Me: hey oh I have a new laptop finally also originally I was going to write what went on during Maylu's time off but decided to skip it and make it part of my side thing I'll do latter but this ch will make things interesting since it includes Senshi, other people, and mew mews from a fic I have yet to write now start the ch


Ch 11: Met them the other zone's Senshi


"…Wow this is wired" said A girl. She was about 15 had short slightly messy boy like purple-pink hair, a blue right eye a red left eye, and slightly tanned peach skin. She wore what looked to be the Café mew mew uniform with the main color being red the secondary being brown.

"I'll say" said Maylu

Let's rewind to earlier that day. Maylu and the others just got back from their vacation. They decided to have a meeting and Henry and Kouichi were blushing madly about some thing. "What happened to you two" asked Lan

"They got girl friends" said Keenan like it was nothing "identical Pokemon training twins named Keya and Hailey"

"Hey" said Henry as Kouichi became more embarrassed

Then and explosion happened behind them. They looked and saw a blue slime and giant battery monster. "…" said every one who was a Senshi their.

"You know I really fucking hate Karma right now" said Keenan with a growl.






"Elemental Make up". The monster gave a sound that was a zapping sound turned into a roar like sound. It put one of it's arms forward and shocked Takato. Since Takato was the Senshi of water let's just say their was enough power to detransform him. He was now also now wrapped up by a rope made of batteries.

"Hey stop that" yelled Maylu "Phoenix fire"

"Ki strike"

"Damnit" said Sailor Chi who then threw her boomerang

"Steel Rain" this destroyed the monster. The rest of the Elemental Senshi retransformed.

"Hey Takato you ok" asked Henry

"I'm fine but this isn't" said Takato holding up his communicator/transportation device. It was sparking very badly and then several people then fell out of a portal.

"…Takato" said Henry


"Talk to Dragon" Said Henry Takato just nodded

The group of people got them selves untangled. One was the girl. The next looked like a male dark purple haired 13 year old version of her. He wore a black short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. The next was a girl with mid back long black hair, purple eyes, and peach skin. She also wore the uniform only the main color was black and the secondary was dark purple. Next their was a mini 6 year old version of the second girl only with her hair up in a pony tail and her outfit being main gray and secondary pink. Next was a girl with really long pale violet hair put up into six rabbit ear buns, three on each side, with two braids flowing from them, one each and only per one set, blue eyes, and pale peach skin. She wore a purple tank top, jean skirt, midnight blue shorts, long purple socks, and midnight blue fighting slippers. The last ones were twin boys identical in every thing but their outfits. They had shoulder length green hair, brown eyes, and peach skin. The one on the left wore a white shirt, a purple jacket with a red and yellow thing on it, purple pants, a yellow belt like thing, and purple and white shoes. The other wore black in place of white and had a darker shade of purple.

"Were are we" asked the pale violet haired girl.

"Hmm maybe another Zone" said the white wearing twin.

"Oh really Pat great deduction" said the dark purple haired boy

"It's possible Arind" muttered the boy called Pat

"Whoa" said Takato wide eyed

"Who are you" asked Maylu

"Aria Taka" said the first girl

"Reni Chiba" said the pale Violet haired girl

"Merry Slush" said the third girl

"Mari Slush" said the younger version of her

"Arind Taka" said Arind

"Pat Springs" said Pat

"Ray Springs" scoffed Pat's twin

"You guys" asked Reni

"Maylu Sakura"

"Takato Matsuki"

"Sakaki" said Sakaki

"Keenan Crier"

"Henry Wong"

"Megumi Ooumi"

"Lan Hikari"

"Len Hikari"

"Allen Kakudo"

"Chaud Blaze"



"Kouichi Kimura"

"Kouji Minamoto" Yes Kouji was their

Back to were it was when we started they had just told them every thing they knew, which included the fall of Crystal Tokyo. "…I'm glad that didn't happen in our world" Said Reni.

The reason, which they had told them about this, was the fact in her Zone, as they call it, she was Chibi-Usa's daughter and the current Sailor Moon. Though due to similar resins she has nether of her grand parents.

"So what happened in you dimension" asked Takato

"Well back when my mother was a teenager some strange force did indeed Attack crystal Tokyo oddly enough no one died and my grandparents used their lives to teleport the kingdom away and seal them. Thing is due to being ditzy the Kingdome was scattered across several planets, and a moon, and many people were still on earth, years later I was born and when I became twelve along with the other Senshi kids and the recently discovered Mew kids, which is a long story, we were sent to earth to train." said Reni

"Thing is blending in wasn't easy" said Aria "I got a job at the local animal shelter, Merry got a gob at a café, the rest went to school"

"Yes well I went to Echo Ridge Elementary school were I met one of our allies Geo Stellar, then later that Day I bumped into Pat and Ray" said Reni "then our current enemy Attacked"

"And that's about it" said Pat

"Oh wow" said Maylu

"Well until I get this thing fixed you're going to be stuck here" said Takato, who then sighed "Why me".

Before the new people could ask Maylu said "Takato has extremely bad luck when it comes to things like this"

"I'm glad he's not a trouble magnet like Ranma" laughed Henry. With that every one went to their proper worlds, but the newbies they went with Keenan.

Me: and their we are

Vapor: what the heck

Me: Patents is a virtue