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In front of the group stood Kagome, or what was close to her, anyway. It was her height, had her dark hair, her long nimble fingers. Her green and white clothing, and her long legs. But atop her head were fuzzy ears, her fingers harbored claws, and a tail with a white tip swished around her ankles. Her eyes, a deep amber, looked back at the astounded comrades. She put a hand to her face.

"Oh, my head. What- what happened to me?" she asked slowly. "Guys? Guys?" She said when they failed to answer. Only Inuyasha's comment made a dent, and that was already gone, like a leaf in the wind. She walked up to Inuyasha, who flinched away from her. As did everyone else. That's when she noticed her claws. And her ears. And her tail. Her eyes widened impossibly.

"Oh no. Oh my goodness. Oh. Oh, Kami! What happened to me?!" Surprisingly fast, she was off and sprinting for the first source of water around. A small pond, and she took in her reflection. The ears atop her head swiveled as she heard the rest of her friends crash in behind her.

"Kagome? Are you okay?"

"Yes. I just have a small headache, that's all," she said without turning. Sango touched her shoulder, and asked,

"You're not thinking you're…worthless…because you're a hanyou, right?" Kagome looked at her sharply now, and sighed heavily.

"What are you talking about? In this world, to be 'purified' or 'pure' is being turned into a human, from a demon or something other. So it's no wonder that half demons are considered so bad, and are never thinking highly of themselves. A portion of two evils-the worst in demons and humans apparently- seen as the most evil of them all." She pushed her bangs our of her eyes, almost glaring at her reflection in the water.

"But humans are just as impure as demons, or evil beings in general. It's only the fact that humans have no powers that they're considered pure. If they did, they'd be just as 'bad' as the rest of us, because you'd better believe they'd have used them." She resisted the urge to laugh humorlessly. "Just because we look like this, doesn't mean we're evil. There are hundreds, millions, of girls out there like me, who look like me and talk like me, and they've done a lot. Broken some rules, trashed some hearts. Does that mean you should hate me for it? No. They're just look-alikes who did some bad deeds. Not my problem." She huffed and stood up now, looking with a small smile at their incredulous faces.

"Where did you get that?" Inuyasha exclaimed. Kagome scrunched her eyes as she concentrated.

"I…I don't really know. It's kind of hazy. Something about, not being worthless just because I'm a hanyou…but that doesn't make sense. I was always human before." she said awkwardly, tugging at the end of her agitated looking tail. Inuyasha sighed, and Kagome's ears caught the sound sharply.

"What is it, Inuyasha? What happened?"

"You mean- okay. You really don't remember?" Kagome closed her eyes, her face taking on a blank look as she tried her best to remember.

"I remember- the worthless thing. I remember Naraku yelling at you. I remember being afraid, in the dark. So afraid. I tried to move, but I was paralyzed. There was a bright blue light, and my whole body started to tingle. Each individual limb felt like it was being torn off and apart, then being compressed to half its size, and put back on. It burned and sizzled, like I was in a fire. It hurts. It hurts so much," she whimpered, while she shuddered, her arms hugging her midsection and her eyes closed against a torrent of painful memories. Her ears were flat against her head, and her tail was down, between her legs and ankles. Inuyasha calmly approached her.

"What's wrong with you? Go to her, quickly!" Sango hissed at him. He looked at her impatiently.

"She's Kagome, but she's still a cat, Sango. When a cat is in pain, you need to approach it slowly, and let it trust you. Shouldn't you know this, with Kilala and all?" Sango had no answer for him. Again, he approached her. As he reached out a hand for her, she hissed and crouched, her right hand in the air, her claws bared at him. Her left hand rested daintily on the forest floor.

"Kagome. Stop it." Inuyasha said sternly. Her tail twitched towards him, as if she didn't want to go, but she felt compelled to.

"I'll s-i-t you," she said, her voice almost not her own. He looked at her, slowly getting closer and closer to her. Edging her way, and her hisses and yowls got louder each second. Finally, her mouth curved around a single syllable, so slowly it seemed as if she was savoring each second. Which she probably was.

"Inuyasha…sit." Said hanyou came crashing to the ground. He nearly left a hole in it. Kagome laughed until she had to drop her fighting stance, falling unceremoniously to the ground. Inuyasha got up and grumbled at her.

"So glad you're feeling better." Kagome scratched at his ears appreciatively, while he blushed and tried to pry her fingers off because of the pleasurable growling coming from him.

"Sorry, Big Dog. I didn't mean it." She froze her hands and stood stock still. She jolted forward, falling straight onto Inuyasha.

"Hey, what're you doing?" One look at her face, and he shut up.

"Oh my god…I was a kid! And I purred. And I slept on- ohmygosh. Kami." she rushed out in a blush.

"Um, sorry Inuyasha. Or Yasha. Or Big Dog. Oh, jeez." She said laughing.

"Uh, Kagome. I think you can get off him now." Sango said lightly. Kagome blushed and shot up, only to sway dangerously, with a hand to her forehead. Inuyasha had her on his back in a second.

"He- Inuyasha, I can walk!" She protested weakly. He smirked at her, though she couldn't see.

"Yeah, well, how about this?" He reached behind himself to quickly grab one of her ears and rub. She purred softly, and yawned.

"Ha. Tired?" He asked her, mirth filling his voice.

"No." She said defiantly, although blatantly lying. Well, lets see about this. Inuyasha thought haughtily, while trying what his mother had done to him, many years ago. He bounced Kagome lightly on his back, while his hand rubbed her ear again, and she was in a deep sleep within minutes. He laughed out loud.


"Shut it, Miroku. We have a village to get back to." He was gone in a blur of red. The monk sighed exasperatedly.

"Do you think he realizes?" Sango asked him quietly.

"Realizes what?"

"That he's treating Kagome like a pet."

"No. But he will, soon enough. I'd say about a week."

"Hah. You prepared to bet on that? He's more oblivious than a turtle in its shell!" Miroku grinned, seeing a more conniving side to Sango, and more importantly- liking it.

"Okay, say I was prepared to bet. What would I win?" Sango thought quietly for a moment before a grin spread across her face.

"You, Miroku my dear friend, win a kiss and a grope. Free of all hitting and or yelling. I won't even glare. Not a hair of yours will be out of place. That's how sure I am that Inuyasha's an idiotic oaf. However, if I win, you won't grope anyone for two months, and if you do, I'll beat you bloody. No asking women to bear your children, and absolutely no innuendos. Fair?" Miroku was silently debating his odds- they did not seem to be in his favor. Inuyasha was rather oblivious…but then…Sango was practically offering herself to him. He couldn't- wouldn't- resist that. So he grabbed her outstretched hand, and said, "Fair." Oh yes. Miroku definitely liked this side of Sango. Without a doubt. And his grin stretched across his face, as he thought of everything he could do with what he hoped to achieve.

Inuyasha returned to Kaede's with Kagome on his back holding him tightly, though not altogether conscious. His dog half growled at him to push this cat away from him and kill it. His human half argued that this was Kagome, like it or not. And he would not harm her. Period. She groaned lightly before slitting her eyes open and swishing her tail. She immediately groaned again against the light and buried her face back into his shoulder and yawned again, before she realized what she'd been dong.

"Oh, Kami." She muttered against his red covering.

"Okay, time for the cat to get down now." She wiggled, but Inuyasha refused to let her down.

"Inuyasha." She threatened.

"Kagome." he mocked back at her.

"I'll s-i-t you…" He scoffed.

"With you on my back? Hardly." She face palmed.

"Inuyasha, I'm on your back. I'd be perfectly fine. You, on the other hand…" She ginned at her triumph. He grumbled before letting her down and she stretched lightly, enjoying the slight tightening in her muscles. It was a funny feeling, being a hanyou. A sudden idea came to her, and she grinned mischievously. Despite the fact that she was still tired(really, didn't she just sleep?), she darted with a gust of wind to tap Inuyasha on the shoulder. With the next gust of wind, she was gone- up and away in a flash. All he could hear was her floating laugh, and a whispered

"You're it!" he laughed. She was so foolish sometimes. He hadn't played games like this since he was a young pup. Oh, it was on. He darted around with a speed he didn't knew he possessed, trying to sniff her scent out. This was fairly easy to do, as she was new and didn't know how to properly hide it. But then, she knew that already. She had to allow on speed and cunning, as Inuyasha would use strength and experience. Inuyasha followed the smell of the sunrise and- what was that? What was in her scent? It was maddening him. He knew her scent, but as a hanyou, there was something different in it.

Something so much sweeter. Vanilla, and oranges, and sunrise. That was what it was, and the thought made him smile. She tried to sniff him out, and her nose caught something mouthwatering. As a human, she could only catch small doses of his heady essence, but now…she delicately lifted her nose to the wind and smelled rain, and forest, and dusk. There was one more thing. It was- with surprise, she sniffed again to make sure. It was…cherry blossoms. Just the thought brought a smile to her face.