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~In Sunny shore City~

Wow! Sunny shore is just like how I remembered. But even more amazing! I didn't even know where to go first, and then I saw something that caught my eye. An old cafe that I took Dawn too when we visited Sunny shore, at that time Brock was being his lovey-dovey self over Nurse Joy. I still remember that day...it was like the best time I ever spent with her.

I headed into the cafe and sat at a table close to a window; I looked across the room and saw one thing that caught my eye. I was so shocked! There sitting at a table on the other side of the cafe was none other than Dawn!!! Suddenly my eyes met with hers, those beautiful eyes I haven't seen in such a long time. She smiled and waved. I waved back and made a signal for her to come over.

She completely ran over and tackled me into a hug; all I could do was hug back. I wanted this to last forever but eventually we broke apart, smiling at each other. Suddenly there was silence between us, it lasted for about a minute until Dawn broke the silence.

"So Ash what are you doing here?" She said in her cheery voice.

"I saw a television ad for Sunny shore City and decided to come"

"Wow me too! We SO need to catch up and stuff" She grabbed my arm and pulled me to a bench near an ice cream shop.

"Want some ice cream? I'm buying" She always wanted to pay the bill but I always payed it instead.

"Okay but I'm going to pay, no buts" She giggled.

"Alright Ash...whatever you say" She winked at me and headed inside along with Pikachu.

I just stayed there, seated and staring at where Dawn was sitting. I could feel my face heat up and I knew I was blushing. I hope she doesn't see it when I get inside. Suddenly I saw her come back out and drag me inside. She was laughing. I just blushed some more. She was still laughing, and I couldn't help but laugh along. People were staring at us but who cares, right?

We stopped laughing and sat at a table, Pikachu was just waiting for some ice cream with ketchup on it. Dawn ordered a Strawberry smoothie and I ordered some cookies n cream ice cream. We ordered some milk ice cream with ketchup for Pikachu.

"So Ash how's your training so far?"

"Oh it's going good, I needed a break though"

"Yeah...Too much training isn't good for you. Although you tend to overdo it a lot" She laughed.

"Ha ha very funny"

"Okay here are your orders" The waitress said.

"Thank you" Dawn said.

"Yeah Thanks" I said.

I started eating then I realised Dawn was staring at me.

"Uh Dawn?"

"Huh!? Oh sorry!"

"It's okay"

After our delicious desert we went for a walk in the Poke Park. We let all our Pokémon out to play with each other again; I bet they really missed each other! Like how I missed Dawn. Dawn smiled at the happy sight and just seeing her smile made me smile and feel all warm inside. There's that tingling sensation in my stomach again. Why won't it go away!? This is so weird.

Dawn's POV

I'm so glad to see him again; I thought we would never see each other for years. But...Does he feel the same way as me? I guess I'll find out sooner or later, right?? But for now let's just enjoy this glorious day!

"Dawn? Dawn!"

"Huh!? WHA!?"

"You okay?

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine! No need to worry!"

"That's when I worry the most..."

"Come on Ash! Don't act so glum, it's such a nice day so why waste it? Come on let's go swimming in the river!"

"Ok-AAYY!" Ash yelped while I dragged him.

~At the Lake~

Ash and I changed into out swim suits and went swimming in the river, I know you'd think swimming in the ocean where the beach is would be better but the river is quieter. Just then Ash splashed me with water. Until someone splashes you with water, then it's not so quiet and a water fight starts! Ash and I kept splashing each other with water until our arms started hurting and we were soaking wet.

He handed me a towel which I gradually accepted and started drying off. As for Ash, one quick dry and he's done, although he's still pretty wet. I start laughing, he looks so funny like seriously! He put his shirt on backwards and his shoes are on the wrong side! He looks at me confused until he realises what I was laughing at. In one second he fixes it and acts like nothing happened. I stand up and wipe away those tears I got from laughing so much.

"Hey it wasn't that funny Dawn!!"

"Yes it was Ash! You seriously looked like some hobo!"

"Pi-kachu! (Oh dry!)" Pikachu said.

"Pip! (Yup)" Piplup agreed.

"See, Pikachu and Piplup agree"

"Oh be quiet!"

"Stop acting like a girl and let's go"

"Go? Go where?"

"Uhm I don't know, you decide this time."

"The beach."

Normal POV

Hours had past and it was almost time for the sun to set on this amazing fun filled day. Ash and Dawn were sitting on the edge of the beach, close to the water. Piplup had been returned to its poke ball and Pikachu was happily sleeping on Ash's side. Ash and Dawn were just staring at the beautiful scene in front of them. But Ash had different things on his mind. The sky looks so beautiful, but not as beautiful as Dawn. Is this the right place to tell her? He thought as the sun started to set. Dawn was blown away as for it was the most gorgeous sun set she had ever seen. Ash just continued to watch her until her gaze met his.

They sat there, staring into each other's eyes. Not blinking. Not talking. Probably not even caring that they're heads were getting closer. Suddenly Pikachu gave a slight yawn startling our two trainers who quickly reacted by moving back to their spots. Pikachu just smirked and went back to sleep, well pretending to sleep that is. Ash and Dawn just stayed quiet for what seems forever.

They just sat there, doing nothing. Probably fidgeting with their fingers or hair. That is until someone spoke up...


"Yeah Ash?"

"I need to tell you something"

"Sure what is it?"

"I've been longing to tell you this for a while now and..."


"I- I...Love you"


"I know you don't feel the same but-"

"Ash! I love you too!"

"You what!!"

Just then Dawn crashed her lips against Ash's. At first he was surprised by he gave in and kissed back. Ash brought his arms down Dawn's body and gripped her waist. While Dawn put her arms around Ash's neck, deepening the kiss. They kissed for a pretty long time, not wanting this moment to end. After what had seemed like hours, they finally broke apart and sat there, staring into each other's eyes. Not wanting to leave each other's side.

"I guess you'll be heading back to Kanto, right?" Dawn said as she and Ash ate breakfast in the cafeteria in the Pokémon Center.

"Yeah, but there's one thing I'll be taking back with me"


"You. My new girlfriend" That just caused both Ash and Dawn to smile.

Ash and Dawn gave each other one more kiss which lasted only a few seconds. Everyone in the cafeteria 'awed' and gave Ash and Dawn lovey dovey looks. And that was the end of that.

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