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A weight dipped the mattress she was sleeping on, a familiar warm hand touched her cheek, feeling her soft skin in a light caress. Warm familiar lips pressed against hers. Buffy smiled in her sleep her arms coming up to wrap around his neck. Her eyes drifting open to see Angel hovering over her. "Angel." Buffy murmured sleepily.

"Buffy." Angel whispered breathlessly, making Buffy's heart leap in her chest all traces of sleepiness leaving her.

Angel brought his hands up again, tracing his hands down the sides of her face softly. Buffy leaned into his touch smiling contentedly at seeing him. "Buffy I love you." Angel murmured sincerely his brown eyes searching hers.

"I love you too." Angel leaned down pressing his lips to hers again, Buffy responding whole heartedly, her small hands moving down to clutch at his strong broad shoulders, moaning when she felt his tongue run over her lips. Eagerly she parted her lips letting Angel take control of her mouth, his talented tongue, making helpless little passionate moans sound in her throat.

Buffy felt his large hands glide up her waist, the tips of his thumbs brushing against the undersides of her covered breasts. Buffy arched into the caress, her body responding quickly and strongly to Angel's talented hands, these sensations new as her virgin body had never been touched like this before. Her hands fisting themselves in his shirt. Buffy whimpered when his warm hands found their way under her pyjama top to touch bare skin. His arms bunching up the material of her top as they moved further up her torso.

Buffy arched up off the bed, a moan escaping her lips, her head turning to the side when Angel's long nimble fingers rolled her hardening nipples, sending shocks of arousal through her system to pool in her abdomen. Angel lifted her top to reveal to his gaze her pert, full breasts, pulling the top completely off her, and throwing it to the ground. Angel's eyes soaked in the sight of her before he dipped down and captured a breast in his warm mouth.

Buffy keened at the new sensation her hands coming up to clutch at his head, her nails digging into his skull, making him groan, and redouble his efforts as he suckled strongly at her breast. Buffy gasped harshly as a strong aching, needy pulse started inside her, making her walls clench in need. Causing her to moan in distress at the empty feeling there. "Angel?" Buffy pleaded, needing him to fix the ache in between her thighs like she instinctively knew he could.

Angel reluctantly released her breast with a wet popping sound to look up at her. "Patience baby. We'll get there promise." Angel murmured before dipping his head down to her breasts again this time taking in her neglected breast, giving it the same loving attention he had shown its twin. Buffy lifted her hips needing to feel some friction knowing that it would help ease the ache. She moaned in delight as she felt his firm hardness pressing against her covered centre, and now more than ever she wished that they were both naked.

Working her hands down Buffy reached the ends of his shirt, before pulling it up, pleased, and yet regretful as he moved with her to take off his shirt, his hands having to leave her body to do so. Throwing his shirt to the ground Angel groaned as he felt her wiggling beneath him as she pushed down her pants working at getting them off. Grabbing them he had them off with a quick jerk, before his mouth went back to worshipping her body, her golden skin bared to his gaze to much of a temptation to resist.

"Please Angel! I need, I need, I need…you." Buffy whimpered gravitating her hips against him, wishing that it was skin against skin even though it did do something to ease the ever growing ache within her core.

Angel ran a large hand over her hip, teasing her curls with his fingers, not quiet reaching her pulsing clit, making her squirm trying to inch up enough for his clever fingers to touch that aching bud of desire. "Please." Buffy begged with a whimper, her hooded hazel eyes looking at him imploringly. Not completely sure what she was asking for, but knowing vaguely by the sex ED classes she had been forced to take since entering high school.

Angel smiled at her lovingly. "I love you Buffy."

"I love you to." Buffy answered feeling a wave of that love washed over her, her eyes travelling down as his hands moved to his pants. His fingers on his belt, undoing the leather contraption, his fingers went to his zipper, and Buffy bit her lip her eyes fixated on the movements of his hands wanting to finally see all of him, like he had seen all of her…

Buffy sat up with a jerk, her hazel eyes wide, darkened with lust, her body covered in sweat, her breaths coming in heavy pants. Buffy glanced down to see that her hand was buried in her panties, jerking her hand away with a blush Buffy groaned. It had been a dream, and it had cut off right before the good part! She could remember everything with such detail! Every caress, kiss, and word! Her body was still tingling from the sensations dream Angel had instilled in her. Her core was pulsing very demandingly, angry that the friction had stopped.

Buffy wiped at her forehead with the back of her hand, throwing the sheets off her clammy body. Buffy slid out of her bed and walked on trembily legs to her window. Opening the window to let in the cool morning air. The breeze brushing against her as it made its way into her room, eventually making her shiver. Wrapping her arms around herself she turned to look at her alarm clock, grateful that her body was starting to calm down from her dream.

She had to be up in a few minutes, so there was no real point in hopping back in her bed. Leaving the window open to air her small room Buffy headed for the shower…starting her day a whole fifteen minutes early.

Angel paced his room in agitation, his body still keyed up from the dream he had, had early this morning despite the cold shower he had taken. It was probably more annoyance now then arousal. He had been just about to remove her bra, and panties when he had woken up, being denied the vision of seeing her in all her glory had been enough for him to scream in anger, probably scaring his next door neighbours, but he hadn't cared lost in the wave of his sexual frustration.

The words spoken gave him pause. They'd shared I love you's not once, but twice! Did he love her already? It didn't seem logical! Angel shook his head at himself. Since when was love logical? Angel sat down on the edge of his bed running a hand threw his still damp hair. Who was he kidding? He had started falling for his diminutive blond the moment he had seen her in the Alley, and it seemed that it grew deeper the more he was around her, and the more he thought about her. Love had never been part of his plan, but now that he had it, he felt more complete than he had ever in his entire life, and he liked that.

Walking into his bathroom Angel styled his dried hair. He felt all bouncy and he wanted to get out of his apartment for a bit. Angel looked at his clock and smiled, Buffy would be entering her first class about now. He wondered what it was… 'Maybe I should ask for a copy of her schedule?...Or would that seem weird?' Angel shook his head. Why would it be weird to know his girl's schedule? Angel chuckled, walking out of his bathroom. It seemed he tended to over think things when it came to Buffy Summers.

Walking to the table, Angel grabbed his wallet and stuffed it into his back pocket. Going for his keys Angel hesitated, thinking, before deciding that he didn't feel like driving. Deciding to walk instead Angel grabbed his apartment key, leaving the bike keys on the table. Locking up behind him, Angel stepped out into the bright morning the chill that had been there earlier in the morning fading, giving way to the heat of the Californian sun.

Walking down the familiar streets, Angel forced his feet to stay clear of any paths that would lead him to Sunnydale High. It would be ridiculous to rock up there this early in the morning! For the first time ever Angel wished that he was still in school, so that he could spend more of his time around Buffy.

Giving himself a brief shake Angel kept walking. By chance he glanced into a shop window. Coming to an abrupt halt Angel stared at the soft toy in the shop window. His mind conjuring up the soft toys he'd seen in Buffy's room that had been well cared for, and loved. Walking into the store Angel looked for the toy he had seen in the window. Walking down an aisles Angel had almost given up on finding it amongst the shelves and was about to ask an employee if he could buy the one in the window, when he spotted the one he was looking for. Grabbing one of them, feeling the soft fur against the skin of his hand. Angel turned to see the lady employee he had noticed before, standing behind him.

"Hi there. Can I help you with anything?"

"Ah nope. I've found what I'm looking for thanks." Angel replied holding up the soft toy as proof.

"Oh, ok then." She said disappointedly as he walked past her, heading for her friend, and co-worker who was behind the counter. A sudden wave of jealousy consuming her that her friend was going to spend more time with him then she was! She was about to go over and start a conversation with him when another customer waved at her, trying to grab her attention.

Forcing a smile on her face, she threw a last look at the hunk to see that he was leaving the store, leaving her co-worker with a dreamy smile on her face as she watched him walk out. Turning her attention to the customer who was trying to flag her down, she silently hoped that he would be back when she was rostered on.

Angel looked down into the bag a soft smile on his face as he looked at the soft toy he had bought for Buffy. He couldn't wait to show her, and see her reaction, but at the same time he was nervous about showing her. He'd never bought a woman a soft toy before. What if he had judged wrong, and those stuffed toys had been from childhood and she hadn't liked them? Angel sighed as he made his way back to his apartment. He was acting like a kid with his first crush! All he had to do was be confident, and charming, and everything would be fine.

"Wow." Willow said stunned, as she sat across from Buffy on a bench outside. Both girls having gone off for some girl best friend alone time. "Wow." Willow breathed again, having just been told about Angel staying for dinner. "I can't believe he found those cards Faith bought for your eighteenth."

Buffy groaned. "Oh I know! It was mortifying! I mean gah! Not even mom's found them! Why did he have to?!"

"I think it's a guy thing." Willow said thoughtfully. "They can sense things like sex toys." Willow joked.

Buffy just groaned again, suddenly glad she didn't own any sex toys. "At least he didn't make a big deal out of it."

"Yeah you got some smoochies."

Buffy nodded. "Yeah, and not just any smoochies. Angel smoochies."

Willow giggled, than sighed dreamily. "Did he really say that you were his girl? Then agree that he was your guy?" Willow asked that dreamy far away, I'm in the middle of a romance novel look in her eyes.

"Yeah. I tell you Will. I swear my heart was beating so fast it was going to pop out of my chest." Buffy said, placing a hand over her heart a warm, what was coming to be known as an, Angel smile on her face. Both girls sighed in unison. "I had a dream last night." Buffy said her voice shaking slightly.

Her thoughts must have been showing on her face, because Willow's eyes widened and she gaped at her, before screeching. "No way!" Buffy nodded biting her lower lip softly as she smiled. "Oh my gosh! You, you, you had…"

"Yep…very…vividly." Buffy said with a smile that belied the frustration she had felt when waking up unsatisfied. She looked out over the school grounds as her mind ran through the dream for what felt like the thousandth time that day.

Willow playfully slapped her on the arm. "You can't go into Angel dreamy land! I need some details!" Willow cried.

"Uh uh. No way Will. This dream is between me, and dream Angel."

Willow pouted before deciding that she really didn't want to know. "I can't believe your only telling me this now! When you've known about it all morning!" Willow cried her eyes narrowed on Buffy with mock anger. "I'm your best friend!"

"I know. I'm an evil person that wanted to bask in it alone for a little while longer."

Willow smiled. "Yeah basking is fun. But wow! Lusty dreams about Angel already…" Willow's eyes tuned teasing. "I guess you really don't need those cards anymore."

"I guess not." Buffy said with the utmost seriousness, before both girls lapsed into giggles. "So what about you and Oz? How's that going?" Buffy asked.

Willow was about to answer when the bell went. "Tell me at lunch." Buffy ordered, and Willow nodded, bursting to tell her best friend about her date tonight…she was that excited she just might break her own rule and tell Buffy through notes, despite the mortification that would happen if they were to get caught. Standing up both girls made their way to their lockers to grab their books for Applied Sciences.

Buffy stepped outside a smile on her face as she saw Angel once again waiting for her with his motorbike; just like he had promised he would be. "I'll see you guys tomorrow?" Buffy questioned as if asking permission to leave them earlier than their usual gate.

"Yeah sure go make lovey-dovey eyes with lunk head biker-boy." Xander snarked, earning a glare from the girls of the group, and a snigger from Jesse as Willow jabbed her boney elbow into his gut in reprimand.

"Yeah go ahead Buffy we'll catch up with you tomorrow." Willow said pleasantly.

Buffy not missing the second meaning to Willow's words smiled. "Yeah sure catch you." Buffy beamed before walking off towards Angel.

Behind her Jesse clamped a hand on Xander's shoulder. "Give it up man. She don't like you like that, and you've already got a hot girlfriend."

Xander nodded petulantly. "Yeah I know, but why does it have to be a guy like that?" Xander whined, giving Angel a scornful once over as they began walking again.

"Is it the bike you don't like, or the fact that he makes you realize just how physically inadequate you are, and just how far Buffy Summers is out of your league?" Jesse teased good naturedly.

"Ah shut up man." Xander groused. Acknowledging at least to himself that it was a mixture of all those things plus more than just a little pinch of jealousy, but Jesse was right he had Cordelia someone that he had never dreamed would look his way twice, so really he should let his crush on Buffy Summers go. Pity it was easier said than done.

"How was school?" Angel asked, when Buffy was standing in front of him.

The exuberant smile on Buffy's face fell slightly, and she sighed. "It was horrible! Horrible! I've got a History SAC, and another one in English! And my media teacher is beginning to talk about the upcoming SAC there to. So my brains all mushy, at the thought of all the studying I have to do." Buffy pouted.

Angel chuckled leaning down and capturing her irresistible pouty lip. "So I suppose that means I have to take you straight home so you can study. Even though I have something for you back at my apartment." Angel sighed heavily. "Oh well I can give you it another time." Angel said swinging his leg over his bike, and putting on his helmet.

Buffy blinked, her pouty expression leaving and being replaced by one of surprise. "Hold on now." Buffy said quickly. "English, and History aren't that important!" Buffy interjected. There was no way she was passing up time with Angel for studying for SAC's that weren't for a few days.

Angel looked back at her with a smile, passing her, her helmet. "So we can stop by my place?"

"Uh huh." Buffy said with a grin, hefting the slightly heavier than normal bag higher across her shoulders. Taking his proffered hand to help her settle on the bike behind him.

"Alright then." Angel grinned, taking off down the road when her small arms were wrapped around his waist.

This time as Angel was driving Buffy took note of the address and of the turns on how to get there. Angel hit the button when they were in range, promptly driving his bike into his small garage. Kicking down his stand. Angel helped Buffy off the bike. Grabbing her hand and leading her out of the garage and down the stairs that led to his apartment.

"Ok. You have to promise not to laugh." Angel murmured turning to face Buffy after he fitted the key into the lock.

"I promise. No laughing." Buffy said smiling, bouncy softly on her toes as she waited as Angel read her expression with mock seriousness.

"Ok then." Angel nodded, before turning the key in the lock and letting her into his apartment.

Buffy smiled. It was exactly how she remembered it from when she was first here. It was tidy, and clean, with only a few dishes sitting in the sink waiting to be washed. The dark colours of the apartment suiting Angel immensely. The whole effect of the apartment was definitely that of a bachelor, no feminine touch at all.

Angel walked past Buffy and to the kitchen table to stand behind one of the chairs that was facing away from her. "Are you ready?" Angel asked.

"Sure am." Buffy said, feeling giddy, as the excitement she could see in Angel added to her own. Angel turned the chair so that it was facing her. Her eyes travelled down to see a huge white bunny sitting in the chair it ears large and floppy. A loud 'Awww' came from Buffy's lips before she came forward swooping the bunny up into her arms. Her hands stroking its adorable large fluffy feet, before going up to its ears.

"So do you like it then?" Angel chuckled.

Buffy looked up at him from amongst the mass of white fluffy fur. "Like it. Angel it's absolutely adorable!" Buffy paused, and gave him a suspicious look. "How did you know about my soft toy obsession? Did my mom tell you when I left you two alone?"

Angel shook his head amused, as despite her stern tone, her hazel eyes were bright, and alive with her joy, as she petted the soft head of her new bunny. "No. I figured it out all by myself…does that mean I get bonus points?" Angel teased.

Buffy set her new bunny down on the table giving it a last pat before turning to face Angel. "Maybe." Buffy murmured stepping closer. Wrapping her arms around him in a hug. "Thank you."

Angel smiled, brushing his fingers across one of her cheeks, making her look up at him. "You're welcome." Angel murmured before dipping down tasting her lips with his for a moment, before his hand slid round to cup the back of her head. His tongue slipping past her lips to meet hers in a passionate kiss.

Buffy's arms settled on his waist feeling the firm, toned muscles of his waist, she moaned breathlessly when his tongue delved deeper into her mouth, reminding her suddenly of her dream. Leaning closer Buffy moaned again, pleased when Angel's arms wrapped around her holding her close. Whining in disappointment when Angel pulled back from her mouth, his hands still stroking her back in soft circular motions.

Buffy licked her lips. Her hazel eyes a slightly deeper green as she looked up at him from under her lashes.

"Come on Buffy…I'll take you home." Angel muttered, trying to keep himself under control, and not give into the seductive look of her lust deepened hazel eyes.

Giving herself a mental shake Buffy nodded. "Ah yeah…sure." Buffy agreed pressing the palm of her hand to her forehead and taking a few deep calming breaths, before she reached over and grabbed her bunny. Her fingers stroking the lovely soft fake fur, she followed Angel out of the apartment.

Settling themselves on the motorbike, Buffy floundered for a moment with the puzzle of where to put her bunny, before stuffing it in between them. "You ready?" Angel asked.


Buffy sat on her bed her school books spread out before her, as she tried to memorise important dates in the history she was learning. Drumming her forehead with her fingers as she muttered the dates to herself.

Giving up after a moment more, Buffy fell back on her bed a small blush staining her cheeks, as she thought about Angel. Her eyes going to the white Bunny that was sitting on her pillow beside her. She smiled at it burying her face in the soft fur. Her mind going to the heated kiss they had shared in Angel's apartment. The sudden rush of heat that had consumed her at the touch of his lips, and that spark of electricity as soon as their lips touched. She had felt that before, but with the dream still fresh in her mind it had made the feelings ten times more amplified and she had wanted nothing more than to fall into bed with him.

It had made her glad that Angel seemed to have more control over himself…though she wouldn't mind it being him who took her virginity, she just didn't want to seem like one of those girls who threw themselves at a guy. She heard the stories that flew around the school about those girls. They'd give themselves to a guy, and then the guy would dump her. Buffy sighed, and a slow smile spread across her face. Angel didn't give her that vibe though. He'd bought her a bunny…what kind of love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy would by their girl a cute bunny that probably cost him a good thirty bucks. Stroking the soft white fur for a few more moments, Buffy looked back down at the books strewn over her bed. "I suppose I should get back to the famous Johnny Hancock and 'what's his name' the first president." Buffy sighed, before sitting up, and putting on her resolve face as she looked back down at her notes, with the scribbled names and dates of some of the most important people of 1754 in American history.

Angel sat down on his bed, his head in his hands. Torn between being pleased with himself for not taking advantage of Buffy's innocent lust, and wishing that he had her underneath him right now. Wreathing against him in desire. The dream last night made things harder to. Made him really want to see what was behind her lingerie.

Angel sighed, he had no idea how long he would last, but hopefully it would be long enough for Buffy to feel that he wasn't just trying to use her. Angel lay back on his bed, his arm thrown over his eyes for a little rest before he started making himself some dinner.

Buffy drifted through the school building, a large yawn overcoming her as she walked, her arms thankfully book free as she made her way back from her spare. Having annoyed Giles the whole session with glee.

Walking into the canteen Buffy wrinkled her nose at the scent that was coming from what the school dared to call food. Normally she'd never eat from here, but she had forgotten to make herself a lunch before she walked out her back door, and hopped over that fence. So here she was lining up in the cafeteria line waiting to be served with her pile of goop that was supposed to be food.

Buffy resisted the urge to plug her nose, and forced down her gag reflex when the canteen lady dumped a blob of it on her tray. Picking up a small serving of jello, and a can of lemonade Buffy made her way to a table were Jesse, Willow, and Oz sat already. "Hey guys…where's Xander and Cordelia?" Buffy asked sitting down beside Jesse.

"Probably groping each other in one of the janitors closets." Willow said with a shrug.

"Oh…I so totally didn't want to know." Buffy mumbled reaching for her jello, deciding to ignore completely the goop that was supposed to be stew…it didn't look safe to eat!

"So how did your spare go?" Jesse asked bravely sticking his plastic fork into the stew on his tray.

Buffy shrugged. "I got to bug Giles. So I'd call it a success."

Willow frowned. "You know you're actually supposed to study during the spare."

Buffy gave Willow a look. "I get stuff jammed into my brain every other session by teachers. My spare is when I let my brain recuperate from the stress of it all."

"I agree." Jesse said his voice muffled by a wad of stew that he had just stuffed into his mouth.

"Ew Jesse!" Buffy and Willow whined throwing their napkins at him, whilst Jesse grinned.

"I agree man. That was majorly gross." Oz said in his usual monotone, before pushing up from the round table. "I've got band practise you guys wanna come?"

"What kind of groupie would I be if I didn't crash your practise, and distract you with cute smiles." Willow beamed standing up to.

Buffy smiled at the two of them. "Yeah I'm in. I haven't heard you guys in a while."

"Me too." Jesse said his voice once again muffled. Willow and Buffy looked at each other before shaking their heads and grabbing one arm each of Oz's and dragging him away.

Jesse finished his mouthful. "Hey guys wait up!!" Jesse called wiping at his mouth before running after his friends, who decided to wait for him just outside the cafeteria.

Buffy sighed her spirit feeling rather crushed by the heaviness of her book bag. Senior year was hard! At least compared to the others! She missed being able to skive on homework and still be able to pass! She smiled her mood lightening considerably when she saw Angel waiting for her.

"See ya guys." Buffy called turning back to wave at them, before she turned her attention back to Angel.


"Hey." Buffy said a little duller than normal, leaning up to kiss Angel.

"So you want to go for ice cream?" Angel asked as he handed her, her helmet.

Buffy sighed and suddenly the weight in her bag seemed so much heavier, and her shoulders hunched. "I'd love to, but I can't. I've got to study and pull off finishing like a week's worth of homework tonight." Buffy pouted, exaggerating only slightly.

Angel frowned in concern over her beaten down look. He'd only seen Buffy anything like this after the attack. It was disconcerting to see her look so sad, and squashed now. "Hey. Lighten up…I could come over and help if you like?" Angel offered.

Buffy smiled at this, but shook her head. "As tempting as it is, and I mean no offense, but…you'd be more a distraction." Buffy said with a smile.

Angel grinned, and clapped his hands together. "I distract you?"

"Yep. You big on the distraction…but we could go for that ice-cream tomorrow." Buffy offered.

"Sounds good." Angel agreed. "Come let's get you home so you can study."

Buffy groaned and muttered something about evil boyfriends who brought up their girlfriends workload.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Buffy mumbled disheartenedly as she faced Angel.

"Hey cheer up. I'll buy you a big ice cream tomorrow to make up for you having study tonight." Angel bribed wanting his perky Buffy back.

Buffy smiled at him. "Your right it's not that bad…just looking at books that I've had to look at too long today already." Buffy muttered turning to face her house.

"Hey," Angel murmured grasping her wrist. "If you want me to come over and save you. You can get me on either of these numbers." Angel offered placing a piece of paper in her hand, that he had written his numbers down for her. He hadn't expected to give them to her like this, but at least she had them now.

"Thanks." Buffy smiled, giving him another kiss, before turning away already resolving to not call Angel, no matter how tempting the temptation! She really had to do this! And if she called Angel it wouldn't get done.

Buffy frowned in her sleep. She had only gone to bed what felt like five minutes ago, having finally completed all her homework, and now something was making a noise against her window. Rolling onto her side to face away from the window, Buffy pulled the sheets over her head hoping that the noise would stop!

But the soft instant tap, tap, tap didn't stop. Finally Buffy's eyes shot open. Pulling her sheets from over her head, Buffy rubbed her eyes and turned to look at the time. 'Three am! Someone out there hates me!' Buffy decided. The tap, tap, tap on her window sounded again this time louder. Turning on her bedside lamp Buffy looked at the window, and almost fell out of her bed, barely catching herself from falling to the floor as she saw the unmistakable form of Angel squatting outside her window his hand poised to knock again.

Looking at him blankly for a moment not quite sure that she was seeing what she was seeing. "Angel?" Buffy whispered, just as Angel tapped again his brown eyes pleading with hers to let him in. Getting up off the bed, Buffy walked to her window still not quite sure what was happening. Why Angel was here outside her window. Unlocking the window and pushing it up Buffy looked at Angel shivering slightly in the night air. "Angel what are you doing here?" Buffy asked as Angel started to climb into her room. Squeezing through the window.

He reached out an arm grabbing hold of her shoulder making a grunt of effort as he pushed the rest of his large body through the small window. "AH I'm getting to old for this!" Angel muttered when he had finally gotten in through the window, an arm wrapped around Buffy's shoulders as he breathed slightly heavier than normal.

Buffy felt a stirring of jealousy. "To old for this huh. Does that mean you've done this before?" Buffy asked in a hushed whisper.

Angel paused then chuckled, before dipping down to place a tender kiss on her forehead. "Not since I was a lad still in school."

Buffy pushed away from him gently, reaching over to her night stand to tap her lamp to a high glow. "What are you doing here?" Buffy asked again, as she walked over to pull her window closed to block out the chilly night air.

"Well I came to test out just how easy it was to sneak up to your room in the middle of the night."

Buffy gave him a look. "You came test that out at…three in the morning!" Buffy hissed, rubbing at her eyes again hoping to take the tired sting away.

Angel raised his hands in mock surrender, as he sat down on her bed. "Ok. I was worried about you. I wanted to make sure that you were ok."

Buffy smiled and closed the distance between them, running her hands through his hair. Angel's hands coming up to rest at her waist, feeling the flimsy material of her nightie beneath his fingers. The kind that was easily ripped away with a sharp tug. "That's sweet Angel. Really. But I'm fine it was just my normal reaction to the prospect of homework and a night of studying." Buffy reassured.

"Really?" Angel asked burying his face into her stomach breathing in the scent that was purely her, and the scent of vanilla.

"Yes really." Buffy chuckled, loving the feel of his hair under her fingers.

Angel tilted his head up looking up at her with his chocolaty brown eyes, there depths mesmerizing her. Shifting his hands so that he was clutching one of her arms, he gently tugged. Silently asking her to bend down. Buffy complied moaning when his lips touched hers, the familiar zing when their lips touched making her smile against his lips. Brushing her lips against his again Buffy whimpered when his tongue traced delicately against her lips, and she gasped in appreciation. Angel not one to ignore such an invitation slid his tongue passed her lips where he was met with her tongue.

Buffy's hands clenched in his hair, her nails scrapping against his skull as she tugged gently. Angel's hands fisted themselves in her nightie, and he had to force the urge down to rip it from her. That was not why he was here! Pushing her back gently, Angel gentled the kiss easing it down before he pulled away, the both of them breathing hard. "You should get dressed." Angel murmured with a smile.

Buffy's eyes opened, and she looked at him surprised. "Why would I…"

"I want to show you something, but…you're going to need warmer clothes." Angel smiled letting his hands fall from her when she stepped back brushing her hands through her hair, shifting it away from her face.

"Ok." Buffy agreed. "But you have to keep your peepers averted." Buffy said with a smile, but her voice brooked no arguments. Angel pouted at her, but turned himself on her bed so that he was looking at her wall. Buffy watched him suspiciously for a moment before walking over to her wardrobe, being as quiet as possible as to not wake her mother. She'd have a heart attack if she walked in here to see Angel!

Buffy picked out a pair of tracky pants, and a long sleeve top, before she pulled out a bra from one of her drawers. Glancing over at Angel she quickly slid off her nightie, cursing softly when she realized that the straps of her bra where twisted.

As much as Angel wanted to be the gentleman and not peek whilst Buffy was getting dressed, he was still a man, and he couldn't help the turning of his head. He caught sight of Buffy's bare back, and the soft outer curves of her breasts, his eyes travelled down to see that she was only clad in her panties. Angel bit into his lower lip to stop himself from emitting a sound that would give him away, his cock twitching to life. Averting his gaze again, he took deep breaths as he looked at the wall, willing his hard on away.

Finally untangling her bra straps Buffy slipped it on doing up the clasp with a quick motion of her fingers. Pulling on her tracky pants Buffy did up the string, before slipping on her top. Pausing for a moment, Buffy decided that she'd probably need a warm jacket as a small shiver ran through her. Pulling out her light blue coat she wrapped it around herself doing up the three large buttons before tying the belt around her waist. Checking herself in the mirror Buffy nodded, before turning back to look at Angel's back. "I'm done."

"Good." Angel said turning around. "I don't know how much longer I could have kept looking at that same patch of wall without going crazy." He teased.

Buffy scowled. "I didn't take that long…I can sit down and brush my hair, then put on my makeup if you like." Buffy teased.

Angel grabbed her hand shaking his head as he drew her towards the window. "No need to do that you look beautiful." Angel told her.

Buffy shook her head disbelievingly. "No you're just saying that. My hairs all messy, and I look like I haven't slept for," Buffy paused tilting her head to the side cutely. "Actually never mind I believe you."

Angel dipped down and placed a quick kiss against her lips. "Good. Now let's get going this thing I have to show you looks best at night." Angel divulged before opening the window again, and stepping out of her room with a bit of a squeeze through the small window.

Buffy followed relieved when Angel grasped her hand to help her out, and they quietly walked down the sloped roof to the tree. When they had finally made it to the ground Buffy breathed a sigh of relief. Looking around she frowned. "Did you walk here or something?" Buffy asked not seeing the familiar shape that was Angel's bike.

"No. I just parked it down the block." Angel replied taking her hand and leading her down the dark streets to where he had parked his motorbike. "I didn't want to accidentally wake your mother."

"Oh…so what exactly are you showing me, on this make Buffy feel better field trip?" Buffy asked.

Angel looked across at her. "It's a surprise." Buffy pouted but nodded.

Angel flipped out a pair of shades sliding them over his eyes before he settled himself on his bike. Upon seeing Buffy look he grinned. "It's three am in the morning there's hardly any chance of being caught." Buffy shrugged settling herself behind Angel. "Fine, but if you crash I'm never getting on this bike again."

Angel nodded fair enough." Feeling Buffy's arms wrap around him Angel kick started the engine and switched on his lights, before tearing off down the road. Towards a destination Buffy didn't know.

They had ridden fifteen minutes out of the town of Sunnydale before Angel pulled to a stop. "Are we here?" Buffy asked looking around.

"Not quite there's still a couple minute walk." Angel told her, kicking down the stand, and hopping off his bike, before giving her a hand in getting down.

They walked in silence as Buffy walked beside Angel her eyes no longer tired, as she wondered just what Angel planned to show her. Buffy came to a dead stop her eyes wide as they crested a hill that overlooked a lake, a breath escaping her in a loud whoosh. The full moon lighting the area so that the lake shined with a dark glistening beauty. "Angel. This, this… this is beautiful." Buffy breathed. Leaning back into Angel when she felt his arms wrap around her from behind, a smile of delight on her face.

"I come here whenever I need to think. I find this place very calming. You can come here to. Whenever you need to." Angel told her, wanting to make sure his offer was clear.

"I'd like that." Buffy said softly, bringing up a hand to stroke his cheek as they stood looking out over the lake. "Thank you."

They stood in silence for a long time just absorbing the calm serenity of this place. The full moon smiling down at them. "Have you named that rabbit yet?" Angel asked suddenly.

Buffy looked up at him surprised. "How did you know that I named my soft toys?" Buffy asked with a small blush.

Angel shrugged with a smile. "You seemed like the type."

Buffy's eyes narrowed at him, her lips pursing into a thin line. "So I'm a type am I?" Buffy asked stiffly.

Angel's eyes widened, and he could feel sweat beading on his brow and dripping down his back. His heart rate picking up. "No I, ah, I didn't mean it like that. Honest! I just meant that…" Angel cut off from his panicked ramblings when Buffy laughed, his own eyes narrowing at her. "Were you teasing me?" Angel murmured dangerously. His long nimble fingers tickling her, making her shriek with laughter.

"Yes. I'm sorry. Coul…couldn't help it…Stop please… can't breathe." Buffy gasped out through her laughter, trying to stop long enough to draw sufficient air into her heaving lungs. Buffy breathed deeply in relief when Angel's fingers stopped their attack on her poor sides. There was another pause of silence as Buffy got her breath back, and Angel smiled with self satisfaction. "Floppy." Buffy said finally.

"What?" Angel asked confused having forgotten his earlier question.

"The bunny's name. I decided on floppy cause of its cute floppy ears, and almost too large feet." Buffy said looking up at him.

"Well that's original."

Buffy's hazel eyes shimmered with amusement. "Well I was thinking of calling it my guardian Angel, but then I realized that I already had one of those, and then that could get confusing." Buffy said trying to make her voice as serious as possible.

Angel's arms tightened around her slightly, and Buffy melted into him deeper as she looked out over the lake a smile tugging at her lips. She felt so content here in his arms, and she couldn't help but hope that this feeling would last forever.

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