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"Dude, It's Getting' All Horror Movie In Here"

"Of course," Kevin snarled as the engine spluttered out for the last time. It'd been acting up all night with irregular rhythms to its natural purr and louder than it usually hummed. "It decides to die just an hour outside of Bellwood."

Gwen shut her cell phone. "And in the perfect spot where there's no freaking signal." The girl flipped her hair over her shoulder, a touch of attitude to it. She wasn't in the best mood. And the car breaking down wasn't helping at all. "Stupid car." Then the girl threw her phone to the ground, hearing the screen shatter. She stamped her heel into it, crushing the memory and data within.

Kevin was impressed. He didn't know she ever possessed the attribute of anger.

The moon hung in the sky as if by a fishing hook, only a sliver missing from it, but light shining strongly. It illuminated the steep hill next to which Kevin had pulled his car over to. Tiny shrubs and leafy vegetation clung to the clumped dirt on the side, gravity waiting for its chance to strike one down, dragging a small plant into the sea of trees below. Falling would most likely be fatal. The stars lit up the night, singing the songs of bright fire and wishes.

The last of the crew, Ben, was sitting in the backseat, singing along to Matchbox Twenty's song 'How Far We've Come' off of his iPod. "I believe," he chanted, making his voice a few octaves deeper than it really was for the lyrics. "The world is burning to the ground, I guess we're gonna find out. Let's see how far we've come. Let's see how far we've come." A faint red glow came from his watch with the signature hourglass shape.

"Ben, we obviously haven't come very far," retorted the sixteen year old. He ran his fingers through his raven-colored hair. "Now we just have to get back, so it'd be real nice for EchoEcho to maybe push the car back."

Instead of hearing anything, Ben kept on headbanging in the back seat, oblivious.

"Get your butt out of the car and help, Ben," Gwen growled, clearly losing her patience. She had already been tested enough today by having to skip karate practice for another attack from stupid Vilgax who just wouldn't give up anymore. She slammed her foot into the front bumper of the car.

Kevin's eyes widened. "Gwen!"


The call of the driver's name came from Ben who had felt the car shift beneath him. One hand was pressed against the window to keep his balance and to maybe brace the car, although it wouldn't help. He began to scramble for a door.

Gwen flung the door open on the other side, pushing Ben out just in time. She had fallen into the backseat while saving her cousin.

The car shifted again, dangerously looming to the cliff that they had parked next to. And it began its descent.

It rocked as it was finally weighed enough on one side. Crashing backwards downward towards the dirt slope, it was disappearing quickly, Gwen inside.

Kevin was in disbelief. Why had Gwen pushed Ben out? Why was his car falling? Why was he stupid enough to park like that? "Gwen!" he called, watching that green and black vehicle disappearing.

The girl was shaken, terrified as a tree approached the windshield at high speeds when it was really the car approaching the tree. She prayed that she wouldn't die yet. She wasn't ready to die. There was so much she had left in life. That tree smashed the car's glass windshield everywhere, spraying the seats with it. Glass was embedded into the leather and into Gwen's skin. She shuttered, realizing that her blood was flowing out of multiple cuts in her flesh.

Red hair thrown across the seats, she moved slightly and slowly, hoping that the pain was minimal. It was and she was grateful. Wincing only once or twice, Gwen managed to get out of the car.

She assessed the damage to herself and the vehicle.

Skin scathed in a few places and bruised here and there, Gwen deemed herself alright in the sense of survival. She'd lived. That was a good thing. Slowly, her fingers found each piece of glass that had thrown itself into her arms in the darkness. It stung as she pulled them out.

The car was in much worse shape, nose bent in, engine most likely destroyed under the hood. All of Kevin's hard work was gone, wasted. Each piece of tech put into that car, annihilated beyond repair as far as the girl knew.

Carefully, looking up the cliff, she shielded her eyes from the glow of the moon. There were two figures standing at the top, one tall with a dark burly build. The other, thin and lanky, seemingly hunched over with distress. The first, Kevin. The second, Ben. They wouldn't be able to see her beneath the tree line. She started to move forward only to find a gloved hand clamped across her mouth and her knees being kicked out beneath her, powers useless and drained. The girl couldn't make a sound and only struggled until her air supply was depleted. Her emerald eyes fell closed, giving in to the surrounding darkness.


Kevin stood there, dumbfounded. "Ben, go hero and get her!" He'd take longer to find Gwen than EchoEcho or Jetray would. He would stumble down the cliff, tripping over himself and destined to fall a lot. He ripped off his ID mask and began to clamor down that sloped cliff face.

"Can't," said Ben. He held up his wrist, feet catching on a small patch of heather. "It's recharging." His red glow was ominous as dark clouds covered the moon's waning light. "I can't go hero for a while now!"

A guttural snarl ripping loose from his throat, Kevin was gone, racing down in the darkness, disappearing.

As they reached the bottom, neither caught any sight of the car. Or Gwen. And it couldn't have gotten into the ocean of trees before them, the trunks so close together to barely allow a person to get through.

They both stood for a few minutes, staring at the tire marks that had been there only a minute ago. Suddenly, they had disappeared out of nowhere. Deep rivets were dug into the ground, clearly the treads. The next few feet, flat land, nothing disturbed in the slightest. It was as if there had never been a car or a girl with a fiery red mane of hair.

Being the first to react, Kevin morphed one fist into a block, slamming it into the nearest tree, slicing the wood in half through the thickest part of the trunk. It fell in the opposite direction, harming nothing in its path. The dark teen let out a long disgusted cry and fell to his knees, both things he cared about in the world suddenly ripped away from him.

Ben was bent down on one leg, running his fingers over the end marks of the tires where it seemingly vanished. The dirt was untouched other than by his own fingers. Then he rose to his feet once more.

Kevin was slow to do the same.

They both looked around, eyes wide and scared. It was silent for a long time, each thinking of the blow they'd both suffered.

"Dude, it's getting all horror movie in here!" Ben said with a nervous voice, pitch rising with each word.

He got a head slap.

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