I met up with Persona in the woods just like he asked me to. He looked at me and smirked.

"Well well. Right on time. I would have thought that you would have ran away with your lover. But you surprised me Natsume. You actually listen to me when I put your sweet little lover in danger. Hm…if you love him that much maybe I should have a lil fun with him myself." he said with a wink and a smirk. Natsume could have burnt down the whole universe with how pissed off he was at that remark.

" I swear to GOD Persona if you touch so much as ONE SINGLE HAIR ON HIS BODY I will PERSONALLY make sure you NEVER take another breath in or around this god damn world! Do you understand me Persona!" He raised an eye brow and I knew I had over said it. But I didn't care. When it came to Ruka he was the highlight of my life. I never wanted to see him hurt. Persona slowly started walking over to me and pushed me into a nearby tree. I felt my back hit the trunk of the tree. Hard. All the breath left my body ad Persona started rubbing against me. I blushed and squirmed trying to push him away. Didn't work.

"You dare threaten me when you know I am much stronger then you? I basically own your sorry little ass. So don't try and think you can over power/over throw me. Got it little boy?" I nodded silently and all I got in response shocked me the most.

"Good. Now be a good boy. And listen to me. Protest and I will walk into Ruka's room and kill him right then and there." I had to oblige to his wish or else he would….no…I saw to many people I loved get killed by this man. I cant let Ruka pay for what I didn't do.

"Fine. Just please…don't hurt him. I beg you with everything I have. Hurt me…not him." I resorted to begging. Anything for Ruka. And the next smirk I got from Persona sent chills and fear all through my body. And he kissed me. Hard and forcefully. The complete opposite of the way Ruka kissed me.

He started groping my body and I shuddered. I know I said anything but… I didn't think he would start kissing me like this! He then ripped my clothes off and started attacking my body. He took a nipple in his mouth and bit down on it earning a chocked cry from my throat. He just smirked and switched to the other one. He slid down even further and yanked my pants down. I started protesting hard and he threw me to the ground. Bad move on my part. I tried to cling to the tree. That was a horrible idea. I got splinters from the trunk of the tree and my back hit millions of rocks. Persona was not a person to fuck with and yet I still do it. I try his patience but I still don't care.

I tuned back in on the fact that he was using my body when he cupped my crotch. I jerked and started squirming. He smirked and captured my nipple in his mouth again. I whimpered slightly and jerked towards his hand. He smirked and stepped away from me. I sighed with happiness because he backed off. I also sighed because he stopped. Wait…why did I care if he stopped or not! I felt my cheeks burn as I felt the small blush coming on. He licked his lips and smirked.

"Well, you look like a little defenseless child when you blush like this. Maybe I should do this more often?" Then he attacked with everything he had.

For the next 2 hours screams came from me. Moans and chocked sounds were elicited from my throat and I kept begging for more. I knew this was wrong but how did he make it feel so good! WHY did he make it feel so good!

"Ah…Ah- Persona.. God don't stop! YES RIGHT THERE! OH GOD!" I screamed when I came over the both of us. He slammed into my ass for a few more seconds and he came in me. All I saw was white everywhere. My body shook and I started thrashing around. After about 10 minutes of my orgasm I finally calmed down. He smirked and bit at my chest leaving a mark and then he pulled out. Persona started getting dressed then threw my clothes on my body ordering me to get up and get dressed now. I slowly got up and started getting dressed. The only thing running through my mind was what I just did. How I reacted. I felt so bad because I KNEW I had just cheated on Ruka. Call this rape or being willing it doesn't matter. I looker Persona over and started blushing again. The only thing that was running through my head was:

'Why…? Why do I feel like this! I have Ruka! That's all I need! So why do I feel like I love…No! I cant!' Persona walked over to me and I blushed deeper. He pet my head and kissed my lips. I moaned into the kiss and kissed back. He pulled back and told me I was free to go. I took this opportunity to run back to the school and try not to run into Ruka. Oh course nothing was on my side today. I ran right into Ruka while trying to avoid him. He was laying down in my room on my bed. The bed that we shared so many times throughout the years. Ruka looked up at my and smiled widely. I felt my heart speed up as my legs started moving closer to him. As soon as I got to the bed I cracked. I broke down crying and fell upon the fluffy covers as they encased my body. Ruka, being shocked, hugged me tighter and rocked me till I started to calm down.

"No its ok Natsume! Please don't cry! Its ok!" he said while rubbing my back. All I wanted to say was 'No its not ok! I cheated on you! And with the one person both of us cant stand to see! don't you see Ruka! I could be in love with this man! And your telling me its ok!' but I didn't. I just nodded and kept crying. I knew the next few days and weeks was going to be hard without telling Ruka about what happened and decided to just lay here and be held my the boy that I loved. Or thought I loved.