100 themes, on Riku and Risa. Sometimes together, sometimes not.

Taken from the 100_themes on lj.

001: Savings box

Riku looked at the box hesitantly, wondering if she should open it. She had been saving up with her sister since she came back. Daisuke's birthday was in a few weeks, along with their anniversary coming a few days behind. She wanted to get something special...

She sighed. She couldn't do it. Years ago she promised Risa that they would split it in half, together. Risa was away on a trip to Korea for a few days, but in a few days she had to go back to school. Riku took out her wallet, counting the odd change.

"3000 yen," she said to herself, sighing. She could buy a friend's birthday present with this, but Daisuke? No. She sighed again; she needed something special. Her eyes scanned the room, and her eyes fell upon a teddy bear, given two years before the box. Her eyes glinted- this was special. She would give him this.

The savings box lay peacefully on her tabletop, untouched.