I sat in the grass watching the butterflies flying over my head. They made me think of my butterfly project, the one I had completed the year Jake came. Within the 2 years since he left he still comes every summer.

"Boo," a very familiar voice whispered in my ear. I jumped up letting out squeak, and then turned to see who had scared me. Sitting right next to me was the very smug face of one of my best friends Jake Semple.

"Jake!" I shout hitting his arm playfully. I tried to be upset but I couldn't help the huge grin spreading across my face.

"That's my name, don't wear it out,"

"I was just thinking about you actually,"

"Aww, you were daydreaming about how hot I am?"

"Don't flatter yourself,"

"You don't deny it,"

"You know it's not true so denying it would be a waste of breathe, but I guess you're too slow to infer that by yourself,"


"So, has Winston or Destiny found you yet?"

"No, I had to check in with my favorite girl first,"

"Cordelia," I replied smiling.

"Ha-ha, you're actually correct for once,"

"For once?"

"You're typically not right,"

"DEST-" his hand clamped over my mouth.

"Shhh, sorry ok," he asked. I nodded my head so he would remove his hand.

"So, did she say yes?"


"Finally, I think she just got annoyed with your continual asking,"

"Maybe, but hey it worked,"

"Lunch time!!" My mom shouted out the kitchen window. Jake groaned.

" Ready to go face the fire?"

"Are you talking about the food or destiny?"

"Both," I stood up and held out my hand to help him up. Nodding he grabbed my hand and got up then we raced back to the house.