Janie Hannagann just could not wrap her mind around the word fiancé. She loved Cabe, a thing she had never felt before, but being attached to someone by such a small, foreign word? It was completely new territory. When Cabe had asked Janie, it was the last thing she would have expected. After she had gotten over the initial shock, she had starting thinking about the financial stuff. They couldn't afford the wedding after graduation. All their money, or all Janie's money (Cabel had a full scholarship) was going toward her first year at U of M. Maybe after college? But they, or Janie, would have all kinds of debt. Neither Cabe nor Janie really had any real family to ask for help. And who knew what could happen in the months between now and the wedding? Janie was a worrier by trade, and this seemed to put her over the edge. But when she looked down at the ring, the beautiful sparkley diamond ring perched on her left ring finger, all she saw was Cabe. And that alone made her feel safe.