"Zack!! ZACK!!" Sephiroth screamed his friends name at the top of his lungs, hoping the dark haired youth would hear him.

Just my luck…Sephiroth mumbled to himself. I get stuck up in my room where no one can hear and the scariest thing I have ever seen is at me feet. Good thing this lamp is so high…Sephiroth sighed. He could just tell it was going to be a long day….

Zack skipped (yes skipped!) along the footpath. He was in an incredibly good mood, as he always is. "I wonder where Sephy is today?" Zack looked around, expecting the famous general to appear out of nowhere, but all he saw was Genesis sitting under a tree, no doubt reading Loveless for the millionth time. "Hmmm.." A smirk crossed Zack's face, as he quietly snuck up behind the redhead, intent on scaring the absolute shit out of him. "ZACK!!" "ARRRGGHHH!!!" Zack fell backwards as Genesis turned and yelled in his face. Slowly picking himself up, Zack turned to look at Genesis who was lying on the ground attempting to breath and laugh at the same time. "I hope you die.." Zack grumbled to him. "You… You… You should have… Seen… Your face!" Zack laughed as Genesis did the most pathetic impression ever.

"Hey, you seen Seph at all today?" Zack asked. Genesis shrugged with a purely evil grin on his face, "I expect he would be stuck in his room…" That's when both SOLDIERs turned there heads to the scream coming form Sephiroth's apartment, "GENESIS!!!!" At the sound of his name, Genesis burst into laughter as Zack sprinted to his troubled friend.

"Seph!! SEPH!! What is it? Whats happened?" Zack burst into the room desperately looking around, only to see Sephiroth clutching for dear life on a lamp post. "Get that fucking thing away from ME!!" As he pointed to the offending thing on the ground at his feet. Zack just laughed as he laid eyes on the cutest puppy he had ever seen.