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Delaware Doppleganger

The Baltimore Police Department seemed completely empty when Tony strolled in. Phones were ringing off the hook on all of the desks, but there was almost no one in sight, save for a frantic looking young woman answering some near the front. He shrugged, figuring she may be useful, and walked up to her.

"Excuse me?" he asked. The woman didn't pay any attention to him. He let her deal with another call, and then tried again.

"Excuse me, miss! Federal Agent!" he said, pulling out his badge. She jumped a little, but walked over to him very composed.

"How can I help you, sir?" she asked. She seemed rather nervous, and Tony didn't recognize her. 'Must be new,' he thought.

"Special Agent DiNozzo, NCIS. You guys sent over a dead Marine by the name of Capt. Arlene Lutz this morning. Do you happen to know who was working the case?"

"Actually, yes!" she said, her face lighting up, "My partner and I were. Detective Jansen is senior, but she's out right now, so I'll help you. I'm Detective Vaughn."

"Nice to meet you, Detective. Could you just tell me everything you know about Captain Lutz and her disappearance?" he asked. She walked over to a desk and pulled a case file out of the top drawer.

"All we know about Lutz are the basics. She lived in Dover, Delaware, with her boyfriend, Vince Malcolm, 40. She was 37, had no children, and no criminal record. However," she paused and held up a mug shot, "the boyfriend does."

Ziva read through the background check for the second time, and set it down. Nothing sent off alarms in her head, but deep down, something in there bothered her. Or rather, something that wasn't in there. She flipped through it again, this time her eyes landing on a chart. It was an unofficial identification mark chart that Lutz had had made, in case of the worst. It listed a birthmark, a scar (on her face, therefore gone by now), and a tattoo. However, Ziva noticed, it didn't match the description of the one they all saw.

"That's it!" she exclaimed. She folded the sheet up and slid it into her pocket, and started walking to the elevator. She was almost there when she bumped into Tony.

"Where are you going, David?" he asked. He was swinging around car keys in one hand and holding a case file in the other.

"Autopsy," she answered. She didn't get much farther when Tony grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him.

"Not before we go to Delaware," he said,

"Why in the world are we going to Delaware?" she asked impatiently. She wanted to investigate her idea as soon as possible.

"To have a talk with the boyfriend. Gibbs' orders," he replied, smirking. She sighed and went to grab her coat from her desk. Tony did have a possible lead here. All she had was a hunch, and it would have to wait.


"No, Duck, not the one we saw earlier. Officer David says it's a line of a song."

" Would that song happen to be an 80's hit by the name of Video Killed The Radio Star?"

Agent DiNozzo went through the short list, matching the description.

"Indeed it would be. You know, that was the first video to be played on MTV, somewhat-"

"TONY." Ziva barked. She glared at him through her peripheral vision.

"Yes, well, thank you doctor. If you find anything else important, give us a ring." Tony said. The examiner responded, voice tinny through the phone, and the conversation ended.

" Ducky found the tattoo on the list. It's strange, you know, that the marine corps. one wasn't on there. Judging by McGoo's stories and her career choices, it was a bit more important."

"Perhaps she didn't want anyone to know?" Ziva questioned. Tony ruffled his brow, thinking over the case.

"But her doctors and fellow marines would likely know, and surely-"

"-the boyfriend," Ziva finished, a thoughtful look coming over her face," they dated for 6 years, the must have been intimate at one point."

"Really? Because, what if, they're old fashioned? Did you ever think of that, Doctor Assumption?" Tony cocked an eyebrow, hiding a signature smirk in the process.

"I recognize that, Tony. I was just suggesting, that maybe, six years is long enough for even old fashioned couples." She said, pursing her lips.

"Yes, well, HOLY—!" Tony shouted, swerving out of the way of an oncoming truck. They'd been on the road for almost two hours, and he didn't even realize how tired he'd become.

"How about you focus on the road rather than making your point, yes?" Ziva asked, with a roll of her eyes. 'Men', she thought.

Finally, they pulled into the address that Tony had gotten from Baltimore PD. It wasn't a beat up house by any means, but had an eerily haunted feel to it. The two agents peered at it for a moment before getting out and walking to the door. Ziva knocked three times, then three more. They were ready to enter without an invitation, when a weary voice called out "I'm coming!"

Ziva looked suspiciously at Tony. The voice was that of a female, an adult female, at that. Perhaps he had forgotten the seriousness of their business in Delaware, or he was reverting to his perverted male instincts, but for whichever, he smiled.

"He sure moved on fast," he commented. Ziva had no time for anything but another roll of the eyes as the door opened.

"Can I help you?" the woman asked. She'd answered her own question without realizing it, and subsequently gave more material for Tony and Ziva to question. Looking quickly through the file, they each felt their heart skip a beat in confusion. The woman who answered the door matched the military ID image of Captain Arlene Lutz.

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