Dynah pushed the stroller down the sidewalk, as she walked back to the dorm apartment. Her mind was so caught up in everything that she didn't even hear Anita calling out to her, until Deborah cooed and started squirming around in the stroller.

"Dynah, Joe jut called he said that he was trying to get ahold of you, but you weren't answering your phone." Anita told her. Dynah grimaced, "My phone just died right before I left your place and I figured that I'd be good until I got home. Why? What's up?" she asked. Anita smiled and bent down to tickle Deborah's tummy.

In her 'talking-to-the-baby' voice, Anita said, "Joe's momma Patricia got in early this afternoon and instead of calling you or Joe to go pick her up, she just hopped in a cab and drove out here. So he just wanted you not to be surprised, she is sleeping in the little room with the TV, on the couch bed. So be quiet as not to wake her. And I need to walk with both of you back to the apartment. Just in case, you know?" Dynah nodded. "Oh, I know."

"Alright, so we have dress fittings tomorrow, and cake sampling, it's the weekend so both Adam and Joe should be free. We really need to get the other girls together." Anita went on, Dynah smiled, even when she was distracted, Anita knew just what to say. "Yes, we do. I can't wait to see Deborah in her dress!" Dynah exclaimed.

The girls continued walking, "So I've got the bachelorette party planned. The wedding is getting all payed for by your parents and grandmother and by Joe's parents. Like I said earlier, don't worry about planning and scheduling, that's my job. Besides, it'll help me if I ever truly want to be a wedding planner. The church will be decorated the morning of, I've got more than a few willing helping hands. Brady, Joe and I have a surprise for you. Which I have found it's rather hard not to blurt it out to you. The honeymoon is two weeks, of wedded bliss. Deborah will be taken care of by me and breast fed by one of the young, single mothers in our bible study. Don't worry about her, even though it's in your nature. She'll be fine. Then you'll come back and everything will be fantastic, we will all help you move into your house. And that's it you'll start out your brand new life of more wedded bliss." Anita finished, just as they made their way up to the dorms.

"Well, I'll leave you to getting acquainted with your mother-in-law. Have fun! And I'll be here bright and early tomorrow morning. Make sure Patricia is ready to go, alright?" Anita asked, she bent over to unbuckle baby Deborah and kissed her on the cheek. Then she lifted her up and handed her over to Dynah. She kissed Dynah on the forehead and left, turning to wink at her over her shoulder.

Dynah grabbed the baby blanket out of the stroller and wrapped it up around Deborah. She placed the parking brake on the stroller and parked it by the door. Then she lifted her hand up to open the door, lucky for her it was in that moment that Joe opened it. "Hey love, let me take the baby." Deborah turned and reached her hands out to Joe. Who plucked her from Dynah's arms. "I was about to go out and get something for us to have for dinner tonight. Would you girls like to come with me? I haven't seen you all day." The last part came out almost as a plea.

Dynah smiled, she kissed Joe on the lips. "Of course darling, let me get her baby carrier though, I think she's getting tired of the stroller." Dynah hurried past him and went to her room. She picked up the diaper bag and her baby carrier. Strapping it on, Dynah walked out to meet Joe. "Ready?" he asked her. "Mhmm... I love you." she told him.

"I'll always love you." Joe replied.