Chapter 1

Have I ever mentioned how much demigod dreams suck? Well, in case I haven't, they suck big time! They always have to be visions of things really happening. Just once I'd like to have a dream like a normal person-no monsters or Titans trying to destroy the world. But hey, this is the life of Percy Jackson son of Poseidon. You'd think that after defeating Kronos, I'd get some kind of break from saving the world. It's only been a month since we beat Kronos. My life was going great until my stupid demigod dream.

It started like this: I was looking at a forest at night. Leaves were russling, trees were blowing in the night's wind. Crows were scared by something. There were whispering voices all around me. I didn't recognize the voices. A gun fired. My heart jumped. I started pushing through the dark forest-I couldn't see. The voices weren't chasing me. They were running in a different direction. Then the scene shifted. I was standing in a clearing. Someone was pushing toward me. It was Nico! He was wearing his aviator's jacket, black jeans, and a black T-shirt with a skull on it. Nico panted, looking behind him. I looked closer at his clothes-his jacket was really dirty, like he'd been running for a long time. Nico's skull shirt was torn, and so were his jeans. His face had cuts all over it. What had he been in the forest all night?

Nico took a few more short breaths, then started running again. I dashed off after him. Where was he going? "Have to warn Percy!" Nico panted.

"Warn me about what?" I yelled knowing he couldn't hear me. Nico ran on.

Then he tripped on a fallen log. Nico fell head first in the muddy forest floor. "I have to keep going." he told himself.

Nico forced himself to stand up, and keep running. What the heck was Nico son of Hades running from? I didn't think there was any place creeper than the Underworld. Then again, I could be wrong. I chased after him. Nico stopped for a moment, trying to chance his breath. He froze as twigs snapped behind him. Then with all his strength started running again. "HEY! STOP!" a man's voice demanded behind Nico. Another gun fired.

Nico, still running, stretched out his right hand. Skeletons started rising from the ground. They ran in the opposite direction of Nico. He must of been sending them after somebody. Nico grabbed a vine hanging from one of the trees. He tied it around a another tree, so if anyone came by and didn't see it, would trip. "That should hold them, at least long enough for me to escape." Nico grunted.

I could hear bone crunches. The skeletons didn't last very long. Who the heck was Nico running from? It couldn't be Kronos, so who? Could it be a new enemy? Gods, I hoped not.

Nico came to an open valley. Gunshots behind him. "AH!" Nico cried out. Blood dripped on the ground. He was shot. "NO!" I yelled.

Nico's knees buckled and he fell. He leaned against a tree, gripping his wounded arm. His breathing quickened. "PERCY," Nico shouted to the sky, "IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS, THEIR COMING FOR YOU NEXT!"

"WHO?" I yelled at him. He didn't hear me.

"He's over here!" someone yelled.

Everything went black. The last thing I heard was Nico's scream.

"NICO!" I shot up in my bed. "Ow!" Annabeth rubbed her forehead. Oops. "Oh. Sorry, Annabeth." I smiled.

She frowned. "Whatever. Meeting at the Big House, now."

I groaned. What time was it anyway? I glanced at my watch. One'O'clock. Then I realized I had broken a sweat. Nico. I had to find out where he was-help him, if I could. Annabeth shined a flashlight in my eyes. "What's wrong?" she asked with concern.

"Nothing." I lied.

She didn't believe me. Annabeth knew me so well. In case you're wondering if Annabeth should be in her new boarding school right now, she took some time off so she could help out at camp. "Fine. Be like that. Tell me later." Annabeth rolled her.

I threw on my shoes and we headed out the door. "So what's this meeting about anyway?" I rubbed my eyes.

"Don't know. Chiron wouldn't tell until everyone was there." she shrugged.

Most of the campers that were staying over summer, were there. I saw the Stroll brothers, Clarisse, Chris, Pollux, Katie Garner, Jake Mason, and some other new demigods I didn't know yet. "Good. Everyone's here." Chiron said.

"What is this all about, Chiron?" I asked.

"Nico di Angelo is missing." Chiron sighed.

I remembered my dream about Nico running from someone or something. "What do you mean missing?" I demanded.

"Who's missing?" Grover yawned walking in. "

Nico left camp a few days ago and no one has heard or seen him since." Chiron said.

"He could of been killed." Clarisse grumbled.

"Nico isn't dead." I snapped. "He can't be.

"Percy, I know this is hard for you to hear, but you have to face the possibilities." Chiron told me.

I wouldn't believe Nico was dead. He couldn't be. Shouldn't there be some kind of link or something between Nico and me? Our fathers are brothers after all. "Percy," Annabeth touched my shoulder.

"I want to send out a search team to look for Nico. Anyone volunteer?" Chiron asked.

I my hand shot up into the air. Annabeth's hand went up too. Then Grover's. Chiron smiled. "When do we leave?" I shook Annabeth's hand off my shoulder.

"Tonight, I guess if you want to." Chiron shrugged.

"I don't why you care so much about that kid, Jackson." Clarisse sneered.

"Like you would know. You've never broken a promise has big has I did." I said bitterly.

I wouldn't lose Nico. Not after breaking my promise to him, about keeping his sister safe. I stormed out the door. "Percy, are we leaving now?" Grover asked.

"Yes." I said.

I opened my cabin door, and grabbed my backpack. Annabeth appeared in my doorway. "Percy, what's wrong?" Annabeth demanded.

I sighed. She wouldn't leave me alone until I told her. "Before the meeting, I had a dream. Nico was being chased by something or someone. He's hurt. Who ever was chasing Nico might have him now." I told her. "Nico told me 'They're coming for you next'. Annabeth, who do you think they are?"

She was silent. "I don't know. Was there more than one chasing Nico?" she asked.

"I think."

"It could be some demigods that followed Kronos. There are still a few of them left." Annabeth suggested.

"You should go get ready." I told Annabeth. She nodded weakly and left. I threw on my jeans and a clean shirt. Riptide was laying on my dresser, I picked it up and put it in my pocket. Annabeth and Grover met me by the entrance to Camp Half-Blood. Chiron came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. "Be careful, Percy."

"Thanks." I muttered. Grover, Annabeth, and I walked out of Camp Half-Blood.

the next morning...

I woke up when the sun started shining in my eyes. Annabeth was using me as her pillow. I guess, we'd fallen asleep in the forest because I was laying on a tree. Grover was sleeping in a bush. Annabeth was sound asleep. I didn't want to wake her up, but we had to move. "Annabeth." I gently shook her arm.

"Huh?" she grumbled.

"Time to get up." I told her.

She sleepily sat up. I stood up and walked over to Grover. "Come on, G-Man. Time to get up." I yawned.

Grover turned over in his sleep. "Oh no! Grover, I think I see Tyson coming!" Annabeth cried.

Grover shot up like a bullet, "Crap! Don't let him see me!"

Annabeth and I laughed. "He's not coming, we just needed you to wake up." I told him.

His face got red and turned away from me. "Alright, guys. Lets move." Annabeth said.

We made our way to the city. Mortals were crowded in the street. "Where are we going to start?" I groaned looking at all the people.

We pushed our way through the crowded streets. I turned around and some kid ran into me. "Sorry!" he said then ran off.

Five men were chasing him. They were carrying spears. "Follow them!" I told Annabeth and Grover.

It was hard to follow the strangers when you have hundreds of people walking around. I heard a cry come from a side street. The kid that ran into me was fighting all five men. They jabbed at him with their spears. Was he a demigod? "Help!" he yelled at us.

I uncapped Riptide and charged at one of the men. He grunted and pushed me back. "Their demigods!" the man shouted.

Suddenly, the tips of their spears began to glow. The spears had what looked like lightning traveling up and down the spears. "What the-" I didn't finish.

Two of the men charged at me. I blocked one's attacked and threw him into the other. The kid cried out. A lightning spear sticking out of his back. Then the kid fainted. "Who are you guys?!" I demanded.

"You'll find out soon enough." a deep voice laughed.

The biggest manslammed his spear down on Riptide. Quickly looking around, I saw that Grover had knocked the smallest man out cold. Another man was picking up the kid. "Percy!" Annabeth yelled.

Blue lightning passed through her body. "Annabeth!" I cried.

Building up all my strength, I shoved the guy away from me. I charged him and knocked him over. He dropped his spear and it clattered on the cement. When I picked it up I suddenly felt drained of all my energy. How could that happen? I bore the curse of Achilles, wasn't I suppose to be invincible? It was like the spear just took all my energy away. I fell to my knees, no longer able to stand. Riptide landed next to me. "Stupid half-blood." the man sneered.

My hands trembled as I held the spear. Annabeth was laying on the ground. Her eyes were on me. I couldn't do anything. She body teased, she was probably still feeling the pain from the spear. The man in front of me, grabbed the spear from my hands. Then he kicked my back and I hit the ground. "No..." Annabeth tried to yell.

The man pointed his spear at Grover and a needle thing shot out of the end of it. It hit Grover in his shoulder. Lightning raced through his body, like it had Annabeth. My limbs wouldn't move no matter how much I tried to move them. The man next to Annabeth grabbed her hair. He pulled her head so she was looking at him. "She's an Athena brat." he growled.

Then he let go and Annabeth's head fell back to the ground. "Annabeth.." I said.

"Alright, take her." the man next to me nodded.

"No!" I yelled. My throat burned.

The guy Grover had knocked out, was now standing up. He glared at Grover. One guy picked Annabeth up. "Cain, which god for that black haired kid laying on the ground?" one said.

I felt pulling on my hair. "Poseidon," the one called Cain let my hair go.

"Good. John will only have one more Big Three kid to go." the one holding Annabeth grinned.

Annabeth was limp in his arms, but her eyes were still on me. I couldn't let them take her, but I couldn't move. Cain was starting to pick me up, but then he screamed. A knife had sliced his arm. My eyes were starting to close. The last thing I remembered was seeing kids in orange T-shirts.