You got to keep an eye on them

This is my first foray into the world of Green Rider fan fiction so be nice.

This is a Karigan/Zachary ship.

This is for amusement purposes only.

"Do not avert your gaze from him Bryne. The last thing we want is to have to search the entire castle for him." Fay hissed softly to her fellow Black Shield.

Bryne tried and failed not to give Fay a 'your crazy' look.

"I am serious, the moment we look away he'll be gone!" Fay nearly snapped.

Bryne sighed and shook his head. Poor Fay; her time guarding the King and Queen has made her paranoid.

At that moment their charge stretched and yawned causing Fay to tense.

Bryne nearly laughed.

"This is serious job Bryne! Do you have any idea how it would look if we lost the Crown Prince?" Fay demanded softly. "And soon we'll have another one to watch." Bryne groaned at the thought of someone finally bringing the newborn Princess Lily to the Nursery.

"Sir, he's sleeping, and even if he could somehow get past us there is no way he could open the door." Bryne said in an effort to reason with his superior.

The door opening prevented Fay from replying.

"Fay? Bryne? why are you standing over Hadriax? Step back and give him some air." Zachary said as he entered the Royal Nursery.

"If we don't watch him he'll give us the slip Your Majesty." Fay answered.

Zachary smiled in amusement as he made his way to where his son slept.

"May I remind you that he has only been with us for not even a full half hour." he asked as he carefully lifted his son out of his cradle.

"We've got to get in the habit, Sire. And I am sure that everyone else would agree" Fay explained.

Zachary smiled. "I'll be taking him to his mother and sister. You may join us if you wish." Zachary said as he

* * * * * * * *

Zachary shook his head as he headed to his Bedchamber where his wife and daughter were waiting.

He found Karigan laying on the bed holding their daughter to her breast.

"When I entered the Nursery to retrieve our son I found the Black Shields standing over him." He said as he sat next to her.

"Oh?" Karigan asked, looking up at him.

"Fay apparently has decided that since we are his parents than they must start watching him from the beginning to insure that he does not slip away from the them.

Karigan laughed.

"Well he does have your hair and my face. So I do see the reason for their concern." Zachary said causing Karigan to laugh harder and Lily to cry softly.

"Yes, I think that we just might have a pair of troublemakers on our hands." Karigan said as she moved Lily to her shoulder so that she could burp her.

Zachary smiled.

"Sacoridia will never be the same." He said with a laugh.