Black Rose

Well folks, from the reviews I have gotten so far, it looks like I am going to write a sequel to this story. Still don't know why you want me to. Hopefully, I will be a little more faithful in my updates since it's summer now. Anyways, in the next fanfic, all quextions will be answered and all secrets revealed, including who exactly the mysterious man is and what happened to Akiza. I am hoping that this one will be better than its prequel.

Anyways I will give you a little sneak peek as to what happens: Akiza and Luna are not the only signers who have special powers. Witness Yusei's power revealed in its horrible majesty.

The new sequel will probably be called The Dark Side of a Star and will also be a Yusei and Akiza fanfic somehow. If you can't find it and really want to read it, just look at my profile page. Well that's all, see ya in the next fanfic!