexy the undergarments really were. Even with all of the many layers they would wear on top, underneath always seemed to have such an erotic tone.

As he made it to my photos of the 1920's flapper pink chiffon teddy, he was nearly salivating. This had been one of my favorite ones to pose in. The short hair and the body styles of that time fit my personality perfectly. There was lace and embroidery, as well as cute pink bows on the legs that were slit up the sides almost to my waist. I had slicked my hair down and had a long strand of pearls around me neck as I stood by the bed giving my best coquettish smile.

Of course I had the most fun doing the 40's and 50's. I had gone all out with the pin up looks, really channeling some Vargas poses. My favorite had been the one I had taken in the kitchen, because Jasper knew how much I hated cooking. I was sitting on the kitchen counter with a mixing bowl licking chocolate cake batter off a spatula. I had made a bright satin bustier with a ruffled neckline and bow at the center. I had made a matching pair of ruffled knickers, and had attached the garters on the bustier to a pair of sheer black hose that had seams running up the back of my legs.

Jasper moaned and bit his knuckle as he looked at these. "So, you are going to cook for me when we get home right?"

I smiled at him as he continued to look through the book. As he made it to the last photo he pulled the large album closer to his face. For the last picture I had taken off all of my makeup and did nothing to my hair. I was wearing Jasper's blue button up shirt that I had stolen from him the first night we had spent together after leaving Edward and Bella's high school reunion. I was lying on the white sheets of my bed, making no seductive faces, just smiling at the camera thinking about Jasper.

"God, Ali, this is the most beautiful and sexy picture I have ever seen," he whispered into my hair. "You are always amazing, but this is my favorite way to see you, because I know I'm the only one who gets to."

He closed the book and pulled me across his lap. I kissed him on the cheek and rested my head on his shoulder enjoying the moment.

"My turn," he said happily as he held me safely against him while he reached down to pick up the present. He handed me the large rectangular package that was wrapped in red and gold paper and had a beautiful bow tied around it.

"Who wrapped this for you?" I teased as I started to undo the bow.

"Your mom, she saw me trying to wrap it the other night when she came in to check on all of us in the guest house and took pity on me. "

"She likes you, you know, and my dad doesn't hate you so much either."

"That's what I was hoping for," he replied as I finished unwrapping the paper. I looked down at the worn red book in my hand. It was obvious at first glance it was old, the words on the front were faded and there were creases all along the cover. I thumbed through the first couple of pages marveling at the dates at the top of each page, the earliest being November 18, 1864.

I looked up at Jasper trying to figure out what it was. He smiled at me before explaining. "When I was in Georgia, during one of my speaking engagements, I had gone into this tiny book store right outside of Macon. It had a ton of old books, even family photo albums and things like that. I had just started to do research for this book I'm working on and I ran across this journal. I read a few pages in the store and knew I had to buy it."

I continued thumbing through the journal as he spoke, words like "miss him" and "need him" kept jumping off the page over and over again. I looked up to meet Jasper's eyes encouraging him to finish.

"Well, I want you to read this on your own, this journal was from a seventeen year old girl right outside of Atlanta who fell in love with a young solider. They only had a few days together before he left to fight in the Civil War, and she wrote to him almost every day in this journal. He was away until the war ended and didn't come back until the following April. He hadn't been sure if she would wait for him, but when he came home she gave him the journal to show him how much she had loved and missed him. The last couple of entries are sporadic, but she talks about their marriage and a baby. This book is really like their love story."

I was overcome with emotion; it was so sweet and beautiful. I thought being away from Jasper was hard, and to think here this seventeen year old girl had been able to do it. Before I could say anything, he reached behind the book in my hand and pulled out a dark leather journal with a beautiful sunburst embossed on the cover. He stroked my hand a moment before he pulled his away so I could open the book in front of me.

I opened it to the middle and noticed all of the pages were blank as I quickly thumbed through it. Well, all the pages, except for the first one. On the first page at the top right corner I saw a date.


It was the first night Jasper and I had met at the reunion. Then I looked at the inside cover of the book, and I saw the inscription.

"This is for our love story, so one day someone will find it and learn how to love."

I couldn't hold back the tears any longer and I wrapped my arms around him, nearly sobbing in his neck. "I love you so much," was all I was able to manage as I sat there in his lap knowing that from this Christmas forward each one would be even better than the last since I had him in my life.