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Summary: Minato found another way to defeat Kyuubi, and sealed half of the Bijuu's chakra in each of his younger siblings, while the Kyuubi's soul was sent to hell. His siblings are considered hero's, and he is forced to walk in their shadow.

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Minato sat in his office chair, rushing through the menagerie of scrolls all over the place. He had looked through every sealing scroll, jutsu scroll, hell he had even checked the forbidden scrolls Kinjutsu section. But he could find no other option…

He looked out his window, to see a giant nine-tailed fox attacking the village, its mere presence burning the walls it touched. He had sent out his top shinobi to hold back the beast by any means necessary…to no avail.

He had but one option left, he had to use the Shiki Fuin seal, a contract with the Shinigami himself. The jutsu would allow him to seal the Kyuubi away inside a newborn baby, thus ensuring that the Kyuubi would never be able to raise a single claw to harm Konoha ever again.

But…there were several issues with this option…

The only babies born recent enough to have the Kyuubi sealed inside of them were his three newborn children. One of them would have a demons sealed inside of their body for the rest of their life…he knew how Jinchuriki were treated, and did not wish to force that on either of his two sons, or his single daughter.

The other issue was the fact that the seal would degrade over time, and the risk of the Kyuubi escaping increased as more of its chakra was used. He knew people would attempt to abuse the child, and the risk of injuries meant the Kyuubi would do everything it could to keep the host alive, further degrading the seal. By Minato's rough estimations, even if the child was left alone, the seal would break and shatter when its host turned forty or so.

The last issue, and the one deciding his choice…was the fact that using the Shiki Fuin would make it so Minato's soul would belong to the Shinigami, he would be devoured, and forced to endure unending hell, fighting against all who used the Shiki Fuin, or were consumed by the Shinigami. He would never be able to see his children grow, he would never be able to see them become shinobi…he would not even know when they died.

Those three issues were the very reason he was looking through the scrolls, the very reason he was searching through places he would normally deem forbidden. He wanted to see his children grow, he wanted to protect his village, he wanted to assure it was safe.

But now it seemed…he was left with no other option, than to use the Shiki Fuin seal.

He collapsed into his chair, "I have no choice…forgive me my beloved." He looked at the single ring on his finger, and stood up, "DAMN!!!" he smashed his fist into his desk, cracking it, "I have finally achieved everything I ever wanted in life…and this happens!!!" he looked out the window as the Kyuubi met the wall, but was pushed back by several large summons.

He looked down at the shattered remains of his desk, "I guess I better get going…" he was about to go to the hospital and grab his first born…when he noticed a piece of paper sticking out from inside the desk remains. He reached down and picked it up, and looked at its contents.

His eyes widened, a grin plastering his features as he practically giggled, "Yes…yes…OH KAMI YES!!!" he jumped in the air and danced around, "The solution is perfect…" he ran out the door, screaming thanks to Kami.

A Few Minutes Later, Hospital

Minato barged into the room where his wife and his three newborn triplets were, and found Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Sarutobi in the room, "Jiraiya-sensei, Tsunade-san, Hiruzen-sama?"

Jiraiya nodded his head, "Minato, you can't use the Shiki Fuin, one of us will do the sealing. You are still young, and have a family to take care of."

Minato chuckled, 'Don't worry Jiraiya-sensei…" he pulled up the scroll and passed it to Jiraiya, "I don't have to use the Shiki Fuin."

Jiraiya took the scroll and unfurled it…

Satsu no Reikon, this jutsu was developed by the Shodaime Hokage when he managed to translate a tablet in the possession of the Uchiha clan. The tablet tells of the history of the Bijuu and the Rikoudo Sennin, as well as the jutsu used to split the original Jubi into the nine Bijuu. I have nowhere near the amount of power the Rikoudo Sennin does, so there is no way I will be able to perform such a jutsu, but I managed to create this mock-up jutsu, it will split a Bijuu from its power, the power can than be sealed away inside a common object, or to create a Pseudo Jinchuriki.

However, the raw power behind the Bijuu's chakra, without a strong enough host will result in the sealed object to either release the chakra, forcing it to find a new host, or for it to convert the chosen host into a new Bijuu.

To solve this problem, the Bijuu's power must be split equally between two infants, while the Bijuu's soul is banished from this plane of existence.

However, the two individuals must be newborns, and they must not be more than three minutes apart from each other in age. If they are, the sealing will become unstable, and the Bijuu will use the bodies of the infants to reform itself.

Jiraiya looked up at Minato, "It's brilliant, you stop the Kyuubi once and for all, and you don't die."

Minato sighed, "Yes, but if my children are more than three minutes apart in age, than Kyuubi will break free and reform itself."

Tsunade stood up and smiled, "Well, lucky for us…your two youngest children are no more than a minute apart. Your first born was born five minutes ago, so we can't use him."

Minato sighed in relief, "Thank goodness…" Minato walked over to the three cribs and looked inside.

In the first crib was his first-born son Naruto, he was practically a carbon copy of himself.

In the middle crib, was his second born child, his daughter Asuka, looked like a carbon copy of her mother.

In the last crib was his youngest child, his second born son Takeshi, he looked more like his mother, but still had some of his own characteristics.

Minato picked up Asuka and Takeshi and turned towards Jiraiya, "Make sure my wife is safe."

Jiraiya nodded, "I will Minato…"

Minato nodded his head as he tossed up one of his Hiraishin Kunai, before he vanished in a flash of light.

Konoha's walls

Minato appeared in a flash of light on the walls of Konoha, the Kyuubi was being held back by the boss summons of the dog and turtle contracts, Kakashi suddenly appeared next to Minato, panting from chakra exhaustion.

"Minato-sensei, we have a serious issue! Mine and Gai's summons can't hold him off forever, in a matter of minutes; the Kyuubi will be at our front door"

Minato nodded, "You and Gai have done well, for now… want everyone to pull back. I will finish this myself."

Kakashi's eyes widened, "Minato-sensei, how could you possibly think that…" Kakashi stopped as Minato snapped at him.

"That is an order Kakashi!" Kakashi stepped back as he bowed.

"Hai, sensei…alright" he yelled towards the shinobi in back, "Everybody pull back now!" the shinobi quickly complied as they used whatever means possible to run, whether it be by Shunshin, or by simply running, they did it.

Minato stared at Kyuubi as the two boss' holding him back disappeared in a puff of smoke. He looked down at his two children, "It's now or never…" he set the two down and went through the hand seals he had learned from the scroll, "Satsu no Reikon!" his arms were coated in a golden chakra as he held his arms out, the energy shot from his arms and towards Kyuubi, engulfing the demon in its ethereal light.

Kyuubi began to roar as it tried to break free of the binds. Suddenly it screamed in pain as its body began to tear itself open as red chakra began to pour out of it. Finally the chakra completely tore out of the Kyuubi as its body disintegrated into ash and dust.

Minato looked as the light from his arms held two items…a crimson red chakra…and a translucent object in the shape of a kitsune.

He turned his attention towards the translucent kitsune, which he assumed was Kyuubi's soul, "Begone!" he closed his fist, and the kitsune scattered into particles, leaving only the red chakra.

He turned his attention towards the chakra, "Now…Split!" he slammed his palms together into a snake sign, and the chakra began to bubble and tear. The single bubble of chakra was slowly becoming two.

Minato was sweating bullets as he tried to get the chakra completely equal, 'Come on, come on…work!' he used every last bit of energy he had left and focused it on splitting the chakra perfectly in two, "WORK!"

The chakra split apart and formed into two orbs of red chakra…equal in size, shape, and chakra…Minato Namikaze had done it.

Minato smiled as he formed his hands into a rooster sign, "Fuin!" the chakra shot towards the two newborns, and shot into their undeveloped chakra coils. The two winced and cried for a bit as the chakra adhered itself to their coils. Finally the chakra completely went inside of their bodies…the two infants glowed for a few moments before the glow receded, leaving the two infants, sound asleep.

Minato fell to his knees as he panted in exhaustion…he couldn't believe it, he just couldn't believe it. At long last…at long last, the Kyuubi was gone for good, and his children were the ones that helped him accomplish this.

He picked up the two infants and smiled, "My children, you two…are the heroes today."

Hospital, Ten Minutes Later

Minato appeared in the hospital room and set his two children in their cribs, and sat in a chair, "Man, if there was ever a time where I was tired out…now would be that time."

Jiraiya chuckled as he entered the room, "Yeah, I wonder how you are going to relax after this. Especially with how clingy your wife is."

Minato sighed as a light chuckle left his lips, "Yes, my darling can be quite…clingy. But besides that, we succeeded, and the Kyuubi is no more."

Jiraiya let out a breath of relief as he sat next to Minato, "Good, we wouldn't want this to happen…" he passed Minato a scroll, "I found this inside the remains of the desk…read it."

Minato took the paper and looked at it…it was signed by the Shodaime Hokage.

I tried to use the Satsu no Reikon to destroy the Hachibi, Yamato no Orochi, and the Sanbi, Isonade. But the jutsu only served to release them from the bonds they had, and allowed them to forge new ones.

When I tried to split the Hachibi, the chakra only partially split, leaving a small fragment to travel away from the main source… the rest of it traveled towards a bull corpse that was near an octopus corpse. Somehow the chakra of the Hachibi forced the two creatures to merge into one, and forced it to reform into a new Hachibi. I managed to use my Mokuton abilities to capture this one, but the other fragment traveled away on the wind.

The destruction of Isonade was only partially successful, I managed to destroy the Isonade's soul, but somehow, part of the Isonade managed to survive and ended up floating down the river. When I tried to seal away the Bijuu's chakra, I lost focus and forced the chakra into a turtle egg. I did not realize the sealing was unsuccessful until I discovered that a giant demonic turtle had been attacking riverside towns a few years later. I had not realized this as I had attempted to seal it inside an urn and then quickly buried the urn.

I have made more precautions to solve these issues, and have decided that rather than destroying the Bijuu, it would be better if I gave each Bijuu to one of our fellow nations. However, I will fix the scroll for the Satsu no Reikon, just in case we need to use it in the future.

Minato gasped as he looked at the information, "This is…what…what happened to the chakra, and the piece of Isonade?!" Jiraiya sighed as he sat back.

"Well, I will have to do a bit of digging, but I think I can find something."

Minato sighed as he sat back, "Alright…I need to sleep, wake me in the morning, I have a village to address."

Jiraiya nodded his head as he walked out of the room, leaving the family alone for the night…

Next Day

Minato stood on the top of the Hokage tower, looking over the village as the entire populace of Konoha.

He stepped forward, "People of Konoha, we have just been attacked by the most powerful demon known in existence, the Kyuubi no Yoko." the populace shouted as the Yondaime continued, "We lost many shinobi, friends, family even…but I stand here before you to give you great news, news that will rock the foundations of the elemental countries."

The entire population looked up at the Yondaime, wondering what the news was.

"As of last night…the Kyuubi no Yoko, was destroyed once and for all!"

The crowd was so shocked that they did not know how to respond, the Yondaime had just said the Kyuubi was killed…but how?!

One civilian decided to speak, "Yondaime-sama, how is it possible the Kyuubi is dead?!"

Minato looked at the civilian, "I used a special jutsu created by the Shodaime himself, and split the Kyuubi's soul away from his power. Its soul was banished to the netherworld, and its power was split in two, and sealed inside of my two youngest children."

Minato held his arms out and shouted, "Hear me Konoha, for although I may be the one who defeated the Kyuubi, the one who stopped it from rampaging any further…it was my children who stopped the great demon, for if they had not been born, then the Kyuubi's chakra would have broken free and simply reformed itself into a new Bijuu!" he shouted even louder, "My children will leave a legacy that will shatter the very pillars of the elemental countries, my daughter, Asuka Namikaze, and Takeshi Namikaze!!!"

The crowd cried in roars of joy and approval, cheering for their new heroes. Minato smiled as he headed towards his office…after all, that mountain of paperwork wasn't going to do itself.

Time Skip, three weeks later

Minato sat at his desk, he had sent Jiraiya out to find information on the piece of Isonade and the Hachibi's chakra fragment, if there was any sort of risk to their village, he was going to do everything in his power to make sure he knew about it to avoid another attack like Kyuubi.

Minato was about to stamp another document…when there was knocking at the door, "Enter…" the door opened to reveal Jiraiya walking in, looking extremely tired, "Jiraiya-sensei, you're back? I didn't expect you back for another few months."

Jiraiya grinned as he pulled out several scrolls, "Seems my spy network already had a good portion of the information, from there I looked through some history texts and found the rest of the info." he reached into his pocket and pulled out a folder, "That is what I managed to gather on the chakra fragment."

Minato opened the folder and looked inside, and found several drawings, paintings, and documents on a demon known as the Reibi no Menhiru.

The Reibi no Menhiru, a leech demon that wears a Noh mask with the kanji for zero on it. Its mere presence sends waves of fear into the hearts of all those who come near it. The demon has fed on the energy and life force of many a village. My own village was attacked by it, but for some reason, it only went after the most miserable people in our village, while the rest were spared.

But as the beast consumed more of the miserable individuals, it somehow grew stronger; our weapons had absolutely no affect on it.

We managed to capture the beast and locked it in a coffin made of chakra eating stone. It seems to keep the beast in. We have managed to bury the beast in an ancient burial ground in the lands of Hi no Kuni.

Minato stood and looked at Jiraiya, "Did you manage to find the burial site?!

Jiraiya sighed as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a rusted headband, "Yes…but this was all I found."

Minato took it and found it was a sky ninja head band from the hidden land of Sora no Kuni.

"If the ninja's of Sora no Kuni had the Reibi, it doesn't matter anymore, as they are all dead now." he reached into his jacket and pulled out a second folder, "As for Isonade, I managed to find this."

Minato took the folder and opened it…inside was a list of Kiri-nin who had become amphibious after they had been able to hold a great sword known as Samehada, on the next page was a picture of said blade.

The blade looked like it was made of shark teeth…but what was most terrifying was the fact that at the end of the blade, instead of a point, there was an open mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.

Jiraiya continued, "It seems that the Isonade has made Kiri stronger, currently the holder of Samehada is a young Kiri-nin by the name of Kisame Hoshigaki." he passed Minato a picture, revealing a young boy with tan skin and a straight smile. He had black hair that spiked up, and he had very beautiful green eyes.

Minato looked at Jiraiya, "Sensei…this boy doesn't look to be affected as these reports say."

Jiraiya took out another picture, "The photo you are looking at was taken three days before Samehada came into his hand" he placed the photo in front of Minato, "This was taken a week after he got the sword."

Minato looked at the picture…and was absolutely shocked.

The boy's skin had turned a pale blue color, his hair looked dark blue, and he had developed gill slits on his cheeks. His teeth now looked like they belonged in a shark's mouth, and his eyes were no longer green, they were a pure white, with a carnivorous and hungry look in them.

Jiraiya pointed to several other documents, "Also, there were some reports of one or two of these swordsmen…merging with the blade. Nobody managed to get a clear view, but a few people mentioned a large shark-like man washing away entire buildings with each step it took."

Minato kept staring at the reports…if what Jiraiya said was true, then the other villages would be using these demons to make themselves stronger. Which put Konoha at a disadvantage…he folded his hands in front of his face, "Thank you Jiraiya…you are dismissed."

The Sannin bowed and walked out the door, "Oh and Jiraiya…" the Sannin turned around, "Please have my wife come here soon."

Jiraiya nodded as he headed out the door.

Minato sat back in his chair, thinking on what he had just learned.

Sora no Kuni was in possession of the Reibi no Menhiru, for a time at least, and if what he heard from old stories is true, then they were the most formidable enemies Konoha had faced up to that point. Kiri also had the power of a Bijuu under their thumb, and could utilize it as a weapon far easier than they could a Jinchuriki.

This put Konoha at a disadvantage, not only did they not have a Jinchuriki, but they were also severely weakened from the Kyuubi attack…this left him one option to keep this village safe.

There was knocking on the door, "Come in…" the door opened to reveal a woman with pale skin, and long black hair, she had beautiful cyan colored eyes, and she had an impressive figure. She was wearing a Kimono that looked like it should be on a daimyo's wife.

The woman smiled as she walked towards Minato, "Hello Minato-kun…"

Minato smiled as he stood and walked over to her, "Hello Suki-chan…" Minato embraced the woman in a hug as he planted a kiss on her lips.

Minato broke the kiss and smiled, "How are you doing my beloved…your cousin ok?"

Suki nodded, "Yes Minato-kun, Inoichi is a tough guy. So…why did you call me here?"

Minato's face immediately turned serious, "Suki-chan, it involves the future of Konoha."

Suki immediately looked at Minato as he began to explain the plan…

Little did she know, or anybody know, that this plan would change the world, forever.

WHAAAAAAAAT?!?! Kushina isn't Naruto's mother?! Who is this woman?! WHY AM I ASKING YOU THESE QUESTIONS?!?!?!

So no...Naruto does not contain Kyuubi, instead his two younger siblings contain the demon lords chakra. How will this change events in the future, and where will it lead to?

BTW, the idea for the Hacibi and the Sanbi, I got them from sexy beast1500, read his stories, they are pretty good.

I hope you all enjoyed the explanation towards the Hachibi and the Sanbi. I personally think it is good.