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A Vacation of Love

The sunset is so beautiful, but if only I had someone to enjoy it with. That someone I've always wanted to be near, the one I've always wanted to be with and never let him go. Ash Ketchum. He's the one I've always had my eye on, the one I've always admired. Though my feelings for him are indescribable I cannot stop thinking about him. Let me tell you a little bit about him. He's always there for me and cares about me a lot; he always cheers me on and helps me. He may be a little dense but I still love him.

About a month ago we separated and Ash went back to Kanto. He had won the Sinnoh League and was rewarded with a trophy along with gifts for himself and his Pokémon, plus he has gotten the chance to battle the Elite 4 but that's not for another 2 or 3 months. I'll bet right now he's training like crazy to become World Champion. It's now dark and I guess I should be heading home.

.: At home :.

"Hi honey, dinner's on the table plus I made your favourite" My mom said.

"Thanks mom..."

"What's wrong dear? You look depressed"

"It's just that I miss him so much"

"Don't worry dear, you'll get to see him again" She said before leaving for her bedroom to sleep.

I just hope she's right. Maybe, maybe I could take a vacation to clear my mind! Yeah, but where? I turned on the TV and right there was a view of Sunny shore City. Hey I'll go there; yeah it would be fun to hang out at the beach there. "It's decided! I'll go to Sunny shore City!"

.:Meanwhile in Kanto:. (Ash's POV)

I wish she was here then I wouldn't feel so, so lonely. I always have this tingling sensation in my stomach every time our eyes meet; it's like every time I look into her eyes I've been sent to another world about her and ONLY her. Why did I have to leave? I could have just confessed to her and maybe we wouldn't have separated, but it's too late now. I bet she's already with Kenny, Paul or even Barry! Gosh I'm so stupid! I shouldn't have left her in the first place; I could still remember the look on her face when we were at the peer, not just the look on her face, but the look in her eyes. Her eyes were...were dark, what happened to those beautiful sapphire eyes? Obviously it was my fault she was feeling this way, I was going to confess but I hadn't enough courage to just say it right there.

Of course I did train for the past 3 weeks, I needed a break, and maybe I could go see Dawn? No that's stupid! What if she's with Kenny, Paul or Barry? I don't want to look like a fool in front of that girl I loved so much. I just couldn't risk it, suddenly my heart sank. I need to stop thinking about her for a while but that's just impossible.

I went downstairs to the den; my mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen. I could tell by the smell that she was cooking her famous spaghetti; everyone in the neighbourhood loved her spaghetti and I did too. I turned on the television looking for something to watch, and then I stopped at this commercial. It showed Sunny shore City. Hey maybe I could go there? After all it is a nice place to relax. I got up and went to the kitchen to sit at the table since I knew dinner would be ready.

"Hey mom?" I started

"Yes dear?"

"I want to go to Sunny shore City"

"Really, how come?"

"I think it's a good place to relax and clear my mind"

"Good idea Ash, after all you always think of Dawn. Maybe if you're lucky she'll show up there and you can finally confess" She said as her voice got higher and higher with each word. Moms! They know everything.


"I'll get you a ticket and you can leave on Friday" That gives me two days to get ready!? That's fine.

"Okay...NOW LET'S EAT!" Just as I said that, Pikachu came running in the kitchen ready to chow down. I chuckled at the sight of my buddy looking around for its food bowl with food in it.

.:Back in Sinnoh:.

I just finished eating dinner, mom's famous chicken stew. I just loved it! Brock's was good but mom's was always better. Heck even Brock agrees after he tried it, when we came back for the Twin Leaf Festival. My mom bought me the ticket to head to Sunny shore City in a blimp, since I was traveling to a far away city, I had to get a ticket because these types of blimps are very high class. I hear their huge!

To be honest, I wish Ash would come with me, but I guess all wishes can't come true right? Hahaha. Well I better get ready if I'm going to leave in 2 days.

"Dawn dear you alright? You look...Troubled" Moms, they always worry.

"No need to worry mom" I shouldn't have said that, here comes the lecture.

"Now you know that's when I worry the most, and why do you always reply with that? Come on dear you can tell me I'm your-"

"Mother...yes mom I've heard this before, now if you want me to tell you I'll be happy to!" You think it's a onetime thing? WRONG! This always happens. Plus she never lets me get away with this so my answer always has a yes in it, no matter how much I deny it, I have to do it.

"Okay now what's troubling you?" I let out a deep sigh.

"You should know mom"

"Yes I do but I want to know what else is troubling you" Gosh I hate this! Please kill me! Wait scratch that. If I died I know Ash wouldn't like it one bit, he wouldn't let any of his friends get hurt or worse...killed.

"Okay...well I'm scared because since he's a champion and all he doesn't have time for his friends...he hasn't called me once since we departed and I have a feeling he has forgotten all about me!" Tears started to fill my eyes; I never had the courage to say that until now.

" do I put this? He's Ash and do you really think he would forget about one of his closest friends?" I shook my head. "Then you know he hasn't forgotten about you, you're just thinking negatively.

"Okay mom, thanks" She gave me a hug and left to go outside, don't know why but that's all I'll know for a while. This gives me a chance to finally go upstairs to get ready.

I decided to pack most of my summer clothes since it is hot in Sunny shore City. As I was packing I looked at a box I had in my room, my special box that keeps my most prized/special things. Only one thing was really valuable in that box, something from a friend, a close friend. I opened the box only to find some other random things and a necklace with a "D" in the middle of the golden chain. It sparkled so much and I just loved it, I can't believe I put it in here, I promised to wear it all the time...well not all the time not when I bathe. Oh wait now I remember, I was too depressed to wear it because it reminded me of Ash, yes Ash, he gave it to me...I still remember that night.


"Ash where are you taking me?" I said annoyed that we had to leave dinner, I wanted to eat!

"You'll see" He said still walking to this place while dragging me.

"Ughhh! Come on I'm hungry!" My stomach growled.

"Me too we are" I looked around; it was just a normal place? What's so special about- I looked up.

"Oohhh that's soo beautiful!" I squealed out looking at the fireworks.

"Yeah, I prepared it myself" I was shocked.

"Really? Just for me?"

"Only for you" He said while he showed me his hand, it had something in it. Oh my gosh!

"'s beautiful!" He then turned me around so my back was facing him; he lifted up my hair and put the chain around my neck. I could feel a slight blush on my cheeks. I refused to turn around but Ash just did it himself. I smiled at him. "Thank you Ash"

"No problem"

Just then we heard Brock call us for dinner. To be completely honest, I had forgotten about dinner. I bet Ash did too. He offered me his hand and I gradually accepted, and together we walked back to the campsite to enjoy another delicious meal.

.:End of Flashback:.

That memory always made me smile. I had just finished packing what I need and put my back-pack on the floor next to my bed. I looked at my clock, 9 PM. I guess I could watch a little television until 10 but first I'll change into my PJ'S.

.:Meanwhile back in Kanto:.

I looked at my watch, it was 10 PM. I was already in bed but I couldn't sleep. I was too busy thinking about that blue haired coordinator that I loved so much. I should have confessed on that day I gave her the necklace and put on the fireworks display for her. I felt so stupid!

To be honest I hope Dawn comes to Sunny shore City too because it would be a good time for me to confess to her, but I always wondered if she loved me back? If she didn't then I would make a total fool of myself and it would ruin our whole friendship! I couldn't risk that...but if I don't confess then I'll never know if she does have the same feelings as me. Urgh! This is too confusing! I'm going to sleep! I turned off the television and threw the remote somewhere, turned off the light and went to sleep. (A/N: But Ash had a dream...a very strange dream indeed)

"Ash please save me!" A girl cried, it was DAWN!

"Don't worry I'm coming!" She had been captured by some wild Pokémon and now they were flying away. But I had a chance to grab her if I made the jump over this cliff. This rigged cliff. I shuttered. Now's the time to save her not to be a wimp Ketchum!

I ran as fast as I could and jumped as high as I could. I held out my hand to try to grab her food but no luck. I missed by a centimetre! Oh my gosh I feel so stupid and so guilty right now! She was gone...the love of my life was gone. Who knows what those big fierce Pokémon were going to do to her! And it was my entire fault! I started to fall and landed into the stream, suddenly everything became dark and I closed my eyes...