Janie and Cabel have been secretly dating for a while. They never go on dates, they never hold hands in public and they never sit at the same table at lunch. Janie wished they could spend more time together, but their jobs require that they are never seen together.

But in secret Janie and Cabel are the two matching pieces of a puzzle. Cabe is the only one Janie has ever opened up to. Janie longed for the time to come when the two could become public, but she would never tell Cabe that. If she did, she knew he would leave it all behind for her. She would do the same for him.

But the job was also something Cabel loved, the Captain could get Cabe to do things he wouldn't even do for Janie. And Janie enjoyed the Captain's company too. She was great to talk to about all this Dream Catcher stuff that she didn't want to freak Cabe out with.

Her prematurely onset blindness and the ache in her finger that was signaling the arrival of the beginning of her crippled days. Those were the things she did not want to worry Cabel with. She tried to tone down the drama for his sake, because she could always see the fear in his eyes when she squinted, even behind her glasses, or when she tried to shake the throbbing out of her fingers after writing a few simple sentences.

She loved him. And she didnt want to lose him because of her 'gift'. If thats what you want to call it.