Poisonous Disrespect

A collaboration by Victimofadr3am and Kaline Reine

Disclaimer: We don't own the Naruto series; it belongs to Kishimoto-sama.

WARNINGS!: Incest (even though they aren't actually brothers in this one), yaoi, vampires, blood, gore, violence… And anything else we didn't think of. XD Don't read it if you don't like it.

Chapter 11:

-Sasuke's POV-

I wake up even more sticky and sweaty than I was before my shower... After such a night with my new lover, it was impossible not to look almost as disheveled as I feel.

"I can't believe I fell asleep..." I mutter, opening my eyes and looking around.

Much to my dismay, he was already gone. My vampiric prince has left me all alone...'That figures.'

With a sigh, I get up out of bed. I realize that I'm still naked, and for a brief moment I'm sort of glad he isn't here... Because I know I have to be blushing like a tomato. Hm, speaking of which, my stomach seems to think tomatoes sound pretty good right now. It growls, letting me know that I need to find something to eat.

I wonder if I should go back to my room, or just stay where I am. It doesn't really matter, but I don't have any clothes in here. And royal-vampire-pain-in-the-ass got so annoyed the last time that I wore something of his. Not that I can really blame him.

Wait... Why am I making so many excuses for him all of a sudden? No. I can't afford to get too attached. No matter what, I still have to leave, and he still has to die. I can't forget that my goal all along was to kill him. Just because I don't particularly want to right now, doesn't mean that I never will.

But... 'God, the memories...'

It's still so vivid in my mind... The way that he was on top of me, so wild and feral, making me scream and writhe and moan his name... Last night had to be the most amazing moment of my life. I wish I could just-

I flinch, trying to shake the image away. I vow never to let it happen again.

I mean, who the hell does he think he is? He always has to have to upper hand, no matter the situation. And from the beginning, it was never my intention to allow him to do that to me. And yet somehow, he got away with it again. I don't understand the way my mind works anymore. Why did I let him do it? I willingly took part in the violation of my own body, by the very creature that I despise so much.

Nothing feels worse than this feeling...

But I am still afraid... Afraid I might be warming up to him. Afraid I might come to like it here. Afraid of doing it again. Who am I kidding? Of course I'll do it again! And part of me really doesn't want that to happen.

Whatever. There will be time to figure it out later. Right now I just want to get out of his bed and plan my escape.

A vague memory from last night prompts me to check my mouth for fangs. I run my tongue across my teeth, but I don't feel anything unusual. 'Hn. Strange...'

Knowing that I have things to do, I wrap a towel around myself and head outside so I can go to my room, and hopefully get some decent clothes. At least, some that are not Itachi's...

"Hey good lookin'!" A crazy voice calls out in the hall. Considering the way it's peppered with hiccups, I can only assume it must be Lee. "Where're you going?"

I can smell the alcohol on his breath. "Go away... You're drunk."

He looks at me oddly, as if I'm from another planet or something. "No I's not..." He looked at me for a moment. "Who're you?"

"Sasuke," I roll my eyes and sigh. This can't be good. "And you're Lee. We've already met. I'm a servant here too..."

He gets close to my face, wide-eyed as if he's about to say something important. There is a brief pause before he exclaims... "AWESHUM!"

"...Can I go now?"

He thinks for a moment. "Uhm... Noes! I has to take you to get somefing to eats! Come on, dis way!"

He grabs my arm and pulls me down the hall.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeee!" The maniac exclaims happily.

I have no idea where we're going. I'm assuming it's the kitchen, if he even knows where that is anymore. He's zig-zagging his way through the hall. I don't think he can really tell where he's going, but... The more he drags me with him, the more I am certain that's where we're headed. It dawns on me as we're getting closer that I am still wearing only a towel. I grasp desperately at his fingers, trying to pry myself free. But it's no use, he has some kind of drunken death-grip on me!

"Let me go!" I yell at him, but it's no use. "I have to get changed! Lee! Stop it, I can't go with you, I'm only wearing a towel!"

He is silent, swaying in his drunken stupor as he takes me with him. The doors swing open, and we step into the dining area together. Everyone stops what they're doing and just stares at us.

The servants were in the middle of serving food to Itachi and... Oh my god. That other guy, the stronger vampire who attacked me that night... The night before I was captured. I can't quite remember his name, though. Both vampires look at me like I am unwelcome. It's clear that they had been discussing business before I came into the room.

And all I can think is that it's his fault I'm here! He was the one who attacked me, nearly killing me... And he would have, if Orochimaru hadn't shown up and pegged me for his stupid slave trade. But what would he be doing here?

I am stunned, and I simply do not know what to do. I look to Itachi for guidance, though I don't know why.

"Hn..." He wouldn't even look at me. His eyes were downcast, looking at the table almost sullenly. "Kitten, what are you doing in here?"

I can feel my cheeks heat up, and I just know I'm blushing hard... "Uhm... You're probably wondering why I'm only in a towel. You see, ah... I- Well, he-" I look around for Lee, who is nowhere to be found. I slump my shoulders in defeat, starting to leave. "I'll be in my room."

"That's a shame... You really should stay for dessert." The other vampire comments, turning both of our attention to him.

"Madara," Itachi reminds me of the other one's name. "You are grossly overstepping your boundaries, don't you think?"

"Look... I am going to claim what is rightfully mine. The fact of the matter is, Orochimaru interfered with my kill. The boy is rightfully mine!"

Itachi looked like he wanted to say something... But he didn't.

I wonder why he won't even look at me. Is he upset with me after what we did? The first sign should have been the fact that he wasn't there when I woke up. That alone should have sent off alarm bells...

Sometimes sex can change people, and how they act around each other. I knew that. But I had never expected it to be this awkward between us. He was acting... distant. Well, he was always aloof, that was just his nature, but never like this. I have a horrible feeling that something is wrong. He won't even meet my gaze right now.

And I just wish I could be invisible...

-Itachi's POV-

I shut my eyes for a moment as the anger that I've been trying to suppress slowly starts to crawl to the surface. Such a bitter, but familiar feeling that consumes me so often, as if the taste of it never left the tip of my tongue.

It intensifies due to the fact I cannot avert my gaze from the sadistic grin on that cursed pale face I can barely stand. What is causing me so much anger, is the intense way he is staring at Sasuke, as if he's about to eat him with his eyes. Or maybe it is Sasuke, who just stands there glaring at me like a little kitten lost in the enchanted forest.

Yes, probably both.

I push myself off the table I was sitting at with my both hands, as I slowly stand up. With long, heavy steps I approach Sasuke, my hand instinctively wrapping itself around his upper arm. The kitten eyes me awkwardly, questioning my actions, but he's not either moving or saying anything.

"Come here." I start moving before even finishing my sentence, leading the kitten towards the door. But as I expected, a malicious voice stops me in my intentions.

"Leaving so soon, Itachi? We were in a middle of someth-"

"Our conversation is over." Making eye-contact, I stop in my tracks, purposely lowering my voice in a vicious matter. "I trust you will see yourself out." I prolong looking into his eyes, just to make sure he gets the point. I smirk at him wickedly. "Goodbye, Madara."

"Itachi!" The kitten struggles all the way through the hall, screaming my name every few seconds. I keep my gaze forward, hurrying my steps in order to get where I want as soon as possible. He jerks his arm a few times in attempt to break from my grip, until he finally snaps.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Let go!" He screams, flailing his free arm in the process. ...Or whatever it is I feel moving, since I keep my gaze locked forward, therefore not paying attention to the hysterical kitten.

"People seem to be enjoying dragging me around today!" He mewls in his, often used, sarcastic tone, which for some reason always... makes me want to hurt him.

We finally reach my room. I open the door with one hand, but the kitten just scoffs and refuses to get inside. Typical. I tighten the grip on his arm and push him inside, closing the door.


"That hurt, you asshole!" There is a loud mewling scream and a sting across my left cheek. I take a moment and blink a few times, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Did he just slap me?

I do nothing, just stand, facing the panting kitten and his blushing face. I remain motionless; my head slightly leaned down, since otherwise I couldn't make eye contact with the shorty. Once the heat of the moment is gone, his pouty mouth slowly starts opening, his kitten ears pressed in his midnight hair. His eyes are wide open, looking directly into mine.

"Oh, shit." He mumbles, barely audible, and keeps staring at me wide-eyed. At this point, my eyebrow cocks itself, my body is not shifting at all, and neither is the expression on my face.

He moves his hand and slightly touches the side of my face which he molested only a few seconds ago. I am ready to react, but my eyes abruptly move to look down when I hear something shift. "Itachi, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

I grab the towel and stop it from falling and leaving the kitten completely naked.

'Wait...why did I do that?'

The kitten jumps on the spot, clutching the towel with both of his hands. His tail starts flicking in shame, his cheeks burning hot red, as he avoids looking at me. "Let go." He mumbles softly, trying to push my hand away.

I can feel the smirk raising the corner of my lip. "No, I don't think so..." I jerk the towel off and throw it aside.

He opens his mouth ready to scream and jump - but before he can, I wrap my arms around the delicate skin on his hips, pulling him flush close to me. He tries to push me off... But he stops, so does his breathing, as I lean to whisper in his ear...

"Sasuke...Did you want me so bad already you went looking for me wearing a towel..?" The words drip slowly from my lips. I can hear a soft 'No' almost instantly.

But I won't have any of that.

"You could've just come naked, I wouldn't mind..." I whisper in a sultry, low voice. As a delicious moan escapes his lips, I can feel my fangs start to throb. My sick nature seems to be enjoying how exposed and vulnerable the kitten is, completely naked, pressed against the fabric of my clothing. I chuckle at how desperately he is digging his nails into my shirt, enjoying how loud his breathing is.

"Come here." I put my arm behind his back and pick him up. Surprising... Instead of trying to push my away like I expected, he wraps his arms around my neck as I carry him across the room. When I put him on the bed, he makes me laugh as he crawls under the sheets instantly, his cheeks red from embarrassment. I sit on the corner of the bed, facing away from him.

It's only begun, but this day has already been too long. I take a deep breath and start to undo the buttons on the collar of my shirt.

"We did it last night. I didn't even eat anything yet."

'...What?' I turn to face the kitten, confused at his words, and that particular tone of his. It sounded a lot like he was scolding me.

"Excuseme?" My eyebrow cocks itself on its own. Hard to believe I still didn't get used to such disrespect.

He glares at me like a little devil, but holds onto that sheet for his life. "As if I don't know what you're up to..." The kitten mumbles and faces away.

I can't help but laugh at the face he is making, and how pouty his lips are. "Relax kitten, I wasn't going to do anything. This shirt is choking me, that's all." He just scoffs.

Still, he is very adorable like this, naked and blushing in my bed. I reach out my arm to pet his hair, but he slaps it off with his hand.

"Oh come on Sasuke, is that a way to treat your master?-"

"You're not my master." He spits instantly through gritted teeth.

I laugh at his brave and sharp reply. Normally, I'd kill any slave that would dare say that, but not this one. No, thisone is so much fun to tease. I support myself with each arm on one side of his body and lean dangerously close to his face.

"Then how about your lover...?" I whisper. Smirking as the kitten skips a breath, I nudge the soft skin of his neck with my nose. The scent of his blood sends a shiver down my spine.

'...fuck.' It drives me insane.

"...or enemy..." I continue whispering, words spilling like liquid velvet from my lips. "Your captor..." His pulse starts going wild; his knuckles become white from gripping the sheets.


As my fangs start to hurt from thirst, my voice deepens. "Yournightmare...?" The kitten gasps when I draw out my tongue and lick his porcelain neck. He is sweating profusely, with goosebumps in places where I didn't think they were possible... "Sasuke... what am I to you... What does my breath feel like on your skin-"

"Stop it." Comes the breathy reply from the kitten.

And I did. For some reason I froze in place.

The kitten shakes uncontrollably. "It feels like you're burning my skin. Stop it."

I turn his head around until he is facing me. His eyes are haunting me, so beautiful and deep; they make me believe he is my door to thousands of never before seen worlds.

'What are you doing to me, kitten..?'

"You don'twant me to stop, Sasuke." The words are whispered into his own breath, as I can feel the hotness of it, being this close to him. He is undeniably beautiful, glowing in the dim light of this room, he looks unreal. If I didn't know better, I would think he's just another one of my fantasies.

I am shaken from my thoughts, as the wonderful creature underneath me starts purring.Yes, purring. With his glossy eyes fluttering like this, and his irresistible mouth open, it's just not fair...

"You have no shame kitten, do you?" Smirking, I tease him. "I know how much you want it... And I don't like this game you're playing..." With each word said I plant soft kisses down his neck, shoulders, and I keep going lower. "Look at you, the way you writhe and shiver underneath me..." Whispering, I touch him all over his upper body, leaving soft kisses all over his chest. "I know what you want Sasuke... just say it."

"S-stop fucking with my mind, you asshole-!"

I make him scream when I bite down on his nipple, loving the bit of the sweet blood that pours out to me. I groan as I feel my hair being pulled by those slender white fingers, even as I heal the little wound with long, soft licks. I look up at him, hissing as he never loosens the grip on my hair, but even tightens it.

"That hurt." The kitten hisses at me, his eyes glowing with lust and frustration.

"Hn. I know it does." I smirk at him. "And it's going to hurt even more. Don't think I forgot about that slap earlier."

He lets go of my hair and mumbles something that sounded like 'Fuck'.His eyes roll back into his head, as he softly bangshisheadagainst thepillow. "Justdoit." The kitten groans through gritted teeth as he arches his back off the bed.

"Do what, Sas-?"

"You know what I want, just do-"

"Say it, Sasuke."

"Oh for fuck's sake, BLOW ME!"

I smirk, knowing I've won. "They didn't teach you how to say 'please', kitten?" I so badly want to tease him, but I won't torture the poor thing anymore. I stare at his face for a little while, curious if he'll watch me do it, or shut his eyes.

Well, there's only one way to find out...

The kitten gasps when I spread his legs, tossing the sheet off the bed and leaving him completely naked. But he seems far too gone to care about it. I draw out my tongue and lick his thigh, never breaking the eye contact. The little devil stares at me, blushing furiously, but still grinning madly.

I take advantage of that little moment that he appears to be lost in thoughts. He hisses when I lick at the leaking tip, tasting the pearly white liquid that gathered there. I never break the eye contact, and how could I, when the kitten is staring at me so intensely with his lustful eyes.

Soft pale fingers twirl into my hair as the eager creature beneath me arches his back. As soon as my mouth is fully on him, he starts letting out soft, but mind-blowing moans. I start sucking slowly; enjoying his scent and the salty taste of his precum.

I try not to scrape him with my fangs as he writhes and moans beneath me. He moves his hips trying to buck into my mouth, but I keep him pinned down. My hands are trailing all over his legs, my claws sinking lightly into his porcelain skin.

His moans keep getting louder and filling the room with their presence as my mouth works its way up and down his shaft and underside, licking and sucking at the sensitive flesh there. He rocks his hips in a sensitive and light rhythm, but I keep my hand on his hips, keeping him from moving around too much. I could hurt him with my fangs if he overdoes it.

He feels so hot and delicious in my mouth. The wild heat of his body consumes the whole room, as if he could set it to fire if it goes free. I am lost in the sounds he is making and the burning touch of his fingers that trail from my hair to my neck.

"A-aah, Itachi..."

The sound of my name on his lips makes my brain melt like ecstasy. His eyes are shut down tight, covered by his thick lashes. He grips my hair almost painfully, but I don't want to stop. His moans get frantic, as I swirl my tongue around the head, then suck him deep into my mouth, letting the back of my throat vibrate around his member.

"Itachi, I'm going to-!"

With a hoarse scream, not even a second later; he reaches his sweet release and pours his seed into my mouth. His grip on my hair is wild, so is the ecstasy I am feeling as he digs his nails into my back, ripping through the fabric of my clothes. He draws blood from me, but I don't care.

I savor every little bit of the bittersweet milk, enjoying the taste of it. His chest rises up and down heavily, his body drenched from his orgasm.

The sheet I threw to the floor earlier makes a rustling sound as I pick it up and cover the kitten with it. I support myself with one arm and lie on my side next to him, studying his adorable expression.

He looks so... satisfied. With that light smirk on his face, eyes shut so heavenly; he looks like he had just fed.

I wonder what he looks like when he feeds.

I smirk as the kitten starts purring and opens his heavy eyes to look at me. I reach out and softly trace a line across his nose down to his pouty lips.

'Well, that was fast.' I think to myself. If I said that out loud wouldn't it be a perfect way to ruin a romantic moment, or what.

"Hey... It's not like I get a blowjob from a vampire everyday." The kitten murmurs breathily, smirking and staring at me with those glowing eyes. He scoots closer to me, nudging his nose against my neck.

"...Hn." After a short pause, I reply. "Me neither."

And instantly I am met with a soft smack up my head. I let out a growl. "This is the second time today, kitten. You're overdoing it, don't you think?"

"Well, you're the one who said you are my lover, aren't you?" His voice is low and heavy, drenched in the sound of his sweet purring. "Unless you want to be just a vampiric jerk again..." He slips his hand into my shirt, lightly caressing my chest. "Guess you'll just have to get used to it."

"Sure." I whisper quietly. The kitten chuckles lightly before he presses himself closer to my body, ready to fall asleep. His nose stays glued to my neck, as he purrs himself into sleep.

And I stay that way, motionless, staring across the room.

Yes, I know how much you enjoy the scent of my blood and how much you want to bite down on my skin. Thought I wonder, did you not notice you had read my mind, you little bastard, or are you just pretending?

I know exactly who you are, kitten. The only thing I don't know yet - is the reason you haven't tried to take your revenge already.

Perhaps you know there is no worst punishment for me, than falling for you.