People called him an Archangel. He wasn't entirely sure how that came to be but it stuck. After he looked it up he thought that Seraphim might have been a better choice. An angel was seen as a symbol of good. A Seraphim was a kind of angel yes but they admitted that their role was one of death, much like his was.

However, because of the people he killed he was seen as an agent of good. To the common people on Omega he was. In his own book he knew what he was; a vigilante at best or a rogue cop at worst. He was a selective murderer. An assassin on a large scale. Just because the people he killed were deemed bad by society seemed to justify his actions in the eyes of the people and thus he had been marked a savior.

He knew he was no savior. The only savior he knew had been killed two years ago. Joker had said that Shepard had been spaced. He wondered how that death would be like. Just floating in space until your oxygen ran out. It almost seemed preferable to the death he had coming for him holed up in this building. He was likely to be shot to death. His last moments would be spent in agonizing pain as his blue blood leaked from his shattered body.

He would make them pay dearly for his death though. He still had some food, plenty of ammo, and was well fortified. All the lower levels were sealed. Only way to him was over the bridge. If anyone made it past that there was only one stairway up. And so far no one made it past the bridge.

Only then a few people made it across the bridge and up the stairs because he let them. Two of them he knew and one he didn't but didn't shoot dead because no freelance merc in their right mind would come to a battle field in a lab coat.

There were few pleasantries exchanged. There was no time. The mission came first and the mission was to get him out of there. However he wasn't leaving until he had decimated all three of the merc groups after him.

So she took the lab coat and they resealed the doors and had left her to cover his back. The first thing she says to him is that this is just like old times. With her shotgun covering his back he knows he has nothing to worry about. He grins in the first time in over two years without even realizing it.

The grin vanishes as the day wears on. Eventually that blasted gunship comes back. Pins them all down until he exposes himself to draw its fire so that she can get a clean shot at it. Even back from the dead she's still the same person he remembers. Good. He wouldn't follow anyone else through hell.

Still he pays the price he knew he would. His shields are ripped through and his armor pierced. He's bleeding. No. He's dying and he knows it. His vision grows faint and the noise of the world around him fades away. It's quiet. Finally.

He doesn't feel her hands on his chest desperately trying to stem the flow of blood. He doesn't hear her passionate cries calling him back. With his faltering sight he does see those eyes he's spent countless nights dreaming about. Those large expressive eyes are hard to see because of a purple haze but he can tell that they are staring back at him. It's nice that his last sight will be those loving eyes.

A/N: Just for the record I want to say that I really did like the fact that Garrus and Tali became romanceable. Given the feedback I think it was inevitable. However, I still think Tali and Garrus are a much better fit for each other so I'm putting back on my GT captain hat and setting the tiny ship out to reflect the changes of ME2. Seriously, I think I have the only full length GT fic out there so I claim de facto captainship.

I'm surprised I got a few things right about them like Tali going back to the Flotilla and Garrus eventually going rogue.