Black Blood: Naruto of the Hollow Smile

Ok, before we get started, I want to clear a few things up. This won't be a full 'Vampire' crossover. It will have different monsters from the 'Monster' genre (Vampire, Mermen, Witches, Frankenstein monsters, Mummies and Werewolves.). Why am I making a monster crossover…? 'Cause each of the monsters is cool. And I have yet to see one a very good Naruto/Monster genre. If you know a really good one, tell me in the reviews.

This story will be a muli-crossover meaning it will have different anime and manga elements in it like Rosario + Vampire, Darkstalkers, maybe Soul Eater and Bleach with a bunch of other vampire and monster related anime/manga/etc.

The monsters will be mentioned in this chapter but will make actual appearances a bit later.

Disclaimer: All the things I write about monsters/demons in this chapter are all made up…probably. This may contain elements from other anime/manga/etc. You have been warned. I'm going to do a summery on other monsters. If you don't want to know their origin or don't have the attention span, I will be putting that information in bold (parentheses). You can choose to skip or read it. It's up to you.




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Monsters vs. Demons

Previously on Black Blood:

"My name is Dracule Naruto…The Hollow Smile."

Just like his name said, his smile wasn't happy, or sad, or anything. It was, dare they say it?


It was a bright and sunny day, with clouds in the sky for all the lazy Nara's to look at. Everyone was enjoying the suns warm glow on their skin.

But a lone intimidating figure didn't as he walked down the streets, watching as the people tried not to get in his way.

The figure stopped before looking at the sun through his raised hood and placing a hand in front of his face, shielding his eyes from the intense glow. "Fucking sun." he muttered before reaching into his coat and pulled out a pair of sunglasses with black tinted circle lenses. Flicking them open and placing them on so they rested on the bridge of his nose, shielding his sensitive eyes from the sun before he looked forward and continued walking down street.

This was Uzumaki Naruto, former Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and now, Vampire.

Despite what most believed about vampires, they could actually go in the sun. Down part is that it weakens you, not too much so that you couldn't handle a human; but enough to effect you in battle if you're not careful. Though if it were sparkling, he would rather burst into ash from the sun.

He remembered the talk he had Vladimir, to whom he now calls Papa, who told him of what most, if not all vampires could do.


Vladimir and Konoha's resident former-jinchuriki were sitting in what looked like an office fused with a library. The walls were painted rosewood and had paintings scattered on them. The paintings had different people which Naruto suspected were vampires as well, due to the slit pupils and grins revealing elongated canines. Tall book shelves sat behind the two but not collecting dust because of the frequent dusting of the maids and reading of the occupants. Two comfortable looking red chairs sat parallel from each other with a round table that had a lamp on top of it with a few books scattered atop it in front of the two chairs as well as a small desk in the corner of the room. There was a fireplace in the middle of the chairs, illuminating the room with a soft glow.

Naruto sat in a chair, looking at the much older vampire in front of him with excitement held in his eyes. Papa told him to come here so he could explain about the dark world he was brought into. It didn't scare him in the slightest knowing he was no longer human. In fact, he felt complete. Like a piece of the puzzle now fit; though that might be how all vampires felt when their turned.

Vladimir looked at Naruto whose back was leaning against the chair with his arms resting on the chairs arms while Vladimir hand his elbows on the arm rests with his clasped hands in front of his mouth and a serious look on his face, which made Naruto look serious as well.

"Now…before I get into the details of our powers, you must know our heritage and race." Vladimir started off, resting his arms on the chairs' like Naruto. "First and foremost, you need to know we are not 'demons'. We are monsters." Vladimir stated, getting a confused look from Naruto. "What's the difference?" Naruto asked getting a chuckle from the older vampire.

"A demon is a being of untold malice created from its own anger and hatred, feeling no remorse for casting out their humanity. A monster on the other hand can either be created by the hatred and malice of others and still maintain a level of their humanity or they can be born from another monster. This is the same case for demons but if a demon were to fall in love with a human and have a child, the child would only be a half demon; the rest would be human. If a monster, on the other hand were to mate with a human, the child would be a full monster. The down side to this is that children who are born monsters have a chance of fully staying in their monster form (1)." Vladimir finished and it hit Naruto.

Before he wondered why he didn't look just like Papa when he was turned. Why he and all the other vampires in the pictures and the paintings didn't look just like Papa. He was one of the unlucky ones. "You were born like that, weren't you?" Naruto knew he was right from the sad look on his face.

"Yes. My father was a monster that fell in love with a human, my mother. I was born in a church. When I was finally out, I had my silver hair, and my demonic eyes. The priest said I was an unholy beast and tried to kill me in the name of god so he stabbed me in the stomach, missing my heart with a stake. My mother was weak from the birth so she couldn't do anything for me. Luckily being a born vampire was its ups. I had a healing factor the day I was born so when my mother took my 'corpse' she pulled the stake out of me and watched it heal before her eyes. She took me away from the village and tried to raise me as normally as she could." Vladimir replied with a blank face.

Naruto cringed at that memory. Sure he had bad memories but to experience and remember such a thing the day he was born. Naruto then looked confused. How did he remember such a thing? Vladimir saw the look on his and chuckled. "I've had photographic memory since the day I was born. Consider it a gift from my late father." Vladimir stated with a small chuckle and Naruto nodded and took it as a sign to not ask anything more.

"Anyway, back onto the topic at hand. I have told you the origins of our species, not you need to learn of the races." Vladimir got Naruto's attention now.

"You need to learn now that unlike the humans, monsters have different races. As you know, there are the Vampires. But that is one in the many upon many of races of monsters that inhabit this world. The, 'Top Dogs', if you will, in all this are the 'Five Great Monster Clans'." Vladimir got up from his seat and walked over to the bookshelf before fingering the books and a line, searching for the right one.

Finally he found it. It was a large, thick black book with the letters 'Monster' in gold at the top. All in all, it was a big, thick and pretty plain book.

Vladimir smiled before plopping it onto the table in front of the platinum blond so he could get a better look at it. "This will aid me in explaining everything to you." Vladimir stated as Naruto looked at the large thick book with a raised eyebrow and a look that clearly said 'I'm not reading all of this.' To which Vladimir just chuckled. "Don't worry. You won't have to read all of it, yet, only the important parts. And right now, you will only learn of their strengths. Weaknesses will come later on." Naruto nodded at this before opening the book and saw that Vladimir was sitting in his seat and flicked his right wrist, flipping the pages and surprising Naruto that he was able to do that.

Finally the pages stopped flipping on a page with the words 'Wolven' at the top and next to the letters was an insignia that was a full circle with a crescent moon on the right inside of it with three slash-like marks going diagonally from the top right to bottom left. Below that was writing that curved around a picture of what he assumed was a Wolven. Even though it was in a book, the creature inside of it was probably big. It had a wolven face and a large mane. Its entire body was covered with fur and was very muscular. It stood on its toes from its elongated feet and had razor sharp claws on its humanoid hands as well as a fluffy tail sprouting out of its lower back. Naruto didn't read anything, only opting to look at the pictures. This is where Vladimir started talking.

"There is the 'Wolven Clan'; a race of half wolf and half man. (The first one was as well a human until he was attacked by a normal wolf. When the attack was finished, his corpse was bathing in the full moon but something happened. The moonlight and saliva from the wolf formed a chain reaction, causing him to turn into half man, half wolf. Unlike werewolves nowadays, he was only able to transform into a werewolf on a full moon and had no recollection of ever becoming one. Soon he learned to control it and as time went on, they kept evolving, allowing them to transform at will). They get their strength from the moon, obviously, and specialize in speed and have very high senses on par with our own so they can evade most of the attacks you throw at them. They have a very loud howl which allows them to use high frequency techniques like sonic howls."

Naruto nodded at this and looked amazed. Vladimir smiled this. It was only natural that Naruto would think that about another's abilities. Just wait till he heard of what he could do.

Vladimir flicked his wrist and a few more pages went by before it stopped on a page with the word 'Mermen' at the top with its insignia to the right of it. The insignia was another circle with waves at the bottom and what looked like a shark bursting out of the water, only showing its underbelly and teeth. Like with the Wolvens page, there was writing to which Naruto skipped and looked at the creature. It was very humanoid and from what he could tell from the color tone, it was green. It had a human face with fins on the sides where the ears are supposed to be on its head and a large one on the top. There was a big fin on its back and it had three slash-like markings on each side of its neck, which was most likely gills, and scales all over its body. It had long fins on each arm and on its legs as well as its hands having webs in-between each digit, the same was also on his feet.

"Next is the 'Mermen Clan'. (The first of the Merman clan was an accident. A product of humans and their negligence if you will. The first was a Marine Biologist studying the ocean when he dived into the ocean to discover that there was nuclear waste affecting the fish and sea life. He took a sample and started analyzing it. That's when a syringe fell into his hand, puncturing it and over time he started to change into a fish more and more everyday. He was then an outcast in the scientific community. He lived longer than anyone there and in time he came up with a pseudo-cure, allowing him to revert back into human and fish state at his will). This clan consists of monsters that get their powers from the water (Go figure.). Their scales are as hard as stone so their hard to kill. They have a deep connection with fish and can talk to them at will as well as being able to manipulate a nearby water source."

Vladimir once again flicked his wrist and the pages turned again. This time it stopped on a…zombie. Well that's what the picture looked like. This page had the title 'Franken' at the top and like the others, had the insignia on one side of it. This one was… a smiley face. Though it was the weirdest smiley face he had ever seen. The eye on the right was smaller and it had a stitch running from its forehead and curving off to the right. The smile started off at the bottom of the circle and formed a crazed smile. To finish it off, there were two bolts on the side off its head. The monster form though…was odd. It looked like pieces of humans were stitched together. The skin where the stitches were was different shades, proving that the creature was stitched together from other parts. It had a stitch running through the middle of its face and to finish it off, had two bolts on either side of the neck.

"The next are the 'Franken Clan'. These are strange monsters. (The first one of their clans was created by a human out of humans, but soon after he killed his 'master'. He then took over his 'master's' research and fell in love with a human woman. One night when he was looking for her, he found her, dead. He then took all the knowledge he had and brought her back to life with the corpses of others. They fell in love and completed the research, turning whoever caught their eye). They specialize in different things, mainly healing, medicine and inhuman strength with some control over lightning. They also have the ability to shape shift due to having many different parts inside of them. Due to the surgeries, their skin is pretty tough so you will have to do a lot more than just punch them in order to defeat them."

This time it was Naruto who turned the page 'till he reached one he thought he was looking for. This time the page said 'Mummy' at the top and like before, he looked at the insignia. This one was an eye with what looked like it had heavy makeup on. There was a curve that went off to the left before coiling inward and another that started at the right corner before slightly curving down (2). Naruto skimmed through the paragraph and looked straight at the creature. This one was in the top strangest things he had ever seen. It was only second to defiantly the Franken clan monsters. It looked male but its entire body was covered in bandages, from head to toe. It had a few stray/ripped bandages falling off of its arms and legs and it eyes were also covered though there was a faint glow behind them. Across its shoulders and at the base of its neck was cloth that was most likely how he dressed before transforming. It was also wearing a…skirt. Naruto skimmed through the letters to try and ease his confusion. It said it was a Shendyt (Google it) or an Egyptian kilt which was a dress for men?...ok. Finishing off the look was a hat which Naruto saw was called a Pharaohs Headdress.

"Then there's the 'Mummy clan', one of the oldest of the 'Five Great Monster Clans', though they themselves have stated time and time again that they aren't the strongest. (It first started out with an Egyptian king, or Pharaoh if you will, fell in love with a queen to whom she loved him back. Soon though he learned that she was going to die and when she finally did, the Pharaoh was devastated. Soon, he enclosed himself into studying black magic until he learned how to resurrect a human life. The Egyptians were known for performing a ritual for the dead by removing a lot of things and wrapping them in bandages before drying all the water from their bodies with salt; so you can imagine what his reaction was when he saw her. But like I said, he knew a lot about dark magic and made it so she could change back to her original appearance. Time passed and soon the pharaoh learned that she couldn't age but learned to live with it. Finally he died and though she was saddened, she decided to take up his research in the black arts. She completed the mummification and tried to bring him back but failed, so instead she learned to control and harness her powers and build a clan from the same black magic used on her.). They specialize in using their bandages and scarab beetles. They are very hard to kill because their bodies are made of sand, bandages and sometimes scarabs. They as well have an advanced healing factor due to the sand and bandages. Their healing factor is so advanced, they could heal from having half their body burned off and heal fully in a matter of minutes."

Naruto looked at the page with awe. The oldest monster clan. The ability to regenerate from any wound. Naruto had a slight healing factor thanks to Kyuubi but it worked in hours and days to heal serious wounds to minor wounds. But to heal having your entire body burned in half and heal in minutes was outstanding.

Vladimir flicked his wrist to change the page, but instead of going to the next page it went to the beginning of the book. When it stopped there were the words 'Dracule' at the top like the others and the insignia to the right of it. It was a simple bat with its wings outstretched (3). The monster looked like a…human? But the human looked like Vladimir but at the same time didn't. He had silver hair and red eyes with slit pupils, but still looked pretty human.

"And finally us, the 'Dracule Clan'. There are many stories and beliefs as to how the vampires came to be. It was said that when a man died, the devil gave him immortality at a price: Spill the blood of the innocent. But that's just a myth. There are others like: Rabies, Premature burial, an act of nature. But there is only one truth about vampires. Vampires are monsters of evolution. Throughout history, vampires have made their mark. Ancient Japan, India, Europe, everywhere! And each legend is as different as the last. So I can, within all honesty, tell you that I don't know who the fuck the first vampire is." Vladimir stated with smile while Naruto sweatdroped.

"While I can't tell you our exact origins, I can tell you mine and in doing so, yours. My father's name was 'Vladimir Dracula the Second'; the supposed 'first vampire'. While I never knew my father personally, I knew of his exploits and legends behind him. In Transylvania, Romania, he settled down in an abandoned castle near a human village. The humans learned of who he was by a drifter that had passed through the town. The lady of the un-abandoned castle heard of these rumors but brushed them off as just that. Later she was to be kidnapped by one of the rival kingdoms. The kidnapper decided to stop at my father's manor, unaware of the rumors behind it. My father heard some commotion and saw a man forcing himself onto a woman. My father became outraged and attacked, saving the frightened woman. The manor he used to kill the man was drinking the blood from his body, showing the woman who he really was.

"He looked at her, and she stared back, frightened and curious. But he immediately told her leave and she did so. Soon she started to visit frequently, whenever she had a chance. Eventually both fell in love though he was a little reluctant due to living forever, and didn't want to taint her pure blood. They made love and I was conceived and she was planning on running away from her home with him. But life is not that simple. There is an order; that hunts monsters, thinking that they are demons and must be sent back to hell where they belong. 'The Order' sent their greatest vampire hunter to get my father. His name was Van Helsing, and he killed my father. Now I bet you are wondering how, even if the greatest vampire hunter killed the king of vampires was again, The Order. They didn't just teach you how to kill a vampire. They gave you the weapons to do so. They injected Van Helsing with some kind-of steroid that allowed him to fight on par with my father. But as an added bonus, he injected my father with this…serum that momentarily turned my father human before beheading him. My mother ran from Van Helsing so he could not kill her children, and went to small village where I would later be born.

"Our clan has as well been claimed to be the strongest of the five due to having most of the powers of the other clans. Vampires are around the world but there is one that rules other them all. He is King. His mate is Queen. His advisor is Bishop. His security is Rook. And his second-in-command is Knight.

"Depending on how much power you have depends on your status." Naruto then gave him a curious look before asking, "If that's so; what's your status?" Vladimir chuckled before leaning back into his chair before propping his head onto his hand.

"I am King."


"I am King.

Naruto looked before blinking. "King?"


"As in the strongest vampire in the world."

Vladimir smiled. "I guess it is quite a feat when you put it like that."

"And you chose me to be your son?" Naruto asked, unsure if this was some trick.

"Believe me, this is no trick. I chose you because…well…" the King of vampires was trying to avoid saying something?

"This will sound really corny, but…you remind me of myself." Vladimir stated while Naruto just stared at him. "You're right. That did sound corny." The King got a tick mark on his forehead before taking a deep breath. "You remind me of myself because although we have had bad pasts, we still remain to have our humanity, despite being monsters, still intact. I find that admirable in a person. Not many humans have been able to impress me like that."

Naruto then gave him a look. "There's also the fact that both of our biological fathers have had something to do with us suffering." Naruto stated and Vladimir put on a thoughtful look. "That's probably the main reason why."

The King looked at Naruto before gaining a surprised look on his face. "Oh my! I nearly forgot to tell you the pros and cons.

"Well, we get our strength from the blood of others and in turn, we are able to retain our immortality and strength. We have speedy regeneration. Enhanced strength, speed, agility and control over bats. We have enhanced senses, the ability to see in the dark, and the ability to hear a pin drop a mile away. We can't have our head cut off and we are weaker in the sunlight and against silver. Nothing to bad if you're not careful. We can also control our own heart beat and in doing so, control our flow of blood. It makes us seem a little more human, but in your case, that's not exactly what your looking for. You will also learn and create attacks in time, until one day, you will take my throne." Vladimir stated getting a serious look from Naruto who nodded slightly. He knew when and when not to act surprised. He would do that later in-between thanking the gods and doing a victory dance while singing the, 'I'm gonna be king!' song. Hey, he was still thirteen.

"But for now…" Vladimir stood up and walked over to table with an old looking piece of parchment on top of it with names written on it in different languages. Vladimir stood next to the table and motioned for Naruto to come over so he did.

Naruto stood over the table and looked at the paper, quickly noticing a black feather with a metal point at the tip with black on the tip of that. "What I will now need you to do is sign your name with your blood. This will allow you to summon bats to aid you in battle at will."

Naruto picked up the pen before pricking his finger with it, drawing blood. Naruto then wrote his name in kanji in the free space, below the last one. When he was done he placed the quill back beside the paper looked at his smiling Papa.

"Very good. Now we will need you to start learning politics and logical reasoning. We'll set you up with a martial arts style that best suits you. We'll need to get you started on transforming into your 'Blood State' as I like to call it." Naruto gave him a confused look. "Blood State?" Naruto questioned.

"I told you I was born in my monster form. Other vampires will be able to transform into their Blood States at will but it all depends on how much blood you drink so you can understand why you should always carry extra blood packs with you. Another thing about vampires is that we do have a reflection. But instead you will see your vampire form."

Vladimir walked other to several book shelves and picked out a lot of books. He paced them on the table with a loud 'Thud'. The stack was big. "You will read and learn all of these to the 'T'. You will as well read the 'Monster' book and learn of the other clans. You will do so in-between learning how to go into your 'Blood State' at will or at least well enough for you to use it in battle and training to use that scythe of yours. Understand?!" Vladimir asked and Naruto nodded.

There was no way he was going to refuse a man who actually wanted to teach him, something the teachers in the academy did very rarely.

Suddenly the door opened reviling Annaliece with a pile of orange clothes in her hands. She saw Naruto and smiled brightly. "I had heard that you were now part of the family. It's a pleasure to meet you Naruto-sama." Annaliece did a small curtsy before placing the clothes on the desk in the corner.

Naruto blushed at the suffix, not used to being call that. "You don't have use the 'Sama' suffix. It sounds too weird." Annaliece looked at Naruto and smiled. "If that is what you insist, Naruto-kun." Annaliece bowed to Vladimir before walking out of the study, leaving the flushed blond.

Naruto got out of his stupor and looked at his old, repaired clothes with a grimace. The blond vampire walked over to the clothes before examining that they were just his pants and black shirt. He then remembered giving that lady his jacket when he wounded her.

He picked up the bundle before throwing them into the fire and watch the fire burn the clothes with pops and crackles before turning to his Papa and looking sheepishly. "I never really liked those clothes." Making Vladimir chuckle. "Don't worry new clothes are being made for you as we speak. But for now, go outside and I will join you in a minute to practice changing into your 'Blood State'."

Naruto nodded and opened the door before walking out and allowing the same old butler from before in, who bowed at Naruto before walking in.

"Wait, Naruto!" Vladimir called before Naruto walked out of the door. "I do have one question for you." Naruto looked back at his father without turning his back to him. "If you gave away all your ties to your human side, then why did you keep that scythe which came from your human blood?" Vladimir inquired. Naruto smirked before turning his body halfway and facing his Papa with a smirk plastered on his face. "Why else? It makes me look badass." Naruto stated before nodding his head in a slight bow and walking out of the door.

"Master, we have got word from the southern branch that they have spotted him crossing into the Elemental Nations." Vladimir gained a serious expression before nodding. "Good. Keep watch for new word about him, Sebastian." The newly named 'Sebastian' nodded before walking off to due his duties.

Vladimir looked at the fire with the same expression as before. 'I may not be able to kill you, but that doesn't stopping me from training someone to do so.' The vampire king thought before feeling two slender arms wrap around his waist. "Thinking about that?" he heard from his wife before turning around catching her lips with his own. They let go after awhile and insisted to just hug.

"Right now, everyone here is more important. On a lighter note…" they separated and he looked at her. "Are they done yet?" Evangeline smiled before nodding. "They are on his bed." The queen responded, stepping away from King. "Good. I'm going to help him train. Send a maid when it's time for him to go to the meeting." Evangeline nodded and watched as her husband walked out the door.

-Flashback End-

Naruto was able to turn into his Blood State for five seconds, which Papa told him was amazing for only doing it half a day. His Blood State made his hair turn silver and his eyes to turn red with his regular slit pupils, which was a regular vampire transformation. From what Naruto could understand, this look basically seduced the opposite sex of vampires. He figured this out the hard way when he was changing his clothes and a maid walked in while he was momentarily practiced changing into his vampire form. The next thing he new, he was pinned to the bed with the maid straddling him. Luckily of unluckily of how you saw it, Annaliece came in and was able to stop her from rapi… I mean 'making love' to Naruto. Though the strawberry blond left just as soon with a flushed face and pure lust in her eyes. When he asked Papa why the maids don't jump him every chance since he was always in his vampire form, he told him that since he was the one to turn them, they weren't susceptible to his charms. But since the blond was 'new meat', they couldn't help themselves.

Afterward, they told him he needed to get used to drinking blood, as turning into his vampire form required blood for him to use techniques, and they gave him a blood pack. He hesitated when drinking it but was pleasantly surprised when it tasted really good. After that they practically beat into his head that it wasn't okay to become an addict to the stuff and that if he drank too much he would loose his humanity and become ghoul. Apparently it happened to a lot of other vampires as well. He wouldn't have to worry about that. at least he hoped. So for now, his limit is two humans before he loses his mind.

Finally he remembered the meeting with the council was in a half an hour but he also remembered hearing of the Namikaze mansion, where the Yondaime sent most of his time besides the Hokage Tower. He then got an evil plan suck into his head. It was most likely that that women the sired him would come back either to ignore him, or kill him. If either was the case they would need a place to live and they would most likely live there, along with the fortune that was that mans. And they could live happily ever after while he had to live on the streets begging for food.

Yeah right.

He would take away what little they had in this village like all the rest have to him. Naruto put on his clothes on and his hood over his head so no one would recognize him. but before going, he found Mama and gave her a kiss on the cheek and thanked her for the clothes with a blush on his face. He still wasn't used to it yet.

He then remembered hearing about the house having a blood seal only those related to the Forth Hokage could open. Last time he checked, he cast away all blood ties with humans, hence the black blood. He asked Papa about it and he said that he took some of that vampire cure Van Helsing had and found out it lasted five minutes and can only use it once per vampire. He asked Papa why he had the cure in the first place, the older vampire responded by saying that all vampires that live in the castle must be immune from the cure since it only works on a vampire once, and since Naruto was now part of the family, they were going to make him take it as soon as he was done with his meeting, but now was as good as later.

When he got to the house he saw that it was big. Really big. What kind of idiotic human needed a house this big for one person?! I mean sure his was bigger but Papa said it use to house a lot more people until they left, but there were still maids and butlers living in there. He quickly took the 'moment cure' and looked at his gold pocket watch that was inside his coat and looking at the time, marking when he had to get out before opening the gate. While the place was big, he had to admit it was beautiful. He almost felt bad for what he was going to do.


Naruto opened the door and looked inside. The place was pitch black as it was just before dawn. Naruto the closed his eyes before they shot open, reveling red, glowing irises. What little hair you could see from his hood was now silver. He started placing paper bombs all over the place. He placed the most bombs in a room with two cribs and one that was obviously the master bedroom. But when he got to the basement, he was pleasantly surprised to find tons of ninja technique scrolls. He then got an idea. He was, by no means, going to learn any of his 'fathers' jutsu and was going to let them burn. But most of these techniques were ranging from different elements and types. While he might learn very few of them, he couldn't just let this kind of information burn because his 'father' was an asshole. He then created at least twenty clones. Ten to gather all the scrolls and the other ten to place bombs all over the place.

When he was done he whistled and in no time, Annaliece was standing in front of him with a bag. His clones placed the scrolls in the bag before the real Naruto sealed the door again.

The rest is history.

Right now though, he was walking down the busy street, ignoring the looks ranging from awe to fear. He was going back home now and before he even new it; he was standing in front of the Forest of Death. How in hell?! One minute he was walking straight to the forest in a busy street, next thing he knew, he was in front of it.

He decided to ask Papa about it later.

Naruto was walking through the forest at a slow pace and was now starting to question why he ran into this forest in the first place. It was kind of creepy. Well he wasn't really in the right state of mind at the time so he couldn't complain. Of course there's also the fact that he got caring parents out of it.

He was now walking through the cave and just now realized that there were bones scattered here or there. Most were from animals probably done in by the ghouls.

Now he was standing in the illuminated cavern and saw a figure standing there. It was his Papa! He had his right hand in his pocket and the other handing loosely next to him. His face was serious. "Lets continue where we left off." Naruto nodded, preparing himself for lots of pain.

-Time Skip- Day before team assignments

The jonin were in the Hokage's office standing in front of the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Today was the day of the team assignments and the jonin are choosing their genin.

"I, Hatake Kakashi, request Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and Uzumaki Naruto." The Hokage looked at Kakashi with a confused look. "Why them?" the Sarutobi questioned.

"I believe that Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry will push one another to become stronger and in doing so, make Sakura want to become stronger." The scarecrow answered, his nose not leaving his book. That's when they heard a voice.

"Like hell I'm going on a team with the Emo King and the Banshee. Not to mention I am not taking orders from some perverted scarecrow." The jonin all looked to their right to see Naruto with his hood off and his sunglasses on, leaning against the wall with his arms folded as he spoke with an emotionless voice. His scythe, leaning next to him and a ninja headband was around his waist with both ends tied together by a chain.

Most were surprised that they couldn't sense him until he had made himself known. But the women on the other hand were shocked by the fact that the little boy in orange would be this intimidating, and it was turning them on. The scythe that was most likely his weapon and his dark sunglasses hiding his amusement from them. His clearly well toned chest behind a tight shirt. Not body builder big but enough to turn quite a few heads.

But what surprised them the most was the fact that he didn't want training from one of the most respected jonin, and decided to voice their thoughts.

"Why wouldn't you want training from one of the strongest jonin here?! Are you some kind of idiot?!" one of the chunin there shouted and Naruto turned towards him before taking off his glasses and staring at him with his cold blue eyes. "I am not an idiot. I would be one if I believed that he would actually train me and not use me for the Uchiha's and his own benefit. It is as he said; he did want me on his team to push Sasuke to become stronger and in doing so, fulfilling his 'promise' to his late teammate, Uchiha Obito." Naruto stated getting wide eyes from everyone there. That was information not even the Hokage knew and he stated it like it was nothing.

"You didn't think that I would just sit patiently for my jonin sensei without doing a background check, did you? I've checked every jonin that's teaching in Konoha." Naruto gave a toothy smirk, revealing his canine.

Kakashi looked at Naruto with a glare. How did he know his intentions? Not that it mattered. The Hokage would side with him no matter what. He was an elite jonin and this was some genin that passed on a whim.

The Hokage had a contemplated looked on his face. On one hand, he had Kakashi telling him that he would push each of his students. And on the other hand there is a genin telling him that the jonin is full of shit. What was he supposed to do?

"What are you even doing here? This is a meeting for jonin."

Sarutobi was broken out of his stupor when he heard Kakashi address Naruto. Naruto only looked at the one eyed jonin, who nose was still dug into his orange book. "I'm here because I didn't want to get stuck with you. As for how I'm here. I'm the official representative of my clan and I was sent by my Papa to make sure I'm on a solo team." Naruto said getting confused looks from everyone there.

"Your 'Papa'?" the Sandaime asked, not thinking anyone would adopt Naruto. "Yes. Is that so hard to believe?" Naruto asked while the Sandaime quickly shook his head. "No! That's not what I meant. You never told me you were adopted." The Sandaime quickly answered. "I just told you now, didn't I?"

The Sandaime only looked annoyed before gaining a confused look again. "You said that your father requested you to be on a solo team, is that correct? *Naruto nodded* I'm sorry but I can't do that. I cannot give you special privileges because you are on a clan. I'm sorry." Naruto only chuckled.

"Actually, as said by the 'Team Assortments' written by the Nidaime Hokage, 'a genin with special prowess is allowed to take solo missions with a jonin escort. To prove the genin to be of worthy of the 'Tokubetsu Genin' rank, he must land one solid hit on a jonin of the Hokage's choosing.' Since my father is the official head of the clan, he has the right to request me on a solo team. And didn't the other clan heads request their children on teams." Naruto was smirking at their shocked faces until Hiruzen got a hold of himself and sighed.

"Most of those clans have been in Konoha for over a mandatory five years before they have the ability to request their clansmen for teams and missions." The Sandaime retorted and Naruto pulled out a piece of paper. "This has an official record of my clans founding during the time of the Shodaime's era." Naruto stated placing it in front of the Hokage who in turn, opened and read it. When he was done, the Sarutobi sighed. They were official. He placed the paper back in front of Naruto who picked it up and placed it back into his coat.

"Alright. If can land one solid punch on Kakashi, I will put you on a solo team." Everyone there chuckled a bit and Kakashi decided to voice their thoughts. "Hokage-sama, I understand that he used a rule against you but he wouldn't be able to…" Kakashi's statement was interrupted by him crashing through a wall. Everyone looked to the spot where he used to be and was shocked to see Naruto there with his right hand outstretched and his hand clenched into a fist. His hood was back over his head and his scythe was now on his back and his with the handle popping over his left shoulder. Finally they all put two and two together.

Naruto had just punched Kakashi through a wall.

Naruto stood straight, took off his hood and looked at the shocked Kage expectantly. Finally realizing what he wanted, the Sarutobi picked up a stamp before searching through the stack of papers in the pile next to him. Finally finding what he was looking for, he pulled out a paper and stamped it. The paper was Naruto's ninja registration. The Sandaime stamped where it said 'Rank' so it now said 'Tokubetsu Genin'.

"Hokage-sama! Surely you can't do that! He simply caught Kakashi off guard with sucker punch!" one of the jonin stepped forward, voicing his thoughts. Naruto turned towards the jonin and smirked. "Eh! He must've been a terrible jonin. Being caught off guard is a rookie mistake. And by a genin no less." Naruto stated as two jonin walked through the hole with Kakashi using them as support.

Kakashi groaned and shakily looked up at Naruto who was smirking at him. "Oh! You're still conscious? Maybe you're not as much deadweight as I though you were." Naruto taunted in an amused voice before returning to his emotionless one. The platinum blonde looked down at his feet and saw the orange book the Cyclops was reading and picked it up.

"I quite love books…" this was true. During the week he was reading in-between training, he found that he loved books! "I quite love fantasy books with romance, action, drama. Where someone can read it and become so engrossed in it, the characters seem real. So tell me…does this book have all those things? Or perhaps it's poetry. If it is, my respect will have grown by a fraction." Naruto looked at the back and saw the rating.

Adults only. This was defiantly not poetry.

Naruto then flipped the book to some random page and slowly began reading. After ten seconds of reading, his eyes darkened behind his glasses and he fell silent. "This…" all the men though he would shoot his head up with tears of joy and scream 'This is the book of the gods!!!' like any normal man would do. They were unpleasantly surprised when Naruto brought his head up and had a look of murder on his face that scared all the men who had a copy of the book.

"This book is disgraceful!!!" Naruto shouted, throwing the book up into the air and yanking the scythe from over his shoulder and slicing down the middle. It took a second before the book in midair sliced down the middle, scattering pages here and there. "I will castrate whoever wrote this and had the gall to call it literature! Not only that, but it is an especial disgrace to women! It's like spitting in their face and telling them that this all they are good for!" he then turned to Kakashi. "If you ever read that piece of garbage in front of me or any women's presence, I'll castrate you myself." Naruto said to Kakashi in a low, dark tone, making the jonin shiver slightly.

The Hokage was watching as this unfolded all the while slightly sweating. Not only did he train the man that wrote that 'trash', but he also had a copy in his desk. Though while he was only mildly intimidated, he knew that Naruto couldn't do the same thing to him. He would never challenge a jonin with such confidence meaning he knew that Kakashi would underestimate him and regardless of rank, meaning someone stronger taught him to do so. It has been a week since a genin that barely passed was able to punch a jonin through a wall. And that name…Dracule. Why is he forgetting something important about that name? In any case, whoever taught Naruto how to punch a jonin through a wall was most likely strong. Very strong. And as well taught him about respecting books and women. So the most logical person to assume was this new 'Papa' of his. He then sighed. Just one more reason to keep Jiraiya away from Naruto.

Hiruzen sighed again before looking at Naruto. "Tomorrow go to the academy and Iruka will announce your jonin escort." Naruto nodded and walked to the door before raising his hand and waving without looking before his entire body, clothes and all, turned black before he burst into…bats?

The pitch black bats flew around the jonin before flying towards the closed window. A flash of steel was seen before the window burst into small shards. Upon closer expectation, the glass was found to be cut with a very sharp blade.

In mid-air the bats dispersed into nothingness and in the middle of all that was a blond person with a scythe in his right hand, which was outstretched. Finally gravity took hold and brought him to the ground. He landed gracefully like a cat before placing his scythe back onto his back.

Naruto looked up at the shocked jonin and turned his body halfway and fully turning his head before kissing his fingers and flinging them towards the woman who now had a good look at his eyes as his glasses were still in the air. Deep blue with a bit of ice laced in them. Slit pupils like daggers pierce their hearts and with the face of an Adonis, they had no choice but to blush and some of them swoon.

Naruto's glasses then decided to fall to earth. But before they could touch it, Naruto had caught them with his out stretched arm, which he used for the kiss. Naruto then smirked and placing them on slowly and pushing them up from the bridge of his nose using his index finger. Before the women's red face could get deeper he turned sharply, his cloak billowing behind him before he started walking and propped his hood over his head, shading the villager's looks from awe, fear and lust from his face.

Even though his face was hidden, he still held a smirk of victory. Papa told him a little well used charm here or there could change female's perspective and that all that mattered. Hell, he didn't care what other men had to say unless they were one of his loved ones. Of course that 'Hand-Fling-Kiss-Catch-The-Glasses-In-Mid-Air-As-They-Fell no Jutsu' was his own personal touch. A book within the pile essentially taught him the greatness of women which he didn't mind reading about. Mama taught him that public perverts were one of the evils that corrupted this world, though private ones that stay in the comfort of their bedroom with women were a different case, as there were no complaints on the woman's part. Naruto tried all day to get that image out of his head. He may have just become their son, but like they say. Blood may be thicker than water, but bond is thicker than blood. And as such, he just imagined his parents having sex. And here he thought he just got that image out of his head. He had learned to summon and fight with bats though it wasn't as difficult as other things; he was far from mastering it.

One of the receivers of the vampires charms were still slightly dazed, including one Yuhi Kurenai, the 'Ice Queen' of Konoha. She didn't know what came over her. When she saw him challenge a jonin she thought of him as some cute arrogant genin. But when he caught Kakashi off guard and punched him through wall, her respect had grown. It was like he put on some kind of show with that act. No; it was like he was a Puppeteer…and they were the puppets. When he had discovered the book, she was slightly worried. She didn't want him to be a pervert like all the rest were. She was just as surprised and pleased as most of the women as he cut it that perverted book in half and defended their honor with no hint of deceit in his voice. Either that or he was a good liar and from his record, he was never known to be a liar, meaning all his words were genuine. Wait! What was she thinking?! She was twenty-seven and he was thirteen. But seeing those cold eyes that, for some reason made her hot and she couldn't stop thinking about him. Sure he was cute, respected women, was pretty strong and had a nice ass but…did she really think that?! But technically it was true after she saw it while his coat was billowing, which made him look cool, but she didn't realize that she had stared at it. Kurenai then sighed. She would sort this out after she had lunch with her friend who just got out of the hospital.

Naruto was walking down street feeling a bit hungry so he decided to visit one of his favorite places. Ichiraku Ramen.

Naruto finally saw the stand and walked up to the curtains that hung in the entrance and pushed them away before taking his seat. The owner, Teuchi, noticed a customer and turned around to greet him only to see him take off his hood and glasses. While Teuchi was old he defiantly wasn't senile. He knew a familiar face when he saw one no matter how much it changed. Though the time it took to change it is what shocked the ramen chef.

"N-Naruto?! Is that you?!" Teuchi asked with shock evident in his voice. Naruto only smile fondly and nodded. "Yeah. It's been awhile, huh?" Naruto responded getting a sigh and smile from Teuchi.

"You know, me and Ayame have been worried about you. Speaking of Ayame… Ayame! Come and greet our favorite customer!" Teuchi yelled into the back getting a gasp from the back of the stand before a brunette came running to greet their favorite orange-wearing little brother figure, only to be greeted by one of the most handsome men she had ever seen. Blond hair, blue eyes, chiseled jaw, great body, dark clothes. This was Naruto?!

Naruto looked over at the blushing girl and gave a lady killer smile which made her heart flutter like butterflies… or bats. "It's been a while, ne Ayame-chan?" Naruto was still smiling and Ayame was still blushing. "Hey you two lovebirds gonna flirt all day or order something?" Teuchi grinned as Ayame blushed harder while Naruto put on a shocked façade. "Oh! You mean Ayame-chan isn't on the menu?" Naruto inquired with amusement evident in his voice.

That could be misinterpreted. And it most definitely was. Ayame was now redder than ever before. Naruto saw this and started laughing. Ayame pouted and looked over at the vampire prince. "Cut it out! Do you want something to eat or not?!"

Naruto only pouted at not being able to tease her anymore and decided to order. "Fine. I'll have three Miso Ramen and three Pork Ramen." Naruto said without looking at the menu as he knew it like the back of his hand. Teuchi and Ayame went to the stove to prepare his food while he was thinking about the events that transpired in the Hokage's office.

The reason Papa requested him to be on a solo team was so he could do outside missions for the clan when he needed to. Apparently, they were trying to keep their location hidden. This also allowed him to get some experience fighting bandits and such. And if he was ever hungry just feed off one of them.

But the only way to get him on a solo team was to prove to the Hokage that he was capable. The only way to do that was to punch a jonin.

As for getting in their without anyone noticing him…well some secrets are kept just that.

One more thing Papa taught him was to get his opponents to underestimate him by acting cocky and arrogant. So he appeared in that room, with some cocky smirk and insulted a jonin like he was some weak civilian. He made it so obvious while doing so but it appeared as though two or three people, including the old man caught on. He was provoking the jonin, so no matter what, they would either underestimate him, or get sloppy from anger.

Turns out humans are more predicable than they think they are.

There was also the fact that he just appeared next to Kakashi and punched him through a wall. This was something he discovered a days back. Turns out he unintentionally activated one of his vampire abilities.


When he first heard of it, he thought it sounded awesome. While in their Blood State, their able to see things that normal humans would only dream of. One thing their able to see, in a thing called a 'Streamline'. A Streamline was a natural phenomenon where air was collected and compressed in a single place. Stepping into it would create a vacuum to a specific location, pulling anything that entered it. Papa told him that it was an uncommon vampire ability where you can see a Streamline and use it to Slipstream. But what confused him was that he didn't see a Streamline when he did it. Papa told him it was common amongst Slipstream users, and told Naruto that he must've accidentally turned on his Blood State and used it unknowingly. If it went uncontrolled, Naruto would keep doing it at long distance at most random time; which Papa said it was pretty hard to control at short distances but long were easy. In fact, with Kakashi, he only activated his eyes and used small amount of energy to find a small Streamline and used it with his fist outstretched and afterward, he found himself dog ass tired from the strain on his body. One thing he knew was that he still had a long way to go before getting even close to being King.

He was brought out of his musings when two bowls of ramen were set in front of him. He looked up to see the smiling face of the ramen chef. "Eat up! Tomorrows a big day with the genin teams being announced." Naruto only smiled. "Don't worry. I already know who's going to be on my team." Naruto then picked up a pair of chopsticks before breaking them and muttering a quick 'Itadakimasu.' The blond vampire picked up some noodles with them before eating them, allowing his mouth to savor the warm noodles that he loved so much. Naruto then started eating at a slow pace which surprised them as normally Naruto would guzzle down his food. Though while it was shocking, it was a nice change. Naruto noticed their faces and would've laughed if he didn't have food in his mouth. Another thing they beat into him was manners.

As Teuchi was preparing the next bowls, Ayame decided to start up a conversation with the resident vampire. "So, Naruto-kun, what have you been up to in the past week. We haven't seen you at all and we were starting to get worried." Naruto swallowed the food in his mouth before smiling at the curious ramen waitress. "A lot of things happened and it would take a while to explain all of it to you, so I will give the summarized version."

Naruto told them a good chunk of what happened; leaving out being attacked by ghouls or turning into the walking dead. Instead he replaced it with no ghouls and Papa giving him a Kekkei Genkai which, technically, it was. Kind of. But he did tell them that he was adopted, which they were happy for. He told them that it used to be a shinobi clan but since most of its members were killed, they went into hiding for their own protection. He told them of what happened in the Hokage's office and were shocked to hear that he punched a jonin through a wall with little effort at all. Well that's how it sounded to them. He didn't know why he told them this much and not Sarutobi. Might be because Sarutobi lied to him for most of his life and it would take a lot to make him regain his trust.

When all was said and done, there was a neat stack of bowls sitting next to the blonde and were laughing from when Naruto told them of his exit just then.

"Life is never dull when you're around, huh?" Teuchi questioned the blond, whose head was now propped up in the palm of his right hand. Said blond chuckled and shook his head. "Guess not." Naruto retorted with a smirk before reaching into his coat and pulling out a gold pocket watch attached by a small chain. Naruto flipped open the gold cover and checking the time before snapping the watch closed and putting it back to where he got it from.

Naruto smiled at the two before standing up and reaching into his pockets and pulling out some money. "Sorry guys. It's been great catching up, but I got to go prepare for the team meeting tomorrow." Naruto placed the bills onto the counter before waving and leaving the stand.

Teuchi smiled as Ayame gathered the bills and finally her eyes widened. There was a wad of cash! Not just any wad of cash. There were a lot of big bills. Scratch that. There whole wad was big bills.

Recently they had been having a financial crisis from too many loans and soon they would have to close the shop. But they had as well known that Naruto didn't have this kind of money! Perhaps it was his new parents' money. But they never met them, why would they give them so much money?

Perhaps because they knew Naruto.

But regardless, it was too much money to take from strangers despite Naruto being the one who gave it to them.

Ayame ran out of the shop, thinking she could still catch Naruto who shouldn't have been to far from the stand. When she looked left and right, there was no sign of the blond anywhere! But something did catch her eye. It was a piece of paper. She caught the slowly falling piece of paper to find that it was a letter. It was most likely from Naruto. She had to guess because the handwriting was very neat and soon she started reading.

"Do not worry about the money. I'm just repaying a debt.

The Black Angel

Dracule Naruto, no Horo Sumairu (Hollow Smile)."

Ayame smiled a bit. They were able to pay off some loans and their bills. And Naruto finally found a family that cared for him like they did.

Things were looking up for all of them.

Naruto was leaping across the rooftops with a smile on his face. He was able to help out someone who truly needed it. Best of all, it was one of his precious people. Despite his heart stopped beating, it still made him fell warm inside. That's when it hit him. He didn't cast away all of his humanity. Was this supposed to happen? Was he still able to love? Sure, Mama and Papa loved each other. But he wasn't questioning whether or not he could love. He was questioning if he would. Was it right? Was he meant to? He thought that stories where the prince and the princess fell in love and lived happily ever after were just that; stories. Would he, who has never experienced that kind of love, be able to fall in love and recognize it?

That's when he snapped out of it.

He would think about this later and maybe ask Mama about it. But until then, he would focus on his new dream.

With that in thought, Naruto stopped and focused on the entrance of the forest of death. Not a second later did he faze from his spot and out of sight (4).


1. All of this was made up by me and is in no way associated with any anime/manga/ect out there. If there is, I don't know about it.

2. Think about one of that heavily make-up, hieroglyphic eye from Egypt.

3. This is just the batarang from Batman Begins.

4. Think of Shunpo mixed with Sonido from bleach.

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