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It was October 10th, exactly seven years after the attack of the Kyuubi no Yoko, a demon of such immense power that it destroyed hundreds of lives in a single night. Were it not for the Yondaime…it would have glassed the entire village with its burning red chakra.

That night, the Kyuubi was destroyed once and for all…at least…that was what was said.

The truth was that the Kyuubi no Yoko had not been killed, for no mortal could kill a demon lord, especially not one of Kyuubi's caliber. Kyuubi was in fact more than just a demon lord, it was a Bijuu, a force of nature…and no mortal, no god can destroy a force of nature. So they had to do the next best thing.

The Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze sealed the Kyuubi in a newborn, he asked for the village to see him as a hero…

His last wish…was not followed.

In Konoha

Naruto ducked under the trashcans near the Hokage tower as he barely avoided a group of genin who thought it would be fun to play darts using kunai, and with Naruto as the board.

Naruto panted as the five genin ran past the trash cans, calling out things like 'find the demon' or 'kill the hellspawn'. It was the same thing every year ever since he was thrown out on the streets at three. He had been chased around the village and then when he was finally caught, they would beat him to near death. But just as he was about to be given the finishing blow, he was either saved, or the mob would lose interest.

Naruto looked around…and found a vent, 'Sweet Kami am I in luck.' he quickly scooted over to it and began to pry it open. The vent grate was difficult to remove, but after a few minutes, he finally succeeded. He looked inside and found that it was the Hokage towers cooling system. Grinning, Naruto crawled inside of the vent and put the grate back on so that they would not figure it out too soon.

Naruto crawled up the vents and took various pathways…why hadn't he done this before? He was the only person small enough to fit in these things, so unless an Akimichi could shrink their size, he was safe in here…for the most part.

Naruto took a detour and passed by a grate he was going to ignore it…

"Hokage-sama, that demon has to be killed once and for all!" Naruto stopped and turned back towards the vent…demon…were they talking about him? That was his common nickname. He edged back up to the vent and looked inside.

There was a room with a large number of tables, and at the front a three seat desk with three old people sitting at it…one of them being the Sandaime.

A person was standing up and shouting, he had a hat on, but tinges of pink were poking from underneath it, a large cloak, and milky colored eyes.

"That abomination has defiled the great Hyuuga clan, he snuck into our compound, replaced our hair soap with PINK hair dye" he said removing his hat, revealing his hair was not just pink…it was HOT pink, "He also replaced all our detergent with orange dye" he removed his cloak, revealing he was wearing a 'kill me orange' formal robe, "And the most heinous of all, he had the gall to give some of the main branch scrolls to the branch family!!!"

The Hokage sighed, "For the last time Hiashi, none of those acts merit execution, if you want to file a complaint against him in this court, you have to make sure the demands are equal to the reasons."

Naruto quickly ran through the vent giggling, 'Serves those pricks right…that's what they get for using me as practice for their Taijutsu.' he slid down another vent…only to fall right through a set of grates, cutting up his right shoulder.

"DAMN!" Naruto tripped and slammed his shoulder against the wall, "Shit, that fucking hurts…Agh!" Naruto dragged his shoulder across the wall and slid towards the desk. He went to grab the cloth on the desk to clot the wound…when he heard a buzzing sound just behind him.

Naruto snapped his head around to see the wall splitting apart in a hexagonal form. As it split apart, it revealed a series of kanji and numerals…Naruto's eyes widened as he saw something in the safe that shocked him.

It was a photo of him, clipped onto a file with a paper clip. On the file it had 'Top Secret' written on it. Naruto quickly walked over to the folder, forgetting about his injured shoulder and took the file.

Naruto flipped open the page to find several documents addressed to him…wills, deeds, bank accounts, the whole works. Naruto quickly went through and looked at everything.

'Why was all this kept from me?' Naruto pulled out several pieces of paper that explained several chakra control exercises, 'I could have used this stuff the last few years.' Naruto grew angrier as he continued to look through the file, 'Why was the Old man lying to me?!' Naruto began to carelessly drop papers as he found them…until he came to one piece of paper that had the seals of both the Yondaime and Sandaime Hokage on it.

Naruto picked up the paper and began to read…

Dear Sandaime-sama, with the Kyuubi no Yoko, you realize that you will have to retake the mantle of Hokage again. However, what you don't know is that I am not going to kill Kyuubi.

I know what you are thinking, but this will be beneficial to the village in the future. The Kyuubi is the most powerful of the Bijuu, and would make Konoha incredibly powerful if it could be harnessed. Since we no longer have the Senju family, and every Uchiha that has come by is basically useless, we need to seal the Bijuu in a living creature.

Luckily, my son is the perfect age for the sealing…however, I know Kushina will not be willing to allow the Kyuubi to be sealed within our son, especially when I can simply send it to Makai where it belongs…but our village is weak from war with Iwa, and we need all the power we can get.

As such, once I finish the sealing, I want you to use the Corpse Clone jutsu to convince Kushina that Naruto died in the sealing. It is harsh, but she will not leave Konoha otherwise, and she will never allow you to train him.

I am sorry I cannot say more, but my notes will say everything…also, on a final note, Naruto is not to know of hi heritage until he is eighteen, and do not show him this letter.

Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato

Naruto stared at the letter…his father was the Yondaime…his mother was alive…the Sandaime lied to him…he was a Jinchuriki?!

"AGGHHH!!!" Naruto threw the folder against the wall, "You bastard, you could have gotten rid of Kyuubi and instead you sealed it in me! You bastard!!!"

In Naruto's fit, he swept aside some papers…one that had a picture of a woman with long red hair and light gray eyes. On the file it had a name that immediately caught Naruto's interest…Kushina Uzumaki.

Naruto grabbed it and looked at the folder, it showed a map of where her home country of Uzu no Kuni was, and how to get there.

Naruto gripped the paper tightly and looked at the village…and made a decision that would change Konoha forever…

Two Hours Later

Hiruzen Sarutobi walked up the stairs towards his office, massaging his temples. The civilian council, being supported by the Hyuuga, Yamanaka, and Inuzuka families, demanded the execution of Naruto Uzumaki…again! He understood how Inoichi and Tsume felt, as they had both lost their lovers in the Kyuubi attack…but why did Hiashi want Naruto dead so badly? Even before Naruto started pranking them, Hiashi had been adamant about having Naruto executed…maybe he felt Naruto was a threat to the Hyuuga's superiority.

Hiruzen was about top grab the door handle to his office…when he smelt the tell tale scent of blood, 'What in the…' he tore open the door and looked inside...and his eyes widened in horror.

The wall was covered with a trail of fresh blood, and there were papers flung about all over the place…but what horrified him, was the fact that the door to the secret compartment was opened.

'Oh no…' he ran towards the safe and looked at the blood, 'Oh my god, this is fresh. But how could it have gotten here…unless…' Hiruzen had designed the safe himself. The seal would not open unless the blood was freshly applied directly from the original source…which meant that…

Realization dawned upon the Sandaime, 'Naruto knows…' he quickly ran to his desk and pressed a button, "Aid, get me my top ANBU now!"

After a few minutes, three ANBU entered the office…one wearing a dog mask, another with a cat mask, and another with a dolphin mask.

Hiruzen looked at them, "Inu, Neko, Iruka…Naruto has found out his heritage, he is likely heading towards Uzu no Kuni, find him and bring him back alive."

The three ANBU saluted, "Yes Sandaime-sama!" and vanished in a swirl of leaves.

Sarutobi then looked out the window towards the direction of Uzu no Kuni…praying that Naruto did not get too far.

With Naruto

Naruto tore through the underbrush, holding several papers rolled up in his hands that he gripped as if they were a lifeline. He had taken the order by the Yondaime, the map to Uzu, and information on his mother…he had left everything else back in Konoha…it meant nothing to him.

He stopped and darted his head around as he unrolled the map, and began to look around for landmarks, "Alright…now if I take a left at the spire, and run at an even pace, I should get to Uzu by…"

Naruto stopped as he suddenly felt a few chakra signatures coming behind him. He had learned to sense chakra, as he wanted to avoid shinobi in Konoha as much as possible. He rolled back up the scroll and shot back into the forest.

Naruto turned his head to see three blurs in the distance heading towards him, 'Shit…they found me out.' Naruto increased his speed as the three ANBU trailing him picked up speed.

Inu turned towards Neko and Iruka, "Capture and retrieve…now!" the three ANBU shot forwards and began to get closer to Naruto.

Naruto picked up his speed, but felt like his legs were going to fall off. He hissed in pain as he tried to go faster, 'No…I won't go back…I refuse to go back. Damn…' Naruto leapt over some foliage, and the three ANBU were only 15 meters or so behind him and gaining, 'Naruto stole a glance to his stomach, where the Kyuubi was supposed to be sealed, 'Now would be a good time for you to help me Kyuubi.'

Naruto jumped over the underbrush…and suddenly felt as if he was moving faster, the pain in his legs was being reduced. He grinned as he looked downwards to see a small stream of red chakra coming out of the seal, 'Thanks Kyuubi…' he shot through the trees as he began to outrun the ANBU.

The ANBU watched as Naruto began to outrun them, "Shit…he is getting away."

Inu looked at Neko, "Calm down Neko, once Kyuubi's chakra loses its power over him, he will be easier to catch." he looked at Iruka, "And Iruka" the dolphin masked ANBU looked at Inu, "Do not lose sight of him."

Iruka nodded his head as he looked towards Naruto…

Naruto crashed through the trees as he looked back towards the ANBU, 'Shit, I can't outrun them forever…' he slowly turned his head around, 'I have to…WHOA!!!' he skidded to a halt just in time to prevent himself from falling off a large cliff.

He looked around to see a massive waterfall with two large statues standing in front of each other…he recognized one as Senju Hashirama, the Shodaime Hokage, but he could not figure out who the other person was.

But he knew where he was…the final battleground of Hashirama…the Valley of the End.

He was right on the border of Hi no Kuni…he just needed to get over the border and he would be safe. He was about to try and run around the valley…when the three ANBU suddenly surrounded him, he was trapped.

The Neko ANBU spoke up, "It's over Naruto, you have nowhere left to go, just come quietly."

Naruto looked between the ANBU, then looked at the cliff. He was trapped between a rock and a hard place…

Naruto closed his eyes and reached into his pocket, "I'm sorry…mother…" he snapped his eyes open and ripped his hand out of his pocket before he threw a shuriken at the dolphin masked ANBU, which sliced through his mask and into his face.

"AGGHH!!!" the ANBU stumbled back, distracting the ANBU for a moment.

Naruto quickly turned around and jumped off the cliff…

Inu jumped after him, "NOOO!!!" but missed his shirt as he fell to the ground and watched as Naruto fell towards the water.

The blond looked up and shouted towards the ANBU, "See you in hell fuckers!!!"


Naruto landed into the water, sending a large ripple outwards.

Inu cursed as he turned towards his two comrades, "Quickly, we have to find him…the Kyuubi might have saved his life, we can't let him die!"

Neko tried to reason with her captain, "Taicho, from this height, not even Kyuubi could have saved…"

Inu shouted, "That's an order!" The two ANBU flinched back before they began to look around. The Inu ANBU looked at the water and whispered to himself, "Forgive me Minato-sensei…"

Meanwhile…down the river

The river flowing out of the valley of the end had a small shadow coming towards the surface. Suddenly a mop of blond hair and a boy with whisker marks breached the surface of the river, panting as he swam to the nearby shore. He hoisted himself up as he panted in exhaustion. He had shot chakra through his limbs as he swam towards the river, hoping to get away from the ANBU…luckily, it succeeded.

He groaned in pain as he sat up and shook off the water, "Finally…got away…from those…bastards." he stood up and clutched his arm, 'Damn, that fall must have broken it.' he hissed in pain as he tightened the grip he had on his scroll, 'No…I can't stop now.' he lifted his foot and began to walk in the direction he knew Uzu was, 'I'm coming…aa-chan.'

Three Days Later

Naruto struggled to remain standing as he walked through the forests of Uzu no Kuni. According to the map, Uzugakure no Sato was a hidden village inside a natural bowl in the earth. The village had a massive storm overhead that could only be seen once they reached the top of the bowl. He saw the final outcropping and set into a sprint. Beyond that edge was the village his mother was…where he could finally find peace.

He reached the top and looked over the edge with glee…which quickly turned to horror.

The inside of the bowl had the signs that at one time there was a city…but the buildings were cracked, destroyed…nothing more than ruins. The streets were covered with the skeletons of the dead. All around there were headbands from Iwa, Konoha, and Uzu…he knew they were from Uzu, as it was in his mother's profile.

Naruto fell to his knees, "No…it can't be…" his eyes drooped as his exhaustion caught up with him, "I…came…so…far…" he fell over the edge of the bowl and slid down the smooth surface until he reached the bottom, where he tumbled into various ruins and over skeletons.

When he finally stopped, his arm landed on a nearly invisible wire, and a large pop was heard as a flare shot into the air out of a pipe. As it sailed through the air, it exploded just above the edge of the bowl…


Three individuals were sitting in a tree perch…

The first, a male, had long black hair that stuck up in the back; he had a smooth, yet rough complexion. One of his eyes had an eye patch with a swirl design on it. But his remaining eye was onyx black.

The second, a female had short red hair that was tied in a topknot. Her muscles were well defined…but random points seemed to have completely different skin textures, and her eyes were mismatched colors. But it was clearly not inherited. One was dark brown, while the other was cyan blue…but if one looked closely they could see slight scarring underneath the cyan eye.

The third…was also a girl. She had short spiked hair that went up randomly. It was an orange color, but had a higher concentration of red in it. She had red marks under her eyes and a thin, flexible physique.

The male growled in aggravation, "Man, I hate this job…why can't they get somebody else to do it?"

The woman looked at the male and growled, "Oh shut-up, you know that we need to keep an eye out on the other nations" she muttered under her breath as she turned away, "At least until they kill each other."

The last girl sighed in annoyance, "Will the two of you knock it off…our leader wants us to warn her if we are being attacked, not kill each other."

As the two were about to respond…they saw an explosion go off above the bowl.

The male cursed, "Shit, somebody is here…come on!" he leapt out of the perch and headed towards the ruins of Uzugakure. The two girls followed close behind.

They jumped over the edge of the bowl and landed on the smooth surface, sliding down as if it was natural to them. Once the reached the bottom they landed in combat positions as they pulled out an odd looking knife.

The knives had a serrated edge on both sides, and at the top had two hooks, one that went to either side, while a sharp point continued on.

The three looked around until the red haired girl spoke up, "Fan out, find the intruder."

The male looked around…and his eyes landed on something. A grin came across his features as he turned to look at the girls, "Guess what…we don't have to." the male walked over to the object, and the girls followed.

Their eyes widened as they saw a blond haired child with spiky locks and a tattered set of clothes clutching a few pieces of paper in his hand. The orange haired girl kneeled down and inspected him, "He has a broken arm, and a fractured set of ribs. But by the looks of it, he is healing quite quickly." she looked at her comrades, "We have to get him to the hospital."

The male nervously looked at the kid, "I don't know, perhaps we should report this first."

The red haired woman snorted at the man, "What's the matter, scared of a little kid?"

The man growled, "Hey, we know nothing about him…remember what our leader said? Never judge a book by its cover."

The orange haired girl sighed, "Look, while you two are arguing, I am going to get this kid to the hospital…I will meet the two of you later." she picked up Naruto and vanished in a swirl of white dust.

The two remaining shinobi looked at each other and groaned…looks like they had to reset the traps…again.

With the Girl

The girl appeared in a cloud of white dust in front of a narrow cavern with Naruto in her arms. She quickly headed down the tunnel, passing by torch after torch as she looked left and right. She suddenly stopped in front of a dead end…

She adjusted Naruto in her arms and bit her fingertips. The blood pooled on the fingertips, which she quickly placed in five small holes.

She stepped back as the rock began to shake as it rolled to the side, a light exiting from behind it. She allowed her eyes to adjust before she walked through the entranceway.

Once she exited the small cavern, she found herself standing on a small outcropping attached to a long path that went down the walls. In the center of the cavern was a great city, with a tall tower in the middle of it. Right above the tower was a great whirlpool that covered the city…and on the front gates, was the symbol of a village long thought dead…

The insignia of Uzugakure no Sato…

I will attempt to update this story soon, I sincerely hope you all enjoy the first chapter, as the next chapters will hopefully be as good.