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It was a sunny morning, except for the occasional cloud here and there. The birds were chirping as the village of Konoha came to life with bustling crowds of people. Stores began to open as parents went to drop off their kids to school.

Currently, Naruto, Lilith, and Kushina were finishing up with getting ready.

Naruto was stuffing his bag with various scrolls that he needed for side training at the academy, pencils, notepads, and a small kunai knife. He quickly hoisted it onto his shoulder and looked towards Kushina.

Kushina had reverted to her Yoko form, and was wearing a small coat with the kanji for fire over her shoulders much like what Kakashi's ninken wore. She nuzzled against Naruto's leg and was swiftly hoisted up and placed on top of Naruto's head, where she proceeded to nestle herself in, creating a small bed for herself.

Chuckling, Naruto looked over to Lilith...and groaned slightly, "Lilith...what are you wearing?"

Lilith was wearing the same outfit she had worn when she first arrived...not something that should be typically worn to school.

Lilith shrugged, "What? This is how I normally dress."

Naruto began to massage his temples, "Yes but..." he sighed in exasperation, "Never mind...come on, let's get going." he headed towards the door with Lilith skipping behind him as they headed downstairs. They saw Kakashi Hatake standing in the doorway reading his perverted novel.

Naruto scowled towards the last living Hatake, and coughed.

Kakashi blinked twice, then turned his head towards Naruto, Lilith, and Kushina; then proceeded to give them an eye smile, "Oh,Naruto, how nice to see you." he pocketed his novel and turned towards the three.

Naruto sighed, "By any chance would you know where my father is?"

Kakashi scratched the back f his head nervously keeping up the eye smile, "Uhm, I am sorry Naruto, but your father left to do some business at the Hokage tower. It was vital an-"

"It involves Takeshi and Asuka, doesn't it." he stated more than asked.

Kakashi seemed to sweat a little bit and averted his gaze, "Uhm...well you see-"

Naruto cut him off, "Forget about it, at least tell me where my mother is."

Kakashi prodded sweat dropped, "Funny story, you see-"

"She is with my father, isn't she?"

Kakashi chuckled softly, "Uhm, yes actually..."

Naruto growled to himself, 'Damn it, they two of them are so preoccupied with Asuka and Takeshi that they can't even come to my first day at the academy!' he sighed and hoisted his bag over his shoulders, making certain not to hit Kushina as he did so and headed towards the door with Lilith following.

Kakashi followed them out the door, "Oh, by the way Naruto. I will not be able to stay for the graduation ceremony since-" Kakashi stopped as he noticed Naruto was not even paying attention to him. Sighing to himself, he followed after the blond and the pink haired hybrid towards the academy.

Kushina and Lilith cast glances at the blond, who had an angry twitch in his left eye.

Kushina sighed inwardly as she nuzzled herself in Naruto's hair. It must have been terrible for Naruto that his own parents had not even taken the time to see Naruto off on his first day at the academy.

Lilith had the same feelings as Kushina did...though she knew how much it hurt when a parent neglected their child in favor of another.

The trio kept walking to the academy as Kakashi watched them...reading his perverted novel.


A small river with a young girl about seven or eight years of age sitting in the middle as she used an oddly bent branch to brush her hair. She reached over to the side and grabbed what looked like a bowl with some odd paste in it that looked like crushed flowers and berries and took a scoop full of the paste, then lathered her hair with the stuff. Once she had lathered her hair as best as she could, she dunked her head under the water and scrubbed away what was apparently soap...then she exited the stream.

She had long silky black hair with violet highlights, her skin was unnaturally pale, and her eyes were a light green color and had snake-like slits in them.

She covered her chest and walked behind and bush and took out what were apparently her clothes. She quickly put them on, then threw over a poncho which looked to have been made out of tent tarp and headed off in the direction of the village.

Behind her, the bushes rustled as a light hissing sound could be heard, and a large amount of snakes came slithering out of the forest after the girl


Naruto and Lilith finally arrived at the academy, Kushina was still sitting on Naruto's head, and a tick mark was revealed on everyone's forehead as they cast glares at Kakashi.

"Why did you bring us through the book store you oaf?" Naruto shouted at Kakashi, who was now holding up a new perverted novel.

Kakashi smiled, "Because it is my job to keep an eye on you, and you are not supposed to leave my sight. So I brought you in with me."

Lilith grumbled under her breath, 'Damn lecher...'

The four stopped in front of the academy, and Kakashi turned around, "Alright, this is where I take my leave...Ja-ne." he dissappeared in a Shunshin, leaving Naruto, Lilith, and Kushina at the front gates of the academy.

Naruto sighed and turned towards the front entrance of the academy and walked in with Lilith following.

They had already noticed that they were one of the last few showing up, as they saw that all the other clan heirs were there, along with most of the civilians who would be entering the academy. As soon as they saw him, they began to whisper amongst themselves.

'Is that...?'

'Yes, Yondaime-sama's eldest son.'

'He doesn't look like much, but if he is Yondaime-sama's kid then he is bound to be powerful.'

'Nothing like his siblings of course.'

'Ah yes, the village hero's, he will never outbest them.'

Naruto sneered underneath his breath as he heard the voices whispering about him as if he was not there.

Kushina noticed his plight, and gave the people whispering as best a glare as she could as the hair on her body stood on end to give her a more imposing look. It made a few people shy off, but most made new whispers, this time involving Kushina.

Lilith frowned at the people and grabbed Naruto by the arm, "Come on Naruto, let's get to class." she began to drag him off.

Naruto rolled his eyes at Lilith actions...then his eyes froze as he noticed something.

There was a little girl around his age sitting on the swing in the academy grounds. She looked up, as if feeling somebody watching her. Her eyes stayed on him for a second, then turned away as she went back to looking at her feet.

This confused Naruto, as most people tended to be shocked or surprised. This girl however was not.

Kushina and Lilith noticed Naruto's expression, though Lilith was the only one who voiced it, "What's wrong Naruto?"

Naruto looked at Lilith, "Have either of you seen that girl before by any chance?"

Lilith and Kushina turned towards whom Naruto was indicating, and shook their heads, "Nope, never seen her before in my life."

Kushina shook her head no...

Naruto sighed and looked back at the girl, who was now heading into the school. He sighed again and shook his head before heading in the building towards his class.


Naruto and Lilith had been assigned the same instructor for the academy, and sat next to each other. Kushina curled up in Naruto's lap and proceeded to sleep.

Lilith giggled as she noticed how comfortable Kushina had gotten, "Awww, that is so Kawaii!"

Naruto grumbled under his breath and looked around to see who was in the classroom...and his eyes widened slightly as he saw who was there.

The girl from that morning was sitting in the far corner of the classroom alone. She was sitting near the wall rather than near a window, and by the looks of it, most people were avoiding her and casting er cruel looks. Unlike the other kids, who were enamored and in awe of the fact they were in the academy...she was simply staring at her desk.

He also found her looks a bit odd...she had silky black hair, violet highlights, and unnaturally pale skin by the looks of it. She was wearing an odd outfit, which looked like it had been made from an assortment of various clothes sewn together.

As Naruto continued to observe her, the doors to the classroom opened to reveal their instructor.

A man with a Chunin vest, tannish skin, and a pineapple style hairdo with a scar across his nose was holding a clipboard.

He looked over the class, "Alright everybody settle down, everybody come to attention!" he walked down the stairs and stopped in front of the classroom, "Now, all of you know that you have taken the first steps on your path to becoming a Shinobi of Konoha. I will be your instructor for the next four years...sadly my assistant was not able to come today because of a cold. But anyways, we will all be heading outside to the training field where there will be an assembly."

Naruto sighed and was about to get up...when he suddenly ahd to hold his ears, "WHAT?"

Lilith and Kushina grabbed their ears...or, in Kushina's case covered her head with her paws as they all turned in the direction of the shrieking.

Sakura Haruno, heir to the Haruno family. A merchant guild that had been around for the last twenty years. They were a strange family...and not in the good way.

Sakura continued to vent, "We were just outside, what the hell was the point of having us come inside you moron?"

Iruka rubbed his ears, 'Why did they let someone as loud as her into the academy?' he shook his head and glared at her, "Firs of all, you WILL show respect to your superiors, or will throw you out of the academy...secondly, we had you come in because it is tradition, you got a problem with that, take it up with the Hokage!"

Sakura yelped and shrunk under Iruka's gaze, "H-hai s-sensei."

Iruka growled and turned towards the class, "Everyone follow me!" he headed towards the doorway as all the other students followed him.

Naruto stood up as he picked Kushina up in his arms, who nuzzled into his chest cutely, while Lilith crossed her arms as she headed outside.

Naruto looked towards the girl again, who seemed to be waiting for everybody to leave. She must have felt that she was being watched as her ear twitched and she looked up. Her eyes widened a moment before she turned away, quivering lightly.

Naruto raised an eyebrow and shook his head, then headed outside after the rest of his class.


Standing on a platform were four individuals, all of whom looked to be rather old...but were some of the most dangerous individuals in the entire village.

The first figure was an elderly woman, she had gray hair tied in a double bun. She wore a simple kimono and had a squinted look in her eyes. Her name was Koharu Utatane.

The second figure was an elderly man, he had gray hair that was partially spiky, a large gray bear, and wore a set of glasses. He wore a simple kimono like Koharu, and had a frown adorning his face. His name was Homura Mitokado.

The third figure was also an elderly man who had graying hair as well, and a gray goatee. He had some liver spots here and there, and he had a series of lines extending from below his eyes. He wore a simple Kimono, but on the back it had a series of kanji on the back. His name was Hiruzen Sarutobi.

The fourth and final figure was another elderly man who walked with a cane. He had his right eye bandaged up. He had scraggly black hair, and an x shaped scar on his chin. He wore a white shirt with a brown robe over top that covered his feet, along with his right arm, which was likely injured since it was splinted against his body. His name was Danzo Shimura.

The four elders watched as the students piled out of the academy. Danzo in particular was watching closely.

When the students finally assembled, Hiruzen Sarutobi stepped up, "Attention...you have all been gathered here for a special announcement. As of late, the head administrator for the academy has seen fit to retire. So we are now going to introduce the new head administrator for the academy. Under his guidance, you shall be placed under a new regiment of training approved by the Yondaime himself, and supervised by our top Chunin and Jonin instructors." he pointed to his side, "I introduce your new head administrator...Danzo Shimura."

Danzo limped forward and bowed lightly, "Thank you Hiruzen-sama, thank you..." he turned to the assortment of students, "I am honored to take up the task of instructing the next generation of Shinobi and Kunoichi, and look forward to seeing all of you become the best you can be. Under my guidance I will ensure that each and every one of you, should you apply yourselves, shall become worthy Shinobi or Konohagakure no Sato."

Sakura scoffed, "Oh please, you are just a crippled old man, what can you possibly teach us?"

Iruka was about to scold Sakura, "Is that so young missie?" Iruka turned his head towards Danzo, who cast a calculating glance towards Sakura.

Sakura crossed her arms, "Yeah!"

Danzo sighed, "I see..." then vanished immediately.

Sakura suddenly felt a cold chill on her neck. She quickly spun her head around to see Danzo staring down at her with a cold look in his eye.

Danzo kept up the cold look as he spoke, "I may be a 'crippled old man' as you say, but I am no less dangerous than I was in the second Shinobi war, when I took down an entire battallion of enemy Shinobi when one of them utterly destroyed my right arm."

Sakura shivered uncontrollably as she began to whimper as Danzo reappeared back on the stage.

Everyone was staring at Danzo in awe as he moved up to the front of the stage.

Naruto was looking at Danzo, 'Hmmm, he might be able to teach me something...hopefully.'

Danzo coughed once and spoke up again, "Now, when you return to your classrooms, you will all be starting on the standard lectures you will receive for the first two months of the academy. Be sure to pay attention and listen to your instructors. We will not be going over these lectures for some time, as the rest of the academy will consist of training you all to become future Shinobi of the leaf."

Sasuke Uchiha scoffed and spoke up, "Please, like I need to waste my time with lectures, I am an elite, I will probably pass the academy early like Itachi-niisan."

Danzo turned towards Sasuke, "Your brother passed because his skills outclassed even the Chunin instructors here, and he was shown to be a prodigy. Even if you prove to be that in the academy, unlike the old head administrator, I will not be allowing you to graduate early. You will be moved to a more advanced class if you prove to be further along then the others. Am I clear?"

Sasuke growled under his breath and crossed his arms not bothering to answer.

Danzo sighed and turned towards the students, "You are all now dismissed, head to your classes immediately."

The students obliged and headed to their classrooms, some more eager than others.

Lilith sighed and crossed her arms over her chest, "Come on Naruto, let's get going. I doubt the instructor will be happy if we miss our lectures."

Naruto grumbled underneath his breath and was about to follow...when he noticed the young girl from that morning run up to Hiruzen, who was giving the girl a warm smile. She proceeded to hug his leg as the former Hokage lightly patted the top of her head.

Naruto was confused at this...why was she so special to the Sandaime? Was she a relative of him...she sure as hell did not look like it.

Kushina noticed where Naruto was looking, and using her tail she brushed it across his eyes as she whispered in his ear, "Naruto, come on, we are going to be late."

Naruto was broken out of his trance and looked at Kushina, "Right." and he headed over towards Lilith, but cast one last glance at the young girl. She was smiling softly towards the Sandaime before she headed off towards the school. She had a light frown on her face as she looked at the school.


Naruto had not even bothered to pay attention to the lectures, as he already knew everything they were talking about...chakra theory, Ninjutsu lectures, Genjutsu, and even lectures on Taijutsu. It was so boring that he opted to turn towards the only object of interest in the room...

The pale skinned girl.

For some odd reason, she was not like the other members of the class, who were idiotic morons, she seemed different. He noticed that she saw him as a normal human being, not the Yondaime's son. It was odd really.

'RING' Naruto was broken out of his observing of her as the lunch bell rang. The students quickly began to pile out of the room as they eagerly grabbed their lunch bags.

Naruto stood up and was about to head to the door...when he had to stop suddenly so as to not ram into the girl he had been observing.

She had light green eyes with a snake-like slit to them, and she looked rather nervous and shaken. She swallowed slightly and asked, "M-may I...?"

Naruto looked at her quizzically, then stepped back, allowing her to move past him. She muttered out a thank you and sprinted towards the door as she shielded herself, as if afraid to be struck.

Naruto's actions had been noticed by Kushina and Lilith...and they had enough of it. Lilith grabbed Naruto by the shoulder as Kushina started batting him on the forehead with her paws as they both asked at the same time, "What is wrong with you Naruto?"

Naruto looked at the two, "She is interesting..." the two girls raised an eyebrow at that, "Besides you two, she seems to be the only one here who doesn't see me as the Yondaime's son. I noticed that every time she noticed me watching her, she did not even glance twice, while everyone else would normally greet me as if I were a prince. She just looked at me as if I was a normal human...that's it."

Lilith and Kushina nodded their heads in realization, "Oh..."

Naruto sighed, "Well, let's get going to lunch you two." he reached up and grabbed his and Kushina's bag, while Lilith grabbed hers as they headed outside.

As they opened the door, they quickly headed over to the tree in the shade. Naruto sat himself down on one side while Lilith sat next to him as they got out their lunch. They were about to dig in when Naruto noticed the same girl from before sitting alone eating.

Naruto watched her for a few moments, "Man, she does not even try to associate with people...I wonder why that is."

Lilith shrugs her shoulders, "Who knows, she is probably shy."

Naruto sighs and looks back at the girl...and his eyes narrow at the sight.

Three older boys were surrounding her and apparently harassing her. One boy grabbed her bento box and threw it to the ground and spat on it. While another one shoved her to the ground as they began to laugh at her.

Naruto, Lilith, and Kushina were disgusted by the three boys and were about to go stop them...when they froze as they noticed something off.

The young girl was clenching her fists as her eyes gained a dark look to them, they yellowed slightly as the slit in her eyes narrowed as her eyes gained a murderous look.

Naruto, Lilith, and Kushina knew the feeling all that the girl was releasing...

She was about to kill the three boys.

Lilith's eyes widened as she noticed something else about the girl, "Naruto she's-"

Naruto did not pay Lilith any mind as he ran over to the girl with Chunin-like speeds.

The young girl flexed her fingers as she readied herself to attack the boys...but suddenly stopped when someone stood in front of the bullies with a dark look in his eyes.

The first bully was shocked at first, then frowned, "Why the hell is the Yondaime's son protecting this thing?"

The second bully sneered, "Yeah, move so we can show the snake bitch her place!"

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Leave her alone."

The final bully scoffed, "Yeah, and what are you going to do if we don't?"

Naruto looked at the bully, not making any motions that he heard what he said.

The bully scoffed, "HA! I knew it, you are all bark and no bi-CRUNCH!" Naruto smashed his fist into the boys face, maing him fall back with a broken and bloody nose.

Naruto cracked his knuckles, "Anyone else?"

The other two quickly sprinted away as the last one got up and fled squealing in terror.

The girl had lost her dark aura, and had returned to her old nature, and was shocked by what had occurred. For the first time in her life, somebody had stood up for her. She just stood there staring into space as she processed this.

'Hello...' The girl blinked dumbly for a few seconds as she was broken out of her trance, and she looked up to see the cerulean blue eyes of her savior, "You alright there?"

The girl only was able to nod as she kept staring at him.

Naruto smiled...then frowned as he looked around, then back at her, "Why are you sitting alone? Don't you have any friends?"

The girl shrugged...then gave him a sad smile, "No...I don't have any friends, it's always been that way."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, then looked back towards Kushina and Lilith, who were sitting there, watching him as he interacted with the girl curiously. He looked back at the girl with a small smile, "Well if that is the case, would you like to come and sit with us?"

The girls eyes widened in shock. This boy, who she had just met was offering her a place with him and his friends. He raised her arms and shook her head, "Oh no, I...I don't w-wish to intr-trude."

Naruto smiled and shook his head, "No worries, you would not be intruding, in fact, I would be glad if you joined me for lunch."

The girl was so shocked by the sudden invitation that she could only nod in acceptance. She followed Naruto back to the tree, where the dark pink haired girl and a two tailed fox were sitting.

Naruto smiled towards the two, "Hey Lilith, Kushina...is it alright if I invite her over? She was sitting all by herself over there, so I thought she could use the company."

Lilith smiled, "Why of course she can, right Kushina?" she looked down at the fox sitting in her lap, who yipped in agreement.

The girl nervously sat down as Naruto took his seat next to Lilith and smiled at her, "Well, how about we all introduce ourselves...my name is Naruto Namikaze."

The girls eyes widened for a moment, "N-Namikaze?"

Naruto immediately regretted saying that as he sighed, "Yes, my name is Namikaze...and yes I am the Yondaime's son." Naruto sighed and grabbed his forehead, awaiting the prince-like praise...he should have known something like this was going to happen.

"Oh...I see."

Naruto snapped his head up and looked at the girl, mildly shocked, "Wait...you aren't going to give me prince-like praise like everyone else?"

The girl lowered her head shyly and shook her head, "N-no...is...is that a b-bad thing?"

Naruto smiled widely, "Are you kidding me, it is great! I am so sick and tired of having everyone giving me prince-like praise for my parents."

The girl blushed and twiddled her fingers together a bit nervously, "O-oh..."

Lilith giggled as she saw the girls reaction, "Awww, so kawaii." Lilith giggled a bit more, then coughed a bit, "Sory about that...anyways, my name is Lilith Hellscream." she picked up Kushina, "And this little fuzz ball is Kushina Uzumaki."

The girl stared at Kushina for a moment...then smiled, "She's cute..."

Naruto smiled and ruffled Kushina's fur, making her growl, "That she is." he looked at the girl, "So what is your name?"

The girl smiled softly, "My name is Eurayle..."

The four spent the rest of lunch talking to each other, getting to know each other. At first Eurayle was apprehensive about speaking out, but eventually she began to open up a bit more. When the bell finally rang the three walked inside as Kushina seated herself on Naruto's head and entered their classroom. The three sat together with Kushina sitting on Naruto's lap as the instructor entered the classroom.

Everybody was giving them strange looks because they were sitting with Eurayle, but paid them no mind.

Eurayle smiled softly as she sighed happily to herself, 'My first friends.' she felt a great amount of warmth in her body as she fully accepted that fact. She could not help but let a grin grace her features as the day went on.

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