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Author's note: Hi. I'm still very new at this so please bare with me. I wrote this story mainly because I am obsessed with Fleur/Hermione pairing. Lol Hopefully, you are too.

Chapter 1:

Everyone in Hogwarts was seated at a table in the Great Hall. The arrival of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons's students had everyone excited. First, the students from Beauxbatons came through the doors. The women walked down with such grace and elegance. All the men from Hogwarts had their attention. Followed close behind was Madam Maxime. Everyone greeted them with applause and whistles.

Next, students attending Durmstrang arrived. All the fans of Viktor Krum from Hogwarts roared with praise and applause.

Fleur and her sister, Gabrielle was seated next to Cho. When the feast began, everyone was in awe. Even the students from different schools were in awe.

Fleur was having a wonderful time. Cho and Fleur were getting along great. Cho mentioned Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione. Fleur looked over to where she pointed. Fleur's heart stopped. There, beside Ron was the most beautiful young woman she had ever seen. She knew right then and there that it was love at first sight.

Her mother and grandmother told her repeatedly this would happen. That one day, she would meet the woman of her dreams. All it would take is one look, one glance and she would fall deeply in love. She would only be able to love one person in the whole world. Fleur knew Hermione was her other half, her soul mate. Even if, Heaven forbid, something bad were to happen to Hermione, Fleur would not be able to move on. She could and would never, have another. At first yes, it did scare her, but that was before her eyes laid on Hermione. She had never met her and yet she felt so safe with her. She felt that no harm could ever come to her.

When her father found out it would be a woman, he was relieved. He wouldn't have to worry about some man breaking his little girl's heart. He felt at ease knowing that the woman would probably have more respect for his daughter than a young man.

Fleur desperately wanted to get a closer look at Hermione. She quickly tried to think of an excuse to walk by.

Gabrielle looked over the table for bouillabaisse. She had a sad look on her face. "Zere is no more bouillabaisse."

Fleur smiled, "I will look to see if ze 'ave some." Before Gabrielle could respond, Fleur was out of her seat and walking towards the Gryffindors.

Fleur gave them a beautiful smile, well, it was really directed at Hermione. "Ezcuse me, mademoiselle, do you have extra bouillabaisse?"

Hermione turned around and gave her a forced smile, "Yes. Here you go." Hermione handed her bouillabaisse.


Ron was practically drooling over Fleur. "If you want, I you can have mine." Ron handed his untouched bowl of bouillabaisse.

Fleur laughed, "Zat is ok monsieur. Zis is plenty."

Hermione looked upset with Ron and Fleur, "Ron, really!"

In that instant, Fleur's heart broke into a million pieces. Hermione liked Ron. Fleur felt an overwhelming wave of jealousy and anger toward the red head. No! Hermione belonged to her and no one else but her. Just like how she belonged only to Hermione. Fleur tried not to feel possessive but it was very difficult when the love of your life likes someone else. Fleur mentally shook her head, it didn't matter. Fleur would show her. She would show Hermione that they belong together; she would treat her like a queen. She will never stop. She will never give up trying to win her affections until Hermione was where she belonged, in her arms. Fleur felt better about telling herself this. She left with a smile.

Ron called out to her, "Hey, you forgot your…"

Fleur didn't hear Ron, she reached the table and sat down. Gabrielle looked at her expectantly. Fleur blushed. She didn't want anyone to know that she became so sidetracked.

"I'm sorry, zey were out." Fleur said. She felt terrible that she had lied to her little sister.

Gabrielle looked to where her sister's gaze was. When she saw it land on Hermione, she smiled knowingly.

Hermione was at the library, studying when she noticed one of the Beauxbaton students walking towards her.

She came with a smile on her face, " 'Ello there."

Hermione gave her a strange look. "Hi."

"Is zis seat taken, chéri?"

"Go ahead." Hermione said rather coldly.

Unfazed, Fleur gave her a bigger smile and sat down, "Merci."

"What are you reading?" Fleur asked, looking at the cover.

'Advanced placement of Charms'

Fleur smiled, "You must be very talented, non?

Hermione looked at her, "I get by."

Fleur smiled wider, "Modest as well. I like that."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm simply checking out the library." And you, Fleur thought

"The books are over there." Hermione pointed

Fleur nodded, "Oui. I know. I'm getting to know everyone." Fleur knew Hermione was getting irritated with her but she was having a hard time pulling herself away. Afraid of losing her chance with Hermione, Fleur decided it would be best to try harder to leave.

"I will see you soon, mon chéri" Fleur said

Fleur got up and headed out. 'It is just a matter of time before I can call her mine.' Fleur thought

Fleur couldn't help but feel sad at the distance she had between her and Hermione.

Author's note: It is really hard to write with a French accent. I don't like writing like that but I want to make it seem real. lol I feel like I'm at a third grade level. lol Hopefully, it's not too bad.

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