Disclaimer: I do not own any right to Hush, Hush it's all the work of Becca Fitzpatrick. I am just making a story of the awesome characters she has created.

I left my window open, feeling the cool summer breeze against my skin. I didn't bother to turn on my lights when it got dark. The moon was shinning, the stars were out and I actually felt happy for a second. Suddenly, Dabria's face came into my head. I didn't feel safe anymore. I felt adrenaline rushing through my veins. I wanted to run, to get out of here where she can't find me.

I got up from my bed to close the window, when I saw a star twinkling. I had to stop to make sure I wasn't imagining it. For some reason I made a wish.

"I wish to be happy." I said quietly.

I started closing the window when I saw a hand pop out of nowhere on the other side.


"Shh Nora, it's me." Patch said.

I backed away from the window clutching my mouth.

"I'm sorry, I thought…nothing I'm just imagining things."

Patch came in and closed the window.

"Do you always keep your room so dark?" he said.

"No, tonight seemed so pretty to me I couldn't ruin it with light."

"Really?" Patch said putting his hands around my waist. "I thought it might be because you're afraid Dabria." He said laughing.

I slapped his arms away from me and turned on the light

"Yeah, that might be it too." I said.

He took out a CD from his pocket.

"Do you feel like dancing?" he said.

I looked at him confused.

"Dancing?" I never actually tried it. "I've never danced before." I mused.

"Good, there's always a first time for everything."

He put the CD in my computer and the song Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny filled my room.

"Are you serious?"

"Never been more serious in my life Nora." He said putting my hands around his neck. He then put his hands around my waist. I felt my heart beat a little faster, making me blush.

"What do I do?"

"Just follow me, it's like walking." He said in my ear. I got goosebumps all around my body. I put my head against his chest. I tried to follow him but it was no use, he had more experience.

"Hey, Nora." He said.

"Yeah" I looked up at him "What's up?"

"You shouldn't be afraid of Dabria. I won't let anything happen to you." he said holding me tighter. I smiled at him. I was trying to sway with the melody of the guitar.

"I know but it's still creepy knowing someone out there is trying to kill me."

"We don't know if that's true, so there's no use worrying about the things we can't control."

"I agree." I said kissing his neck. "I'll try not to think about her."

He raised his hand slowly up to my neck then my chin, leaving a trail of goosebumps along the way.

"How about we focus on the things we can control."

"Like what?" I said smiling.

"Like kissing you."

"That would really put everything else in my head aside."

"I thought so."

He came closer and I leaned in. Immediately my senses went haywire. His hand on the lower side of my back was crushing me against him, while I had my hand on his head crushing him closer. It began with such force I couldn't breathe, but that didn't matter Patch was all I needed. We started to slow down with each breath until finally the song ended. I put my forehead against his and I laughed.

"You're awesome." I said.

"So, did your wish come true?"


"The wish you made on the star."

I looked at him and I grabbed his face. I gave him a small kiss and I said.

"As long as I have you I'll always be happy."

Once I said those words, I knew it was true. Dabria might make me anxious and paranoid but Patch will always be able to make me relax.

"I'm not going anywhere then."

"You better not." I said smiling.

"Where were we?" he said bringing me closer. I closed my eyes feeling his soft warm lips against mine, feeling nothing but total happiness.