I've got two tickets to Las Vegas

Arthur watches the people pass him by, friends, families and lovers, coming home from a holiday or departing on one. There are millions of places they can go and billions of things to see and countless people to meet. Maybe some of them might even find true love while away or maybe some are coming home to their true love. Maybe some won't be home for a long time; maybe some won't leave at all. Arthur hopes to leave tonight, he has 2 tickets to Las Vegas and all he needs is a yes. And it's a lot to ask for, it's a lot to decide in a moment's notice but he knows, he knows that the answer will be yes. Because, because their love is strong and it's been burning since the dark ages, literally.

A familiar face appears in the crowd, cheeks rosy pink and those large deep blue eyes. Arthur laughs softly to himself before rising to his feet and meeting him half way. He looks as beautiful as ever, hair windblown, the ever present smile and those blue eyes he lost himself in a life time ago. He looks around the room, people keep going on by, sparing them no second glance. He can see Merlin is about to speak but he silences him with his fingers, smiling brightly at him.

He takes a deep breath. "We've known each other for… well basically what feels like forever" he laughs softly, feeling the nerves nearly choke him but he pushes aside his fear and carries on. "In our last life we were denied our love and it's been too long since we've been together and… I don't know, after this life ends, if we will see each other again. So…" one more deep breath, "So I have two tickets to Las Vegas and I want to know… if you'll marry me Merlin Emrys?"

Merlin stayed motionless; love to outlast eternity shining in his eyes "Arthur" he pulled his prince to him, kissing him for the word to see "Are you serious?"

"Never been more serious in my life Merlin" he replied definitely with a whole hearted smile "so what do you say?"

"I think this is completely insane and God help me… but yes" he said, mirroring his lovers smile "I will marry you Arthur Pendragon."

"I was hoping you'd say that" Arthur grinned but there were tears of happiness in his eyes which he hid by closing them and leaning forwards to kiss Merlin like there was no tomorrow. "Forever and always" Arthur whispered, letting a single tear of happiness fall.

Merlin gently brushed away the tear with a steady thumb while taking a moment to catch his breath and still his racing heart that was bouncing wildly with joy before whispering back "Forever and always."

Short and sweet, hope you like it :)