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Panting was heard throughout the dorm room. Natsume (being the dominant one) was on Ruka looking down at him. Ruka looked up through his messy hair that clung to his face using his sweat, up at Natsume. They never imagined that they would get together. They knew each other for a while now. About 7 years now. They met long before they were in the Academy. Now they're in Natsume's room. On his bed.

"A-ah! N-Natsume! I…I'm cu--" to late he spilled over all over Natsume's hand and on his stomach.

"Ruka!" Natsume spilled over inside his lover. Natsume and Ruka had never been so happy before until now.

Natsume collapsed and Ruka snuggled into his arms. Ruka felt safe with Natsume considering what he (Natsume) had to go through at night. But Natsume forgot about all of that when he was with Ruka. His best friend. And his lover.

"I…love you…Ruka." Natsume said thought pants. Ruka smiled in return.

"I love you too Natsume" with that Natsume leaned over on his lover and kissed him passionately on the lips. Their fun night was going to go on for a few more hours. Little did they know a certain someone with a white mask on was outside their door.

"So that's why you disobey me Natsume." he smirked and walked off. "lets see what happens to that boy once I get a hold of him." with that he chuckled softly and slide into the darkness. Natsume perked his head up a bit and stared (more like glared) at the door. He had a feeling of anger twist in his stomach but he didn't know why. There he was laying down with his love after an amazing night and he feels anger?

Ruka let out a sleepy groan and snuggled closer to Natsume. When he didn't feel Natsume next to him he opened his lazy eyes and tried to scan the darken room. He couldn't find Natsume at all. He tried to get up but half of his body was in slight pain so he just flopped back down on the bed. Since he couldn't use his body to look for Natsume he used his voice instead.

"Natsume?" his voice came out hoarse. He cleared his throat and tried again but louder.

"Natsume! Where are you?" Ruka saw the bathroom door open and out came Natsume. Ruka smiles to himself when he saw him. He always worried about Natsume no matter what happened or where ever he was and Natsume knew that too.

"I'm right here. Just went to clean up a bit that's all." he got back in the bed and pulled Ruka closer to him. The smell of apples and cinnamon filled Ruka's nose. He loved that smell with all his heart. No matter what he wore Ruka always liked it.

"Neh Ruka. You still awake?" Natsume said softly. He felt Ruka nod against his chest.

"Hai. I'm awake. You need something?" He sat up and looked at Natsume. He saw (even in the dark) that Natsume's face was a little red. Ruka started to panic. Was he sick!? Is it a blush!? What was it!?

While that happened, Natsume made a small fire with his finger so he could look at the younger boy. Natsume didn't think it was possible. Ruka looked even hotter in dim lighting. Natsume smiled to himself and Ruka still had that worried look on his face.

"Natsume are you ok? Are you sick?" He put his hand to Natsume's head and felt it. It didn't feel hot. Just a little warm. But Ruka just assumed it was because of what took place a half hour ago.

"Yes I'm fine. Why you ask?:

"Your face is red that's why." Ruka looked away embarrassed. Natsume smiled and kissed him.

"Let me worry about you Ruka. You're the one that I have to watch out for." Natsume had a feeling that Persona knew about him and Ruka. Natsume needed to be extra careful as to not put Ruka in harms way. But why should that stop Natsume and Ruka from having fun again?

Natsume smirked at the idea and flipped Ruka so Natsume was on top. Ruka looked shocked as he stared up at him.


"Yes?" Natsume kissed Ruka before he could even say another word. The taste of mint filled Ruka's mouth as their tongues wrestled for dominance. Ruka wished that they could always kiss but they knew they couldn't. Well…not forever that is. Just then Ruka made a small crying sound which made Natsume pull back.

"Hm? What's the matter Ruka?"

"Natsume I…..I cant….my chest feels heavy"

"What do you mean?" Natsume wasn't even laying on Ruka. He was hovering above him but not laying on him.

"I feel like…..someone or something is pressing…hard against my chest! I cant breath!" Natsume's eyes widened. Was this the work of…?

"OK. Um just calm down. I'll get you to the nurse." To tell you the truth Natsume was actually panicking inside. He threw himself off the bed and threw both his and Ruka's clothes on and rushed him to the infirmary.

"It hurts so bad!" Ruka cried out then started gasping for air.

"Hell no! Your not leaving me today god dammit!" Natsume ran as fast as he could. He didn't care if anyone saw. His MAIN mission for right now was to help his love.


"Yes Ruka?"

"I feel like I'm going to puke…"

"Don't worry. I'll have to at the nurse soon" Natsume ran down the flights of stairs and kicked the nurse's door down and ran in. He was determined to save what he treasure most!

The nurse jumped back and then looked at the two boys. She started to talk but Natsume cut her off.

"Please...Help...Him!" Natsume said between breath. . She told Natsume to put Ruka on the bed then step aside. Ruka said one word. "Natsume…" Then he was out like a light. But when Ruka passed out Natsume was thinking something completely different.

"Ruka? Ruka..? Ruka..! RUKA! God DAMMIT why isn't he answering me!?" he almost set the lady on fire from all his rage. She tried as best as she could to calm flame boy down. At the same time she was scared beyond belief. Maybe needing to change after this episode….

"B-because he fell asleep!" Natsume looked at her then at Ruka. He saw that his chest was slowly going up and down. A sure fire sign that he was sleep. Natsume calmed down and controlled his anger. All he could do now was sit, watch and wait. The nurse excused herself and walked out. A few seconds after she walked out HE walked in. The LAST person Natsume wanted to see right now.

"Well well well. Look who's here. Natsume and his little "lover" Ruka. What a surprise. Never expected Natsume to ever care for someone like that. Maybe he DOES have emotions after all." Natsume's anger rose again with a slight hint of fear. He didn't like him…yet he was working for him…

"Get the hell outta here Personna! You know damn well your not needed here! Or anywhere else for that matter!" Natsume growled

"You should be nice to the one who has control over your little friend there." he chuckled then started again. "I was the one who made him feel all that pain. Isnt that what you wanted? For others to feel the way you do? Well you got your wish. Ruka now feels when you get hurt on missions. All the pain that ever was inflicted on you and WILL be inflicted on you will be felt by him." he pointed a finger at Ruka. Natsume's eyes widened. He wanted others to know how it felt….but….but not Ruka! He didn't want Ruka to feel this! He didn't want others to exactly fell what he felt!

"Why the hell did you do this!? And to him! You really want me to suffer. Don't you? Sick twisted bastard!" He charged for but he put his hand out to stop him. Natsume stopped and looked at him. If he didn't then…well you don't wanna know…

"I'll let him get out of your misery on one condition: Kill him." Natsume's eyes went bugger then his head and his jaw dropped. Did he jus say..

"K-kill him? Hell no! I'm not killing someone I love!" oh crap. He shouldn't have said that…and if he did why the hell did he say it in front of Personna?

"I guess I was right. You are in love with him. Good then that makes my fun even more enjoyable. Now as I was saying. Kill him and he's free from what you felt." Natsume couldn't believe he was about to do this…

"No…please….anything else…I'll….I'll do anything else…just please don't make me kill him…I just cant do it…" He clenched his fist while personna chuckled again.

"Anything? Well my boy. That's the most interesting thing I've heard all day. Okay you want to save him then come with me. If you don't trust me you will regret it. You have 2 minutes to do whatever the hell you want then you come with me. Got it? I'll be in the forest." With that he left. Natsume looked down at his sleeping lover and kissed him on the lips.

"I'm so sorry Ruka…I didn't mean for you to get mixed in with all of this…please forgive me" He then kissed him again and hurried out the room to where Personna was. Hopefully…..what he wants him to do isn't something Natsume will regret doing."


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