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Siriusly Kate


This is a temporary journal of one, Lena Devlin, in order to piece back together the once sound and reasonable disorder that was her mind.

A note from the victim:

OBSERVATION: DO NOT, under any circumstances, tell Sirius Black that he cannot have something. I mean, really, if you were the one who told him that I was unattainable then I would probably stop reading this and run in the other direction because I'm going to torture you slowly by hanging you upside down, by the toes, from the ceiling in the Great Hall, and tickling you mercilessly until you fully understand just what you've done to me. But, I digress.

The point was, don't tell Sirius Black that something is beyond his grasp because it will quite literally become his life's ambition to grasp said something and in the process make a poor, innocent, unsuspecting girl like myself go completely mad.

Seriously, if it was you…I HATE you. Please go jump off a cliff.

Er…perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's see…where to start?

I suppose I should explain why I'm writing down anything at all, because, well, I don't really keep a journal and I've always thought it was kind of stupid to chronicle every minute thing one does the way a certain Lily Evans is prone to doing. The simple answer, I suppose, is that I've reached the point where I'm starting to think I can't trust my own mind anymore. This is extremely disconcerting, not to mention maddening. I'm usually one of those people that knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. At the beginning of term I think I was still in control of my needs, I mean, I was fully prepared for a last and final year of lots of fun, boys, and occasionally studying for my NEWT classes. I had no idea that a certain group of boys that call themselves The Marauders would decide that it was imperative to turn my life upside down.

Not that it's been turned upside down in a bad way. It's just, well, upside down…

And so, I've nicked this notebook from Sophie and am currently doing something I've always found pointless in order to straighten out my life and perhaps explain just exactly why most every part of my life has officially gone wonky.

To start, one of my best friends won't speak to me anymore. This is probably the most significant thing at this point in time because unlike a lot of people at this school, it takes a lot for you to get under Sophie Rogers' skin. It really does. And somehow or another, I've managed it. Go me…but that is only one of many things that are so very wrong.

Continuing, I think I might actually be friends with Lily Evans. This is entirely surprising (and consequently one of those maddening things I was talking about) because she's extremely annoying and currently a very strict, non-rule breaking kind of Head Girl. We have never been friends. So again…strange.

Also, I've been given detention for a lot of things so far this term (it's only November) that surprisingly were not my fault. It's not that I've never had detention before. Honestly, you cannot be friends with someone like Andi Cauldwell (I love her to death, really) and not get in a lot of trouble. Up until this point, I've never had to worry about anyone else getting me into trouble besides Andi or myself. Frustrating? Why yes.

And then the strangest thing of all…I think that Sirius Black likes me. And not in that 'you are unconquered territory' sort of way (although I think at one point that is exactly what sort of way it was and I really feel I should be much angrier about that), but rather in an 'I genuinely like you' sort of way.

Let me be clear. Sirius Black is an arrogant, pompous, adorably charming, and ridiculously gorgeous boy who gets anything and everything he wants simply because he is himself. He dates mindless idiot blonde bimbos who aren't smart enough to realize he's just in it for the shag, his loyalty is first and foremost to James Potter, and he doesn't take anything seriously.

So, you may be asking yourself…why then Lena is it so strange that he likes you?

Well, first of all. I am not a mindless idiot blonde bimbo who isn't smart enough to realize he's toying with me. Quite the contrary. I'm a very bright, albeit ridiculously procrastinating, witch with dark brown hair, olive colored skin, and no sign of a pair of baby blue eyes in sight (yes as a matter of fact all blonde bimbos have baby blue eyes, heh. My eyes are wonderful shade of deep green in case you were wondering).

I have two amazing, intelligent friends that are both beautiful, and claim that I am too. I don't argue. Aside from my nose being a bit too big, I don't think I'm that bad to look at. Oh yes, and see that. No inferiority complex either. I don't need a boy to hang on in order to feel better about myself, regardless of the fact that that boy may be six feet and two inches of unbelievably hot hair, eyes, and body.

Don't look like that. I never said I didn't think he was attractive, just that he was full of himself and definitely not my type.

That said, I have this sneaking suspicion that Sirius Black isn't playing games anymore and that he really, genuinely…likes me. The thing is, he's spent the last three months trying to convince me to go out with him because of his stupid friends and now, well, now I think he just wants to be friends, like, real friends. What's the deal?

Needless to say, I'm very confused and as I mentioned before, going completely mad. Because you see, now that he's not leaving flowers on my bed and sticking notes in my Transfiguration book, my traitorous self seems to be missing it. Quite a lot (and all of this after I swore to him we would never speak again).

I literally almost pinned a prank on him the other day so he would get detention with me. There is seriously something wrong with my head.

I have no idea when this happened or in Merlin's name why, but it has. And for the love of all that is magical, I do not know what is wrong with me. Ugh.

It would seem that I've now gotten to the point of this, erm…this was only supposed to be a note. My apologies for the rather epic short novel it has become.

Anyway, the point.

The point is I have to figure out what has happened. I have to know when this all started and why my notes from Charms yesterday have little hearts in the corner.

(Side bit: Sirius happens to be in that class. He sits right in front of me.)

Perhaps I am crazy and that's all there is to it, but still, I think maybe writing this all down for you, anonymous reader, might help me sort it all out. Especially since as I write, Mr. I'm Going to Get In Your Head and Then Pretend I Did No Such Thing is staring at me and making me lose me train of thought.

Merlin, he just winked at me. Moron.

... ... ...

Erm, moving on.

I suppose the best place to start is where this whole bloody mess started and that would be September 1st on the Hogwarts Express.

Oh honestly….now he's throwing things at me. I really don't get him.

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