A little Big Time Rush PWP? Yes. Why? Because it's...amazing? If Big Time Rush wasn't on Nickelodeon, mmm. I don't even wanna think about it. LOL. Oh, and I decided to switch it up from my favorite pairing...:)

I don't own Big Time Rush, or anything else you recognize.

They had been doing this ever since they had gotten to Los Angles. Finding new places in the Palmwoods and Rocque Records to sneak away to, separate from the others. It was a rush, and the two boys loved every second of the adrenaline pumping through their veins. Today, they had somehow found their way into Gustavo's personal office. Just the thought of how risky the location was made the two boys' hearts race. Locking the door behind them and throwing Carlos onto the black desk, Kendall swiped away all meaningless objects in his way. Carlos propped himself up on his elbows, his chest rising with every excited breath he inhaled, his dark brown eyes half lidded and seductive. Kendall instantly felt his cock twitch as his Hispanic friend brought his hand to his mouth, slipping his index finger inside. After pulling it out, Carlos slid his finger down his neck, painting a glossy trail of saliva on his richly tanned skin. Kendall hastily grasped Carlos' cheeks, bringing his lips to the wet neck. Carlos shuddered under the weight of his best friend as he felt sticky, wet kisses being planted on his skin, some spots being sucked and nipped. "Ohh, Kendall..." Carlos let a breathy moan escape his lips. Kendall smirked, feeling a little edgy today. Pulling back, the blonde gripped either side of Carlos' plaid shirt and ripped it open, buttons popping off in every direction. Luckily, he was wearing a black wife beater underneath, so no one would be suspicious of the broken shirt. Throwing the torn garment to the side, Kendall pulled the tank top over his friend's head. No matter how many times the taller boy had seen Carlos' shirtless body, Kendall would never get used to it. The ripples in the dark skinned boy's stomach caused the blonde's mouth to go dry. Carlos noticed his friend gawking at his exposure and smirked his lips. "Like what you see?"

"Fuck yes..." Kendall smiled as he pressured himself onto Carlos, their crotches grinding together harshly in the process. Both boys let out throaty moans as their backs arched into the contact. Carlos stared at his friend as tugged pulled his dark blue T-shirt off, discarding it onto the floor. Kendall's skin was a light tan. His stomach was flat with deep pelvic lines cutting into his sides, a light brown trail of hair leading from his belly button into the depths of his jeans. Carlos' knew what that happy trail was leading to, and he wanted a piece of it. Jumping from the desk, Carlos rammed Kendall against the wall, his hands wrapped around the lighter boy's wrists which were held above his head. The Hispanic teen proceeded to slam his lips onto his friends, sloppily kissing him. Hot, silky tongues thrashed against each other, causing a moan from Kendall. Pulling Carlos away, his green eyes shimmered. "Suck me..." Kendall ordered. Complying, Carlos dropped to his knees, coming face to face with the blonde's crotch. Unbuckling Kendall's belt buckle, the blue jeans dropped to the floor, revealing green boxers. Carlos licked his lips again as he gripped the blonde's dick through the flimsy material.

"You look good in green," Carlos smirked as he groaped Kendall, who was currently biting his puffed out bottom lip. Becoming impatient with his friend's teasing, Kendall grabbed what he could of Carlos' short black hair, and pulled down his boxers. The Hispanic's chocolate eyes blinked open at the large cock bobbing in his face. He then turned his attention to Kendall's face, which held a crooked smile.

"I love it when you look so innocent..." The blonde commented as Carlos rested on his shins, his baby face staring up at his controller. His eyes were big, his lips slightly open. His breathing became heavy. Taking notice, Kendall moved Carlos' head in by the hair, his cock touching the dark skinned teen's lips ever so slightly. "Lick me." Kendall ordered. Carlos then poked his pink tongue out, running it up the hard, white dick in his face. Kendall shook, the sensation proving quite pleasurable. Suddenly, feeling a little confident, Carlos brought his hand up to the manhood, wrapping it around it's length. Then, took the entire cock into his mouth. "Oh, God!" Kendall let a whine escape his lips as Carlos began to suck on him with fervor, making little vibrating moans as the blonde filled his mouth. Kendall couldn't take it anymore. Pulling Carlos away suddenly, Kendall picked his band mate up from the carpeted floor and bent him over the desk. Quickly, Kendall ripped off the boy's pants. His cock was dripping wet with Carlos' saliva, and the dark, tan ass poking out at him was an amazing sight.

"Get me ready..." Carlos smiled as Kendall agreed, licking his finger and pushing it into the helpless boy's entrance. Biting his lip, the Latino stifled a painful grunt as Kendall proceeded to put more fingers inside him, scissoring the hole.

"Are you ready?" Kendall asked quietly as Carlos nodded.

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