A/N: No spoilers since all information used is from LotSB dlc


Garrus was at a loss about what to do these days. Things on the Normandy really quieted down after the Batarian Incident. On the way back to Earth for her court martial hearings Shepard dropped off people along the way. After all, the Normandy was once more an Alliance ship and having a host of Cerberus crew plus numerous unauthorized aliens onboard just wouldn't do when Shepard showed up on Earth.

Grunt was deposited on Tuchanka and taken under Wrex's wing. The two would most certainly share stories of their adventures with Shepard and Garrus. After all, Shepard was crazy and Garrus must surely be a krogan in a turian body.

Mordin was similarly returned to his home world. What the aged salarian scientist would do, no one was sure though it was jested he could take up a singing career. Mordin spent the next 30 minutes explaining to poor Kelly Chambers why that would not be the best use of his talents.

Legion made its way back to Rannoch and the geth to share its experiences with organics with the collective. Hopefully the experience would be seen as a good thing.

Most of the crew was left at the Citadel, as was Samara. Now that the mission was complete the justicar had other duties to attend to.

That only left Tali and Garrus as the only aliens on board and they couldn't stay for long. They were on board at the pleasure of lt. commander Shepard and Shepard was very likely to be no longer in command of the Normandy.

With that in mind Garrus and Tali spent a lot of their time together. Either with Shepard trying to comfort their friend or just the two of them privately. A lot of the time they merely held each other in the lounge and quietly reminisced about the past.

After seeing their friend taken into custody, the dextro pair said their good byes and parted ways. Tali was headed back to the Flotilla. Between Garrus, Shepard and Legion, Tali had been convinced that maybe a peaceful solution could be found in the quarian geth conflict. The odds weren't good but the one thing Tali had learned from Shepard was that the odds didn't matter if you tried hard enough. And try is all Tali could do.

Garrus didn't quite as clear a goal as Tali did. Just before reaching Earth his sister had sent him a message. Their mother had finally succumbed to her disease. Garrus was going back for the funeral on Palaven. After the funeral, he wasn't sure what he would do. Omega was still a mess but he couldn't take up the mantle of Archangel again. After all Archangel had died when a rocket hit him.

He could try to warn the turian government on Palaven about the Reaper threat, but the last time Garrus had tried something Shepard like his team was betrayed and killed. However, that was with much smaller stakes and Reapers didn't blackmail people. They either indoctrinated you or killed you.

The stakes were too high. If Shepard was going to be locked up Garrus would have to carry the burden of preparing the galaxy for war with the Reapers. While the quarian Flotilla was the largest fleet in the galaxy, they had a different agenda and lacked the logistical support and war machine of the Turian Hierarchy. Garrus himself didn't have the means of getting the attention of the government, but he knew someone that could. All Garrus had to do was convince him that he wasn't crazy and swallow his pride. Garrus could do one. The other was out of his control but Garrus didn't have a choice. If he wanted to see Tali again Garrus would have to try, and he had every intention of not failing.