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"I win," his voice was smug.


"no," jake scoffed getting up and walking to the fridge.

"Oh, are you scared you'll get beat by a girl?" I asked in my most taunting voice, I crossed my arms and walked over to join him by the fridge.

"Considering I beat said girl, the last 25 times we played, no not really"

"23!" I shouted, stomping my foot and pouting, then I realized I looked like a pathetic four year old and casually attempted at looking a bit less…bratty.

Jake just gave me a smug smile and gave up on the fridge walking over to the pantry. Ugh, stupid boy.

"Okay, seriously? Why do you guys have this?" jake stepped back from the pantry a packet of powdered milk in his hand. He gave her a revolted look and just scoffed throwing it back in.

"Wanna go to the store? Get…food" I asked. I'm bored and hungry and while I'm used to the…unique selections in our pantry and fridge jake isn't.

"Yes!" he jumped up and ran for his coat. Smiling I followed, all is forgiven.

We walked to the shop and stop down the street, you know not having drivers licenses is definitely a major set back.

"One day," Jake said thoughtfully drinking some of his soda, "I'm going to travel the world. I want to tour Europe and see Australia. Hell, I'm even gonna go to the north pole!"

"Oh yeah?" I giggled a bit at the thought of Jake with a kangaroo.

"You don't believe me?" he asked cocking an eyebrow.

"I think I just might have to see it to believe it," I was lying of course. I could see Jake in all of those places, one day he would be amazing and he knows it.

"I'm gonna be something, do something with my life" he told me.

We walked for another minute in silence before he looked at me with a smug smile and stopped. Grinning he jumped on top of a nearby bench and climbed onto the part for your back "I'll be king of the world!" he shouted raising his arms above his head.

Now I was giggling my head off, doubling over with the pain in my sides. There was a small thud and he was back besides me, his eyes shining, laughing just as hard as I was looking like one day he really would be all that. The sun was setting, giving his face a bit of a glow. His brown hair was getting a bit into his eyes. And for whatever reason I felt like my stomach was doing flips. Oh. My. God. I think I like Jake Semple.

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