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Walking into the bullpen, Emily didn't know what to do with herself. She had the overwhelming urge to throw something just to hear the satisfying shattering sound it would bring, or laughing until she cried. She knew that her brother's engagement was a big deal, but why they felt it necessary to include her in all of the wedding plans, as well as a bridesmaid made her want to strangle him and his fiancé. He loved Greg dearly, Samantha too, but it was just a bit much. She sat at her desk and put her iPod in her ears to try and calm her down before work actually started. Being the first one there besides Hotch was a blessing this morning, and gave her time to lose herself in music before she lost it on someone else.

As she heard the beginning to her favorite Angel Taylor song, she couldn't help the need to drop her head onto her desk, which is exactly what she did. As she picked up her head and rubbed her now tender forehead, she remembered exactly why she the whole bridesmaid thing had upset her so much. She needed to find a date to walk down the aisle with her, and she wanted that person to be none other than Derek Morgan. His smile made her heart rate just that much faster, and the way that he always seemed to take joy in calling her princess made her heart ache because she knew it wasn't anything more than Derek just being Derek. As she made her way to the kitchen area for her much needed caffeine fix, she failed to see Derek come in and sit at his desk pulling his own iPod out of his ears, smiling like an idiot. As she made her way back to her desk, he hid behind the divider and watched as she began to sing a few lines of the song she was listening to, moving her hips in sync to the rhythm.

"and I've never had a taste before
but now you've got me wanting more

You're playin' it cool, I know what you do
I feel like a fool, but I would be feelin' it anyway
cause nobody loves me
You're messin around, I figured you out
You're takin' me down, but I would be feelin it anyway, cause nobody loves me, like you do"

As she reached her desk, she looked up from her coffee to find Derek staring at her with an expression that just screamed speechlessness. She sat down as quickly as she could in her chair, yanking her headphones out of her ears and stuffing her iPod into the nearest drawer available. Noticing that Derek was still staring, she turned to glare at him and asked what the hell he kept staring at.

"You're voice is beautiful" he said thickly, and she felt a blush spread across her face and down her neck making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She cleared her throat and that seemed to bring him out of his daze, but did little to nothing about the look in his eyes. It both scared her and excited her, but she knew that it was just because he's never heard her sing before.

"I mean…how the hell did you learn to sing like that? It's amazing Em" he said, than seemed to go back to his regular demeanor that both pleased and disappointed her. "Guess Princess is hiding more than we thought" he said laughing.

"You have no idea Derek" she said, and winked at him as she started on her paperwork, making him gulp and his throat go dry.

Just as Derek was planning on saying something to get that smirk off her face, Hotch came out of his office and yelled to get both of their attention.

"Morgan, Prentiss, the team has been working cases back to back and I already called everyone else. We have the next 2 weeks off so enjoy it and be ready to hit the ground running when we all come back" and with that, he went back into his office.

"So, what exactly are you gonna do with your time off?" Derek asked her, and watched her groan and hit her head on the table.

Picking up her head and rubbing her forehead once again she responded,

"I've really gotta stop doing that. My brother's wedding is in a week and a half and I need to find a date to the wedding that will walk down the aisle with me" she said, and this time rested her head gently on her arms that rested on her desk.

"Why's that so horrible? Wedding's are fun you know, open bar and stuff" he said, and she smiled because that's all she could really do at the moment. As she debated on whether or not to ask him, his phone rang.

"Hello…Natalie,whats up?...I'd love to but… Nat no I can't… because I have a girlfriend…" Once Derek said the word girlfriend, Em felt as if all of the air had been sucked from the room as well as her lungs. How could Derek, her best friend, not tell her that he was dating someone? As she sat there, he told the girl Natalie to hold on, and felt him throw a pen at her shoulder.

"You wanna do me a big favor?" No. "Be my girlfriend for five minutes" as he said that, he eyes widened and she released a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.


"Because she's crazy and I refuse to have her keep calling me, so please? I'll be your date if you do this for me…" as he saw her contemplate her answer, he added to his statement, "Come on Princess, you know you love me" if only you knew.

Sighing, she wordlessly held out her hand for his phone, and couldn't help but grin as a contagious smile broke out across his gorgeous face.

"Hi this is Derek's girlfriend Emily…we've been together for a few months and are happy so please don't call him anymore…ok thanks" she shut his phone and handed it back to him and leaned forward towards him in her seat.

"You so owe me for that Derek" she said as she watched him get up and sit at the edge of her desk and felt the air get thicker between them.

"I already said ill go with you to the wedding, what more do you want from me?" he asked as he inched even closer to her, leaving only a mere inch between them.

"Funny you asked…" Emily leaned closer and watched as Derek did the same, and just as they were a breath away from each other…