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Kendall shoved Carlos from on top his body and jumped to his feet, grabbing his blue jeans. Carlos did the same, both boys getting dressed. Their hearts were racing faster than ever. "I can't believe we got fucking caught, after all this time!" The blonde hissed out at his Hispanic friend who was pulling his black tank top over his head, carefully topping his outfit off with his hockey helmet.

"Don't jump to conclusions! They probably didn't even see us!" Carlos smiled stupidly, causing Kendall to roll his green eyes at this ridiculous statement.

"What the fuck are you talking about?! James and Logan walked right in, and screamed 'OH MY GOD!' and then slammed the door!" Kendall hit Carlos on the top of his helmet, causing him to whine out in slight pain. The taller boy began to pace the room. "Okay, okay! It's no big deal, we can talk to them about it at home. It's perfectly fine...It's perfectly fucking fine..." Kendall ranted to himself as Carlos put his ear to the door. He could faintly hear their two best friends talking, but then, silence.


"Wanna go back in?" Logan asked, giving the taller boy a dimpled smirk. James' eyes went big, suddenly staring right into Logan's.

"We can't! What if they're mad we walked in?!" James questioned as he shoved his palm against the bulge growing in his jeans. Rocque Records was not the place he wanted to have a boner. Logan slumped his shoulders.

"Fine. We'll wait till we get back home to talk to them about it...okay?" Logan smiled sweetly, wrapping his arms around James' waist. The sandy haired teen couldn't resist as he pulled Logan up, giving him a quick kiss.

"Okay." Who knew Hollywood could turn four best friends from Minnesota into raging sex lunatics?

Logan had driven James home in his own car, while Carlos and Kendall were forced to hitch a ride from Kelly. The limousine was in the shop for some reason, but the dark skinned assistant's Cadillac Escalade was just as nice. The four boys had not spoken to each other since the incident. Driving down the road, Kelly looked suspiciously at the two nervous teenagers in her car. "What's up with you two? I didn't see you all day and you guys look like you're about to bite your fingers off..." Kelly questioned as the boys had just noticed they were biting their nails.

Meanwhile, James and Logan had made it back to their apartment in about ten minutes. Walking inside, they found a note from Kendall's mom.


Me and Katie are doing some shopping and wont be home until LATE. Be good!

Love, Mrs. Knight.

Logan and James glanced at each other, smirking. "Late, huh?" James high fived his smaller friend in victory. Tonight was going to be amazing. All they had to do was seduce their best friends into having sex with them. Not too hard, right?

James and Logan threw Carlos and Kendall into their bedroom and locked the door, holding confused looks on their face. The two horny teens thought they should cover those up. James went straight for Kendall, ramming him into the wall as Logan pushed Carlos onto the bed. "What's going on?!" Carlos asked loudly, making Logan chuckle as he layed on top of him.

"Well, James and I saw how much fun you two were having..."

"And thought we deserve some fun too..." James cut in, pressing his crotch against Kendall's causing him to groan in pleasure. Logan proceeded to lock his lips onto Carlos', who suprisingly was not backing down. The ivory skinned teen felt Carlos' tongue slither into his wet mouth, playing and teasing his own. It was amazingly hot, seeing as how Logan had the Latinos hands pinned above his head with one palm, while he skimmed over his olive skinned body with his other hand. James continued to grope and rub Kendall's dick with his hand, causing the blonde's breath to become heavy.

"J-james..." Kendall moaned as the sandy haired boy smirked.

"Yes Kendall?" Moans.

"I think we should take this to the bathroom..." Kendall deviously smiled, pointing towards the restroom several feet across the room. Nodding, the two headed to it, getting Logan and Carlos to join them. It was a huge room, and that was good, because that meant the shower was huge. All getting the idea, they began to undress, throwing their clothing onto the tiled floor. Logan started the water as they all stared at each others naked bodies. James' eyes traveled up and down the tanned skin.

"Fuck Carlos..." he breathed out, backing the smallest boy into the shower. Carlos never would have expected James to be coming onto him, but hey, the more dick the better! Logan and Kendall followed them in, sliding the glass door shut. The steamy water began to roll down the teens bodies as they were making out, tongues sliding everywhere. For some reason, they had all decided to gang up on Carlos. Maybe it was the water bounding off of his perfectly tan skin. James had seized Carlos' lips, as Kendall and Logan got down on their knees. Logan's hand reached up to his length and began to stoke it white Kendall poked his tongue out and started to lap. Moans came from the Latinos throat, crying out for more. Logan and Kendall took turns sucking and licking all over his big cock, while James had a better idea. "Let's get you on your hands and knees, hm?" He ran his index finger down Carlos' lips as he nodded in agreement. The tan skinned boy got on his hands and knees, while Kendall, James, and Logan knew what to do. Logan stuck his head underneath of Carlos, grasping his dick in the process.

"Oh, God..." Carlos groaned happily as James' cock appeared infront of his face. Then, there was Kendall behind him. "Holy fuck," Carlos thought. "Logan's suckin' my dick, I'm sucking James' dick, and Kendall is about to fuck me...this might be the happiest day of my lif-hmph!" His thought was interrupted by James shoving his manhood into his open mouth. As the tallest boy began to face fuck him, Carlos was also enjoying the work Logan was going. The pale skinned teens slender tongue could be felt sliding up and down his cock, taking it into his mouth for a good suck. Kendall was now up to bat, positioning himself to enter his best friend for the second time today.

"Ready baby?" Kendall smirked, feeling a little bit of deja vu. Carlos made a muffled noise which caused a vibration onto James' cock.

"Fuck..." James moaned as he pulled out. Suddenly, giving each other the signal, the two tallest boys slammed into Carlos, sending a jolt of pleasure through his body. The two were playing tug of war with him it seemed, as Kendall would push in, James would pull out. But when James slid his cock between Carlos' plump lips, Kendall would pull out. All the while, Logan was sucking his cock amazingly, nice and wet.

"Don't worry Logan, we're not leavin' you out," Kendall smiled as his hand suddenly wrapped around the paler boys dick, causing him to moan onto Carlos. Logan thrusted his hips upward as the new sensation overwhelmed his body. James and Kendall were letting moans out, all the while staring at each other. Leaning over Carlos, the two began to make out, while still fucking the Latino, hard. "Mmm, James," Kendall moaned as James' tongue slid up the side of his face. Just then, the sensation hit all of them, the feeling of orgasm reaching near. Kendall and James pulled out, sitting Logan and Carlos up.

"Kiss each other." James pleaded desperately as he and Kendall began to rub their own manhood. Logan grasped Carlos' cheeks as he slid his tongue into his mouth, both of them holding each others cocks.

"Fuccckkk, I'm about to cum..." Kendall grunted out before he and James squirted themselves all over Logan and Carlos' kissing faces. They proceeded to lick each other's faces clean of their friend's cum. "Fuck that is too hot." Kendall panted as they watched their friends clean one another. Then, the two exploded onto themselves, coating their stomachs with white hot liquid.

"Oh, my, God..." Logan panted out, a tired look upon his face. Everyone went silent.


"That was fun!" Carlos grinned.