Black Blood: Naruto of the Hollow Smile

This was the 'Naruto Hates Yondaime Fic' challenge from dracohalo117. I saw that there are a lot of vampire fanfics on . The thing is, most of them are Yaoi. Though this will be darker than some of the other fanfics I've done. But what I learned, is that if you stick to one type of Naruto fic, the reader will get bored of reading. So I thought of doing something a little darker. This will also have aspects from different anime/manga/movie/tv show in it and it won't just be vampires but I wont spoil too much. So read, and tell me what you think.




"Demon/Summon/Awakened talking

'Demon/Summon/Awakened thinking'


"Demon/Awakened Technique/Jutsu"

"I don't own any of the things in here accept the OC's and the plot behind them!"

The Prince Awakens

A boy that looked about 13 years old wearing an orange jumpsuit, with blond hair, that was currently blotched with specks of dirty red stains, covering his eyes, but if you were to see them, they would look like they belonged on a corpse. They were dead and lifeless, the fire that they once held was gone. This was Uzumaki Naruto, Kyuubi Jinchuriki, village pariah, and recently…Namikaze heir.

Naruto was sitting in the Hokage's office, a blank look marred on his face. In his right hand, resting on his right shoulder was a scythe with a straight, wooden pole about six feet. Decorated on the top was a thin, curved, medium size bade at the top that was black with a silver lining (1). In his left, was a headband with a blue cloth. His mind reflecting on the events that occurred in the recent hours, and how he came into possession of the weapon in is hands.


Naruto was currently sitting in the middle of a clearing with an open scroll that was labeled 'forbidden' (2). "That 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' was easy to learn. I wonder what else I could learn out of the scroll before Mizuki-sensei shows up." Naruto says to himself, digging his nose back into the scroll.

Naruto then stopped at something that caught his eye. It was his name! But what was his name doing in the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing? Seeing the instructions, he reads them and sees that he has to wipe his blood on the seal. Biting into his thumb, Naruto wipes the small amount of blood the collected on his thumb, and smeared it onto the seal.

There was a poof like when he created a clone, but instead of any clone popping up, when the smoke cleared, there was a small scroll like the ones that he saw Jiji use, the only difference was that there was his name on the front. When he was done, he strapped the scroll on his back and sat down cross-legged. Naruto then decided to open it and read it.

"Dear Naruto,

My name is Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, and your father."

At this Naruto's eyes widened. The Yondaime was his father. Naruto wanting more answers, kept reading.

"Shocking isn't it? Anyway, if you're reading this then you're either a chunin, or Sarutobi deemed you ready to know. Ill tell you right now that everything you know about the Kyuubi attack was a lie.

The truth is that I couldn't kill it. I know, shocking huh?! Anyway, the only way to get rid of it was to seal it into a child, and I couldn't trust anyone else with the Kyuubi so I did the honorable thing, and sealed it into my own flesh and blood. You. I sealed the Kyuubi into you. No doubt your mother told you this and why I didn't seal it into your sister.

No doubt your godfather, Jiraiya, is teaching you to be great shinobi, but be careful, he's a big pervert, and has your godmother, Tsunade, to keep him in line. Also no doubt you know this, but you're the heir to the Namikaze clan, so you're recommended to have a harem. Don't worry, I set you up with some arranged marriages so you don't have to worry about finding women. I know you had a great life so don't get to arrogant, remember your not only carrying your name but my reputation as well. Do great my son.

Namikaze Minato"

Naruto stood up, a blank look marred on his face, his brain trying to register what he had just read. The Yondaime was his father. His father sealed the Kyuubi into him. He had a mother and sister. He had a godfather and godmother. He was the heir to the Namikaze clan.

He was pissed.

His face contorted into that of pure rage, and for the first time in eight years…he cried. Tears streamed down his face as he remembers his childhood

Him, have a good life. Ha! That's a laugh. He had a childhood that murderers have nightmares of. If he had a mother, where the fuck is she?! Probably cursing that she gave birth to a 'demon'. Using him as a pawn by arranging marriages. Writing the letter as though it were an everyday occurrence that a father seals the strongest Bijuu into their child.

This is the site that Iruka walked in on, walking up from behind Naruto, Iruka could see Naruto was distressed. Deciding to store it away for later, he walks up so his shadow loomed over Naruto and saw the scroll of sealing and gets angry. "Hey, Naruto." Iruka said, getting a small jump from the blond. "What the hell are you doing stealing the 'Scroll of Sealing'?!" Iruka yelled, while Naruto still didn't look his way. When Naruto finally spoke, it was soft. The kind of voice that didn't belong on the blond. "So, I won't graduate from learning a jutsu from the scroll." Naruto asked, still not facing Iruka.

This time it was Iruka's turn to be shocked. "Who said that?" Iruka asked, now he was getting suspicious. Who told him that he would graduate. "Mizuki-sensei." Naruto replied in a monotone voice, still refusing to turn around and face his sensei.

Iruka's eyes widened. 'Mizuki did?!' suddenly, his ninja training kicked in, and he sensed projectiles coming straight at him and Naruto, only to get hit with by a barrage of kunai, impaling his arms legs, and pushing and pinning the scarred teacher into the shack behind him.

"I'm surprised you found out about this place." Said a familiar voice from the trees. "I see, so that's how it is." Iruka stated, thought it was a little strained. Looking to where the voice came from, the teacher was greeting by the hunched figure of his fellow teacher, Mizuki. "Naruto, hand over the scroll." Mizuki said, not moving from his position.

Naruto was on his hands and knees after Iruka pushed him out of the way, and when Mizuki spoke, Naruto didn't turn to look at him, or move from his spot. Instead he took the scroll off of his back and placed it in front of him before opening it. Mizuki smiled smugly. "I'll tell you the truth." Mizuki stated calmly, getting a shocked look from Iruka. "Don't!" Iruka yelled, but it fell on deaf ears. "A rule was created after the incident that occurred 12 years ago." Saying this, Mizuki saw Naruto jump a little. "It's a rule that only you, Naruto, cannot find out about." "Stop, Mizuki!" Iruka yelled, but again, it fell on deaf ears. Mizuki smirked evilly. "It's the rule not to say that Naruto is a monster fox." Mizuki stated, getting nothing from Naruto. Him, thinking that it was only from shock continued. "In other words, you are the nine-tailed demon fox who killed Iruka's parents and destroyed our village." "Stop!" Iruka tried to stop Mizuki from saying anymore, but it was for naught.

"You've been deceived by the village people all this time. Didn't you think it was weird for everyone to hate you so much?" Mizuki taunted, looking over the blond from the tree branch with a sneer etched on his face. "No one's ever going to recognize you! Even Iruka hates you!" Mizuki finished, now starting to get a little pissed that Naruto was ignoring him. Pulling one of the giant shuriken off of his back, he reared his arm back and started spinning it. He then saw something that made him frown. Naruto bit into his thumb, and smeared it on a seal in the scroll and a poof coming off the seal. Mizuki, not wanting the blond jinchuriki to do anything to screw-up his plan, decided to kill the blond. "Die, Naruto!"

Throwing the giant shuriken at the back of the orange wearing-nin, two things happened. One: Naruto pulled a long scythe out of the smoke. And two: Naruto split the shuriken, vertically down the middle with such speed and precision that they wondered if this was the Hokage in disguise. The two pieces whizzed by Naruto head, and planted themselves into the trees behind him. The blade of the scythe was dug into the ground, a small crater around it.

Naruto straightened his posture, and looked at Mizuki with deadeyes and his usual foxy grim making Mizuki wonder if the 'demon' was going to show his true colors. "You're a little too late to tell me that the Kyuubi is sealed inside of me." Naruto stated, shocking the two. "It seems as though your right. No one will ever acknowledge me. To them I'm nothing more than a waste of breath." Naruto walked to the left of his scythe, turning the ground before letting go and grabbing it in a reverse grip.

"My mother hates me, so she abandoned me. My godfather is a pervert and has no sense of responsibility (3). My godmother is a drunken gambler (3)." Naruto then takes a step forward. Thought it wasn't your average step. It was more of a stagger. As though there was an unseen force pushing on his body, the hollow smile still etched on his face. The scythe in his right hand, to witch the blade was still buried in the ground, started to rake through ground with every lurch and stagger forward.

"I guess I've become what you all wanted me to be." Naruto started, disappearing from their view before reappearing over Mizuki with an insane grin on his face, and the scythe in both hands, going for an overhead swing. "A DEMON!!!" Naruto roared as he started spinning vertically until he was a blur. After gaining enough momentum, Naruto looked like a rotary blade. He cut Mizuki vertically down the middle so fast, it looked as though the blade passed right through the traitor.

Naruto appeared on the ground under Mizuki. His whole body was hunched over. The blade of his scythe was dug into the ground, both hands gripping the pole so tightly that they bled. Tears, streaming down his face, his hollow smile plastered on his face.

The branch which Mizuki was standing on, severed, and Mizuki's body looked as though it was going to fall on Naruto, when suddenly, it erupted in a shower of blood, vertically severing the traitorous chunin.

Blood fell like rain on the blond, staining his skin, clothes and hair. Naruto didn't seem affected at the fact that he made his first kill, but the tears kept flowing from his eyes.

Iruka look at his student with shock and horror. Looking over at the 'scroll of sealing', the scarred teacher saw a smaller scroll next to it. Limping over to the small scroll, Iruka picks it up and starts to read it. A few minutes later Iruka dropped the scroll, his eyes filled with shock and anger. He wasn't shocked by the fact that Naruto was the son of the fourth Hokage. No. What shocked him was the fact that Naruto had people to take care, and they clearly neglected that to. But most of all he was angry.

Angry at the man he once respected beyond compression.

Looking over at Naruto, who hadn't moved from his position, tears still leaking out of eyes. Limping over to his favorite student, Iruka wraps Naruto in a hug, to which Naruto let goes of his scythe, and hugs Iruka back with all the strength he could muster.

"I'm sorry, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto yelled into the chest of his surrogate brother/father-figure. Finally settling down, Naruto looked up at his sensei, eyes red and puffy from all the crying, face dirtied by the blood of the traitor. Iruka's own eyes were red and puffy, though to a lesser extant.

Iruka then smiled at Naruto and let go of the hug, the blond sat on his knees and rubs his eyes. "Naruto, would you mind closing your eyes for a minute." Iruka asked, getting a nod from the jinchuriki. Closing his eyes like Iruka asked, Naruto felt something attach itself to his forehead. "Okay. Open them." Iruka said, and Naruto did as he was told.

Opening his eyes, Naruto was graced by the site of Iruka smiling down at him, the forehead protector that was once settled on his head was gone. Finally realizing why he didn't have his headband on, he started tearing up again. "Congratulations. You graduate." Iruka said with a smile on his face before Naruto tackled into him giving him a hug.

-Flashback End-

After that, Iruka brought Naruto to the Hokage's office, where they are now.

"Naruto, I guess you found out about your heritage. But I'm wondering how that weapon came into your possession." Sarutobi asked, pointing to the scythe resting on Naruto's shoulder.

"Dunno. I just wiped some blood on a seal inside the scroll, and 'poof', there it was." Naruto answered, his face not showing any emotion.

"That seal was made for anyone with Senju blood could use those weapons. It was once thought the Namikaze clan was a branch from the Senju. I thought that the years of breeding, your Senju blood would be to diluted to use any of the seals the Shodai made, but I guess that wasn't the case with you. I guess that makes you a distant relative to the Shodai Hokage." The third Hokage finished, smiling at the thought of Naruto being a Senju.

"How long, Jiji?" Naruto asked, getting a raised brow from the old Sarutobi. "What do you mean, Naruto-kun." Hiruzen inquired, now seeing the blond starting to shake. "How long have you known that the Fourth Hokage sealed a demon inside of me!" Naruto yelled, tears cascading down his face, making the Sarutobi's own widen before going back to their original position.

"It was Minato's wish that I gave you that scroll when I deemed you ready. It seems as though you found out earlier then expected." Hiruzen replied, taking out his pipe, stuffing it with tobacco before lighting it.

Naruto then looked down. "And my mother?" Naruto asked unsure if she truly did hate him. Or maybe she thought he wasn't alive. Sadly, that wasn't the case. "I'm sorry Naruto. She left when she saw your jinchuriki marks, stating that you were not her son." Sarutobi replied grimly, lowering his hat to cover his regret filled eyes.

"I see." Naruto replied back, standing up from his seat and walking to the door, but before he could open it, the old Hokage called his name. "Naruto! Where are you going?" Sarutobi inquired, but Naruto didn't look back. "For a walk." Was the blond's simple reply before grabbing the doorknob and twisting it, pulling the door towards him, but before he could leave, Sarutobi called out to him. "Naruto! The genin teams will be announced in one week. And in two days, I will be holding a council meeting. I want you to be there." Sarutobi finished, but Naruto's only answer was walking out of the room.

Walking out of the Hokage Tower, using chakra to carry his scythe, which was now diagonally strapped on his back, he saw that it was about 8:00 and feeling a little tired, Naruto started his trek down the street to his 'home' before he noticed that there were a decent amount of people on the streets, most of which, hated his guts.

As he walked down the street, he suddenly felt several people behind him. The number suddenly grew to about fifty in numbers, and Naruto knew what this meant, it was a mob that was going to try and beat him half to death before letting him rot in an alleyway.

"Hey demon!" one of the men called out, throwing a sake bottle that hit the blond in the head, drawing blood that ran down his face, dripping down his chin onto the ground.

"You know what time it is?!" another shouted, holding a pitchfork in his hand. Naruto didn't turn to his 'attackers, but he did not have the time for this. "Listen here shit stains! I'm in a very bad mood and ganging up on me and beating me half to death for your sense of fucked-up justice, know now that I'm no longer the sniveling little brat cowering at your 'power'. Now! You can walk away right now, go home to what little family you have left after the Kyuubi attack when you started drinking and hitting your own wives and children only to go on one of your riveting 'Kyuubi hunts'." Naruto finished, right hand reaching over his torso to the handle of scythe that was peeking over his left shoulder.

The attackers were shocked at this. Never, and I mean never, has Naruto ever threatened the people that were attacking him. They were also pissed at the fact that most of them did start drinking and hit their wives and children after the Kyuubi attack, and all of them blamed Naruto.

"Show some respect you fucking demon!" yelled a man in the crowd who blamed Naruto for his wife leaving him. Naruto hefted his weapon off of his back and examined it in his right hand. The silver edge of the blade was still stained with the blood of the traitor Mizuki. Unfortunately, the villagers didn't catch that.

One idiotic villager had enough of the jinchuriki ignoring them, and charged the blond.

Naruto turned and looked at the idiot before pointing his scythe at him, and channeled chakra through it. The reaction he, and the villagers got, surprised everyone there. Instead of the weapon gaining a blue hue meaning the chakra was channeling through it, the wooden pole stretched out, hitting the man fast and hard, launching into a restaurant that once tried to poison him, before the scythe retracted back to its original size.

Everyone was shocked. Not only did the 'Kyuubi brat' attack them. But he used a strange weapon to do it. When they saw his eyes, they flinched. His eyes on the outside were dead, but on the inside, there nothing but unrivaled hatred burning into their souls.

"Unless you want to end up worse than that son-of-a-bitch, I suggest you leave." Naruto said, putting emphasis on the word 'suggest'.

They didn't need to think about it as they all ran from the 'rampaging demon'. Naruto sighed before continuing his walk.

Naruto thought about how pathetic he used to be. Thinking that by begging them not to hurt him, they would eventually get tired and leave him only half dead. They thought strength was in numbers, but only cowards say that as a means to justify the way to feel superior around others. Using others strength as their own because they have none. These are the cowards that will not make through the new world.

Before Naruto had anymore to think about, he was brought out of his rant when he came upon a giant forest surrounded by a giant fence. Now this wasn't the kind of forest Naruto was used to seeing. No, this was a forest that scared most ninjas around Konoha. But Naruto had dealt with more than enough to be scared by some stupid forest.

Naruto saw the signs that said 'Keep out!' and 'Danger', 'Forest of Death'. But to Naruto, it was just a way to stop the things that were on his mind. Walking into the giant forest, the blond takes a look around the place and instantly got a chill.

This place, for some reason, gave him the chills. Not that it scared him, but like there was someone, or something, watching him. 'I hope there isn't.' Naruto silently prayed, not that anyone was listening. Thirteen years of praying to 'god' for all the beatings to stop, and nothing happening, makes a person loose faith.

God once again, decided to fuck with him. Naruto felt something rush by his cheek, and looked at the ground to see a kunai. The blond jinchuriki felt something trickle down his left cheek. Reaching up to his cheek, Naruto touched it with his left hand and look. There was blood running down his face.

The pariah then felt someone behind him and saw a woman out of his peripheral vision. He saw the woman pull out another kunai and lick the flat side. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" The woman asked rhetorically. "A little boy your age walking into a dark, scary place like this." The woman toyed, smirking.

Naruto looked at the blood on his fingers, his eyes widened. Remembering something that happened in his childhood that made him snap. 'What's a little demon like you doing in a dark, scary place like this?' Naruto remembered what he did to him. What so many people did to him. And for the second time in the past twenty-four hours, Naruto snapped.

Anko was having a good day so far. She got up early, and walked down the street seeing some villagers glaring at her before she ended up at her favorite dango restaurant and catches up with her long-time friend Kurenai. After finishing breakfast, she decided to take a walk at her favorite place, the Forest of Death.

Now, most ninja would be afraid of the Forest of Death, but not Anko. She loved it because she could be herself there, and when people trespassed on it, she scared the crap out of them before she went to the central tower and let out all the years of pent-up emotion.

She was on her way to the central tower when something caught her eye. It was a kid. 'Probably made a bet with his friends to see who had the bigger balls to do and got lost.' That's when Anko adopted a crazy smirk. 'I better help him.' She stood on a branch before throwing a kunai that nicked his cheek. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? A little boy your age walking into a dark, scary place like this." Anko taunted, figuring that scared him. But he didn't run.

He only reached for the scythe that was on his back and with a yank; it was now in his right hand. Anko was stunned. She didn't think he would try and fight her. She just wanted him to leave.

Naruto had his scythe in his right hand and a crazed look in his eyes. Naruto then lifted his scythe up, and pointed it at the snake user before channeling chakra through it and got the desired effects.

The scythe shot at Anko with great speeds, digging into the tree behind her. Anko was shocked at the fact that the scythe grew in size, so she shifted her gaze, and looked at the blade that was now lodged in a huge tree. Naruto stopped channeling chakra into his weapon and it retracted. But instead of the blade dislodging from the tree, Naruto allowed himself to be pulled by the pole instead, going to catch Anko with a dropkick.

Luckily, for Anko, she saw the blond do this, and before he was able to follow through on his attack, she jumped to her left, and an orange blur whizzed by her after she had dodged.

When the scythe was back to its normal size, Naruto was standing horizontally on the tree before he flipped off the giant tree and tore his scythe out. Looking over at the trench-coat wearing kunoichi, Naruto sees her go through a few hand-seals before calling out, "Sen'eijashu (Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)!" before snakes came out of her right sleeve, and towards the blond with mouths dripping with poison.

Naruto lifted the long weapon to his left, and swinging down slitting the snakes down the middle. Naruto then ran at the kunoichi with chunin level speed, both hands gripping the scythe, Naruto reared it back, and the kunoichi took out a kunai to try and block the strange weapon. Before the two clashed, Naruto change his stance into an overhead strike and started flipping forward till he looked like a giant rotary blade, like he did with Mizuki, spinning at Anko like a wheel, cutting into the ground under him.

Anko started cart wheeling to avoid the 'orange blade' until her back hit the tree that was behind her. The blond was getting closer and Anko scowled. There was no way that some civilian (she doesn't know Naruto graduated) could beat her, a Tokubetsu Jonin (Special High Ninja).

She jumped before kicking off the tree and high into the air, barely avoiding the blonds scythe witch was now wedged into the tree. Naruto then flips and spins before landing on the pole of his scythe hunched over with one hand gripping the handle.

Anko, still in mid-air, sees Naruto do this before taking out two shuriken and throwing them at the deranged blond.

Naruto, even in his crazed state, saw the shuriken being thrown at him, though he didn't care. He just wanted some kind of peace of mind. He wanted to show those that hurt him that he's not going down without a fight.

Naruto channeled chakra into his weapon and got the desired results of the long wooden handle stretching with the blond on it, sending him shooting at the kunoichi while the ninja-stars dug into both of his arms. Naruto then stopped the chakra flow after freeing the blade from the tree. The blade shot to Naruto, but while in the middle of the scythe returning, Naruto started to bring it into a slash from his left.

When the scythe retracted fully back to its original size, Naruto used the momentum gained from this action, and started spinning horizontally, turning him into an orange, bladed, toy top.

Anko saw that there was no way to dodge the attack fully without being injured, so she positioned herself and the blade cut into her left side. Pain was screaming at Anko in her side. How did this brat get the better of? It's almost as though he was possessed.

Anko fell from the air, landing on the ground on her uncut side with a loud 'thud' before looking up and seeing the blond jinchuriki land on the ground, hunched over, with the blade of his scythe dug into the ground. Although his hair was covering most of his face, Anko could see that he was smiling.

Naruto stood up, though he wasn't standing straight, and turned to her. Anko's eyes widened. That was the Kyuubi jinchuriki! She'd recognize those marks anywhere. She had seen the kid walking on the streets before, avoiding the hateful glares that the villagers sent his way.

She saw his face and saw that there were a few dried blood drops on his face. But what made her eyes widen, was the smile that was on his face. It looked like the one he's always flashing around but it wasn't the same. It wasn't a malicious smile that she had once seen. Nor was it a happy smile that held warmth. It held no emotion. It was…hollow.

The only sliver of emotion was in his eyes, which showed unrivaled hate and anger. Not that she blamed him. In fact, she's surprised he had lasted this long before snapping and killing someone.

Anko sat up and started scooting, while holding her side, back as the blond dragged his scythe through the ground, leaving groves. Anko finally stopped when her back hit a tree that was behind her, the blond still advancing on her.

Anko looked at the deranged blond, fear evident in her eyes. Was this it? Was this really how she was going to die? By the hands of the village pariah after he snapped and.

Though it was partly her fault, as she underestimated the Kyuubi jinchuriki because of his age and her rank. And then she decided to antagonize him, most likely making him snap.

Naruto was now standing over her. Although he was short for his age, when he stood over her, and she saw that smile, she froze. Naruto then hefted his scythe above his head before bringing it down on Anko.

Time seemed to slow as the blade descended. Anko had forgone using her eyes, accepting the inevitable. That's when Anko heard a loud 'crack' and winced.

Was she dead? Did this kid actually kill her? Was she in heaven? Or hell? These were the questions running through Anko's mind. She heard another crack before she felt something being laid on top of her. So mustered up enough courage to open her eyes. When she did, she saw that she was still in the same spot as before.

Looking around to try and see the blond and saw him but now he wasn't wearing his jacket, only a black t-shirt. Putting two and two together, she looked down and her eyes widened. Resting on her was Naruto's ugly orange jacket.

"Your eyes are the same as mine." Naruto suddenly said, holding his weapon in his right hand. "Their filled with pain and loneliness. I won't kill you for a misunderstanding. Next time, don't antagonize your prey." Naruto finished, continuing on his walk, while Anko nursed her wound.

Naruto was walking through the gargantuan trees and into a clearing when he suddenly heard a loud 'boom'! Looking up, the blond jinchuriki felt something wet drop onto his face. Reaching his hand up and feeling the drop, Naruto sees that it was water before another drop landed on his face, and then another, and then another. Before long, Naruto was soaked head to toe in water.

Naruto walked calmly through the rain until he came upon a cave. He was a little suspicious, so he walked hesitantly towards the cave. When he entered the cave, he saw it was dank. Naruto walked a bit further into the cave before setting himself down on the hard, damp floor, leaning his scythe against his right shoulder while resting his head on it.

Naruto suddenly heard a 'squeak'. That squeak became another, and another. Soon the whole cave was filled by high-pitch screeching. Naruto looked inside of the cave, and saw small beady eyes open.

Naruto quickly stood up and readied his scythe for an attack, only for his 'enemy' to fly right at him. Bats. Lots and lots of bats. Big ones, small ones, some with pointy teeth.

They closed the distance between them, and slowly started to circle around Naruto. None of them were attacking like Naruto thought they would, and then one swooped in and took a bite out of Naruto's hand. It wasn't anything serious, just a scratch. But it still stung.

Thanks to the Kyuubi being inside of him, Naruto had a very high healing factor, and the cut healed. Very soon, another bat came in to bite him, but Naruto dodged that one. Another bat came at him and bit him on the shoulder. Like before, it was a small bite that stung a little.

Soon every bat that once surrounded him, was now trying to bite him. Naruto, not wanting this, started to swing his scythe around violently, but alas, the bats maneuvered around from getting hit by the scythe.

Naruto then decided that getting wet from the rain was a lot better than getting his blood drained by flying rodents. Naruto then made a dash towards the entrance, and would have made it out id it weren't for the fact that more bats came at the jinchuriki, flying through the entrance, assaulting the blond with scratches and bites.

Naruto seeing no other alternative ran inside of the cave, in little hopes that the bats would let-up.

The more the blond jinchuriki ventured into the cave, occasionally swinging with scythe around in hopes to catch one of the flying rodents with the blade.

The more he went into the cave, the darker it got. Soon Naruto wasn't able to see anything, and if it weren't for the bats taking bites out of him, he would've thought he was in a dreamless sleep.

Soon Naruto saw a strange, pale green light, thinking that it was a way out, Naruto ran full speed.

When Naruto burst through, he was shocked to see that the bats let up, but was even more shocked to see a huge cavern so deep into the cave. It was illuminated by strange green crystals that gave off a sense that moonlight was lighting the cavern.

Naruto spun around while panting, admiring the beauty of the lights while his cuts healed. When Naruto stopped looking around, he looked in the distance, and his eyes widened.

There standing in the crystal illuminated cavern, was what looked like a mix between a gothic cathedral and a castle, with pointed roofs (4), Naruto couldn't see the castle clearly from the dim lighting of the gems, so he decided to take a closer look.

Naruto walked towards the castle while being fully aware in case those bats came in for seconds. Then Naruto paused. Something was off. He got the same feeling now like he did all those years ago, right when he was about to be chased by a blood-hungry mob. Malicious Intent (MI) was what Sarutobi called it. He said very few people had it, but that Naruto was special, and when ever the blond ever had that feeling, to run as fast as he could to the Hokage Tower.

Slowly Naruto turned towards where he came and slowly started to make his way out of the cave. Normally, Naruto wasn't a coward, and in his current state of mind, he would have stayed and confronted what was giving him this feeling. But at the sheer amount of MI that was emitting almost made it seem inhuman. That's when he heard something that sent a chill up his spine. Crawling. Lots of things crawling.

It didn't sound like any animal Naruto had ever heard; nor did it sound human. Naruto heard cracking like branches, but the branches sounded denser than normal almost like…bones. Bones cracking.

During several of Naruto's many beatings, he would hear his own bones crack, though it was a bit muffled by flesh and muscle, this sound was raw, no skin, flesh or muscle dulling the sound.

Although Naruto wasn't a genius, he wasn't dumb. Naruto started to slowly breathe in…and out; counting in his head up to three. When he reached number three, he bolted towards the exit like a bat out of hell.

The crawling and cracking noises suddenly started to hustle. The cracking of the bones got louder and louder. The light that once radiated off the roofs where strained meaning…

Naruto eyes widened and quickly looked up, only for his eyes to widen farther. There were not only things chasing him from behind, but some of them were on the roof, chasing him that way.

Then the worst happened. Naruto tripped. Looking back at the place he tripped, Naruto saw a mask. It was like the one ANBU wear, except it had blood splotched on it. Looking at the mask, Naruto's mind was suddenly flooded with memories. The one who wore it, or in this case, used to, once hurt him badly. 'Good riddance.' Naruto thought sourly.

Remembering the predicament he was in, he got up and started running again. Right when he was about the make it the exit, a shadowy figure dropped in front of him, halting anymore movement towards the exit.

Naruto tried to stop before he ran into the figure, falling back on his butt, and fear in his eyes.

There, crouching on all fours in front of the blond was the most terrifying thing he had ever seen.

Crawling on the ground in front of him was a humanoid figure whose skin was dark grey. The human/creature was naked, though even from the angle Naruto was at, he saw the crotch of it and it was nothing but a patch of skin, as though it was a doll. It was very thin. Its ribs, spine and pelvic bones were showing through the darkened skin. It had terrifying beady, bloodshot eye that showed nothing more than insanity and bloodlust with pointed ears on the side of its head. Its nails and toenails were sharpened to a point, probably used for tearing through its victims. It started to growl at Naruto, revealing two rows of yellow stained, pointed teeth. But the worse thing of all was its smell. They reeked of rotten flesh and dead rats in a sewer.

Then another one dropped next to the first. It looked almost identical to the first, but this one had a slightly bigger chest than the first and had small patches of long, thin hair protruding from its scalp. This one was most likely a female.

Naruto kept scooting back as the things dropped from the ground or crawled over to him. They started to form a circle about twenty ft. in diameter from the jinchuriki. Soon, there were over a hundred of the beasts circled around the Kyuubi jinchuriki.

Naruto got up and straitened himself out, his eyes searching for some sort of opening, but he found none. Suddenly the first creature got on its two hind legs, its back was still hunched over. Suddenly, it started to straighten up. Its back popped and cracked as it slowly turned from a quadruped creature to a bipedal, human-like monster.

Soon, every monster was doing this, cracked echoed in the cave as they snapped their backs into place. The monsters were now a little over six ft. tall, and even more hideous looking.

Naruto looked at his scythe on the ground and quickly picked it up, holding it in his right hand, and readied himself for an attack. Naruto kept looking around, searching for some kind-of opening in the numbers, but like before, he found none.

Naruto remembered when those villagers used to trap him like this. The thought of those memories made him mad. Not like before when he went into white hot rage, and started to attack like he did with Mizuki and that snake-chick. Naruto then closed his eyes and took a deep breath in…and out. Naruto kept doing this until he opened his eyes.

They were emotionless. Not crazed like with Mizuki. Not happy like when the old man visited in the orphanage. Right then Naruto made a decision. He would smile at his enemies; like he did at the people who hurt him the most. He suddenly remembered something a bum once told him. "Hey kid, why is your smile so…hollow? A brat like you shouldn't have a smile like that."

'That man was right. I shouldn't waste my smile on them. No. I'm going to use that smile to hide my emotions from my enemies.' Naruto silently promised himself.

Naruto looked at the hideous creatures in front of him and set in his new 'mask'. Naruto had a calm look in his eyes and a smile marred on his face, showing his white teeth.

He might be scared of these things, but he wasn't going to show it to them. Their probably like those accursed villagers, gaining satisfaction from his pain, his fear. From now on, he wouldn't show them he was scared or in pain. He'll take it all with this smile on his face.

Now, these beasts didn't have the most logical sense of thinking, but they knew that this human was going to be trouble. But most of them didn't think anything of it, and attacked.

The first one that dropped in front of the blond ran in for a quick attack, intent on finishing this strange human. Naruto turned to look at the monster run at him. Naruto hoisted his scythe on left shoulder from his right before turning sharply; slicing through the ghoulish creature's mid-section before spinning his body around the two pieces of the 'ghoul', with his back facing the creature, his stance in a low kendo form he once saw, smile still etched on his face.

The ghoul then burst into a plume of ash. This was all the ghouls needed and a big group of them charged Naruto. Naruto again brought his scythe for another slash, only to channel chakra through the weapon, extending the blade into a group of ghouls, effectively cutting through a few, but not all.

The ghouls got closer and closer to the blond, but Naruto was one step ahead. The Kyuubi jinchuriki took his extended scythe and swung it at more of the charging ghouls, catching them either in the blade, or on the extended pole.

Naruto then stopped the flow of chakra into his scythe, and used its original purpose on the ghouls stuck on the pole part. The blade tore through them as it retracted, honing in on the rest of the weapon.

Naruto saw this and turned to the side a little. When the blade was fully retracted, the ghouls were right on top of Naruto, said blond swung his scythe while it was recoiling, and when it snapped back to normal, Naruto was now a spinning top like when he fought that snake chick. Naruto cut through the necks of the beasts one by one, severing their heads in the process.

When Naruto finally stopped, he was standing with his head down in the middle of piles upon piles of ash, his right arm and scythe were outstretched, a black watery substance marred on the blade and the top part of the pole.

The resolve of the ghouls wavered for a second, but it was only a second. The next wave came at the blond twice as fast as the first. Naruto blocked the first strike with the middle of the scythes pole, but the strength behind it caught Naruto off guard, making him fall on his ass.

The ghoul then lunged for him while his guard was open, but Naruto gained his bearings and saw the thing charge at him again. When it reached him and lunged, Naruto pressed his feet on the things stomach and leaned back before kicking the creature into the air. Pointing his scythe at the ghoul, Naruto puts some chakra into it, extending the blade towards the creature, beheading it and reducing it to ash.

Naruto got up only to feel a sharp pain in his side. Looking down, the blond saw a large gash on his side. It was nothing life threatening, but it still hurt like hell.

Naruto's smile was now a little strained, but kept up none the less.

Naruto saw the numbers that the ghouls were in, and in no way was Naruto going to defeat all of them. There were thousands of these things. And they all wanted his blood.

Suddenly Naruto felt an enormous pressure suddenly build onto his being, bringing him to his knees, making him lose his smile. The beasts reaction to this was different. First they started looking around. Then they bowed their heads, and then they started to back off of Naruto, and then they started to part, almost like a path.

Then the pressure let up, allowing Naruto to stand and look around. That's when he heard footsteps. Naruto looked to where they were coming from, and his eyes widened when he did.

There was a man wearing a suit with a black jacket and slacks, a white dress shirt and a red tie with white gloves on his hands. He was about in his early thirties and had silver hair that was wavy and swept back with a single strand that fell over his face (like Aizen's from Bleach) and a face that men would kill for and women would want to wake up next to. On his chiseled jaw was a small, black goatee. Sharp eyes that showed amusement. But what shocked Naruto most about his eyes. Was that they were blood red with a slit pupil in the middle.

Naruto tried to move, but the aura surrounding this guy was incredible. Naruto looked and saw the monsters bow their heads to this…man?

The man was now five ft. away from Naruto, and was looking down upon him. "Boy…" the man started. "Why are you covered in so much blood?" It was a simple question, but to Naruto, it sounded like an order. But Naruto had questions of his own. "W-Who are you?" Naruto asked/pleaded.

The man only smiled. "You will learn my name in time. But for now…" the man then put his hand up to his Naruto's forehead. And when Naruto looked into the mans eyes. The crimson eyes glowed for a second before the man uttered one word. "Sleep." And with that, Naruto finally fell into the darkness.

-Time Skip-

Naruto suddenly shot up out of his deep sleep, panting hard. 'What the hell happened last night?' Suddenly, memories of the night before flooded the blonds head, giving him a mild headache.

Naruto looked around his surroundings and saw he was in an unfamiliar room. Naruto saw that his clothes were off, and he was now wearing black with red trim silk pajamas.

Naruto saw that he was lying in a very comfortable bed. It was a dark brown, almost black, wooden canopy bed with black sheets and red silk canopy, blanket and pillows.

He looked around some more, and saw his scythe leaning against the wall. When Naruto got up, his legs felt a little weak, so he stumbled towards his scythe, when he finally reached it, he lurched forward before he was able to grab the scythe, ultimately holding himself up.

Naruto then hoisted himself up and panted. 'Kuso (Damn)! I'm still weak from everything I did…yesterday?' Naruto thought before looking around the room again and saw some clothes folded neatly on a desk that was against the wall.

Naruto limped over to them, using his cane for support, and pick the clothes up using his left hand, as his right was supporting his body with the make-shift cane.

Naruto leaned his scythe onto the desk and saw the clothes. The shirt was a plain white t-shirt and the pants were cargo pants that stopped at his shins.

Naruto then started stripping his pajamas, and started to put on the new ones. When Naruto was done he looked at himself in the mirror, and gave a slight nod to himself. Just then, the door opened, and Naruto picked up his scythe and readied himself for an attack.

But when the figure stepped through the door, Naruto was shocked to say the least. There standing there was probably one of the most beautiful women he had ever met. She had long, wavy, strawberry blond hair the cascaded down to the middle of her back. She had emerald green eyes the radiated with beauty and kindness. Though her attire made Naruto blush. She had D-cup breasts that were held together by a black and white maid outfit with a black skirt that ended at her thighs with white frills for trim. It had long, white sleeves with frills at the wrists, tied with black string. It had a white tie that tied together a corset looking piece, and a black bow at her collar bone (5). On her head was a white, frilly maid's hat.

She looked at Naruto with surprise first, but then she settled with a smile (that made Naruto blush), revealing her, slightly longer than normal, canine's. "I see that you're awake." She said as she saw him lower his guard, and hold his scythe to his side.

Naruto looked at her, with a small blush on his face, and nodded. She saw this and smiled again. "Good. And I see that your clothes fit." Naruto nodded. "That's great. Oh! I almost forgot. My master would like to see you when you first awoke. So please, follow me." She said as stepped out of the room, Naruto following closely behind.

When Naruto walked out of the room, he was now in a hallway with several more doors on each side. He saw that the maid started walking down the hall so he started to catch up.

Naruto looked over at her. "Excuse me…um…I'm sorry! I don't even know your name." Naruto suddenly said, getting her attention. She looked at him with embarrassment and a blush on her cheeks. "Oh! My deepest apologies! My name is Annaliece." The newly named, Annaliece stated with a smile on her angelic face.

Naruto blushed at her smile. 'Annaliece huh? I like it.' "My name is Uzu-Naruto. Just Naruto." Naruto said after correcting himself, remembering that…women abandoning him. It made his blood boil. Annaliece saw the flash of anger and grew worried. "Is everything alright, Naruto-san?" Annaliece asked, getting Naruto's attention.

Naruto didn't even realize he was leaking out KI (Killing Intent), and quickly bowed his head to Annaliece. "I'm sorry. Just some bad memories." Naruto said, waving off the look of concern on her face. She new that that wasn't it, but decided against pressing on the matter. So she just kept leading Naruto towards her master.

After walking a good distance, they reached a long hallway and Naruto could see a large door with lion heads that held rings in their maws. Annaliece walked up to the massive doors and pushed them both with ease, and then there was a flash of light, to which Naruto shielded his eyes.

When his eyes adjusted, he was in shock and awe. It was a giant dinning room with a huge mahogany colored table that easily sat forty people, twenty on each side, with two on the ends. There was a giant chandelier in the middle of the room, above the table. There was classical music playing from somewhere in the room. Looking at the walls, Naruto saw lots of paintings of people and on the right was a row of stain-glass windows with paintings in-between each of them.

On the farthest end of the table, was what looked like a man? Wait a minute. That was the same man from yesterday. He looked like he was eating something, but Naruto was too for to see. Next to the man, on his left was what looked like a woman?

When Annaliece was walking towards the two, Naruto followed but was now on guard. When Naruto and Annaliece got closer to the pair, Naruto finally got a good look of the woman. And to say he was as red as a tomato was an understatement. She was probably one of the most beautiful woman the blond had ever laid his eyes on.

She looked in her early thirties, with long, slightly curly, silver hair that shown in the candle lit room. She had on a crimson red dress with the torso looking like a corset with black lacing and strings. The bottom part looked like any dress looked with different shades. She had long, red, fingerless gloves that ended at the middle of her bicep. She had on crimson lipstick the rested on her pale, flawless skin. What shocked Naruto about her were her eyes. They were like the mans; red with slit pupils, and slightly enlarged canines.

When Naruto was a good distance away from the pair, they stopped eating their meals and focused their attention on the two, making Naruto stiffen a little. Their eyes softened when they saw who it was, which confused Naruto greatly. They must've not known who he was.

When Naruto and Annaliece finally stopped within five feet from the pair, the man stood, and addressed Annaliece. "Thank you for bringing him here." The man said nodding his head at the maid, dismissing her. She gave a low bow before straightening up and flashing Naruto a quick smile. "I hope to see you in the near future, Naruto-san. But until then, Goodbye, and have a nice evening." She did a quick bow before walking off in the direction the pair came from.

Now Naruto was alone with these two 'people'. The man had sat down and continued eating. Naruto just stood there, wondering to himself what the pair wanted from him.

The man paused for a second to look up at the blond before finishing the food that was in his mouth and flashing Naruto a small smile, with his pointed teeth showing. "Ah! Where are my manners." He then pointed to the chair on his right, in front of Naruto. "Please, have a seat." The man said, while the woman just smiled.

Naruto was wary sure. But he couldn't see any signs of deceit, or it being a lie. So he sat down. Though as soon as he did, an old man with grey, cleanly swept back hair that looked combed. Not like the mans roughly kept hair, like he had woken up and ran his hand through it. He had a grey mustache and wore standard butler attire with a swallow-tail at the back. In his hands was a silver platter with a silver dome on top of it.

The old man placed the platter in front of Naruto and pulled off the dome. When he did though, there was a plume of steam that came off of it. When the steam finally cleared, there was a shallow, white bowl that had red broth, shell noodles, and different kinds of vegetables strewed throughout it (minestrone soup).


The kind looking old man gave a smile and bowed to all three of them before he walked away to do his duties.

Naruto looked at the food with his mouth watering slightly. God it smelled good! He saw a spoon on his right next to the right of a smaller spoon, while sat on the right of a table knife, while on his left side was a fork and a smaller fork on the left of that.

Suddenly, a growl echoed at the table. The two occupants looked at a now embarrassed and flustered blond and started to laugh. Naruto looked at the two with a small blush on his face and the man came down from his fit of laughter. "What are you waiting for, an invitation. Eat!" The man said, pointing to the steaming soup.

Naruto didn't need an invitation, and grabbed the spoon on his farthest right before gently dipping it into the broth and bringing the spoon to his lips before silently sipping all of the broth that was in the spoon.

Naruto paused for a second, trying to comprehended what he had just tasted. Naruto dipped his spoon in again and brought it out. This time with vegetables as well on the spoon. Naruto opened his mouth and ate the contents of what was on the spoon and gave a small smile. "It's good."

Soon the whole bowl was empty. The man looked at the blond's content face and smirked. "Now that your meal is over, how about we get to business?" the man asked/said.

Naruto stared at the mans serious expression with a blank expression, but on the inside he was curious. What did this man have to talk to him about?

"Now I would like to ask you some questions and I want you to answer them with your utmost honesty. Don't worry; you will not be judged on what you did. So please, why did you have so much blood on you that wasn't yours?" the man asked.

Right now, Naruto was weary. He could lie. But, this man went out of his way to clothe him, feed him, and from the way he smelled, bathe him. So why shouldn't he at least humor him, and tell him the truth. So, the blond started from the beginning.

He told them about the Kyuubi. He told them about his terrible childhood. He told him of the letter. And he told them of his 'mother'.

To say these two were disgusted was an understatement. They were furious with the way these imbecilic humans treated one of their own, a child no less. The woman had tears in the corner of her eyes just like the maids that entered the room when he started his story. While the man…well…lets just say that the intense, blank face he wore was to stop him from committing genocide on the people of Konoha.

Naruto was now looking at the empty bowl in front of him with a blank face. He didn't think that he would tell them that much. But the words just flew out of his mouth. He didn't admit it or show it. But it felt good to get all of that off of his chest.

Soon, the man stood from his seat and walked to a large wall behind him. He reared his arm back, and punched with all his anger and might. At first, there was just a spider-webbed crack. Then, not a second later, the entire wall suddenly filled with cracks before the wall crumbled into a pile in front man, who was shaking in rage.


Naruto was in shock. This…man became angry at the people that hurt him. This man punched out his own wall in rage at Konoha. Why? Why did they care? He wanted to be alone. So why were they helping him.

Finally the man calmed down and walked over to the chair he was sitting in, and flopped down. 'I haven't been this mad in centuries.' The man though before smiling at Naruto who looked confused. "Well, I think we should get acquainted with each other before doing anything else, ne?" He asked, getting a nod from the blond.

"How about you start." He asked, pointing to Naruto, who gave a quick nod. "My name is Naruto. I like ramen, Iruka-sensei, Jiji, Teuchi and Ayame-nee-chan. My dream…well…I'm not so sure right now." Naruto stated a little dejectedly.

The man looked at the blond's expression with a saddened one before turning to the woman and giving her a small nod, to which she nodded back, and began speaking for the first time since Naruto got there. "My name is Dracule Evangeline. I like my husband, cooking and sewing. My dream is to raise the perfect family. And by 'perfect', I mean everything you'd expect from a family, fights and all." Said the newly named Evangeline with a kind smile, making Naruto blush a little.

The man cleared his throat a little before giving another small smile. "My name is Dracule Vladimir. My likes…hmm." He brought his hand to his in a thinking position. "Well, lets leave that blank for now." He gave a small shrug. "Its not that I don't have any. It just that my likes are, well…strange. But id I do have to say something, I love my darling wife, and fighting." Vladimir said, holding Evangeline's right hand in his left. "And my dream, is to find the perfect heir for my throne." He finished, kissing his wife's hand

Naruto looked at the two with a sad smile. Why couldn't he have parents like that? Naruto blinked before furiously rubbing his hair. Shit! He was starting to get all angsty.

He stopped rubbing his head and saw that the two were looking at him strange. Naruto had the decency to look embarrassed at what he was thinking. Vladimir smiled a little before starting to chuckle. That chuckle soon turned into full blown laughter. Soon Evangeline joined him.

Naruto was looking at the two confused before he started laughing as well. Once they calmed down, Vladimir adopted a serious face, to which Naruto gained a blank face but was paying full attention.

"Now, I assume you want some questions answered as well. Right?" Vladimir asked, getting a nod from the jinchuriki. "What were those things out there?" Naruto asked, remembering the creatures that tried to eat him.

Vladimir took a sip of the red wine from his glass before folding his hands and resting his chin on them. "Those were Ghouls. Creatures that were created by the darkness in their blood. They started out as regular humans. But when I found them, they were covered in the blood of innocence. I then drained them of half their blood. The process began when their blood mixed with the bacteria from my fangs. Their red blood cells died. Their skin turned grey. Their once most simple, human logic, turned into primal instincts. And they became the creatures that you were attacked by. My servants, only loyal to who I say." He finished, getting a wide-eyed look from the blond.

"What do you mean you 'turned them'?" Naruto asked meekly, fearing the answer a little.

Vladimir looked at the blond before smiling. "I mean I turned them. As I am a vampire." The newly dubbed 'vampire', stated easily, looking at Naruto with stare.

Naruto was a little skeptical. "You mean the blood-sucking, 'grab a stake and holy water', kind of vampire." Naruto asked a little hesitantly, making the vampires chuckle. "Well, no ones tried to kill me like that for…I'd say about, three-hundred years." Vladimir replied rubbing his chin in thought. "Is that about dear?" he turned to Evangeline and asked her.

She looked at him with a smile before saying, "It was one-hundred darling. Remember that vampire hunter came here trying to make a name for himself. Remember."

"That's right!" he did. He turned to Naruto. "Anyway, the point is little Naruto…" he folded his hands again and rested his chin. "There's a world, filled to the brim with things that you have never even imagined." Vladimir finished, gaining a confused look from Naruto.

"Now I'm going to get straight to the point. I want you to be part of that world." Naruto was shocked. Why would he want him to be in this world? It didn't make sense.

"Why?" It was one word, yet it could change the outcome of the world as we know it.

"You know suffering. From what you have told me, your whole life you've known suffering. Yet you still do not lash out at the people that caused it. Don't be confused. Us vampires only drink the amount of blood that we need to survive. One blood pack a day. That is all we need to survive. Not dozens of humans. Yet we are still hated beyond belief. If I were to turn you into a vampire, make no mistake, you would dead. Your blood will turn black; most of the men become sterile, making them inept of having children. You would gain powers that would make the five great nations green with envy." He then stood up and walked over to Naruto. "But all your ties with humans will be severed by the root. Your family blood. Your family itself, gone. Since you're a jinchuriki, your demon will either be freed. Or die and pass all of its power onto you." He stuck his hand out for Naruto to shake. "But most of all you will have a family who cares for you. But remember, it's your choice. If you choose not to, you will find yourself at the entrance of the cave, with no memory of what transpired here. So what'll it be?" He look and saw that Naruto was looking down, no doubt to reflect on his life.

"I've been abused for my entire life. I've been lied to. Deceived. Shunned. Hated. Hunted like Game. And my so called father was the cause for all this. Killing my demon and getting its power. Fuck. I have the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The strongest. All my ties with humans are severed by the roots. Ha! To them, I was never human. And I probably never will be. Family? What family? Right now…all I'm seeing is a more reasons to take your offer. Either way, it's a win-win situation." Naruto then stood up, and held out his hand, grabbing onto the older vampires hand. "I accept." Naruto said as he tugged the hand up and down.

Vladimir smiled and shook the blond's hand. "Now we need to go to some place where your power wont destroy anything valuable. Hmm." He put on a thoughtful face. Just then, Annaliece appeared behind him. "If I may suggest." Vladimir jumped at her sudden presence. "Why not use courtyard. I'm sure the ghoul's wont mind."

"That's a great idea, Annaliece. To the courtyard!" he declared, walking off in a random direction. "Dear, the courtyard is that way." Evangeline stated, pointing in the opposite direction. Vladimir stared at direction with a embarrassed look before following his wife with his back slouched over.

-Scene Change-

They were now standing outside in the cavern, just about fifty feet away from the cathedral. Naruto and Vlad were facing each other and the two women were standing off to the side.

Vlad pulled out a dagger and threw it to Naruto's feet. "I want you to cut your right hand. This is the first process to becoming one of us." Vlad said, watching as Naruto picked up the dagger and sliced open his right hand, cringing a little at the pain.

"Now, throw me the dagger." Vladimir ordered and Naruto did so. The vampire took off his white glove before cutting into his hand and walked towards Naruto. He stopped right when he got in front of Naruto and held out his hand. "All I have to do is get my blood into yours."

Naruto looked at him with a raised brow. "That's all. I thought that you needed to bite my neck or something like that." Naruto said, making Vladimir raise an eyebrow. "How many comics do read? The only reason we bite into the neck is to get to the jugular vain. Now, unless you to turn into a ghoul, I suggest you shut up and shake my hand." He said making Naruto gulp before nodding.

Naruto grabbed onto the bloodied hand with his own. "Oh! I almost forgot to mention. This will hurt like a bitch." And it did.

First the pain started in his right hand and moved its way up to his shoulder. By now, he was screaming in pain. The spectators watched as this happened. His muscles bulged and contracted, tearing and repairing themselves. All while this happened, something was happening inside of Naruto's head.


A figure wearing an all red cloak walked down the depths of the sewer that was Naruto's mind. The rattling of chains echoed with every step he took. The figures face could not be seen, only his eyes. Red. Blood red. With slit pupils.

He suddenly stopped and looked to his right, a red aura was emitting from a hallway. The figure gave a smirk, though you couldn't tell, and began walking down the hallway. There was a flash of light before the man was standing in front of a giant cage with a piece of paper with the kanji for 'seal' on it.

The figure stopped right in front of the cage, when suddenly three claws shot out from the darkness, hoping to skewer the man, but couldn't get in reach. The man wasn't even fazed by this, in fact, he seemed amused.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. *Sigh* Did you really think that would work? You know what's happening is inevitable, right?" The man chuckled.

"Right now, the blood is reaching his heart. Soon, your energy will be mine." The man stated as Kyuubi retracted its claws.

"What makes you think I will just go with out a fight?" Kyuubi inquired. The figure chuckled again. "Do you honestly think that you could defeat me?" the man questioned before the gate suddenly shot open, releasing a wave energy that blew his cloak around.

There, standing in all its glory, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Its nine tails waving behind it with a red aura lining around it. its bloodshot crimson eyes and slit pupils, not unlike the mans, stared at him with intense malice.

Without warning, it charge, aiming for the exit. But there was one problem. The man started to glow red before raising his right hand. When the Kyuubi was standing on top of the figure, something happened. A red, transparent shield came up and charged the Kyuubi as well.

Both forces crashed into one another, and energy exploded outward. Then there was a blinding light that illuminated the sewers. When the light died down, the walls were now built of stone blocks like a castle. Torches illuminated the hallways.

There was a big brown gate with a black bat on the front. But they were open showing the same figure that created the barrier. There was no Kyuubi. Only torches that lit up the cavern. "Hn. Told you so." The figure said, cracking his neck. He then stood up straight and walked to the back of the dark cavern, torches lit up with each step closer. Finally, the line of flames came to a halt, revealing a chair that was made of redwood with red velvet padding.

He slowly sat down and slouched into it before propping his head onto his right hands knuckles. "Amuse me, Naruto." The figure said before the cavern was filled with a chilling laughter.


Naruto's transformation was done.

At first he started convulsing in pain. Then his entire body glowed with an intense light that made the onlookers shield their eyes. When the light died down, the 'Kyuubi-brat', was now the 'Kyuubi-man'. he grew from a measly 4" 7' to a decent 5" 3'. He was now the tallest kid in his class. He was now buff. Not body-builder buff. But a kind of buff that a swimmer would have. Six pack, pecks, strong looking biceps. The shirt he wore used to be a little loose. But now, it looked like a muscle shirt.

His face lost all traces of baby fat on his face, so it was now more angular and was soothe and his canines elongated. He started to feel his face and was shocked. No jinchuriki marks. His hair was now platinum blond that shone in the light of the crystals and was now a little flatter thought still had some spikes. His eyes were a lighter shade than what they used to be, and his pupil was slit.

All in all…he was a completely different person.

Naruto looked himself over and smiled. It wasn't a blank smile or a smirk. It was a genuine smile. He was free. Free of the Kyuubi. Free of the blood the once tied him that man. free of the scars that once littered his body.

The three walked over to his form, and noticed all these changes and smiled. Vladimir kneeled next to Naruto and put a hand on the blonds shoulder making him look up to see the older man smiling, making him smile as well. Before anyone knew it, Naruto was latched around the waist of the vampire, hugging him out of gratitude with tears in his eyes.

"Thank you! Vladimir-sama!" at this, the vampire laughed. "No. Just call me Papa." At this Naruto stopped his ramblings and looked at the man who was looking back at him. Naruto smiled before nodding his head. "And you can call me Mama." The two men looked over at a smiling Evangeline who kneeled beside Naruto and hugged him. It felt…right.

Soon, all of them were hugging one another before they separated and stood up. Looking himself over. Naruto liked what he was seeing. Vladimir saw this and smirked. "Now that you are a vampire, you're going to need to learn our customs, and the things we can do." He stated, getting a nod from the blond. "Now for our first custom. You must make a title for yourself. Your title defines who you are, and who you want to be. So, choose wisely." He left Naruto to think about it.

Naruto looked at his scythe on the ground a few feet away from himself and walked over to it before picking it up. He reflects on the past events from yesterday. Every time someone wanted to harm him, he always remembered what that man once told him.

"My name is…"

-Time Skip-

The members of the 'respected' council were sitting on their respective sides with the Hokage sitting in the middle and his advisors standing behind him. On his left were the civilian council. Most of them were merchants and other civilian jobs. On the Hokage's right was the shinobi side of the council. These consisted of the major shinobi clans minus the Uchiha and Senju clans for obvious reasons.

But right now they didn't sound like the 'esteemed' council that the were said to be. Right now they seemed more like squabbling school children, fighting over a toy.

"There's no way that the Fourth Hokage had that monster for a child!" yelled one of the fatter civilian council members.

"Hokage-sama! Are you sure that you got that right." asked a woman with short spiky hair and two red markings on her cheeks. This was Tsume Inuzuka.

"Its all here. Birth certificates, DNA comparisons, letters, everything." Sarutobi state, pointing to a pile of papers in the middle of the table that they all sat at.

"Those must be forged!" yelled a pink haired woman from the civilian side of the table.

"No. They are real." Sarutobi said getting a little irritated at the civilians. Suddenly, and ANBU appeared next to the Hokage. "Hokage-sama! We have located Naruto-san. And are bringing him here as we speak." Hiruzen gave a nod. "Good."

Suddenly, the door was kicked open and in walked the most badass person your could ever see.

He had on a orange that faded into red coat with a hood that covered everything except for his mouth and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. It started to fade into black when it got to the torn bottom and was unzipped, revealing the black muscle shirt with no sleeves, and a collar that ended at the middle of his neck and a red bat with its wings outstretched. His hands had black fingerless gloves and his right arm was wrapped with a chain that ended at his knuckles. He had on black cargo pants that had pockets littered over them. Black combat boots were on his feet with steel plate on the toes. They were wrapped up in chains as well. To finish off the intimidating look, a scythe on his back. He looked to be nodding his head and had white things coming from his ears that went into his right pocket. Those with highly trained hearing heard the faint sound of music.

"Yo." The man greeted, raising his right hand before reaching into his pocket and pulling out something rectangular and pressing something on it before stashing it back into his pocket along with the white things coming from his ears.

One of the civilian council members stood up and pointed a finger at the man. "Who the hell are you?!" the councilman demanded. "Who I am, is but a state of mind. What I am would be the key in defining the means and actions of what I do. What I do, is protect and serve a village that wishes nothing more than for me leave them alone, but at the same time, won't allow me to leave. When is but the time in which I do it. What I am first seen and heard is a man with goals and dreams. But behind the façade of bigoted, arrogant slobs, I am a demon who cowers to their very whim. What I am is a demon to my village and monster to my enemies. My enemies are those that with to harm my well being. When is but the time that they lay eyes on me that they pass the judgment and the course of action. Who am I? I am the man that you have called for to pass judgment on while you sit upon the bleachers, gloating about the power in which this village gives you. What you are, are the things that make the boogieman scared for it is you who is lurking in the depths under the bed of innocence. But again, who I am is but an enigma of what I used to be and when I used to be it. I am innocence. But for the name in which you call this innocence. Is Naruto. Pleased to make your acquaintance." Naruto then placed his right arm around his stomach and his left behind his back, and bowed like the butlers of the cathedral.

Silence. Absolute silence.

The civilian council men and women were shocked, not understanding half the things that the demon said.

The man that asked the question looked at him funny, and summed up what everyone was thinking. "What?"

Naruto stood straight from his bowing position and looked at him with a blank face. "Are stupid or something."

That instantly made the man angry. "Who the hell do you think you're talking you good for nothing de…" but he was cut off by the Sandaime. "Enough! Now that Naruto is here, we can begin with this meeting."

Sarutobi then pulled out a scroll with the kanji for 'Namikaze' on it. "This scroll has your father's greatest techniques in it. The Hiraishin and the Rasengan. His wish was that they went to you." Sarutobi said as he handed Naruto the scroll, who looked it over.

Hiruzen pulled out another scroll. "This is to get into your families house. Only yours and your sister's blood can open it." Sarutobi said as he handed the other scroll to the blond, who held it in the same hand as the other. He then pulled out a piece of paper with the Hokage's seal on it. "Just sign this paper with your name, and you will be able to take your seat at the council." Sarutobi said making most of the civilians go wide eyed.

Naruto looked at the paper and placed the scrolls on the table. He reached into his coat and pulled out a pen and signed the paper before folding and handing it back to the Sandaime, who took it.

He then picked up the scrolls again and looked at them again before walking over to the fireplace in there. 'Most likely to set the mood.' Naruto thought, chuckling at his own joke.

He then looked at the fireplace. "Jiji! Thanks for everything." At this, Sarutobi smiled. "But…" Sarutobi frowned a little at the 'but'. "I already know where the Namikaze compound is." Naruto said making the occupants go wide eyed.

Then there was an explosion from the distance. Smoke and an orange glow was what they saw from where they were. Hiruzen looked from the fire at the blond with shock in his eyes only to see him throw the two scrolls into the fire.

Soon, everyone saw this. The last Hiraishin scroll and kunai in existence. Being thrown into the fire by its supposed successor. It was heart wrenching.

When everyone got over their shock, it was Sarutobi who spoke first. "Naruto! Do you even know what you did?! Huh?! Answer me!" Sarutobi demanded, wanting answers.

"I had to Jiji." Naruto spoke in a low voice. "I used to live completely oblivious to what was going on around me. Deluding myself into thinking that the people would soon care about me. You don't know what it's like to being told that you have the strongest tailed demon sealed inside of you and that your father was the one that did it through a fucking letter!" Naruto said making everyone pay attention to his words.

"None of you know what it's like to be kicked out of an orphanage at the age of six without knowing a reason. You don't know what it's like to live on the streets in the Red Light District, eating out of garbage cans and keeping myself warm with moth eaten blankets. You don't know it's like to wonder if your parent loved you or abandoned you. So don't you fucking dare ask me if I know what I'm doing!" Naruto raged on getting looks of sorrow and disgust.

Naruto then turned to the council, his hood still covering his eyes. "I denounce the name 'Namikaze'!" Naruto stated, shocking everyone there.

He then turned and started to walk away. "Oh! If you ever need me for a council meeting, just send an ANBU to the 'Reapers Cave' and tell them to wait outside for me." Naruto said making them go wide eyed.

Not only at the fact that he was telling them to send an ABNU to the Reapers Cave, but that he still though that he was on the council.

Danzo took the liberty to correct this. "Boy! You denounced your name. Therefore you do not get a seat on the council." The cripple said smugly.

Naruto stopped walking and turned his head a little bit. "You old folks forgot to read the fine print on the little contract I signed." Naruto stated, waiting for them to notice.

When Sarutobi opened the paper, the blond was indeed right. There was no kanji for 'Namikaze anywhere. Only a signature in a different language, which they couldn't read. "It says, Dracule Naruto." They looked at Naruto wanting more answers.

"I found a family that doesn't care who or what I am. I'm taking their name." he then started to walk off again. "I'm not the same little jinchuriki that you could boss around!"

Naruto then stopped at the front door before lowering his hood, revealing platinum blond hair. he then turned around and faced the council, his face shocking everyone them, and smiled.

"My name is Dracule Naruto…The Hollow Smile."

Just like his name said, his smile wasn't happy, or sad, or anything. It was, dare they say it?



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