Poisonous Disrespect
A collaboration by Victimofadr3am and Kaline Reine

Disclaimer: We don't own the Naruto series, it belongs to Kishimoto-sama.

WARNINGS!: Incest (even though they aren't actually brothers in this one), yaoi, vampires, blood, gore, violence… And anything else we didn't think of. XD Don't read it if you don't like it.

Chapter 1:

-Itachi's POV-

Walking down the street, I can already smell the place. Cheap alcohol, cigarettes, mortals… and hookers. Somehow, the last thing mentioned, freaks me out the most.

I can't help but smirk, as I see Deidara skipping in front of us, his long blonde hair following the motion. Hn. Such a cute moron. He's the only blonde haired vampire I've ever seen… and I've seen a lot.

Gosh, so much. I can't believe I let myself get dragged out, to celebrate my birthday. It just makes me feel older, if possible. After 288 years of life, you'd expect them to give me a break and stop counting.

"Gosh, I'm cold." I hear Izuna mumble, and turn my head right to face him.

I catch a sight of his beautiful, blue-black silk hair, and his delicate snow-white pale skin. His lips are colored with the most beautiful shade of red, and his eyes pure, black venom. Whatever demon or god made that thing, sure had great taste.

I smirk at no one in particular, as I see Kakashi putting his arm around him, and snuggling him. He just smirks and blushes a sweet, edible tint of red, making a perfect contrast on his pale, doll face.

"We're here, un." I hear Deidara, excited and thrilled. Gosh, he's such a child.

I can't help but roll my eyes as I read the sign above the door. 'Passion'.

Now that's just promising.


The place isn't that bad at all... The atmosphere is nice, the lighting perfect, and the seats comfortable. The whole room has that... dark feel to it. There's a large bar to the left of it, and a stage in the middle. Hn. There are several poles randomly scattered on the stage, and strobe lights on the corners.

Oh yeah, and... a few dancers... doing their thing.

"Can I have your orders?" I stop analyzing the place, as a waiter comes by our table.

Such a young human boy. By the feel of it, he's 20-21, no more. His hair is blonde... well, practically white, from all the bleaching, I guess, with a few light blue strands here and there, and he's wearing purple contacts.

"Yeah, sure, two tequilas, orange-juice with ice, and rum." Izuna orders for us all. See, reading minds is useful in so many ways.

The waiter smirks at us and nods, writing the order down. I catch the sight of his teeth, they're pointy and sharp. Ah, a vampire freak. Tch. So many kids want to be like us.

He walks away, smiling at us.

"Orange juice...?" I chuckle, glaring at Deidara, as he lets a soft whine.

"What...?" He mumbles. "Not everyone's into alcohol, drugs and...cigarettes." He mumbles, glaring at Izuna.

"So what?" He remarks, blowing smoke into Dei's face. "I'm immortal, anyway."

I notice the music goes louder, and they announce a tonight's special dancer. Whatever. Just a hooker, no better than the rest.

I choke on my own sentence, as I see a literal sex on legs enter the stage, his appearance stealing everyone's attention. The red strobe lights turn on, glistening perfectly on his pale skin, making me feel... thirsty. I can't help but lick my lips. That thing is... whoa.

He's wearing tight leather pants, knee-high boots and a leather jacket. His perfect raven hair looks so soft and touchable, as he starts swaying his hips, moving in the rhythm of the song. His face is most delectable one I've ever seen, and I swear, the beauty of it makes me believe it was carved by angels. He's way too beautiful to be a human… Yet, I sense no immortal powers in his being.


-Sasuke's POV-

I feel uneasy right now. I had felt uneasy all evening. There is something about this mission that makes me tense. Every night different people come in here for their fun; smoking their cheap cigarettes, and drinking their half stale alcohol.

It's on a usual night like this when I go in for the kill… My victims are generally just as unsuspecting as theirs. Vampires are nothing more than cold blooded killers. I can sense their bloodlust from a mile away. And just as they always do, a small group of them comes in.

'Maybe tonight will be different…'

I am watching them from the shadows, behind the bar. But they don't know it. They never do. I watch as the group comes in, and sits down. There are at least four of them, but I have no idea if others might join them later. There is a blonde, a hot guy with silver hair, and someone who has the same blue-black hair as me. He's rather young looking, and he catches my eye at first… Before my attention turns to someone else.

I can see their leader, my target. He has long, silky midnight hair. He is clearly a very wealthy and powerful Vampire Lord. I can tell. It's what I do. I lick my lips when I see that he has a dragon tattooed on his arm. It's sexy… I like dragons.

I try to memorize his outfit, picking out all the details that I possibly can. He has on some pretty expensive looking jewelry. He's wearing a silky crimson shirt, with tight black pants, and… combat boots? Well, at least he has good taste. They look nice with his long black leather jacket, too. He definitely has good taste… And I find myself wondering if he will taste good.

I see Suigetsu going over to take their order… But I can't watch any longer. I hear my name being called, and I have to go dance now.

I don't have time to sit there and think. I have to get to work. If my plan is going to work, I'll have to seduce him. From the looks of it, that may not be as easy as I planned. But I know just how to get his attention. It has never failed me yet.

I lurk backstage, and as soon as the music starts, I am out in front of the flashing lights. They sting my eyes a little bit, until I get used to it. I can hear catcalls and see people shoving dollar bills at me, as some of the bolder ones try to feel me up. But I don't let them near me. I'm here for one reason, and one reason only: To seduce and kill the vampire I saw earlier. I'm a vampire hunter, and it's my only mission, you see. I'm not really in it for the money.

I tense up, and try to move my hips in just the right way to get his attention, as I start climbing the pole. I'm strutting my stuff now, but it isn't enough. I'll have to take it up a notch.

…Yes, it's working!

I can feel him looking my way... Our eyes meet for one brief moment. And it's like magic. I know I'll have him hooked soon. I can feel it.



I'm not sure what to say... People kept wanting me to write a vampire fic, and when victimofadr3am told me his idea, I couldn't resist writing it with him. I had a lot of fun with it so far.

-Kaline Reine

Mwahahaha. I've been dying to do a collab with my sweetie, and even though I feel like I'm dying at the moment (I'm sick and feel like crap), this little thingy makes me feel very happy. I love vampires very much, and combined with ItaSasu it's just PURE *censored*.

Hope you'll like it.

So this is how it works, I write Itachi's POV, Kaline writes Sasuke's.