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Chapter 1: Duel of the Century

The stadium at New Domino is filled to the brim with excited spectators. Those who were lucky enough to get a sit here for this duel would not miss it for the world. Anybody who was anybody was watching this duel from somewhere around the MC was announcing the event to anybody who even bothered to listen.

MC: "This is what you have all been waiting for folks, the duel to end all duels. Three legendary duelists who have saved the world on numerous occasions have come together to find who among them is truly the best."

At this everyone was in their seats and had started cheering. Somehow, the MC managed to calm it down to a dull roar.

MC: "The first contestant comes from Domino City. That's right folks, it's the King of Games himself, Yugi Muto!" At that time in walked Yugi Muto in his Yami Yugi form. As he strode up to the center platform, the dull roar rose to full blown-out roar. "Our next contestant from Duel Academy is the Master of Duels, Jaden Yuki!" Jaden came onto the center platform with his arms waving, loving this. Somehow, the roar grew louder. "And now, here comes our final contestant in this three-way duel. Our own Hero from the Satellite, Yusei Fudo! In came Yusei and calmly walked up to the center platform. If possible, the crowd grew even loudeer at his appearance.

Yusei: "Well, you guys ready to do this?"

Jaden: "I'm always ready for a duel!"

Yugi: "Then let's start." Each went to their respective corners to start off the match and activated their duel disks. The crowd finally quieted down as they saw the duel was about to start.

Yugi, Jaden, Yusei: "Duel!"

Yugi: 4000

Jaden: 4000

Yusei: 4000

Yugi: "I'll start off! I set one monster in defense position and two cards face-down. I end my turn."

Jaden: "Right, my draw! I will play Elemental Hero Clayman in defense and throw-down a face-down." A huge man with a round clay body appeared. He kneeled down and crossed his arms. "Your go, Yusei."

Yusei: "Right! I play Shield Warrior in defense mode and end my turn with a face-down." Shield Warrior appeared and held up his shield while his spear lay at his side.

Yugi drew his card and smiled. "If you guys are just going hide behind your defenders, it looks like I'll have to be the one to go on the assault. I flip my face-down Queen's Knight into attack mode. Then I'll summon King's Knight." Both knights appeared with their swords raised. "Thanks to King's Knight's effect, since Queen's Knight is face-up on the field, I can summon Jack's Knight from my deck!" The third of the royal knights appeared. "Finally, I will activate Polymerization! I combine my three knights to make... Arcana Knight Joker!" The three knights disappeared in a flash of light and in their place was a newer, stronger knight with 3800 ATK. "Now attack Yusei's Shield Warrior. The large knight easily decimated Yusei's warrior. "Now I end my turn."

Jaden: "Fine, my go! I play my own Polymerization to fuse my Elemental Hero Clayman with my Elemental Hero Sparkman to make... Elemental Hero Thunder Giant. Now attack Yusei directly!" The big giant threw a huge ball of lightning at Yusei.

Yusei: "Not so fast Jaden. I activate my trap card, Defense Draw!" A shield formed around Yusei and stopped the attack. "I get to negate any battle damage aimed toward me and then I get to draw one card.

Jaden: "Now I play De-fusion to return Yugi's monster to the three knights." Arcana Knight Joker split back into its original three monsters. "Then I activate my monster's effect to discard one card to destroy Jack's Knight." Jack's Knight was destroyed by the electricity thrown by Thunder Giant.

Yugi: "Well played Jaden."

Jaden started to get a little embarrased and just said "thanks, bro. I play the field card Neo Space. It's your turn Yusei."

Yusei drew his card and looked at his hand, contemplating his next move. As much as he hated to admit it, he was starting to get nervous. Compared to Yugi and Jaden, he was starting to look sluggish in his dueling. The other two had been trading blow for blow, while he had just been barely hanging on. Was his game really up to these guy's level? Sure, he had been able to lead his friends to victory against the dark signers, but, compared to Yugi and Jaden, the dark signers didn't amount to much. Then he looked up and saw his friends in the stands, cheering him. All of his friends were there, except Jack, who was probably out on a date with Carly, Yusei thought with a smirk. That's when he realized he could do this, he was at the same level as Yugi and Jaden.

Yusei: "I summon out Zero Gardna into attack mode. The I'll set two cards face-down and end my turn."

Yugi: "Right, my go. Now I play Pot of Greed to draw two cards. Then I will sacrifice my Queen's Knight to summon Dark Magician Girl into attack mode." The young apprentice appeared onto the field. "Now I will one of my face-down cards, Sage's Stone. This allows me to Special Summon Dark Magician from my deck to the field since Dark Magician Girl is face-up on the field." Dark Magician appeared side-by-side with his apprentice.

Jaden: "Awesome. You finally brought out your ace card."

Yusei: "So the Dark Magician finally reveals itself. This should make things interesting"

"Now I play Thousand Knives. If there is a Dark Magician face-up on my side of the field, I can destroy one monster on the field. I choose Elemental Hero Thunder Giant!" Exactly one-thousand knives appeared and flung themselves at Elemental Hero Thunder Giant. The knives hit their mark and Thunder Giant was destroyed. "Finally I equip Black Pendant to my Dark Magician. Dark Magician, attack Jaden directly. Dark Magic Attack!" Dark elemental energy was flung at Jaden and found its mark.

Jaden: "Aaaaahhhh!"

Yugi: 4000

Jaden: 1000

Yusei: 4000

Yugi: "Sorry Jaden, but it's time to end this. King's Knight, attack Jaden directly!"

Jaden: "Not so fast, I activate my trap card, A Hero Emerges. Now you select a card in my hand and if it's a monster, I get to summon that monster."

Yugi: "Fine, I pick the one on the right."

Jaden: "Sweet. You picked Elemental Hero Neos." Elemental Hero Neos appeared on the field and intercepted King's Knight's attack and destroyed it, along with some of Yugi's life points.

Yugi: 2600

Jaden: 1000

Yusei: 4000

Yusei: "So now Jaden brings out his ace card."

Yugi: "I'm still not done yet. Dark Magician Girl, attack Yusei's Zero Gardna." Dark Magician Girl launched its magical attack at Yusei's monster.

Yusei: "Not so fast, Yugi. I activate Zero Gardna's special ability. During either turn, I can sacrifice my monster. If I do this, I don't take any battle damage this turn and none of my monsters can be destroyed." Zero Gardna threw the block it always held onto and intercepted Dark Magician Girl's attack.

Yugi: "Fine, I end my turn."

Jaden: "Right, my turn. I play one card face-down. Then I'll attack Yusei directly with Elemental Hero Neos. Let's see if you can avoid a second big hit, Yusei!"

Yusei: "Fine, then in that case, I'll activate Reinforce Truth. This allows me to special summon Speed Warrior from my deck to my side of the field in attack position." Elemental Hero Neos's attack still continued and hit Speed Warrior, sending it to the graveyard and knocking out a huge chunk of Yusei's life points.

Yugi: 2600

Jaden: 1000

Yusei: 1900

Jaden: "Good job, Yusei, you managed to avoid some of the damage, but not all of it. I end my turn. By the way Yusei, I think its about time you showed us that sweet ace card of yours. Otherwise, we might not leave you with another round to go for it.

He's right. If I don't bring out Stardust Dragon now, it may be all over for me. Yusei drew his card. "I play the Pot of Greed spell card." This is it! He took the two cards and did his flashy draw from the anime, then turned his head to look at what he drew, and... smiled. "I summon Junk Synchron to the field in attack mode!" Now, when this card is summoned, I'm allowed to bring back one level two or lower monster from my deck to the field, and the monster I choose is Speed Warrior. Now I sacrifice Speed Warrior to special summon Turret Warrior."

Yugi: "But you can't. You already normal summoned Junk Synchron. You can't tribute summon a monster then."

Yusei: "Normally you would be right. But, Turret Warrior has a special ability that allows him to be special summoned to the field from my hand by sacrificing one warrior-type monster on my field. He also gains the tributed monster's ATK points, but don't worry, because he won't be sticking around for very long. I may not have Fusion monsters like you guys, but I do have Synchro monsters! Now, I tune my Junk Synchron to my Turret Warrior in order to Synchro Summon... Stardust Dragon!" The shining dragon appeared appeared in in all its glory.

Jaden: "'Bout time. That thing is awesome!"

Yusei: "Thanks Jaden, but just wait, it gets even better. Now I play the Silver Wings equip card and equip it to Stardust Dragon." Stardust Dragon's wings started glowing. "Then I activate my trap card, Spell Reclamation and chain it to my Silver Wings. Now, if my Silver Wings ever gets sent to the graveyard, it will come back to my hand instead. And why don't we speed things up a bit in that case. I activate Release Restraint Wave! I sacrifice Silver Wings in order to destroy every face-down card on your guy's side of the field. Both Jaden and Yugi cried out "Noooo" as their cards were swept away. "And now Silver Wings comes back to my hand, but I think I will re-equip it to my Stardust Dragon. Now Stardust Dragon, attack Dark Magician Girl." Stardust Dragon easily blew away Dark Magician Girl and some of Yugi's life points.

Yugi: 2100

Jaden: 1000

Yusei: 1900

Yugi: "Nice move."

Yusei: "Thanks. It's you move now." Yugi was just about to draw when the stadium's lights flashed out and the ground had started shaking. What the heck is going on." After a couple of minutes, the backup, emergency lights were switched on. It was obvious that the duel was now off, but everyone was moving and talking in confusion. The trio in the center stage stood together prepared for the worst. Then Yusei's friends ran onto the field.

Yusei: "Hey you guys, what's wrong?" he asked, seeing their worried faces.

Leo: "Yusei! She, she's gone, Yusei!" said Leo.

Yusei: "Who's gone, Leo?" Yusei looked at a group when he noticed someone was missing. When he realized who it was he felt his stomach drop just as Leo said her name.

Leo: "Akiza."

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What happened at the stadium? Where did Akiza go? What was Yugi's next card? Why am I asking these questions? Find out the answers to the first two in Chapter 2: Return of the Mask.