Coming Home

Summary: WARNING: Spoilers to HP series and Supernatural up to Season 05 ep 10 "Abandon All Hope". Sequel to In Mac's Bar Everything Goes. The Ministry found some of Ginny's loose ends. But it is Harry who will have to tie them up.

Category: Romance / Maybe Drama

Pairing: Harry/Dean

Author's Notes: This started as an epilogue that got out of proportion when I had and evil thought. Here is the first chapter, I'll try to update it as fast as the last one. If you guys have any thoughts please send them by review, this chapter was born from review. Thanks The Group of One!

We are a team… Dean mocked his own words from a few days back.

They were in the middle of a deserted alley and Harry was looking for something among the trash bins on the back of an old building no one came to anymore.

Dean was getting nervous in anticipation as he run over in his head all of Harry's instructions. Make sure he is touching the portthingy, whatever it was; hold your belongings close to your body; try not to fall on top of anyone when landing; try not to puke on anybody after landing… It sounded as bad as a plane, but it was even worse because it was magical… Even in his thoughts the word sounded like a something disgusting. Dean has never liked magic, because it always ended bad for innocent people. Or, in his first hand experience, for him. As he grew 'intimate' with Harry's World, it only got worse. Nothing against Harry's world, but Dean didn't feel bad in the slightest, not liking it since they let Ginerva Weasley get away with being a bitch and hurting Harry. It also took Harry's parents, and killed him 3 times. The bastards could go to hell for all that he cared.

Harry took out his phone from his pocket and checked the time.

"That's good. It looks like this is not a popular schedule for traveling" He told Dean, taking from the nearest trash bin an old toilet seat and offering it to him. "Here, touch it."

"It's a toilet seat." Dean told Harry, deadpan.

"I know. But Wizards are just weird and you'll have to get used to it. The official explanation is that portkeys have to be hidden from muggles. And no muggle in his right mind would hold a toilet seat he found in a rubbish bin."

"Dead right, it's gross. Tell me again why we are doing this wizard style…" Dean said anxious about this trip. Apparition hadn't been pleasant; he didn't want to think about how portkeys really worked… He held the toilet seat as firmly as he could, anyway.

"Well, Dean, you hate flying. This is the fastest way. This and apparition. And you already made clear how much you hate apparating. There is also the fact that the FBI is still hunting you and it would be quite easy for them to spot you if you tried to board a plane, with a bag full weapons no less." Harry explained pointing to Dean's duffle, sarcasm dripping from his words. Dean was being difficult, but Harry understood that it was just his way of dealing with pressure. Harry just hoped it wasn't going to be this way the whole trip. He wouldn't be able to take it for that long. Specially if he had to deal with what he thought he had to deal with. He just hoped… He didn't even know what to hope for anymore… For the moment, he just hoped the trip was fine.

Harry was so lost in his thoughts that he forgot to make the counting and poor Dean was dragged from his standing spot without further notice. He felt as if a hook pulled him around his navel and held the toilet seat for dear life. He felt the wind and he saw Harry next to him but everything seemed blurry. Suddenly it stopped and he fell on his ass.

"Good lord, this is worse than LSD." Dean commented coming back to himself only to find Harry sprawled on top of him. He smiled suggestively. "Not that I'm complaining. Being with you is always a ride." He said. Harry blushed slightly. It was truly a mystery. They had slept together every night for a year already but Dean could still make him blush. He got up from over the hunter, helped him up and led him outside the alley.

The streets were old and small. So different from any highway. Totally different from any street on the US. They were too old to look like anything on America. The buildings had their doors directly on the sidewalk and everything seemed kind of old and kind of crowded. As if they had put too many buildings on a too small street. It was cold, half of November cold and it was rainy.

"Welcome to London." Harry said.

To be Continued…