Hello, NCIS fans? Still alive? 'Cause I'm wondering why I can't find any fic about the Mother Day's promo, or episode for that matter!

Did anyone see that 30-second promo thing? If not, turn back. This is about the promo.

If you did... WHY didn't you write about it? Honestly. Gibbs was CRYING. (Well, maybe he's not. I mean, it IS a promo. But still. This episode is going to be tough on Gibbs. What's with the radio silence? Or did I just miss it? *starting to sound like Abby when she welcomed Ziva home*)

Anyway. I wrote this like really quickly and the notes from me are longer than the actual text, but whatever. Its length is its shortness.

He had never seen Gibbs like that.

Happy, sure. Sad, sometimes. Angry and frustrated, hell yes.

But not this broken man.

Not the grey-haired man standing in front of him, hiding his face from him, from his colleague, his -dare he say it- friend. Clutching a handkerchief. Trying to appear strong, even if it was obvious to all of them how the events had shook him.

How seeing Shannon's mother had shook him. And had taken him back to those days. Made him miss Shannon and Kelly more than ever. Miss a warm body at night, a child's smile to look at, a family to cherish and love.

And now he was hiding like – like someone normal. It was not Gibbs.

It was the man who had lost his wife and his daughter, the only true loved ones in his life.

The man who had seen his world crash down.

Told you it was short. Now come on! Tell me I'm not the only one who is pretty much freaking out and cannot wait till next Tuesday!

Disclaimer: May be exaggerating just a little bit. But not much.