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Chapter 41

"Hey baby.. Goodmorning.."

"Hey you.. Did you sleep well?" she said with a grin.. She knew I didn't sleep because she wore me out..

"Well.. I had a beautiful, sexy blond in my bed yesterday and I did things to her and you know one thing led to another and we had sex all night.."

"Oh.. I see.. so you didn't sleep well?"

"I didn't sleep at all.."

"That good?"

"Yes.." I was behind her kissing her neck while she prepared our breakfast.. My hands were traveling inside her shirt and I ..

"Mom.. jesus.. Why I am always in the middle of your loving?"

"Hey princess.."

"Jesus.. it's still morning.."

"What can I say?? I love your mommy very very much.."

"I think I might now.."

"Where is your sister?"

"Still sleeping.. I swear, even if a bomb was outside she wouldn't get up from her bed.."

"She takes that from you baby.."

"I know.."

"Christine, could you please go and wake up you sister?"

"Mom, I can't wake her up and I am hungry and I need to go to school earlier today.."

"Ok ok.. I'll go.."

You are wondering.. Well.. I gave birth to my daughter 13 years ago.. Yes, 13 years.. How time pass eh? Unfortunately the time don't pass that easy when your life is on a rope.. And my life was at that time.. Those two months I had to be at the hospital..

When the time came for me to give birth I was afraid. I had all the help I needed. Anna was there for me as Spencer. The baby was growing and I couldn't feel happier. But my health wasn't. Spencer was afraid and I was afraid. But I would give birth even if I had to die later..

When it was the time everything went so fast. Anna took me inside the OR. Spencer was inside holding my hand as she told me she would. I wanted her there.. It wasn't easy..

I had a caesarian section.. Because it seemed that my girl had a different idea.. After that I don't remember anything.. All I remember it's my baby's cry and then nothing..

Before I open my eyes I heard Spencer's voice.. It was like she was crying. Why she was crying?

"Ash.. please wake up.. You have to see our beautiful daughter.. She has blue eyes and your hair, and your nose. She looks like you.. Please baby.. wake up for us.."

My baby girl.. She has blue eyes..

"Ash.. we said that we will be together in this.. You and me and our girls.. I need you to be with me.. I need you to open your eyes.."

And then I don't know when or how, I opened them,. At first everything was blurry. But I could see Spencer sitting beside me holding me..

"Ash.. Baby..? Open your beautiful eyes for me.."


"Ash.. Oh, my God.. Asshh" she kissed my forehead and she stood up immediately. I already missed her warmth next to me..

"Baby.. I am going to find Anna. Ok? I'll be back in a sec"

Like I could go anywhere.. Why she was crying.. What happened? And how was my baby?

"Anna, she awaked"

"Ashley? You scared us honey"

"Wh-at happe-ned?"

"Let me check your vitals first"

"Anna is she ok?"

"From what I can see she is alright.."


"Ashley you were in coma for a week. While we were inside the OR you collapsed. We almost lost you but we brought you back.. We took your baby by caesarian section. She is fine. She is strong like her mother.."

"But why I was in coma?"

"This pregnancy with the health problem you had brought your system down. We thought you were going to wake up after two days but you were in coma for a week. You scared us.."

"Didn't want to.." I said and I looked Spencer who looked me back..

"So you want to see your beautiful girl?"

"Yes, please.."

Anna left the room and came back with my baby girl. Spencer took her in her arms and gave her to me.. She was a little miracle. She was so tiny. Her little fingers, her little mouth. She had blue eyes like my Spencer's and brown hair like mine..

"Ash.. she is perfect.."

"She is.. Isn't she? I can't believe I am holding her Spence.."

"Ash.. you scared me.."

"Sorry baby.. But now I am ok.. See? We are ok. Both mother and daughter..

Spencer told me that they gave my medication while I was in coma. So now my blood cells were coming back to normal and I didn't have to feel bad like the other time.. Everything was perfect..

When we returned back home all family was there.. They wanted to see our little baby girl. Aiden was there, Kyla was there, Glen, Mr. Carlin. Everyone we loved..

"I don't believe you are a mother Ash.."

"Well believe it.. But what do you mean? For two years I was a mother Kyla. You seem to forget that I have another daughter"

"I didn't forget asshole, but you know what I mean. Giving birth.. You? Kind of surprised.. But I am happy I'll have another niece.. Now where is the little one?"

"She is with Spencer and her family inside the living room. Where is Aiden?"

"He is coming.. He had practice"

"I see.. Come on.."

Inside the living room there was Glen, Mr. C and Spencer with our daughters.. Christine was so happy that she would be the big sister. She loved her role..

"Mommy, why she has her eyes closed?"

"Because she is still a baby sweetie and she wants her sleep. You were the same"

"I was so little?"

"Yes, baby girl."

"Can I hold her mommy? I'll be careful"

"Ok.. Sit better on the couch so you can hold her better"

She was adorable.. I saw her from across the room.. She opened her arms and sit better on the couch.. She had a smile on her face and I swear I heard her whispering a song.. It was the lullaby I sang her every night before she got to sleep. And now she did the same for her baby sister..

I got back and searched my bag for my digital.. I wanted to frame what I was experiencing.. Definitely a picture for our night stand..

Aiden was now home and we were all sitting together laughing until our door knocked.. We didn't expect anyone else.. I looked at Spencer and she shrugged.. I stood up to go and see who that was.. I was a little bit surprised to see a Paula Carlin standing on my door. Neither of us were speaking.. I was just there holding the door..

"Baby, who is at the door?" Spencer came behind me and opened the door wider so she could see who was and why I was still standing there.. "MOM? What are you doing here?"

"Spencer, Ashley may I come in?" I turned my face from THE Paula Carlin and looked at Spencer.. I didn't know what to do..

"What are you doing here mom? How you knew where to knock?"

"Spencer, please. Can I come in?"

"It will have to be quick. We have company"

"I know. It won't be for long"

When she came inside she saw everyone in the living room and she just smiled..

"Is she your new member of your family?"

"Mom, it's the third time I am asking you. WHAT are you doing here?"

"Maybe we could go inside the kitchen?"

"Why? We can talk right here. It's our family. We don't hide anything from them.."

"Ok. I came here to say sorry." Spencer laughed really hard but it was more an ironic laugh..

"Sorry, but you made me smile.. Thank you though because I didn't smile for a long time now.."

"Spencer, please don't be like this"

"Like this? LIKE THIS? Are you kidding me? Where were you MOM when Ashley was stubbed? Where were you when I thought that I would lose my love? Where were you when we were going to be married? Let me tell you.. You weren't anywhere. So why are you here now?"

"Spencer.. I made a mistake.. please.. I wasn't thinking straight"

"Mom, you did think straight. You couldn't bear the thought that I was in love with Ashley, who obviously is a woman. You walked out of my life and now you want to come back?"

"Spencer.. you are my daughter. I love you very much. Now I can accept who you are. You have a beautiful family Spencer. I can see it now. I was blind. I thought Ashley wasn't the one for you. For crying out loud she was some famous rock star. I thought you were a candy for her. A new thing for the night. I was thinking about you.."

"You didn't give her the chance mother. You just assumed. You couldn't see how happy I was. How she made me feel. And now as you can see I wasn't some new candy. We have our family. We have our daughters. And we are happy."

"I can see it now. Spencer, please.. I want to be in your life again. I want to see my granddaughters grow up. To be a part in their life. Please.."

All this time I was just there seeing them talking to each other. It was a mother-daughter thing. But now it was time for me to speak..

"Excuse me.. Paula.. Now it's my turn. I heard everything you said. I wanted to hate you for what you did to Spencer. But you are her mother and I couldn't. But know that I think that you are a bitch. No mother has the right to treat her daughter as you did.. I don't know about Spencer and it's something that we will have to discuss together but if you mean everything you are saying I would love my daughter to have a grand mother. But it's just me. If Spencer doesn't want you in our daughter's life I can't do anything about it.. So it's her call.."

I saw Spencer asking me with her eyes 'what the fuck Ash?'. We had an eye to eye conversation. It was our thing..

"I don't know mother.. I have to think about it with Ash. And I'll let you know."

"Thank you Spencer. It's all I can ask about. And thank you Ashley. I am so sorry I misjudged you. Now I leave you two.. Thank you again"

"Paula, do you want to see our daughter?"

"Ehm.. I.. don't know.."

"Come.. It's ok.."

Christine still was holding her baby sister. When Paula came inside the living room everyone stood still. Even her son and husband..

"Gramma.. come and see my baby sister. Isn't she pretty?"

"Yes, she is honey. She looks like your mother"

"I know. Momma is pretty too. That's why mommy love her too much"

"Can I hold her?" I just nodded. I could see that Paula Carlin had changed. I saw it in her eyes. "She is beautiful Spencer. Very beautiful. You both did a great job. I am happy for you"


Paula gave our baby girl back to Spencer. She looked back to us..

"It was nice seeing you all here. Take care of your family Ashley"

"I will. Thank you"

She was standing at the door ready to open it when Spencer came close..

"I will call you mom."

"I'll be waiting. Bye.."

And here we are today.. 13 years later.. And I am outside my daughters door ready to wake her up..

"Sweetie.. wake up.. It's late.."

"mmm.. five more seconds.."

"Alicia, come on.. You know it's your sister's graduation today.."

"mmm.. five more seconds.."

"Alicia Marie Davies if you don't wake up right now forget your pc for a week.."

"Come on mom.. It's not fair.."

"I expect you be downstairs in 5 minutes.."

Alicia is like me.. Always a heavy sleeper.. She has my temper but she is noble like Spencer. She sees the good inside all people. Alicia and Christine are fighting more of the times but they love each other very much. Christine still sees her as her baby sister and wants to protect her and that is what sets off their altercations..

"Did she wake up?"

"She knows that if she is not downstairs in five minutes she will have to pay the price"

"Ash.. did you tell her about her pc again?"

"It's the only way"

"Mom's I have to go.. I have to be there earlier for the sitting rehearsal. Ok? Love you both" she kissed us and left.. I was looking my watch to see if Alicia would be down in 2 minutes. She is like me.. She doesn't like anyone to tell her what to do. And when she is threatened she does the opposite. But she knows that today is a special day for her sister..

"Ash.. don't be harsh on her.."

"Spence.. this day is important. Ok? She knows that."

"I am sure she knows that.." she came closer and kissed me on my lips tenderly..

"Why oh why do I have to see that every day? And I didn't even open my eyes yet.."

"Goodmorning baby" Spencer said and walked to her side. She took her in her arms and kissed her chick.. Morning rituals..

"Hey mom.."

"I made pancakes.. Do you want French toast maybe?'

"No, I am ok mom. Thanks.. What time do we have to be there?"

"Well they have some rehearsal. But the ceremony it's at 11 oclock.."

"And you woke me up from 8?" she let her head touch the table

"Don't be a drama queen Alicia.."

"Mom.. you wake me up like 3 hours earlier.. I could be ready in half an hour.."

"Ash.. I can see that our daughter is like you in every way"

"What we can say love.. We love our sleep.. Isn't it princess?"

"Oh, yes mom. Definitely.."

"What am I going to do with you too?"

"Love us?" we both said unison with our same grin.. No one could resist us..


"We are here.. Where is everyone?"

"Ash, baby.. We are an hour earlier. Mom and dad told me yesterday that they would come the same hour as we are. Kyla and Aiden maybe come a little bit later and Glen and Felicity maybe be late just a little.." Yes, Glen Carlin found his true love and her name was Felicity. I approved of her..

"But it's my daughter's graduation. They have to be here."

"Ash.. you are cute.."

"I don't do cute Spence.. How many times do I have to say that to you?"

"Maybe another 13 years?"

"Maybe more.."

"I am so ready baby.."

"Me too.." I leaned to kiss her but for another time this day we were interrupted by Spencer's parents this time.. They were in time indeed.

"Hey girls. Did we interrupt anything?"

"Nah.. only my Spencer time"



"What time does it start?"

"In half an hour.."

"I can't believe that my granddaughter graduates today"

"I know.. You tell me Paula. I can't believe it myself. Thank God she won't leave. She got accepted in the UCLA"

"You must be very happy"

"Oh I am"

"Ash was very happy actually. She didn't want to say goodbye to her little girl.."

"Hey I have attachment issues."

"All mothers do Ashley. Don't listen to Spencer"

"Thank you Paula. Only you can understand how I feel"

"Where is Alicia?"

"Somewhere with her girlfriend I suppose"

"But she is too young to be in a relationship"

"Mom, Ash had relationships when she was younger than Alicia. And we know her girlfriend and she is a very good girl."

"Then I am ok.."

"Don't worry Paula.. I double checked the girl when I met her."

"Oh, yes she did. She was inspector gadget.."

"Hey.. like I would let anyone to touch my daughter if I didn't know anything about them"

"Of course you wouldn't baby"

"Sss.. It's starting.."

"Where is Alicia?"

"I am here mom.. Cool yourself.."

"Hi, Mrs Spencer, Hi Mrs Ashley"

"Hi, Susan. How are you?"

"Fine Mrs Spencer.." I leaned to Alicia's side..

"We will have the talk when we got home"

"Sash mom.. Christine's graduation is starting" she is definitely a Davies.. Definitely..

"Mom's how it was?"

"Perfect honey.. You looked great.."

"I know.."

"I wonder when my daughter became so full of herself" Spencer said looking at me..

"Hey, don't look at me.. It is not my fault.."

"It's not our fault we look great in everything. Don't we mom?"

"Oh, yes baby girl"

"Mom, I am not a baby girl anymore. I am 18"

"For me you will always be my baby girl.."

"Yes, asshole.. And I am not your baby sister.. I am 13 you know"

"You will always be my baby sister either you like or not"

"You were great sis up there. All we Davies girls are"

"And what about me? Am I not a Davies girl?" Spencer said with a sad face.. Me and my girls looked each other and told her..

"You are THE DAVIES girl mom" we hugged her and kissed her and I wouldn't want this any other way.. My girls and I..

Alicia and Christine followed the others and I just stayed behind with Spencer..

"We did a great job eh?"

"yes, we did baby.."

"We have two amazing daughters and I have you Ash"

"As I have you.. You are my love Spence.. My one and forever"

"I am so in love with you.."

Our love is something I didn't expect to find.. But 15 years ago I found it waiting for me in the reception of my hotel.. I found my one and only and I was complete.. Love is an amazing thing.. It really takes you away. As Spencer's love did for me.. Our love for ever..


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