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Family Meetings

"I'm in transition." He answered easily.

"Harvey!" She slapped his arm lightly and stopped walking.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"What do you mean? In transition?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

He looked at her tenderly, "I don't think I can be without you."

She sighed, and looked back at him with a little smile.

Suddenly, he asked, "What's your Mother doing?"

"I-I'm not sure, really. Why do you ask?"

He shrugged, "I'd just like to meet her, that's all."

She smiled brightly, "Let me call her."

Without an answer from him, she pulled out her phone and dialed.

"Yes, hello Mum." (Beat.) "Yes, I was just wondering... Well, I want you to meet someone." (Beat.) Harvey watched as Kate's brow furrowed in confusion. "Well," She glanced at Harvey, "I suppose so. Why?" (Beat.) "Well, it isn't like we're getting married, Mum! I just want you to meet the man!" (Beat.) She sighed. "Mum..." (Beat.) "Wonderful! We'll be there in no time!" (Beat.) "I love you too, Mum. Alright, alright, bye-bye."

She flipped her phone closed, and then shoved it into her purse. "We need to hail a cab." She told him, and they were off.

Ding Dong

The door bell sounded, and but only a few seconds later, the door opened, and Kate's mother appeared.

"Hello." She told the pair.

"Hello, Mum."

Kate and Harvey walked into 's home, and she hugged her daughter.

"Mum, this is Harvey Shine. Harvey, this is my mother, Margret Walker." Kate introduced her mother and her newest friend.

Harvey nodded, and stuck out his hand, which Irene took and shook firmly. "A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Walker."

The old woman sighed, "Maybe a bit later I can say the same."

"Mother!" Kate whispered harshly, "Don't be rude!"

"It's alright, Kate." Harvey replied. "I see where you get your honesty."

He smiled.

"Well, why don't you come and sit down. There's a couple things I'd like to ask you." Mrs. Walker scanned her eyes down Harvey, sizing him up. Then, she turned and headed for the living room.

Kate leaned over to Harvey and whispered, "My mother just clocked you." She smiled at her own joke, and they proceeded into the living room.

"Name?" Kate's mother asked.

"Harvey Shine."

"Date of birth?"

"I'm older than her." He responded easily.

Mrs. Walker smiled at Harvey and then turned to Kate and told her, "Marry him."


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