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Buffy stretched as she exited The Bronze. Wrapping her coat around her a little more tightly, it was a fairly chilly night, and she needed to get home. She was already a little over her curfew, but only because she had lost track of the time as she danced. Walking as quickly as she could through the night her thigh length skirt swaying around her. She really wished that she had checked the time earlier! There was a strangely high crime rate in Sunnydale, most of them occurring at night.

Buffy looked behind her. She had the scary feeling that she was being followed. The feeling grew as she saw shadows moving past a lamp behind her. Suddenly wishing that she hadn't taken the shortcut through the alley to get home, Buffy sped up her pace. It was then that she heard the sound of motorbikes. The sound of their motors roaring in the once silent night. She let out a scared whimper as she looked around herself, she could see the beams of light, from the headlights as they drove around the alley she was trapped in. Buffy backed up a few steps a scared noise coming from her throat as she prayed that they'd drive away, and leave her alone.

She swung her head around when lights landed on her and she stumbled away from the imposing vehicles that were blocking one side of the alley. Swinging her head around again when she felt the warmth of more lights hitting her, and the sound of the engines turning off, to see that they had completely boxed her in. Buffy backed away as she watched them getting off their bikes, the bright lights hurting her eyes a little for a moment. They were all wearing beat up leather jackets and pants and had piercings and tattoos on them.

Buffy accidentally backed into an alley wall, her hazel eyes wide with fear, as they came towards her there imposing bodies looking far bigger than they really were. Nausea twisted in her gut. "Looky what we have here boys." One of the large men taunted.

"Look at those wide scared eyes, and those trembling lips. I bet she's a little virgin." Another crowed licking his lips as he eyed her. Buffy hand clutched the bag in her hand tighter, pressing herself further into the wall. Praying that she was having a nightmare.

"Ain't you a pretty little thing." The first one said grabbing her chin with his hand tilt her head this way and that.

Buffy jerked her head away. "Don't touch me!" Buffy yelled at them, causing a chuckle to run through the group of six men.

"Looks like we've got a fighter on our hands boys."

"Ooh good. Makes it more enjoyable."

"Virgin cunts always the best, so tight…"

"Oh and those screams there delightful."

Another chuckle went through the group, and Buffy whimpered, she bolted, or tried to bolt. Strong thick arms caught her easily, pushing her back, and into one of the other men, his arms going around her feeling her breasts through her jacket roughly, before he growled in annoyance ripping the jacket from her shoulders and off her body. Her hand bag which she had clutched like a lifeline falling to the ground with a thump. His large rough hands where back on her breasts, and he was rubbing something hard into her ass.

"No!" Buffy screamed as she struggled against her captors hold. "STOP IT!" She could feel other hands on her now. large hands running over her bare legs. A hand cupping between her legs, pushing aside her panties to feel her bare flesh, a finger being shoved roughly inside her, and another scream left her lips. Someone hooted with joy. "She's a virgin. Didn't I tell you she was a virgin!"

Buffy cried and screamed the finger that had been thrust into her dry passage hurt! And fear rushed through her, getting worse, making her struggle harder, which only made them grip her tighter. She felt a tongue run along the skin of her leg, and she screamed again, hoping that someone would coming running to her rescue. Her scream was cut off by a meaty tongue been forced into her mouth. The feeling making her feel sick.

Hands slipped under her top fondling her flesh roughly painfully. Their hands felt disgusting on her, but she couldn't seem to break away, nor could she tell who was holding her anymore, as she was thrust from one males arms to another. Their excited calls making her fear rise. Buffy felt another hand cup her roughly, and she heard a dark voice in her ear. "I'm gonna enjoy fucking the virgin out of you." Then Buffy heard a scream that wasn't her own, and the hand that had been touching her so intimately left and she hear the same voice mutter. "Fuck." Before dropping her on her ass. Buffy crawled over to the wall huddling in on herself as she cried, not being able to do much else in this moment, even though she knew she should take this god given opportunity to runaway.

"Looks like we've got a good Samaritan on our hands boys let show him what we do to people who spoil our fun." Buffy heard, and she couldn't help but look up from her knees to see who they were talking about. She could tell who they were talking about in an instant, as the man that was coming to her rescue fought with her attackers. He was more handsome then she could possibly believe, and was dressed nicer. His short black hair spiked with gel. He fought with what looked like a metal pole that he could have picked up from one of the garbage bins. As she watched he hit one of them upside the head, with a loud thunk making the man fall to the ground. Buffy made a strangled sound when they rushed the newcomer pinning him to the wall by his arms, a third guy delivering blows to his gut. The man giving grunts of pain with each blow.

Buffy wished that she wasn't so scared so that she could perhaps move and help him, but all she could do was watch. Relief flooded her when he broke free head butting one of his attackers, before kicking him in the groin. Shoving away the other two, he punched the one that was on his knees in the face sending him to the ground to. He turned to face the remaining four members of the gang that had attacked her, his body tense ready to fight them all, but the four backed away, before turning tail and running for their bikes, driving off without a backward glance at their fallen comrades.


Angel turned to look at the terrified girl that was sitting huddled against the wall. Dropping the pole from his hand to the ground with a clatter, he slowly made his way towards her. Wincing slightly with the pain he could feel in his gut. He was going to be bruised black and blue by tomorrow morning. He had no idea why he had come running when he heard this girls screams. He wasn't the type to fight for others. He just let things be as they may.

Bad things tended to happen when he fought, but something about her scream had called to him, catching his attention.

She had, had the gall to try and fight her attackers, or attempt to break free, and that he believed is what had made him step in. Why help those that wouldn't at least try to help themselves. Lowering himself down on his hunches in front of her, trying his best not to scare her anymore then she was already. "Are you hurt?" Angel asked, before realizing how stupid the question was. "Stupid question. Are you seriously hurt?" Angel corrected himself, liking the phrasing of his question better this time.

Angel sighed when all she did was look at him with those wide watery, hazel eyes. Reaching forward ignoring her small flinch as he scooped her up in his arms, carrying her out of the alley, and to his own motorbike that he had parked just outside the alley. Settling her in front of him. He was surprised when she curled her small hands around his arms, not a sound leaving her lips.

Driving off Angel headed for his home, not really knowing where else to take her.

Parking his motorbike in its usual spot Angel scooped up the small blond and walked down the stairs, turning left he was faced with the familiar black door to his apartment. Fishing out his keys Angel opened his door, kicking the door shut behind him. Placing the girl on his bed where she sat her arms clutching her sides. Her eyes staring straight ahead, but seeing nothing. Grabbing a woollen blanket out of his linen closet he wrapped it around the girl, watching as her tiny fingers slowly grabbed the edges of the blanket in a white knuckled grip.

He pulled a chair over from his kitchen table and sat it down in front of the bed, sitting on it backwards. He rested his arms across the top of the back of the chair, resting his chin on his arms, as he watched the girl, just sit there.

Doubts niggled in his mind, about the smartness of bringing her here. Perhaps he should have just called the cops for her, and disappeared at the first sound of the siren, or maybe he should have taken her to the hospital, or something. Angel was about to ring the hospital to see if there was anything he needed to do when the girl stirred, a whimper escaping her lips, before she scrambled back on the bed until her back hit the wall. Her hazel eyes flicking around wildly, taking in her surroundings, before settling back on him, her fingers clasping even tighter to the blanket he had wrapped around her.

Obligingly Angel got up and moved his chair further away from the bed, sitting so that now his back was pressing against the wall, giving her as much space as he could, not wanting to really leave her completely alone right now. "Do you remember who I am?" Angel asked softly, not wanting to sound imposing, or frightening.

Buffy hesitated biting her lip. Flashes of her memory swimming in her minds' eye. Her attackers, being dropped… Buffy nodded slowly. Opening her mouth to speak, only for nothing to come out. It took a couple of tries, but Buffy found her voice after a moment. "M, metal pole guy." Buffy whispered.

A small smile quirked Angel's lips and he nodded. "Yeah that's me. I'm Angelus, but nearly everyone calls me Angel." Angel offered giving his name, not really wanting to be known as 'metal pole guy'. Even if the way she had said it was cute, and made him want to laugh. Buffy didn't reply, just kept staring at him. "Are you seriously hurt?" Angel asked again.

Buffy hesitated a moment, thinking about it. "I don't know…I don't think so." Angel nodded at her relieved. "Where…where are we?"

"My apartment. I wasn't sure where else to take you." Angel said quickly, not wanting her to panic.

Buffy hesitantly nodded, it made sense, and he wasn't trying to get close to her, or making her feel uncomfortable. "Did you want to take a shower…or for me to take you home?" Angel asked, not quite sure what to do with himself, or with the still scared girl on his bed.

Buffy thought about it a moment, she felt dirty, and she could still feel their touch over her body. She couldn't face her mom with their vile touch all over her! "A, a shower would be nice." Buffy said quietly looking down at the floor. Jerking when she saw his shadow move, as he got up from the chair. Buffy silently scolded herself for her jumpiness. It wasn't as if Angel had hurt her. He'd saved her! She had no reason to be scared of him! She couldn't help, but be a little intimidated by his size though, she didn't think she'd ever been in such close contact with such a muscular man before.

Angel got out a fresh towel for her, and after hesitating a moment, walked to his closet and pulled out one of his smaller shirts, and tracky pants with a drawstring, before walking slowly back to the chair, and placing the pile on the seat. "Um…you don't have to take the clothes I, I just thought you might like me to give those ones a quick wash or something." Angel said feeling awkward, he had no idea what to do in this situation, and he found himself more than worried that he'd say something to scare the girl.

Buffy nodded personally she wouldn't mind burning these clothes. "Thank you." Buffy mumbled, forcing herself to look him in the eyes, with a small smile, before she gathered her courage and walked over to the chair, that Angel was still standing beside to collect the towel, and the clothes she would be borrowing. 'See nothing scary about him.' Buffy told herself, when she had safely completed her mission, and had began walking, before she paused turning back with a sheepish expression on her face. "Ahhh…where is the shower?"

Angel felt another smile tug at his lips, as he showed her which door the shower was. Her more confident expression, somewhat easing the tension in his own body. "Just, ah, leave your clothes outside the door." Angel told her, before walking around the corner to give her privacy. After a moment of silence he could hear the rustling of her clothes, before the door opened, and shut behind her. Slowly getting up, Angel silently made his way over. Grabbing the shirt, and skirt she had left outside the door. Walking out past the kitchen he opened a door to the small laundry, and quickly set her clothes to be washed. The sound of the running water, letting him know that Buffy had hopped under.


Buffy stood under the shower the hot water running over her shivering body. She had felt cold the moment she had slipped out from under the blanket. Buffy scrubbed at her arms, and her chest with a soapy cloth. Wanting, needing to remove their touch from her skin. But it didn't seem to work, she could still feel them. Cleaning everywhere she knew they had touched Buffy sank down to the floor of the shower. "Nothing happened." Buffy whispered to herself. "Angel stopped anything from happening." The spoken words made her feel better slightly, but it didn't do much to erase the feeling of their hands.

Buffy squeezed her eyes shut, forcing herself to stop scrubbing at her skin. The scent of the soap helping to sooth her, the scent of her saviour. She opened her eyes, and let out a shaky breath. "Their touch is gone now. Like it never was." Buffy whispered trying to convince herself, that the soap had actually done the trick.

Standing up Buffy turned off the faucet, and stepped out of the shower. Wrapping the towel around her quickly, Buffy dried herself off before reluctantly stepping back into her underwear. She'd probably burn them to. Pulling on the shirt, Buffy giggled as it seemed to swallow her whole, the end of the shirt coming down to her knees. Pulling on the pants Buffy pulled the drawstring and tied it into a firm bow. Cuffing up the ends of the pants as much as she could, Buffy sighed when the pants still dragged on the ground.

Shrugging it off Buffy stepped out of the bathroom allowing the steam out with her. Buffy gave a small smile to Angel who was sitting at his kitchen table, as she held up his pants on her hips trying not to fall over the ends of them. Buffy sat down at the kitchen table a couple of chairs away from Angel, her eyes watching him work on her top. Small gold coloured safety pins peeking from his lips, and she realized that one of the straps of her shirt had been ripped in two. Angel took the last pin from his mouth, fastening it carefully into the material joining the straps together as best he could. "I'm not at all adept at sewing with a needle and thread, but this should do until you can get someone to fix it for you." Angel said a small blush staining his cheeks, for a reason he wasn't sure why, maybe it was the look of appreciation in her eyes, or maybe it was because she looked a lot different know that she had wash up, her skin no longer pale with her fright, but back to glowing with her tan, and the way she looked in his clothes! Her tiny body seemingly swallowed up by them. He probably could have just given her the shirt, and she could have worn it like a dress.

"Thanks." Buffy mumbled not making any move take the top from his fingers. Angel set it down on the table. "Your skirt is still in the dryer it wasn't completely dried yet." Angel told her just in case she was wondering.

Buffy nodded, her eyes flicking over to meet his. "Thank you." Angel knew immediately what she was referring to, by the feeling tone in her voice, and the sincerity in her hazel eyes, as well as the welling tears he could see in her hazel depths. "You're welcome…did you want a coffee, or something whilst you wait?"

"A hot chocolate, if it's at all possible." Buffy asked, hurriedly wiping at her eyes, really not wishing to cry in front of him. It was bad enough that he had seen her in the state she had been in after he had rescued her. She'd looked like a ghost…a very dirty ghost.

"Of course. Can't live without my hot chocolate fix." Angel told her jovially getting up from his chair, and walking over to the kitchen. Surprised by the urge to lean down and kiss her forehead. "Marsh-mellow?"


Angel came back to the table a couple of moments later with two mugs of hot chocolate in his hands. Sitting down he watched Buffy take a sip from hers, a smile of delight forming on her lips making her eyes sparkle, as the chocolaty goodness settled in her belly, making the twisty feelings she had go away. "Buffy, my names Buffy." She introduced herself, remembering he had earlier.

"It's…different." Angel teased, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"My olds are strange." Buffy shrugged, before taking a drink of her chocolate, wanting to hide the blush on her cheeks. Sometimes having her name sucked! Buffy idly thought about commenting on his name to, but decided against it, the name suited him too much to knock it, another blush heated her cheeks, and Buffy fought the urge to squirm; it wasn't as if he could hear her thoughts.

Angel looked up as he heard the drier click off. Getting up to investigate he came back with Buffy's skirt in his arms, setting it beside the shirt, Angel looked up at Buffy again. "We can go as soon as you're ready." He was surprised by how much he really didn't want her to leave! He'd always preferred his solitude. Buffy hesitated a moment torn between wanting to stay, and wanting to get home. Swigging back the last dregs of her drink Buffy gave a small smile. "Mom will be worried about me. I'm out way past curfew." Buffy got up reluctantly picking up her clothes. Glad for the heat that was coming off them, it made her more comfortable with them, like the men had been burned from her clothes, but she doubted she would wear them again.

Entering the bathroom, Buffy quickly got changed, hopping on one foot as she struggled slightly to slip the long length of the pants over her last foot. Stepping into her skirt, Buffy threw on her top pulling it down over her chest, the cold metal of the safety pins digging softly into her shoulder. Opening the bathroom door, Buffy easily slipped into the strappy shoes, before looking up at Angel.

"Ready to go?" He asked.

Buffy nodded walking over to him, smiling as he held open the door for her to walk through. Waiting for him just outside the apartment door, not one hundred percent sure where to go and she really didn't want to be outside on her own just yet.

Angel led Buffy to wear his bike was parked in the garage allotted to his apartment. He handed her a small black helmet, evidently meant for a girl's head, which made Buffy's insides twist in jealousy. Mentally shaking her head Buffy slipped the helmet on doing up with the clasp with only a small fumble. "Do you want to sit in front of me, or behind me?" Angel asked as he hopped on, kicking up the stand expertly as he did so. "Ah…behind." Buffy chose hesitantly, she hadn't really ridden on a motorbike before. Angel slid forward obligingly on the seat, allowing enough room for Buffy to slip on behind him. Buffy had to use his shoulder for support to get on the big bike. It was a little too high up for her to manage completely on her own with the amount of room she was given.

"So where to?" Angel asked, glancing behind him, as he fastened his own helmet.

"1608 Revello Drive." Buffy told him, just as Angel revved the engine making it purr to life, flipping down the protective flap on the helmet Angel shouted over his shoulder. "Hold on tight!" Waiting for the feeling of her tiny arms to wrap around his waist tightly, making him wince when she did. He'd forgotten about the punches he'd taken to the stomach.

Taking off on to the street, Angel pressed a button on his bike to close the garage door, before he sped up. Weaving through the streets. Taking a longer route to get to Buffy's house, instead of the straight forward one, that ran past the high school. Buffy snuggled closer into Angel's back, hoping that he wouldn't notice, burying her nose in his shirt for a moment breathing in his scent.

Angel could feel the helmet against his back, and he couldn't help wishing that it wasn't the law in the state of California to wear helmets when riding a motorbike. Slowing down as he turned into Revello Drive Angel searched out the numbers coming to a stop in front of a house, whose mailbox had 'Summers' hanging under it. With the help of Angel's steadying arm Buffy hopped down off the bike. Unclasping the helmet she passed it to Angel, who secured it to the rack at the back of his bike, flicking up the protective flap of his helmet so he could say goodbye.

"Thanks for the ride Angel."

"Anytime." Angel replied watching as Buffy turned and walked up the drive, determined to see that she got safely inside her house. To his surprise and delight she turned back, hurrying towards him. Leaning up on her toes Buffy placed a kiss on his cheek. "And thank you." Angel waited until Buffy had disappeared inside her house, before he raised his hand up to touch his cheek where her soft lips had made contact. A smile on his face he kick-started his engine and peeled off into the night, headed for his apartment.

Buffy peaked out the small rectangular window beside the doorframe to see Angel driving away a lot faster than when he had pulled up. Letting the curtain fall back into place Buffy stiffened when the light turned on. Turning around, she looked apologetically up at her mother's angry form, as she stood in her dressing gown in the middle of the staircase her fingers still on the light switch. "You better have one damn good reason for coming home so late young lady." Joyce said sternly as she marched down the rest of the stairs, to stand in front of her daughter.

Buffy took a deep breath to steady herself, unsure of the reaction to come; her own, and her mothers. "I was attacked by…I think I counted six guys, but…I could be wrong. I, I, I was just so scared, my mind wasn't really working properly." Buffy said softly her head tilted towards the ground as the memories flashed before her eyes, making her flinch, and tremble, now that Angel wasn't there the memories seemed to hit her harder, and she felt the crawling needed to scrub at her skin.

Joyce opened her mouth to yell at her daughter. It was not at all funny to make something like that up! But she paused though, it wasn't really in her daughters nature to lie about something as important as being attacked, she swept her eyes over her daughter, her eyes taking in the hand shaped bruises on her legs, and arms, the torn shirt strap that was pinned together to keep it on her shoulder. Joyce's hands flew to her mouth and tears stung her eyes. She took deep breathes through her covered mouth. Racing to her daughter Joyce wrapped her in her arms. "Th, th, that's a good one." Joyce said weakly.

Buffy brought her arms up to hold her mother, and after a moment of silence she spoke again. "Good enough to get me outa a lifetimes worth of grounding?" Buffy asked.

Joyce gave a shaky watery laugh, like sob, nodding her head as she brushed her hands over her daughter's cheeks, pressing her lips to her daughter's forehead. "I'm going to get dressed, and then where going to the hospital." Joyce said firmly wiping at her eyes.

Buffy visibly blanched. "It's one am. I'm sure it can wait." Buffy disagreed, but her mother was already up the stairs. She sighed and sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall. Bringing her arm up to her nose, Buffy took a deep breath, smiling as the scent of Angel's soap filled her nose. She missed the heat of his body against hers already.

Buffy shook herself she barely knew him! Looking up as her mother came walking down the stairs fully dressed her keys firmly in hand. Buffy got up. "I don't suppose there's any way to change your mind?" Joyce shook her head. "Didn't think so." Buffy muttered as she followed her mother to her car, sticking close to the older woman. Her eyes flicking about the night.

Joyce, and Buffy sat in silence for most of the drive to Sunnydale emergency centre, before Buffy broke the silence. Needing to let her mother know that she had been saved. To at least ease some of her mother's worry. "I was saved you know. From being raped." Joyce's hand gripped Buffy's in a tight grip. "I was screaming, and thrashing to get away, but it seemed hopeless," Buffy took a deep shaky breath, her hand squeezing her mother's, drawing strength. "But then suddenly 'he' was there, and I was dropped to the ground, and my attackers were cursing. I couldn't make myself move, as 'he' fought off my attackers making them flee away on their motorbikes…I must have been in some kind of shock, because the next thing I know is sitting in a bed with a blanket wrapped around me. My saviour sitting across from me in a chair. He, he was really sweet, and made me feel comfortable, and he let me take a shower, and borrow some of his clothes whilst he washed my clothes. Even gave me a hot chocolate!"

Joyce was silent for a moment, tears slipping free from her eyes. "With a marsh-mellow?"

"Uh huh."

Joyce let out another shaky, watery laugh. "Well I guess we owe a lot to your saviour."

Buffy nodded. "My guardian Angel." Buffy blushed the moment it came out of her mouth.

"Pardon?" Joyce asked not having caught most of the soft spoken words coming from her daughter's mouth. Glancing at her daughter from the corner of her eye, noting the blush on her daughter's cheeks.

"I said his name is Angel." Buffy hedged, the blush still staining her cheeks.

"…Well I'd say his parents named him well." Buffy chuckled, nodding her agreement.

Joyce pulled up outside the hospital, taking a deep breath before hopping out of her car. It upset her to see her normally vibrant, confident daughter, walking as close to her as possible. She hoped that at least during the day she'd be alright.

Buffy sat down in one of the waiting room chairs, as her mother talked in hushed tones to the lady behind the desk. The nurses' eyes flicking over to where she sat as her mother talked to her. Finally the nurse nodded, and Joyce came and sat down beside her. "The doctor shouldn't be too long. I've requested a female for you." Joyce spoke softly, loving brushing hair away from her draughts face. She didn't like the bruises that decorated her daughter's skin, but she was grateful to the man that had saved her daughter. She shuddered to think what would have happened if he hadn't been nearby, or close enough to hear her daughter's screams.

Buffy, and Joyce both looked up as the doctor walked in. "Buffy Summers." She said taking her hand warmly. "Come with me please." She said politely. Leading her patient to a bed she waited whilst Buffy sat down on it. Her mother standing by her side. "I'm doctor Faleing. The nurse told me that you were attacked?" She asked wishing to confirm. Buffy nodded reaching over and gripping her mother's hand. "Ok. I'm going to have to ask you some questions, and I know some of them may make you feel uncomfortable, but I need you to answer them as best you can ok?" Buffy nodded, squeezing her mom's hand. Joyce squeezed back giving a small smile to her daughter. "Are you hurt or feel any pain anywhere?" Faleing asked starting off with an easier question.

"Only the bruises I think."

The questions went on like this Doctor Faleing running her hands over her arms, and legs. Some of the questions were easy some of them harder, others she wasn't quite sure how to answer. She really didn't want to get into everything again, but she told a blow, by blow account of what happened, as best as she could remember, most of it was just flashes as her panicked mind had concentrated on trying to get out. Finally Doctor Faleing seemed to run out of questions. "I want to take you daughter for a full body scan just in case there is any internal bleeding, or any damages we can't see physically." She told Joyce.

Joyce nodded, and signed the needed permission slip, and watched as her daughter was wheeled out.

"Now I need you to remain perfectly still." Doctor Faleing said through the microphone in the room where she would observe the scans. Buffy nodded, before stilling completely, apart from her breaths. Wishing that she could get out of the machine already. It was very small and cramped in there, and she really wanted to get out of the hospital, and in to her own warm bed.

Finally the scan was over, and Buffy was wheeled over to her mother who was back out in the waiting room. "Well I've got good news. There is nothing wrong with your daughter. No internal bleed, or bone fractures, just bruises. I do suggest however that you see the school councillor, or nurse, and talk to them about your experience. It may help you to get passed the experience." The Doctor said kindly.

"Thank you." Joyce said relieved that her daughter was fine. Buffy nodded her agreement, feeling tired, and overly drained, and wanting nothing more than to curl up into her bed. Buffy walked with her mother out of the hospital, never more glad that tomorrow was Sunday, and she could sleep the day away if she wanted to.

"I'm so glad nothing's wrong Buffy…are you going to see the councillor?" Joyce asked as they drove back home.

Buffy shrugged, placing a hand over her mouth as she yawned. "Don't know…I'll see how I go I guess." Joyce nodded. It was after all completely up to her daughter, if she decided to go or not…she still found it hard to believe that her little girl was eighteen and was considered an adult…it made her feel old!

Buffy snuggled up under her blankets relieved to finally be in her own bed. She'd had one hell of a night! First an attack, then a dreaded trip to the hospital. She had never felt more glad to be home! Buffy sighed and snuggled deeper into the blankets, falling into a deep exhausted sleep. She must have been too exhausted to dream, because she slept peacefully all night not a single nightmare touching her sleep.

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