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Chapter 1: One Name

"Almost home," he murmured to his twin, cradling her in his arms as the elevator took them toward the surface, away from the Ark, Olduvai and the atrocities they'd both endured for the UAC. He hardly registered the doors opening as he went over everything that had just happened in his mind. Gazing down at his sister he realized she was unconscious, but he could tell she was still alive…and fading fast.

"Where's the rest of the team?"

He shot his wide, green-hazel eyes at the marine standing in front of him, staring back at him in the same shock, a group of soldiers behind him. The back-up Portman had called for, he realized.

"The situation is contained," he replied in a raw voice as he stepped out of the elevator and toward the helicopter that had brought the back-up team. "Everyone's dead. The Ark is destroyed on Mars."

"S-Sir?!" the marine sputtered, whirling around to watch the other man split down the middle of the marines, not turning from heading toward the helicopter. "What do you mean?! What the hell happened over there?!"

John "Reaper" Grimm froze in his tracks and glanced at his sleeping sister before looking at the marine over his shoulder to murmur the ominous, mysterious words in a dark tone.

"You don't wanna know."

The marine swallowed and nodded slowly in understanding before John continued, "Sorry for draggin' you guys out here. Guess you went from back-up to clean-up crew in five seconds. It's a hell of a mess down there."

"What're you gonna do?" one of the marines asked and he looked at his sister again.

"I gotta take care of my sister," he replied and looked back to the leader of the team. "It's all yours, Sergeant."

His heart clenched with guilt at the rank but before it could show on his face he turned back to the helicopter and carried his sister toward it. The pilot frowned in wonder at the marine as the team in front of the elevator glanced at each other, not knowing really what to do.

"Get us back to the base," John ordered, tiredly as he sat on one side of the belly of the chopper, cradling Sam in his lap. "She doesn't have much time."

He didn't hear the pilot respond, nor did he realize it when the chopper lifted and started their ride back to the base. He stared down at his sister, bringing a bloodied hand up to gently move a strand of blonde hair from her face. John swallowed before pulling her closer and resting his cheek against her forehead to kiss it, gently.

"I'm so sorry, Sam," he murmured.

He didn't notice anything else as he listened to his twin's steady heart beat and breathing. He didn't notice the helicopter land and the engine cut, or one of his COs marching toward the chopper.

"Grimm?!" he shouted over the slowing blades above. "Where's the rest of your team?! I just got a call from the back-up team that you left them to clean up a huge mess in the Ark!"

John took a moment before he looked up at his superior with wide, glazed eyes. It was almost like he was in slow-motion and the rest of the world was in hyper-drive. The CO saw the haunting shadow over John's face and he dropped his tone from anger to concern.

"What happened, Marine?" he ordered and John opened his mouth to reply, but instead of giving words, his throat clenching and he gave a small strangled sound. He cleared his throat but this time, instead of giving the answer, he made a report.

"My sister needs medical attention," he murmured and the superior nodded before turning to some of the people behind him and nodding toward the siblings. When medical personnel came up to take Samantha Grimm from him, he shook his head, not letting her go as he stood to step out of the chopper and asked, "Where do I take her?"

The ambulance ride was silent, save for the siren as John still held Sam in his arms. He was afraid if he let her go he would lose all his strength, even if he was superhuman now. The paramedics insisted he put her on the gurney, but he still wouldn't let her go. When the ambulance stopped he stood and walked out of the back, his body on auto-pilot, he took her into the hospital, the medical team behind him.

He was instantly swarmed by doctors, asking what was wrong, what were her medical conditions and how long ago everything had happened. He gave them their answers as briefly as he could, and somewhere in the shuffle, she ended up on a gurney being wheeled to an ER. He stopped, watching her being taken down the hall and suddenly felt like her was shaking all over. He wanted to go with her, but his feet weren't moving. His vision went blurry, and he suddenly found it very difficult to stand. He stumbled a bit in his spot and vaguely heard a voice next to him as his ears started ringing before the room started spinning, and his vision went completely black.

John Grimm slowly awoke to soft humming and lying down. He gave a frown but didn't open his eyes out of fear that he'd only make the headache he now had worse. The humming continued as he felt a cool, damp cloth sweep gently across his forehead that seemed to ease some of the pain in his head away enough for him to slowly open his eyes.

The first thing to greet his vision was a ceiling with fluorescent lights and when he turned his head to the left he saw a tall window with the heavy curtain drawn. He knew he was still in the hospital, the room was too sterile for him to be anywhere else. He slowly moved his gaze to his right and his frown deepened when he saw a red headed girl, no older than himself in a white blouse and black pants standing to one of end of the room where the sink was located on the counter.

The humming was coming from her, but he could only see her mid upper-arm length hair as she stayed facing away from him. She bobbed her head from side to side to the tune she was humming as she wrung out the cloth he'd felt on his head earlier. Lost in the tune and the mystery of this stranger, he didn't seem to notice when she turned around.

"Oh!" she chirped, making him shoot his gaze at her wide, honey gold eyes as she hurried toward his side with an ear to ear smile. "Good, you're awake. Maybe you can explain to me how you have so much blood on you when there's not a scratch on you?"

That sent him out of his trance with her when he answered the question silently. He went from, 'I'm superhuman,' to 'Samantha'.

"Where's Sam?" he asked her, not bothering to answer her question and making her frown when he threw his legs over the side of the bed to stand.

"You mean that girl you brought in?" she guessed standing with him and still frowning at how he'd recovered so quickly and was now walking toward the door. "She's in the OR. The doctors should be done with her any minute now." She stopped him just as he opened the door by placing a hand on his arm and pulling his attention to her fully. "Are you related to her?"

"She's my sister," he replied, secretly thankful the girl hadn't assumed she was his wife or girlfriend. It had creeped him out to no end when Duke had assumed that. Not to mention it angered him that the man had referred to her as a nice piece of ass.

"What's your name?" the girl wondered, sincere interest in her voice. He could tell she was just trying to help, but he needed to find Sam and get out of there.

"John Grimm," he replied and tried to head out of the room again but she stopped him again by pulling on his arm. He turned a burning gaze at her, but she only continued smiling, warmly.

"Alright, John Grimm," she nodded, pulling him back into the room. "The doctors know where you are, so maybe you should just chill out and wait until they're done doing their job and saving your sister, ok? They'll come get you when they're done."

She pulled him gently toward the bed again but he didn't move from the doorway.

"I can't sit here and do nothing," he argued, pulling his arm from her grip. "Thanks for taking care of me, but I gotta find Sam."

The girl sighed in defeat, placing her hands on her hips as he turned to head into the hallway of the hospital and toward a desk with a nurse sitting behind it. When he reached the desk and leaned against it too speak he jumped with a start to see the red-head lean next to him on his right. He looked at her in wonder and she looked back at him in wonder as well.

"Well, ask where she is," she urged, waving a hand toward the nurse behind the desk and he shook his shock away before turning toward the nurse.

"I need to find Samantha Grimm," he said, his twin being the only one with his full attention now. He could worry about the red-head later.

"Who are you?" the nurse asked, starting to look through the files on the computer in front of her.

"Her brother," he replied. "She's in an OR."

The nurse was silent for a moment as she worked on the computer then said, "She just got out of surgery. She's in room 539."

John said nothing as he darted down the hall and the red-head thanked the nurse before hurrying after him. She was barely able to keep up as he dodged past the people in the halls, gurneys being wheeled around and patients on IVs taking little walks. He glanced at the room numbers until he finally stopped in front of an open door and stared inside it with wide eyes.

He wasn't even out of breath thanks to the C-24 Sam had shot him with, but he felt like he'd had the wind knocked out of him when he saw her lying in a bed, still unconscious, hooked up to an IV with the heart monitor beeping out her steady heart beat.

The red head finally caught up with him as he started slowly into the room, and he heard her heavy breathing at the run but ignored it. All he saw, all he could think of, all that filled his senses was his sister, unmoving in the bed in front of him. Standing next to her, he stared at her sleeping face before his gaze trailed down her arm to her hand. He slipped his fingers between her thumbs and index finger to curl his fingers around her hand, gently.

"I just talked to the doctor," the girl with him murmured gently, coming up next to him. "He said she hit her head pretty bad, and her left leg is broken, but other than that, she'll be alright. She should be up in a little while."

John said nothing as he only stared down at Sam, willing her to wake up by gripping her hand a little tighter, but trying not to hurt her.

"My name is Penny, by the way. Penny Hunter," the red head continued, but John still didn't look at her as he kept his attention on Sam. "You're really worried, aren't you?"

"She's all I have left," John breathed, not even realizing he was speaking.

"I'm sorry," Penny murmured, gently placing a hand on his arm consolingly, but he still didn't look at her. "She'll be alright."

"I know," he mumbled, and it was true. He knew she'd be alright. She had to be.

One week later...

John slammed the front door to his and Sam's small apartment, making her jump with a start in her seat on the couch, her casted leg up on the small coffee table. She stared wide, deep blue eyes at her brother as he muttered to himself and marched toward the hallway.

"Hey, wait!" she called, struggling to grab her crutches, but he stopped just before disappearing into the hall and turned to her.

"What?!" he snapped, obviously angry, and making her freeze to look at him.

"What happened?" she wondered.

"They promoted me!" he spat and Samantha frowned in confusion.

"Is that all?"

"They gave me my own team!" he barked.

"And…?" she trailed off, waiting for him to elaborate on what part sent him fuming.

"They stuck me with two women!" he growled before turning and stomping down the hall.

Sam stared at the empty space where he had been with raised brows of surprise. She was almost amused at his anger, but she knew he wouldn't like hearing that. She grabbed her crutches and stood up to head down the hall and toward his room. He'd stripped off his shirt and was about to drop his pants when she framed herself in the doorway.

"Might wanna wait before you do that," she warned, making him jump and pull his pants back up a bit too quickly. He groaned in pain and she let out a small chuckle, making him glare at her, but she only asked, "What's so bad about having women on your team?"

He looked at her incredulously as he zipped up his fly and marched toward her, saying, "Six men with two women living in the same barracks for months at a time?! There's bound to be problems!"

"Problems from the six men, maybe," Sam retorted with a smirk.

"This is serious, Sam," he snapped. "Trust me, when Portman was on our team, all he ever talked and thought about was getting a piece of ass. With two girls around them all the time, one of them is bound to do more than just talk and think."

"That's what you're there for, isn't it?" Sam replied as he walked toward his dresser on the other side of the room. "You can make sure that doesn't happen."

"I can't watch them all the time, Sam," he replied, pulling out a clean, faded black shirt and putting it on. "And that's not the point."

"Then what is the point?" Sam asked as he approached her again, deciding not to change his pants right away.

"I can't have a couple of girls gumming up the works and worrying about breaking a nail or gettin' their hands dirty," he replied, flatly as he stepped around her and headed back down the hall toward the kitchen as Sam turned to stare at him incredulously. She turned so she could head down the hall and couldn't wait until her leg was fully healed and she could run after him and kick his ass in record time.

"Hey!" she called, turning into the kitchen. "Don't walk away from me! What makes you think these two girls are like that?!"

"All you girls are like that," he blurted, rummaging through the fridge as she stopped in the entrance.

"I'm not!" she spat. "These girls chose to be marines, John. They're not worried about getting their hands dirty or breaking a nail."

"You don't know that," John replied, a carton of milk in his hand which he took a swig straight from.

"Stop that!" Sam snapped as he closed the carton and stuck it back in the fridge. "I drink from that too, John!"

"We share genes, Sam," he retorted with an ever so slight smirk as he wiped his mouth on his arm. "A little spit isn't gonna kill you."

"It's not the spit, it's the rest of the crap you might have eaten," she shot back as he looked through the fridge again. "And don't try to change the subject! I bet if you took it easy on those girls they'd be pissed at you for it!"

"Oh, I'm not takin' it easy on anyone," John assured her, shutting the fridge to open the freezer. "They wanna stick me with a couple of skirts? Fine. But nobody better come at me for treating them the same as I would the guys. If they do, they'll just have to get those chicks off my team."

"So much for Mr. Nice Guy," Sam muttered and John turned on her, slamming the freezer door shut.

"That's exactly what I'm talkin' about!" he snarled, pointing at her. "You women wanna be treated equally, but the minute we come down on you like we would any other guy, you get upset and emotional like we're pickin' on you! What the hell do you females want?!"

"We don't want you to be jerks!" Sam shot back, and turned back down the hall to march off this time, as much as she could on her crutches.

John sighed when he heard her bedroom door slam and leaned back on the counter next to the sink. He hated when they fought, but she didn't understand what having two women on his team meant. Like he'd said, being in a cramped barracks that consisted of six men and two women could only end badly if he got any horn-dogs like Portman on his team. When his CO had given him the list of marines that would be under him, he had only recognized one name, but the others he'd never heard about, let alone met face to face.

Dax Harland
Rex Taylor
Lucas Thomas
Raphael Ortiz
Trenton Ramsey
Lenore Jones

Those six were new names to him, but when he read the last name, he'd instantly felt panic and uncertainty.

Penny Hunter

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