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sega 1 Prologue: death before the moon kingdom's fall


2,000 years ago their was a kingdom ,er two actually but were focusing on the first, known as the Silver Millennium. During that time an group of elemental warriors existed. They protected the kingdom till one fatal day.

Out side a wall a girl with long black hair, blue eyes and white skin wearing a white dress ,it wasn't like the princess of the moon's though, sighed. "bored assarishita" asked another girl that looked like her with short hair and wearing a black dress.

"yes Anei I am" said the assarishita

"well some things bound to happen" said a girl with long chocolate brown hair, the same color eyes and white skin wearing a pink dress

"don't say that kaze" said a girl that looked exactly like her in a green dress

"well you never know raikou" said another girl with short light brown hair, brown eyes with a almost unnoticeable tint of red in them, and white skin wearing a blue dress holding a book with strange symbols on it.

"Mizu do you have to be right" asked a girl with red pink hair , brown eyes, and white skin she wore a red pink dress.

"chronologically no Kanji" said Mizu

"really" asked a girl with so dark blue it was almost black hair, yellow eyes, and tan skin wearing a brown dress

"yochi" said a girl with chocolate brown hair, light brown eyes, and white skin wearing a yellow brown dress

"oh hello mokuzai" said Mizu. Then a girl with blue-black hair, grey-brown eyes, and tan-white skin wearing a green grey dress walked up.

"oh hi hagane" said Kanji the girl nodded

"well this is nice" said a girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and white skin wearing an ice blue dress ,if it weren't for the dress one would think she was a he.

"oh hello Hi…you know it's odd having our names mean our elements" said Mizu "though hi's actually means fire, ice, and light and is also a form of-" every one started to tune her out till they herd an explosion. Hey ran to it and saw the army of the dark kingdom.

"hey" yelled kanji drawing their attention

"so a little girl and her friends want to play though I can tell your no ordinary girls" hissed Beryl hen Kanji threw a fire ball at her as to prove her point (cue song)

Guitar plays in the back ground as beryl attacks them the all hi the ground hard. on the ground I lay motionless in pain I can see my life flashing before my eyes

"no I can't give up" said Kanji as she, Yochi, hagane, Mizu, raikou, Anei, hi and assarishita got up every one else had died from full force blow. did I fall a sleep is this all a dream wake me up I'm living a nightmare. The other girls looked around

"no" said raikou seeing her sisters body "no! this can't happen". I will not die (add echo) I will survive----

Kanji saw her friends and clutched her fist "how dare you" spoke Mizu who was crying a little I will not die I'll wait here for you I feel alive when you beside me.

"how could you" hissed hi beryl attacked again Anei stopped the blow for everyone else then fell in her sisters arms almost dead. I will not die I'll wait here for you in my time of dieing

"no" cried Assarishita "this can't happen not like this please !"

"we all knew I was descend to die after all I am darkness" said Anei before coughing up blood "just promise me this you mustn't die like this"

"I can't promise that" cried Assarishita "but I can promise hat I will hit her once"

"ok if you survive tell mom and dad I loved them" she said before dieing in her sister's arms before her sister cried. on this bed I lay losing every thing I can see my life passing me by was it all to much or just not enough wake me up I'm living a nightmare

Assarishita remembered playing with her sister seeing other kingdoms and once playing with all the princesses. Tear streamed down her face as she stood up and summand a sword of light and a quarter staff which she laid next to her sister. Before slicing at beryl it was a small unnoticeable cut but I bleed. "that was nice" said Kanji throwing another fire ball.

"so he young girl wants to play with swords" said Malachite (Kunzite for toughs who know him as such) before plunging a sword (which I believe he has) through her heart. I will not die (echo moment) I will survive

"no" she said before the sword was ripped out and she died she had die with tears dripping down her face.

I will not die I'll wait here for you I feel alive when you beside me. Kanji couldn't believe it her best friends were (mostly) dieing in front of her eyes and she didn't do anything except get mad and through fire balls. "no more" said Mizu opening her eyes she stood in front of toughs remaining beside Raikou they looked at each other and nodded. Soon lightning prevented any of the other remaining people from helping soon water and lightning shot out and slightly injured beryl and her men but it did hurt a lot. I will not die I'll wait here for you in my time of dieing.

The sound of the guitar back ground came again Jedite then killed the two girl who caused more injuries than Assarishita. Hagane then created a steel spike and slashed at him. it cut his arm a little deeply but he took the spike and jabbed it through her chest not on the heart tough. "you will be defeated" she said before dieing. I will not die I'll wait here for you I feel alive when you beside me

"basterd" spat Yochi as a small wave of earth knocked him back.

"aww little girl has a temper" said a female voice she turned to see Zoycite (really she is suppose to be a he I hate my home Country for that) before being stabbed in the gut with a sword. I will not die I'll wait here for you in my time of dieing

"you will die" she coughed (with blood) before the sword was pulled out and she died. I will not die I'll wait here for you I feel alive when you beside me. it was only hi and Kanji left kanji turned to hi.

"hi please call you sister she'll get here fast with her friends please be for we die" begged kanji hi nodded and took a breath soon the message was sent. Kanji summoned a bow and arrow and shot at them she did hit Beryl in the shoulder but didn't hurt them not enough to matter. I will not die I'll wait here for you in my time of dieing. "remember your friends" she said to hi knowing that she would pass that on to toughs who would listen she had a unease feeling.

Then Nephlite took care of her she fell dead on the ground. "kanji" whispered hi "your's and the others death shal not be in vain one of us will survive this fight" the guitar sound played before ending then an odd sound started playing. hi summoned an sword made out of ice while her other friend was a beginner she had trained longer her whole life. She pointed to the sword user in a challenge. I tried to kill but only brought more (so much more). he stepped forward and readied his sword. Their swords clanged and cut the other opponent. Hi fell down once injured greatly. I lay dying and I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal. hi was dying but not as fast as the others she screamed. i'm dying (dying) praying (praying) bleeding (bleeding) and screaming. she stood up not willing to die with out a fight. "I'm not done yet" she said. am I too lost to be saved? am I too lost? then on a far off hill six girls appeared one looked identical to hi but wearing a gray dress. One girl had shoulder length brown hair, green-gray eyes, and white skin she wore a black dress, one had mid back long strait cut white hair, blue eyes and white skin wearing a white dress. One had long silver blue-green hair, green eyes, and white skin. One had sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and white skin she wore a cream colored dress. The last girl had red hair, red eyes and white skin wearing a blue dress. my god my tourniquet return to me salvation.

"should we stop her" asked the white haired girl

"no" said the girl that looked like hi "we wont ikioi"

"hinori this battle every one of our friends and sisters will die" said the brown haired girl

"I know Sendo I know" said Hinori she looked at the field stained with blood my god my tourniquet return to me salvation

"we will be reborn" said ikioi

"that much is easy to say" said the black haired girl

"you have to leave you reincarnation is you descendent Hanna" said ikioi the black hired girl nodded and left to earth via teleporting do you remember me lost for so long

hi was wondering why her sister was taking so long "tired little girl" asked beryl watching 'these were no ordinary girls if I remember correctly their the guardians of the gate to the moon kingdom'

"never you witch" said Hi

"time to end this" stated beryl "malachite". he nodded and did a vertical slash on her which she did not know he would do. will you be on the other side will you forget me hinori was be hinder her immediately.

"hinori kanji I need to tell you her last words they were remember your friends and sis please don't let every one die" hi said before closing her eyes hinori mentally sent the message to every one. i'm dying (dying) praying (praying) bleeding (bleeding) and screaming. the rest of the girls appeared out of no were that had not teleported to earth. am I too lost to be saved? am I too lost?. the hinori took aim at beryl.

"chingsou" said Hinori and a odd looking ball of light hit beryl who hissed then struck back. my god my tourniquet return to me salvation. hinori was still alive but barley. my god my tourniquet return to me salvation.

Ikioi took on malachite because apparently both were good at swords. The others took on the other three. "you going to pay for killing my friends and it not going to be by my hands" said ikioi (return to me salvation) this caused a raised eye brow before stabbing her with his sword in the stomach (I want to die).

Zoycite was having a slightly hard time with her one on one with the red haired girl. "why won't you stop this" asked the red head. my god my tourniquet return to me salvation.

"I'm not telling you" said Zoycite my god my tourniquet return to me salvation. then Zoycite shot a small beam thing at her. The red head tried to dodge but the beam hit her side near her stomach. my wounds cry for the grave.

The brown haired girl took on Jedite she now had a scythe and nobody wants to mess around with a person with a scythe on a normal bases. But this was not normal though now Jedite weaknesses were shone though. He still hit her in the stomach which hurts a lot. The girl cried as she hit the ground. my soul cries for deliverance.

The silver blue-green haired girl fought Nephlite unfortunately the girl was err not experienced at all. Nephlite did a few good punches to the stomach and shoulders. And that was all he needed. though she did kick him in the jaw pretty good. will i be denied?

Then three blast blew back the army as three girls all having long black wavy hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. One was wearing a gold dress. one a silver one. And the last a blood red dress. "you are not welcome here" said the one in a gold dress. Christ-tourniquet my suicide.

"you should leave now we represent heaven, hell, and the border in between" said the silver dressed one. (return to me salvation)

"leave now and don't try to fight us" growled the one in the blood red dress (return to me salvation). beryl left after glaring at them she did know she couldn't kill them. but she would come back once they were dead the music played a little before ending.

"it's time" the gold dress girl said as thoughts who still lived gathered (except the girl who left). After a few minutes of humming and holding hands. the spirits of toughs who died capering and disappearing in portals thoughts who lived and fatally wounded died and their spirits did the same. The three girl left laid down as their breaths were raspy.

"we'll be gone soon" grunted the silver dressed girl

"at least we would have done a good deed" said the blood red dressed girl. The three smiled as they died as well. Their spirits did the same as all the other girls. 6 cats who watched sighed.

In the world that Hanna was in she prayed the other girls would be reborn as what they wanted to be. "please do not let them win" she said with tears.


Me: most depressing and bloody thing I have ever written.

Vapor*twitching*: I cant believe that so much blood so much death

Me*staring at her*: ok bye every one next ch is the real deal