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A twisted form of a once human man lunged at a girl with hair a color resembling raven's feathers maliciously. A grotesque tree branch-like thing came shooting out at her.

"Kagome!" A silver haired hanyou who went by the name Inuyasha screamed out to her. She tried her best to dodge the blow, but the limb stuck itself around her, constricting like a snake.

"Naraku, you bastard! Put her down!" Inuyasha lunged at the limb and had to call on his own weapon of choice, a large sword, to avoid being caught in the same situation.

"Sango, Miroku, take Shippo and Kirara somewhere safe. Come back here, quickly!" He barked out at them, not wanting them at least, to become fatally injured and die.

"What? Inuyasha, we're not going to just-" The demon slayer was interrupted by a growl from Inuyasha.

"Sango. Go!" He yelled. The two adults ran off with the two considerably smaller demons. All of them were worse for wear, and this fight was coming to a close. Either they would win, or Naraku would. But for the moment…

"Inuyasha." The young miko choked out. She was struggling feebly now, her vision dimming from the lack of air as Naraku's appendage was around her throat as well as her midsection.

"Damn you, Naraku!" Inuyasha shouted at the demon. He tried his best to get closer to Kagome, but to no avail.

"Ha! You think you could even attempt to defeat me? Since you seem to care so much for this worthless ningen, I'll make her similar to you. Until next time. Have fun, you worthless half-breed!" He spat out savagely. Those were the last words the stunned human heard, and in a flash of bright blue light, Naraku was gone, and there was nothing but smoke covering all of the clearing turned battlefield everyone had just occupied. Just then Sango and Miroku burst back into the battle zone.

"Where's Naraku?"

"Where's Kagome?" They asked simultaneously. Inuyasha busied himself calling the girl in question, not even bothering to explain about the demon. His last words bounced around the inu hanyou's head.

Since you seem to care so much for this worthless ningen, I'll make her similar to you. Until next time. Have fun, you worthless half-breed!

"And just what did he mean by that," he muttered absently, between calls of

"Kagome! Kagome! You better be alive, wench!" Sango, Miroku and Shippo soon joined up the chant. As the dust cleared, all was silent except for some small panting breaths. All of them tensed. Sango drew her large boomerang, Miroku got a better grip on his staff, and Inuyasha prepared to draw the previously sheathed Tetsusaiga. The all looked to the center of the clearing. Inuyasha sniffed the air cautiously. He smelled…neko.

"Neko! There's a cat here!" Everyone was instantly on their guard. However, they were all shocked out of movement by the small thing at the center of the clearing. A small girl of about five in human years, who sat primly upon the shattered ground. Her hair was soft and dark, stopping at her ankles because of her small height. A delicate tail swished around her, black like her hair, but with a small bit of white fur at the very tip. Atop her head sat two furry little triangles, ears. They swiveled around cataloguing every sound. Her fingers were small as were her hands, on her fingertips were small claws.

In her mouth were two almost invisible fangs, they were so small. Her eyes were large and brown, making her appear startled and young, which she now was. Green and white clothes adorned her small frame. The panting breaths were coming from this girl. She stood and tried to back away, but before she could get far with everyone suddenly bursting into motion, she fell backwards in a dead faint. There was no sound in the clearing, no birds, no streams. Everything was deathly quiet, a stale mate, holding its breath, waiting for something to happen. Inuyasha seemed to snap everyone out of the haze when he stuttered out,

"Ka- Kagome?"

Back at Kaede's hut, everyone sat around a fire while the old woman bustled around.

"So are ye prepared yet to tell me how our young priestess has become the fate of being a neko, a hanyou at that, and somehow is the human age of five?" Sango sighed deeply and decided that since no one else wanted to start the story, she would. Kaede could do nothing for Kagome anyway, she had said so herself. She didn't even know how long this-this curse was supposed to last. Kagome currently was asleep in her old sleeping bag anyway. As Sango told of their adventures, Inuyasha began to growl. Low and deep in his chest, his fury at Naraku becoming physical as well as mental. Sango finished their tale with an emphatic,

"Inuyasha carried her back here, and now we don't know what to do with Kagome!" Her loud tone had woken the kit being discussed. Her large brown eyes blinked owlishly for a moment before everyone began to talk at once.


"Are you okay?"

"Do you remember what happened?"

"Do you remember us?" The only one who didn't say anything was Inuyasha. The small child began to tremble, forcefully, as if she couldn't help it but tried her best to stop. When the young monk tried reaching out a hand to touch her, she was up in a flash and behind Inuyasha.

"Hey! What're you doing?" He said harshly. She clung to his sleeve desperately. Kaede looked on with a not slightly amused eye. Even as a hanyou, the girl ran straight to Inuyasha.

"Do ye remember us, child?" The tiny girl nodded her head slowly, and came out from the behind the dog half demon. She spoke brokenly, as if just remembering the words. Her voice was small, and definitely showed her sudden age.

"Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kilala, Inuyasha, Kaede." She pointed to each in turn.

"And I remember why I was with you all. Jewel shards, I think? I don't remember what I'm doing here, though. Where's my momma? Where do I live?" Every one looked at her, astonished. Suddenly the small cat-like human began to cry.

"You must all hate me now." She sobbed into her hands.

"Feh. Why would we do that?" As Kagome had lost some of her attitude, Inuyasha had not, and was just as gruff as usual. This only made the girl cry harder.

"Be-because I'm just a half demon. I'm worthless." She said quietly. All was silent for a moment, before almost all of the occupants of the small hut burst in with exclamations of,

"Of course not!"s, and the like. The girl looked up tearfully.

"Where did you hear that?" Inuyasha barked. A shadow passed over the kitten's face.

"The bad man said it." Instantly, everyone knew it was Naraku.

"Listen, and listen good, kit. Because I'm only sayin' this once." He waited to see if she was paying attention before he continued.

"You are not worthless. No matter what anyone says, just because you're a hanyou does not mean you don't matter. You got all that?" He squinted at her. She looked up at him, almost…adoringly.

"Big Dog." She whispered with her tears still falling but her hands now clenched in determined fists instead of hiding her face, and smiled. It was the best compliment anyone could have given him. Everyone was stunned into silence once again, even Kaede. Inuyasha had never talked like that before.

"Inuyasha, maybe you should take her outside and have her practice being a, well, hanyou. Maybe see how fast she can run, or just let her play. It seems like she doesn't remember anything." Inuyasha bristled.

"Me? Why not you?" the monk replied sagely, yet with a smirk firmly in place.

"Because, my dear friend. I am not a half demon." With a sigh, the dog half demon stood, and everyone filed out the door.

"Yasha! I killed it! I killed it!" Kagome ran up to Inuyasha, Yasha as she'd taken to calling him, with a butterfly in her small clawed hands, wailing mournfully. He looked at her in slight annoyance.

"No you didn't. Look, here." He blew in her hands, and the almost limp insect shook itself and flew off hurriedly, as if glad to be rid of all the attention. She jumped up and down happily.

"Thank you, Big Dog!" And then she was off again. Back in the hut later for dinner, because they all had decided that they were not leaving until Kagome was fixed, Shippo would not stop touching the kit.

"Ow!" She squealed, touching the ear he was pulling on. "That hurts! Don't pull at it!" She cried indignantly. She hissed at the kitsune, baring her tiny fangs and claws. This drew a laugh from him. She hissed louder, until Inuyasha covered his ears. He scooped the little one up and plopped her into his lap. She struggled against him, until he rubbed her ear.

She immediately ceased all action, except to rub against his hand and purr loudly, startling everyone. All except Inuyasha and Kagome burst into loud laughter, unable to contain themselves. Kagome blushed and looked away, extremely embarrassed by her show of neko traits. Inuyasha just smirked at her. He went back to rubbing her ear when things had quieted down a bit, and he could tell that this time she tried to stop her purring.

He decided to have some fun with the kit and rubbed harder and slower, more deliberately, having his other hand join until the small hanyou could no longer contain it and purred from deep within herself, loudly and without her consent. She blushed even more deeply, and tried to shy away from his hand. He just grabbed her and held her there. She tried to hiss at him, but couldn't manage it around the purring. She hid her face in her hands, causing the older hanyou to laugh.

"Calm down. You're only purring. I do somethin' similar." Inuyasha said, forgetting there were other people around.

"Really, Yasha?"

"Yes, really. Here, just try it. And hurry up!" He lifted the girl up and she tentatively reached out her hand and rubbed his twitching ear. He emitted a low rumble, not a growl, a pleasant sound, meant to say he felt good. A slight blush spread across his cheeks, before he put the young one back down.

"See?" Kagome's laughter bubbled up and spilled out of her merrily.

"I see, Big Dog. It's funny." Inuyasha grumbled under his breath.

"Yeah, well…" Sango laughed while she nudged Miroku.

"Cute, aren't they?" Miroku looked at Inuyasha from the corner of his eye, before nodding accordingly.

"I think he likes Kagome as a hanyou more than he's willing to admit. And ah, maybe that's why he didn't want Kagome to play with his ears. Because he made that noise." After screaming an enraged "HENTAI!!" and smacking a surprised Miroku senseless, a light went on behind Sango's eyes, and in the flickering firelight Miroku didn't think she could get any more beautiful. Of course, he would never tell her so, too risky. He enjoyed his life with all his appendages intact. It was a close enough call with the touches.

"Oh, kami. That's it, isn't it? You're right!" Her laughter spilled up and out of her brightly. Shippo grinned. Suddenly, Kaede burst back into the hut, out of breath.

"Children. I may have something that could turn Kagome back to normal. I don't know if it will work or last, but it may. It as an herb, a special root only found in remote mountains. One of the villagers had a small bit, and told me he didn't have any use for it, so gave it to me." Sango and Miroku grinned at each other, and Shippo clapped. The only people who didn't say anything were Kagome, who was too confused about what was going on as it was to understand that, and Inuyasha who didn't know what to think.

"I have to give it to her at sunrise, though. No later, no earlier, only at sunrise shall this work. Then. Then, we will see." Soon after, everyone was off to sleep. Miroku and Sango pretended to be asleep while Kagome tried to find a place to sleep. Shippo had already been asleep with Kirara for some time. Kagome looked at her rather large sleeping back, and than at the older hanyou who sat up against the wall of the hut with his eyes closed. She continued this for a few minutes before Inuyasha opened one eye and looked at her pointedly.

"Sleep. What do you want?" She glanced at him fearfully before looking away just as fast, a light blush tinting her cheeks.

"Could I maybe, stay with you, Big Dog…? I don't want to sleep alone." He looked at her for a long moment, watching as she refused to meet his eyes. He thought that just then, she looked so small. Smaller than he'd ever seen her, sounded more afraid then he's ever heard her. He sighed long and loud, and said,

"Alright, if you have to. Come on." Kagome grinned brightly, making Inuyasha glad for once, of a decision he'd made. She scampered the few small feet over to him, and tentatively climbed into his lap. She curled in a tight ball, after circling a few times, and laid her head on her hands. Her tail wrapped around her. A small purr erupted from her at his warmth. He shook with silent laughter. Slowly, so slowly, she reached a hand up and grabbed onto one of his. He looked down at her in surprise, and she studiously ignored him. He smiled slightly, not that he wouldn't deny that, and squeezed her hand for a moment. Her tiny one wrapped up in his squeezed back, and she curled up tighter. Miroku and Sango fell asleep that night with smiles on their faces. And, not that he wouldn't deny this either, so did Inuyasha.

Near morning came soon enough, and everyone in the hut got a good eyeful of the two half demons, before they decided to try and wake them, for they were in a deep sleep that day. Miroku tapped Inuyasha lightly, snapping him instantly out of sleep.

"Eh. Whaddayawant?" Was his eloquent reply to the tap.

"Almost dawn. Get Kagome up." Was the only response he got. He sighed out a slow breath.

"Kagome. Come on, it's almost dawn. You have to get up." Her tail flicked agitatedly, the only sign that she was not completely asleep. Sango chuckled.

"Try the ear thing," she suggested, wry smile firmly in place. He rolled his eyes at her, but complied, none the less.

"Feh. Whatever." He lightly rubbed and massaged Kagome's ear. Her purr was loud and clear. Inuyasha's mouth quirked up in a quick half smile. One eye opened, then the other. She stretched and yawned, just like a cat would.

"Big Dog?" She mumbled sleepily while she rubbed her large eyes childishly.

"What is it? Am I in trouble?" She actually looked afraid at that, and from her perch took up a squatting stance with her ears flattened and her tail tucked firmly around her. Inuyasha smiled at her.

"No, Kagome. You're not in trouble." The smile faded slightly, before he realized what he was doing and dropped it completely, while donning his normal mocking and gruff demeanor.

"Time to change you back." She unwound a little.

"Really? What was I?"

"A human." He barked back at her.

"Oh," she said somewhat forlornly. "Well do I still get to play with you, Big Dog?" She demonstrated her question by suddenly leaping atop Inuyasha's head and flicking her tail in front of his eyes. He laughed low enough that only Kagome could hear.

"Yes, Kagome. If you want to after we change you back, you can still play with me." She gave a mewl of delight and a slight purr before hopping off him and grabbing his hand. She tried to drag him out side.

"Come on Yasha, I wanna hurry up and play!" She said loudly.

"Alright, child. Go stand out side the door, and drink this. It will not taste good, but ye must drink every single drop for it to take effect properly." Kaede said to the little child. Kagome nodded and ran out side with the little vial of greenish liquid. Everyone waited with eerie stillness for any sound from outside. The peaceful morning was shattered with a scream.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled, and he was out the door in a flash, along with the others. Out side, they saw the small hanyou clutching her head while she kneeled and screeched, her tail swishing, ears flattened down and an empty vial shattered on the ground next to her. She wouldn't let anyone touch her.

"You didn't tell me this would happen, woman!" Inuyasha screamed at Kaede over Kagome's shouts.

"I didn't know, child! I didn't know." Kagome was suddenly engulfed in a bright blue light, and it lifted her up. It got brighter and brighter until, at last, they had to close their eyes. When they opened them again, they saw the last thing they were expecting. Once again, Inuyasha broke the scary silence, by stuttering out one name, three syllables, and a troubled sounding voice.