A/N: This began as something about Molly and her love for Arthur based on the song, Vanilla Twilight by Owl City, but somehow morphed into this. It's the deepest thing I've written in a while and I don't think it's even that deep. Also, as I am only a teenager, I have no idea about being a mother or giving up my children, but here is what my imagination says. Anyways, note to self, I need to quit making author's notes longer than the story itself :P. Read on!

Molly Weasley sat in the dimming light in the cool summer evening. She wiped away her tears as she thought about her family. It began with her and Arthur, a couple of young lovers who wanted nothing more than to be together. They had loved each other so passionately. They had little money, but it didn't matter because she was hopelessly in love with him. Now, the day after Ginny's marriage, sitting in the twilight, Molly remembered. She remembered building the cosy home with Arthur. She remembered Bill as a baby, being so thrilled to have a baby boy. Then Charlie came and still, the parents loved both children unconditionally. Molly remembered wanting a baby girl. She remembered Percy and still loving him, even though he was not the right gender for her. Fred and George came next, also not girls, but true troublemakers they were, from the moment the moment they were born. By now Molly was desperate for a girl. But when Ron came instead, she lost hope. Molly knew that she was destined to have all boys. She loved all the boys with all of her heart and was so happy to have such a family. Then, by sheer coincidence, Molly found out that she was pregnant again. When Ginny came, Molly was so overjoyed. She knew that her family was now complete. In fact, she distinctly remembered Arthur saying, "Okay, you've gotten your girl. Do you think we can stop now?" Molly smiled as she remembered. She remembered sending Bill off to Hogwarts and, two years later, Charlie. When Ginny was sent off, Molly knew that her family was growing up. It was difficult, but she managed. When Percy left, Molly was heartbroken. Part of her family was missing. There was a gaping hole in the middle of her family. For several weeks, Molly cried herself to sleep at the pain of her missing son. It got worse when Ron, Harry and Hermione left for their mission. She knew that what they were doing was important and tried to keep from fretting. Then, more sorrow hit Molly. Her Fred was gone. Fred, one of her twin boys, her pranksters, was dead. Not even a day after her family was whole again, it was wrenched apart and another gaping hole created. Slowly they had gotten over his death, never forgotten, of course, always remembered, but the family was slowly healing. The arrival of Victiore helped a lot. Today, Ginny, her baby girl, had gotten married and it was official that she was all alone with Arthur in the home that had not only been hers, but was a part of a family. Molly was happy knowing she had raised seven children into adulthood, but letting go was difficult. In fact, it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. But she knew that her job wasn't over. She knew that now she would help raise her grandchildren and hopefully her great-grandchildren. Family was a strange thing, she thought as she watched the sun go down. They fight and they argue. But they stick with each other. They stick together in times of sorrow and in times of joy. Yes, Molly knew that despite their differences, the Weasleys were indeed, a family.

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